ID for pink flowering plant please.

rina_March 21, 2014

Would anybody be able to ID this plant?
It's growing outside, seems to be small shrub?

Thnx. Rina

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Kolkwitzia would have blossoms with a kind of lips, I think that's not it.

It looks a little bit like a Prunus triloba, but the leaves should have a serrated edge.

There are some other species/ cultivars similar to it, sorry, cant remember a name.

What is the bark like of the thicker stems?

Bye, Lin

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Prunus glandulosa perhaps. Flowering Almond.

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I second "flowering almond"!

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Thank you all, again.
It looks very much like flowering almond.
I don't have photo of the bark/stems, it grows by the property line (a neglected property...). It looks like a small shrub and there is quite a few, mostly small, there.
Another photo I have is just another branch/young plant.


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