I lost my purse and I blame.....Long

west_gardenerFebruary 25, 2014

the ferns and thoughts of spring.
We were running a bunch of errands and at on stop I realized that I did not have my purse. Oh, what a sinking feeling. DH made a U turn and drove back to the last store we had been. Luckily someone had turned it in to the Lost and Found and all my "stuff" was in there. What a relief.
I went around and around in my mind how this could have happened. I thought of senior moments, weak hand grip, etc...
Then I realized that I had been into the garden center, stopped by a couple of boxes with bare root ferns, 3 to a package and I was planning in my mind how and where I would plant these little baby plants. I put them down and joined DH at the exit.
Lol, when I looked at the note placed on my purse by the store, it said it was found in the garden center at 12:15pm in the garden center.
I guess I have spring fever.
And a big thank you to the person who turned in my purse. In case they are reading this, it was the multi colored knitted, draw string purse.
A big hug and good karma to you.

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I am so glad for you; first that you found it, and second, that someone was honest/kind enough to turn it in. Isn't it wonderful and strange what thoughts of Spring can do to one?

Within the last two weeks, we cancelled our credit card, b/c I've put it away so carefully--I haven't been able to find it! I'm sure that sooner or later, it will turn up, but we didn't want to take the chance that I may really have lost it!

Again, it's great that you found your purse.

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I'm glad you found your purse. I'm guessing there are many things in there that would be hard to replace.

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sweet_betsy No AL Z7

We all have spring fever these days but very little spring. I am glad that an honest person found your purse.

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gmatx zone 6

Oh yes - so glad a nice, honest person found your purse. It is really hard to replace some of the things we carry in our purses. Now if someone could just find the tractor key that I definitely remember heading to the house with but is not in its usual place and cannot be found anywhere! Thank goodness I keep a spare one.

Spring does many strange things to our brains.....that's my story and I'm stickin' to it!

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Lisa_H OK(7)

Ohhhh, that feeling is the worst!! I'm glad you found it and it was all there!

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this has happened to me more than once, alas, but I am fortunate that I have always been able to recover it quickly. The only time I lost any money was when my handbag was picked in a department store. And the thief only got $12!

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