Idyll #356 - Beet Juice and other Alternatives

cynthia_gwFebruary 26, 2008

Continue the leap, and don't slip.

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With just a glance I wondered why Cynthia named this Idyll Beetle Juice?

I haven't done a productive thing in two days and I'm still tired. Probably from sitting around. I'm going to bed soon. Tomorrow Bella will be here and I won't be able to sit for long. It's still snowing...


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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

it could
been beat
with a tribute
the beat


Second load of laundry in, a real dinner cooked and eaten, and a stack of internet business to finish. The key is to keep moving...

Quote of the day, "The most unfortunate thing that happens to a person who fears failure is that she limits herself by becoming afraid to try anything new. GIVE YOURSELF A CHANCE."

Found inside an envelope with an encouraging note to stop procrastinating and complete something by 2/27. Letter dated in January but opened today.

Gotta go!


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Oy, my sister's birthday is tomorrow?
And she lives in France?
And I haven't written yet?
OY OY OY....

Remember Bette and The Rose? V's QOTD on "chance" reminded me of this:

"The Rose"

Some say love, it is a river
that drowns the tender reed.
Some say love, it is a razor
that leaves your soul to bleed.
Some say love, it is a hunger,
an endless aching need.
I say love, it is a flower,
and you its only seed.

It's the heart afraid of breaking
that never learns to dance.
It's the dream afraid of waking
that never takes the chance.
It's the one who won't be taken,
who cannot seem to give,
and the soul afraid of dyin'
that never learns to live.

When the night has been too lonely
and the road has been to long,
and you think that love is only
for the lucky and the strong,
just remember in the winter
far beneath the bitter snows
lies the seed that with the sun's love
in the spring becomes the rose.

And I ordered a rose today...   

And I too made a real dinner: spareribs, mashed potatoes, green salad with raspberries and walnuts. Well after pizza last night, I really had to!

Eden, I've heard so much about that bread recipe and the many successes with it. Still haven't done it though. I really would like to give it a try too!

Nice to see Nolon less shaggy, all spiffy!

Here the wind is just horrible and cold. Poor me and Phoebe still have to brave it though.

Greenfreak, where are you???
Jerri, happy wallpaper removal! YUCK!!!
A demain!

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So was Idyll 355 the worlds fastest thread?? We sure put that one to bed quick ! It is ever so nice to come home from work with the sun still up. Im afraid I poured myself a glass of wine and wandered around the garden unproductively. A spring fever moment perhaps ? Lots of photo ops too, but the light was not quite good enough.

Âbug, temps in the office are also a source of controversy. Placement of the A/C vents make for staff who are either always cold, or always hot ! Clothing choices are designed around proximity to said vents.

IÂm trying to find the original beet juice comment to no avail. One of my vendors has been feeding me a line of hooey about the tanning properties of canned beets for years.He claims you eat a can of beets (and of course canned beets taste exactly like the can) and then you disrobe and lay in the sun for 30 minutes. A golden tan results. Yeah, right !

V, your description of the Chuck E Cheese pizza is clearly not an exaggeration . IÂm certain that if Deanne were to dine there (highly unlikely I'm sure) she would produce one of her famous meal descriptions that would sound exactly like yours. I wish you week of sun, and temps over 50. Is that possible? I remember one year I was in Chicago on business in April and the Cubs game was cancelled due to snow flurries. I rushed from cabs to hotel lobbies in my unsuitable clothing.

Clelone ,lol the e. coli proving ground. You reminded me of a greasy spoon place in my LA neighborhood as a kid that my friend George and I named ÂPtomaine Pterrace. HadnÂt though of that in many years , and canÂt even remember the places real name.

Denise I enjoyed the Roman gallery you posted. I was ready to packÂ

Hi to everyone, good thoughts to Woody..and itÂs about time for Babs to check in isnÂt it ?

Kathy in Napa

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Oops , almost forgot to post this recent portrait of Mr Baby

K in Napa

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Marie,Yesterday I was listening to a tape I'd made of "Rose" songs, and that was one of them !!! I love it !
TeeHee, Nolon certainly was "shaggy", now he will be chilly...LOL.
And guess what...My SIL's birthday is tomorrow, and I forgot to send her a card! She lives in Albany, Oregon. I HOPE I remember to call. They sent me a card for my birthday and another one at christmas...and I have not sent them one! Shame on me....
YUM, Your dinner sounds delicious...much better than pizza ( espacially Chuck E Cheese's, LOL).
Our windchill was in the 20's all day because of the 30+ temps. Naturally that is not nearly as cold as yours, but we are supposed to be in the south???

