Don, now you have done it!

anneliese_32(6)February 14, 2011

Yes, I never have something to drink on my computer desk, but I was reading some of the posts you mentioned in your message on the sunflower post and now half of my one allowed diabetic cookie is splattered all over my laptop!

They were fun to read and I wished some of that international crew and many of the others would still post.

I was a lurker then but remember many of the names and posts.

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Sorry about your laptop. Glad you like the links.

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Those links sure brought some great memories back. I miss a lot of those people. Thanks for the links Don.

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Oh, I loved it too! Brought back a lot of memories! I wish a few of the oldies would float back through every once in a while.

I distinctly remember Ulrike. I was always so fascinated by her posts.


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