Where in the world have you been?

mjmercerFebruary 17, 2011

I thought it might be fun to see how many places we have been as a collective group! Here's a more-or-less chronological list of the places I've visited or lived in, in my lifetime:

Kansas City and St. Louis, MO

Miami Beach, FL

Newport Beach, CA

San Francisco, CA (several times, and working hard to make it my permanent home)

Boston, CA

Phoenix, AZ


New York City




Oban (west coast of Scotland) and Isle of Mull (just off Oban)

North Island of New Zealand

And this concludes my tour.

How about you? Where have you been? And which place made the biggest impression on you?


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Good question. I have been to a lot of places in the world, but I've never kept score so I'm not able to list all the places at this time.
However, one of my favorite places was in Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia.We left our modern hotel and went to breakfast on a canoe on the river. The river people offered us a great varity of food.

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petaloid(SoCal 10a/24)

California - home base
England (lived there one year)
Spain - two weeks
Ireland - one week
a quick tour of:
Italy (ten days in Rome)
One day each in:
Virgin Islands
Puerto Rico
Have also re-visited England and France
In the US:
New Mexico
Dallas airport stopover doesn't count as Texas, does it?

I definitely want to see more of the US, Mexico, and go down to Brazil one of these days. Canada too. Scotland, Wales. Back to England, France and Italy.

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I forgot to list Cancun! And Aberdeen (Scotland)!

And one day in Paris. I'm tellin' ya, if you only have one day to spend in Paris, take one of those Brit Rail tours. We left Victoria Station at 6 a.m., travelled via rail through the Chunnel, enjoyed a guided tour (shout out to fabulous guide Janine) that hit absolutely ALL of the city's highlights. Amazingly, we were back at Victoria Station in a mere 12 hours. Just the best daytrip ever.

And of course that should be Boston, MA on my original post...unless there's a Boston in California that I don't know about. :o)


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Annapolis, MD
Oahu, Hawaii
Monterey, California
all over California
Tijuana, Mexico
New Mexico
Richmond, Virginia
Kennett Square, Pennsylvania
All over Kentucky
All over Alabama
Sherman's route through Georgia (including Atlanta a blue million times, and even Savanah once)
All over Florida
Cozumel, Mexico
New Orleans, Louisiana
many times, but not all over, North Carolina
Las Vegas, NV

I've never been abroad, nor have I been to the northeast or the midwest. I'd love to do it all, but time is constrained and budget even more so. Both are increasing, but it'll have to wait some more.

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Um, I left off Tennessee. I've lived and visited there some.


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Not counting our trips out of the country,I've been in every state except Washington and Oregon. Sure would love to go visit Sheila if it were possible.

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Skype baby. Skype! Maybe you could also visit Jan and Neil that way? It'd be awesome!

Here is a link that might be useful: For Marda

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gandle(4 NE)

49 states, we think we missed North Carolina and we can't understand how. All the countrys in the Britsh Isles, Portugal, Spain, France. Morocco, Tunisia, Turkey, Greece, Costa Rica Canada and Mexico. As a couple we have not moved much. Lived in Lincoln, NE, Ogalalla, Fairbury, Trenton and North Platte all in NE before settling here 40 years ago. Forgot a territory, we visited my brother in Puerto Rica.

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I think I was whelped in a suitcase. LOL

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When we moved from PA to CA we went the "northern" route since it was mid summer and it would be hot on the Southern route according to the AAA. And as we (dh&I) can recall,they made us a trip tic through PA, OH, IN, IL, IA, SD, WY, ID, UT, NV and CA. It was a wonderful trip.

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West Gardener,when we moved from California to Iowa,we took the same route. It was June and snowing in Wyoming. It was a fun trip..all in a VW bug.