Cynthia, I was thinking this thread needed to be a continuation of Martie's "Leap into March". :-)

V, I love to do something new and challenging, and succeed. I makes me feel so strong!

I have a large night stick in the I am going to get into my warm night clothes and crawl into bed. See you all en la manana.


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

So he has lots of hair and is wearing his bow tie. We had fun with that "artistic" game a while back. Wasn't Mary the one who got us going with it?
I hope Mommy is sleeping a bit tonight..or more than a bit! Also that she's not anxious about the name. Reed was a while being "no name". I know someone whose name was changed after a year of age when the parents decided the name really did not suit her personality.
Anyway, this time for real, off to puppy walk in the rotten out of doors.

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Kathy...You are such a nut! Mr. Baby indeed !

I got a kick out of Chelone's: "e. coli proving ground", too, and your "Ptomaine Pterrace". There is a small town near where we lived in Idaho that had a sign at it's entrance " Wendell, Hub City of Magic Valley". We called it "The Scrub City of Tragic Alley" !

I shall try again to check out....

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I can't help but wonder what my white car would look like with beet juice on the highway???

My accomplishment for the evening was finishing most of the priming of the laundry room. It is a room with several door, a window, closet, laundry shoot and cabinets so there is lots of hand painting.

I made a real supper too of pork roast, cauliflower and mashed potatoes and gravey. Tomorrow night will be left overs. We traveled to Spain and Alaska while we ate. We enjoy the PBS channel - Create. We get this in HD so the traveling is extra nice.

Kathy, I'd plant something after you move. It will still be in the year of Mr. Baby's birth.

Night all,

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I enjoyed Mr. Baby's picture and created one of my own. I guess I missed out when the rest of you played with it.
I couldn't get the color to work. I looked at some of the others. It's funny how many differat ways people preceive things.

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Hey-just an outsider lookin' in : /

Eden I think Cynthia was talking about beet juice being used for ice removal-a new fad in treating icey roads. I haven't read much about it but I'm guessing it's fermented juice? I guess I should google,eh?

So anyway, we had a snow day-no school today....isn't that too bad? Unlike Michelle this is just our second day used so we still should get out by June 4th. I just can't imagine 7 ft. of snow!!! I even thought it was odd we got today off-it really hasn't been bad. Since I've injured my back I asked AJ to shovel our neighbor's drive-he had a ball of course. Ryan's been in and out to frollick in the snow three times today and I wouldn't be surprised if the third time out his snowpants were wet all the way through-I'm sure he didn't notice. boys. : ) He lost his second front tooth today-each of them were knocked out by AJ. Luckily Ryan had a ski mask on so it kept the tooth from flying into the snow to be lost forever-: )

Saucy-LOVE those tropical water pics-what a highlight of my day to see those. I bet it was great to get away.
I have to say I really enjoy that shot of your dignified shining smile and the nose thumbers slobbering(Chelone was actually drooling if you look closely) over that perfectly shaped,sinful mound of chocolate. Is that cake inside there?

Why does it smell like baby here?...Oh! Mr.Baby is here! Welcome to the world,little guy. Congrats, Kathy!

How nice to see pics of Bella and Kenzie-and Norma's little Grandsons-I love their snowman: )I won't ask what Reed was doing to those scrambled eggs lol. He's a doll even with egg all over him though.

'Bug-Aj told me to tell you he thinks Phoebe is such a cute dog-he made me scroll to each and every pic you had on the thread.

Jerri-how are you today? I'm sorry to hear of the ordeal your foster went through.

Marian-I thought that puzzle you posted looked like a good challenge-my mom would like that one.

Sorry to dash but I want sleep right about now-wait,but first a shot of some good ol' beet juice....yech.

~Babs(aka. the tooth fairy)

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Go Michelle! I think priming is the pits. It takes as long (longer on anything that is bare) as applying paint and it doesn't look like much when you're finished. But now you can do the fun stuff. :)

No beet juice here, just salt. With the runoff trickling down into the yard area beside the garage. As it has for as long as they've been using it.

Thinking of Woody and wishing her well.

I was so carried away reading this morning I nearly burnt my "toad in a hole"; it was thoroughly cooked even though it was never flipped in the pan. (I don't cook well).

Here's a question to ponder: Does disorganization begin with clutter or does clutter follow disorganization? I've turned this over in my mind several times now and still can't quite decide.

