Some pieces I am working on for my tenor recorder

don_socalFebruary 18, 2012
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Luv the music, it's very familiar. I see that you have selected several of Grieg's music. Some 45 years ago, we, the family went to visit Griegs home outside Bergen, Norway. We were able to visit the small garden shed where he wrote some of his music.
I'm thinking that if you've got music in you and want to get it out, it does not matter where you are, a bus stop, park bench, VA hospital , a garden shed or the wharf in SF.

I've never heard of you instrument, could you explain?

Here is a link that might be useful:

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The first one you hear is a bass recorder, the two in the middle are alto and the one on the left is a tenor. They are instruments from the Baroque era and were usually teamed up with a harpsichord. There are recorder groups around and I am looking for one to join. There are many other utube videos of recorders and more information on wikipedia.

Here is a link that might be useful: Pachelbel Canon in D

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Don, I still got my tenor recorder, the alto got lost on one of our moves together with most of my sheet music. My talent never made it to the above but I love your selection and have all of them on my Zune. Well, not the Wagner, too much exposure of it in my hometown).

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LOL Anneliese, I can only take Wagner in very small doses, it's too heavy and too much. I don't know about you, but we were taught in school the whole Nordic mythology, along with the Roman and Greek mythology and I always thought their deities were all similar, but the Greeks and Romans had so much more fun - suppose it came with the climate.
Don I am sorry, I think I hijacked your post, please forgive me?

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No problem Lilo, Tolkien based his Middle Earth on a mixture of Nordic and Gaelic mythology With some others influencing and look how the juxtaposition of innocence and evil plays so well in his writings.

I put Wagner in for the VA crowd as they are my audience, they like that Viet Nam Movie Apocalypse Now that used the piece.

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Great pieces and they are familiar to most everyone

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Oh dear!! You may have created a monster in my house. The Husband Guy got interested in your tenor recorder and thought that he might like to have a go at learning how to play one.

I had never known that there are so many sizes of recorders. Maybe a trip to the Music Store is on tap for our next outing. Cross your fingers. This could work out well.

And Don, it's going to be all your fault! I think that he's going to be your not-so-secret admirer. Those Halloween Spider Webs are also on his list of things to try.

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DD plays the flute, and when she and DGS visited today I asked her if she knew what a tenor recorder was and she said she familiar with the "term". I explained what you, Don, explained in your post and that is all I know about it. She got a gleam in her eye.

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Agnes I am flattered, tell hubby to go for it. There are programs that hand out soprano recorders in schools to see how musically inclined kids are. There is such a program here in this town that I read about in the local bi-monthly paper. I am considering checking them out. WG glad your daughter is interested, hope she has fun.

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