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Most of the lower 48, though I think I've missed RI and Delaware
Mexico (Cozumel, Cancun, Playa del Carmen, Tulum, Rocky Point, various border towns)
Canada (BC, Alberta, Quebec, Ontario, New Brunswick, more)
Honduras (Bay Islands)
Grand Cayman
Puerto Rico
Papua New Guinea
Indonesia (Bali, Flores, Komodo)

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Part B: biggest impression. Papua New Guinea sort of blew my mind. It's said to be a country of 850 languages, and many people still paint their faces, wear feathers and otherwise express their tribal lives. We went to scuba dive, but the people were far more fascinating than the fish life (which was also excellent). I also saw my first WWII Japanese caves and a spewing volcano over the town of Rabaul, which had recently been all but obliterated by an eruption. The airport was abandoned after being covered by 12 feet of ash. The volcano was still spewing ash a couple of times every day, so there was a lot of sweeping. I'd go back in a minute.

Fiji stands out too, in part because I went as a solo traveler so met a lot of people. Some very nice Fijians helped me navigate the overland transportation system, and my two favorite legs were taking a local transport truck with a one-eyed market farmer named Mary, and accepting a ride from a truck driver who pointed out all of his family landmarks, including his graveyard of generations My favorite spot was perhaps the island of Ovalau with its town of Levuka, once the country's capital, now a bit of a backwater with the oldest hotel in the country (in which I stayed for about $15 a night--this was about 4 years ago). It was also a couple of weeks before a coup, so there was lots of excitement in the air. And it was incredibly beautiful.

Speaking of excitement. Greece was a long time ago, and a great trip. We were in our 20s. On the way back, we wondered why there were so many men with guns in the airports, and why they were checking our passports over and over again--it turns out the plane before ours was hijacked in one of the more notorious hijackings of the 1980s. We always wondered if it would have been us had the terrorists stopped for coffee.

Bali was amazing too, and we chartered a (cheap) boat to take us around the Komodo islands for a few days of scuba diving. We slept on deck, and I've never seen so many stars. I'm sort of hot to see more of Indonesia, even though it's largely one of those places where, as a woman, the men won't talk to you if they don't have to (Bali is the exception).

Stateside, I have a thing for New Orleans, but I can understand anyone's love for California or any of the other coastal places.

Maybe too much information...but you asked!

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All the wonderful places most of you have visited or lived makes me realize what a dull life I've led! I was born and lived in Washington, D.C. for 26 years, then Rockville, MD for 35, finally, Falling Waters, WV for 17, so far.

States I've visited besides MD and WV are PA, SD, MT, IA, WY, FL, NC, TN, and AK. Of course, getting to those places meant traveling thru many other states, but that doesn't really count.

On cruises: Mexico, Belize, Honduras and Guatamala.

But for me, the best of all were the five days I spent in Banff on a business trip with my daughter. She had to attend classes and meetings, while I got to explore that glorious place. My idea of heaven is (are?) mountains in general and the Canadian Rockies, in particular.

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I enjoy reading about all the places we've all been in. It kicks in the memories of my trips. We have been to Mexico, both on a cruise and some individual trips. Cancun, Cozumel, Playa del Carmen, Akumal, Tumul and Quintana Ro, in the Yucatan . I don't know why certain things stand out in my memory, but while in Quintana Ro, we stopped at an ancient man made (Mayan) lake in the middle of the jungle. We went snorkling there and I played hide-and-seek with a big ol gorgeous parrot fish. We would approach each other and when we
got to close we would retreat and start the game again.
We saw a lot of the Mayan ruins, but for some reason, that fish stands out in my mind.
Dirtdriver, you mentioned Bali. I was there during the "Blessing of the food" rituals. There were women walking for miles with stacks of food baskets balanced on their heads to get to the blessings.
Talking about the waters of Bali, they were the clearest waters I've ever seen. We hired a local to take us out to some coral formations in the ocean. We snorkled and saw the most beautiful coral towers growing straight up from the ocean floor. All different pastel colors. There were huge starfish on the ocean floor and a lot of beautiful fish swimming around.

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