Yesterday, I was just sort of standing in front of the cut facings thinking about how to reduce bulk in the area of the lower casing and how I wanted to go about finishing the edges of the head rod casing. I was turning the options over in my mind, working the problem through to its logical conclusion and was summarily interrupted by, "What's the problem, Chelone?!". I casually mentioned my thoughts on facings and was immediately descended on with a very involved explanation of how it should be done... blah, blah. What I was "told" to do addressed NONE of the pitfalls I was trying to avoid. I like to THINK something through before plungeing in and don't think 5-10 minutes spent in thought and "mocking something up" is wasted time. So, clearly, an organized and methodical approach to a large project is helpful to me. (So is cleaning up the trail after I finish one!).

And with that happy thought, I'll be toddling along to the land of barely managed chaos. ;)

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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

Good morning... :-)

Since pics of spring gardens should be peppering the Idylls soon, thought I would throw out a few more wintery images.


DH is back to work this morning, feeling much better, but not quite having his energy back. The antibiotics really quickly turned the tide, which is not our usual. So happy about that. Yes, Gardenbug, the limitations for DD are for the next month when she will start PT to get her movement back. Love that song you posted. I remember little about the movie except it was sad, but the song was the most memorable part of it. Enjoyed Fraser's Thimble Farm. I didn't realize there were so many hardy orchids and the Double Hepaticas from Japan are amazing. Prices were

Eden and Michelle...isn't that great that your grandchildren are around the same age. Have they ever met?

Feeling out of it this morning with very little to say, [g] so I am off to try to get something accomplished today.

Hello babs..nice to see you. Thinking of Woody today and wondering about Ei. ...


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Beet juice needed here. My red car would look much cleaner LOL

I think maybe beet juice could cause pigmentation, much the same way anything with a lot of copper turns a brother of mine golden brown.

Hmmmm But what if they decided to match the color of the beets (gotta love hybriders) with the color of the state????? Too far, oops :-))) Since these days the colors are fading, the orange beets (taste supreme) would be a good choice.

Enough, Mart!!! Did some research and beets do look like a great alternative. Retrofitting the equipment to spread the stuff could be cost effective but only if salt OR beets were used. Some concern about if there would be enough for everyone, but there is HOPE!

Kathy, you got me all excited and then Slam! LOL Are you listed?

No snow men or forts here this year :-(((( One of the 12-yo turned 13 and there's some unofficial rule that says you can have fun in the snow but not build anything. The 4-yo and 19 mo are coming along, though!!

Michelle, I need to borrow Kenzie to help me dig out the gardens. 3 yards of compost are being delivered next week and though I love a steamy mass of gunk as much as anyone, I'd at least like to get things top dressed sometime before Memorial Day. At this rate .... Rarely use this word, but I truly hate days at work when nothing works.

Funny compost story: Called a very nearby farm to see when compost would be available. Sweet young thing obviously looking for someone who knew replied "this year's" might not be ready for a bit but "last years" was ready to go if I didn't mind it being old. Almost choked laughing, but she was so darn serious I just couldn't do it. Ordered more than I needed ....

Chelone: Just keep doin' what you're doin'. What goes around ..... Glad you have heat in the Salon!

Heat here is an ongoing source of frustration. Rich's spending two years in and out of Korean winters with inadequate protection makes him think that anything under 72 is wasting an opportunity to be warm. Me? I grew up in a house where ice froze on the Inside of the windows, and at 72 tank tops are the norm. Maybe there's a method to his madness????? LOL

My youngest brother's B-day is today, too!! Na, na, na, I remembered ;-)

Absolutely dreary outside today, but get to have dinner with some fav clients at a fav restaurant tonight. Let the countdown begin.

Still waiting for Deanne to do a montage of Idyllkids .... Maybe Tricia, too?

Are you really not starting seeds, Eden??? Between what I've ordered and what Mary sent and stuff I already have, they'll be plenty to share!

So glad, 'bug, that you ordered some plants. What rose???? What clematis??? Never knew that Skyler couldn't eat for so long. Must've been a real job to teach him to chew. No kidding...

Thinking of Woody, Marian and PM2's DD and everyone else who may not have the best of days, today.

Watering can still in hand, waving to all!


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I really enjoyed my Idyll time this morning! I really did!

Mr. Baby's pic cracked me right up. I like that he is already a man of mystery....In a tuxedo.....:)

Hey Babs, how is your back, really? I don't like the sound of it still bothering you.

