Winter finally made it

gandle(4 NE)February 10, 2012

Predicted 15 below zero tonight with 25 mph wind high tomorrow of 6. A little uncomfortable outside. I hope all the animals have shelter from the wind.

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I do wish that mother nature would do things in moderation, but that's not happening in your neck of the woods.
Take care.

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Don't think our predicted snow will amount to anything, we are at the edge of the system again but it is also getting cold and windy, the lowest temps so far this winter are predicted for the next couple of days. Filled all the birdfeeders this evening and put a couple of trashcans without lids on their sides, openings toward the wall and old blankets inside for any critter who wants some shelter.

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gandle(4 NE)

They amended the forecast to 20 to 25 below. Guess the scorzonera and parsnips will stay in the ground a few more days. Kind of like digging in concrete.

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We have had some nights around zero or below, but not too many - night temps are in the tens and teens this week. This is my first winter in CO and they really do not report wind chill temps. When I lived in MI, wind chill was always a factor since a temp of 10 degrees could feel like 15 below with wind chill.

Did have a lot of snow last Friday/Saturday, I got 22" where I am and some cities/towns 20 miles away got 36" to 50" of snow. I have put out extra food for the birds, and they are loving the suet right now for the extra fat in it to keep them warm.

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As I predicted, no snow. I got cold and is getting colder though. The squirrels knew it, yesterday they collected dry oak leaves from the 3 trees that hold on to their leaves until the new ones come, somewhen in April.

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