Scool Shooting

posieh(3)February 29, 2012

Another school shooting and how sad for all concerned. The news media jumps in to interview parents of the victims. How

insensitive can they be? How do they think the parents feel? I just don't understand how they consider that to be news.

well, "how active was your son in school"? Did your son know the shooter? OFF WITH THEIR HEADS !

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Talking about the press, love it or hate it or accept it.
There is a case in SF about a person elected as Sheriff of SF county. He and his wife are embroiled in a domestic violence dispute. He is accused of beating his wife on New Years eve.
He denies it. There are pics and videos of the bruises on the wife's body.
The local press is all over this story and I'm glad about that.
I really want to know the whole story. The lawyers for both sides are going on TV and spinning their stories.

The press is said to be the fourth estate, after the
legislative, judicial, and executive brances.
On a personal level, I'd hate to be a focus of the press, but on the other hand I want to know what's going on.

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meldy_nva(z6b VA)

I'm all for a free press. That doesn't mean I think it's okay for total strangers to demand answers to insensitive and/or rude questions of victims or onlookers. To report news [X school in X city/state involved in X incident, X victims, X suspect] is one thing, to intrude on the victims or acquaintances of the horror with the questions all too many "reporters" foist, isn't reporting news, but exhibits a form of macabre gloating made available for those who delight in such. Me, I listen to the actual news that fills in the X's and change stations when the "reporters" dive in to present mud.

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I echo meldy. Right on.

Press is a special right, but privacy should reign supreme with victims.

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