You guys sure are getting walloped in the middle of the country. As Chelone reported, what you sent our way started out as snow but quickly turned to rain. A nice soupy mess awaits my journeys today.

I really enjoyed the family's blog who moved to Rome....I wish we were that brave. I'd move my family somewhere warm :)

I can't wait to see the trenches in person :)

Kathy, the beet juice thing makes me think back to when we would buy a bottle of mineral oil, mix in a bottle of iodine, apply and bake in the sun. Perhaps you apply the beet juice? LOL, instant sunburn!

Well, I never did post my recipe, but I promise I will as I snapped a picture of the finished product, Deanne! I will be back!

Norma, you're "Idyll Time" is quite elaborate! I love her!

Off to lift some weights. My derriere has been very sore lately - new exercises! I'm considering signing up for(gasp) a triathalon....only problem is I can bike and swim, but I am not a good runner.

Think I've had enough coffee?


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Good morning!

Well, pretty good. Phoebe started with a small accident. I'm supposed to think that every accident is mine, but really, does she HAVE TO go pee outdoors in blizzard conditions at 6:45am before I can get downstairs and put my boots and jacket on? I still must carry her downstairs kicking and cannot let her onto the ground until she is outside. Fun way to wake up ...NOT. Today is windy once again with snow drifts. I wonder if the plow will be by soon.

I've been considering Chelone's 'question to ponder'. I think I'd compare this to cooking styles. Are you one to select a recipe, buy the ingredients in advance and then carefully prepare it? Or are you one to grab ingredients from the fridge and create something tasty with those on the spur of the moment? I actually do both styles, depending on the occasion. Same with gardening. I like to plan something out carefully, but then things tend to shift when I'm actually at the planting stage.

Chelone, I want to paint my diningroom soon. It is light green, but I am trying to make it more strongly pigmented. I think I have found what I want to use. But. My question is this: how do I know what the previous paint was, oil base or not? How do I know what to put on top of it? Should I prime it...which I hate to do because the light green colour would be easier to cover. Any thoughts?

Fun to hear from Babs and AJ too of course. I hope to take a few more puppy photos for him soon. It should only take 1/60th of a second, but somehow it takes me longer.

PM, why does your photo of the day look so warm to me? Maybe because the ice is breaking up and there are clear skies. In any case it is a wonderful shot! Good news on DH. I hope he isn't pushing himself too much now and I hope DD has patience...

Missing Honey, Drema and many others.

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Okay guys...I have not done any research on the beet juice used on roads, but I would wager that it is SUGAR beet juice, which is not red! And if it smells like the sugar beet pulp that is fed to cows in Idaho, it smells to high heaven!!! I cannot feature using the table beet's juice. Sugar beets grow humongous, unlike small table beets, and are pulped to make sugar. I suspect it is the sugar content that aids the de-icing.

PM2, that pic must be of the Antartic. I can't imagine any other place having such clear water! ( Or else the pic has been enhanced?)

Yes, Today is the day for Woody to have the procedure done...right ? I do so pray that it will go well.

LOL, Chelone..."nearly burnt your 'toad in a hole'" . And the 'explanation' reminds me of the followups I get from Nolon most every time I make the mistake of asking him about something, or even just mentioning something! It sort of makes me think of the way the news media spend so much time telling you what the politicians just said. :-(

Babs, great to see you resurface. Funny about Ryan's teeth. I hope his permanent teeth survive! I sure hope your back problem will not be a continuing pain. I sure know what that is like.

I do not look forward to the funeral today. I don't know any of the family except the husband. We just barely met the daughter.( She is a nurse at the local hospital.)Nolon has met more of them than I have.
I will have to get groceries afterwards. It was time for Nolon to use his nebulizer after the Golden Year's class yesterday, so we came right home . At least we have until this afternoon fot it to warm up some. It's about 19 out now, but the wind has settled down. The sun has just now topped the 'mountain'.


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

It is expected that Woody's procedure will go well. Problems can arise after the procedure however, with swelling etc. So they must monitor very carefully. At least they know what to look out for after the last experiences. I am happy her aid Barb will be with them.

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chloehoover(z6b VA)

Thinking more in terms of Beetle Juice here for some reason... awaiting the remediation folks to show; long story but due to work emergency yesterday I had to postpone the start..

so Im lazing at home enjoying perhaps a final look at the idylls (I suspecdt they're gonna kill my router hookup for a few day)...

