west_gardenerFebruary 20, 2014

I'm so worried, I don't see any birds nor do I hear any tweets in my garden. Even the crows that hang out here are gone,
We have a drought and that may explain why the birds are not showing up.
This is the time for the birdies to come and check out the nest building possibilities.
It's kind of eerie.
With all the crazy weather around, have you noticed a change in the bird activity?

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What I missed last fall was the migratory birds, especially the big ones, cranes, geese and ducks. Why they changed their routes i don't know.
This winter I had many more birds on the feeders, some of the usual kinds are missing, I have just one pair of juncos, other years there are about two dozens. You are right, none of them is eerie. I hope they come back soon.

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I hope your birds appear soon- perhaps a predatory bird moved in the neighborhood such as a red-tail or cooper's or shrike? My birds were slow in appearing at one time and I was worried for a while there. Thankfully, are all around now.

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The predatory bird theory might be at work here, because the squirrels are not around either, This is so strange.

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gmatx zone 6

I saw a woodpecker out on the Mimosa tree last week. Not sure what kind it was, but I did get a picture so I can look it up as we do not get woodpeckers here as a general rule. We haven' seen our usual birds around here this winter. Not even the sparrows are plentiful. The grackles were really bad year before last and early last summer, but even they have disappeared. As everyone has said, this is strange. With my decrease in hearing, I really hadn't thought about it until now that I don't hear as many birds when I go outside nor have I seen our usual ones.

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I heard some crows making one h@ll of a racket this morning, so they are still around.

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I saw one small bird, one crow and one squirrel this morning.

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There is a gang (Murder) of crows and a gang (Conspiracy) of raven roaming the neighborhood, the raven hang out part time in the goat area, digging through the straw, uncovering bugs and small creatures.
I see a few finches and fly-catchers and there are ducks on the pond.
Song-birds have not yet arrived and the winter-birds are gone.
A few hummers hover around, I don't put out feeders of any kind,
there is enough forage for all in it's natural state.

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Hmm- I wonder if the crows saw a predatory bird and "mobbed" it? I'm glad that you're seeing a trickle. Hopefully soon they'll all come back.

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Glad to say that some birds and critters are showing up in our yard. I hear some song birds and the house wrens are checking out the trees.
I have not seen a robin nor a blue jay yet.

However, DH was sitting out on the patio today and saw a couple of crows dive bombing a hawk of some kind, time and time again, until it gave up and flew away.
Here is hoping that things will get back to normal.

As I write, I hear the crows putting up a real racket, there must still be a predator in the area.

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I saw the first robins around our house just a day or two, ago. I was thrilled to see them. We have had blue jays at our feeders once in awhile during the cold weather, but not on a regular basis like the cardinals, juncos, finches, and chickadees. Today, they have been 'hunkered down' to escape the NEW 6 inches of snow we got during the night and this morning. I saw two flocks of geese heading south, too. Hope they're just out for a 'fly around', and have't given up on Spring!

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Although we are having some cold days, spring is here and things are beginning to bloom. We do have birds. There is one outside my bedroom window who serenades every morning. I can't see him but he says "see q, see q".

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