Mary -- you were 3 miles from me when you were at the Dulles Space museum-- come again in the Spring & we'll hook up! There is a definite family resemblance of smiling faces in those photos (had to wait to look at home; that pictrail think problem at ofc).

Michelle -- aside from the horror of imagining 7 or 8 feet of snow, I thought of you this a.m. re laundry rooms - did you know they're the new in-room to decorate? I saw a Fine Living show depicting Chanel Pink w/ major decor going on; another one w/ marble counter tops, grasscloth wallpaper & fancy black cabinets/ w/ file slots for kids mail, totes, etc. Incredible what people have designed for one of the usually least lovely spots of houses... altho some of the gadgets re rods hanging, and pull downs were quite inspiring. Almost makes me think when they clean my laundry room, i should go ahead and drywall and add cabinets, etc... hmm, more places to spend $$ ... I imagine you've already seen all those cool ideas if you hover on those home forums.

Oops, I think I hear the sound of arrival. Later,
Hi, Babs! Happy snow day!


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Thought we needed more photos...and so, while Chelone is away at are dog AND baby.

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Warm thoughts for Woody .

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All is well at work this a.m. The server recovered (with help)

I enjoyed the moms blog. Neat pictures and I like their house also.

Would you believe that I actually made a snow angel recently. The snow was just perfect for it!

PM2, the little girls havent met, but it sure would be fun wouldnt it? So sorry to hear about your DDs break.

I think we need a picture of the toothless Ryan.

Just to clarify, I don't have 7 feet of snow, my sister does. Better her than me ;o)

Cindy, I have seen some of the fabulous laundry rooms and have a file of inspiration pictures. I don't plan on spending much on mine. Its paneling in there now and dark, so it will be a face lift. The flooring started it all, its nearly 25 years old and in very poor shape.

I need to catch up from yesterday, so talk to you all later.


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Thinking of Woody here too.

Hi Reed and Indy! Looks like they both found a best friend. Bella tells me all the time that Bud's her hero and her pal.

I would love to have a laundry room. Mine washer/drier and clothes line are in the basement :( I think it makes sense to have a nice looking, functional space since so much time is spent there. And I've seen such cute decorating ideas for laundry rooms. It would be a fun room to decorate. Michelle can we see pictures when yours is finished?

On the subject of clutter and organization, I think it's hard to keep a cluttered space organized. I'm one of those 'a place for everything' people though.

Bella and I are playing grocery store today. One of the toys I got her for her birthday is a cash register, even has a scanner and the belt you load the groceries onto, and a grocery cart. She's played with it all morning.

She's having a pb sandwich now and I must go mix up a chocolate milk chaser for her. Try to be back later as I'm not finished babbling yet.


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Having trouble with my internet this morning so haven't read (there are lots of posts to read so I can catch up). Just wanted to send my good thoughts to Woody..hope all goes well.

Received a phone message from Ei....she asked me to pass on that she is able to read but not post at this time. She has a phone call into her ISP to see why email and posting doesn't work for her. She could read that she was being asked about but couldn't do a darn thing about letting everyone know she is doing well. She also wanted Woody to know that she is on Ei's mind this morning.

Logging, I still haven't looked at the photos to see if I captured anything worthwhile. The trees are a crop just like wheat, corn, beans, alfalfa......etc. This area is a timber/logging area so we are quite use to seeing acres harvested and replanted without anything more than an appreciation that the timber companies are so good and quick about replanting the land. Many people, usually those who don't live in this area, complain about logging practices...but it would be pretty hard to live without the products that these tree crops provide. Even though I will hate seeing this happen behind my home, I do support the need for timber harvesting.

So.....I'd better get this posted before I get kicked off line---again. :)

Hello to all.

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Found this never-sent, poor-me idyll post from last night:

"No chance of slipping here, since I never leave this chair. I've been sitting and sitting, and then some slouching for variety. E-mails appear throughout the day informing me that attorney so-and-so wants his transcript now, yes, right now! I sit up straighter, blinking in disbelief, now bathed in adrenaline...then figure what the heck. What am I, a miracle worker? If he wanted it today, he should have told me yesterday. Your lack of planning does not constitute my emergency, etc. So I slouch again. All fires having finally been put out, work delivered via email, now I'm having a Firestone ale with Evie the cat, both of us still sitting staring at the computer. What a bizarre life. Why, this chair has wheels, who knows where we may go tomorrow, Evie and I? Maybe we'll roll far and wide, into a film of beet juice slick...I did fire off some seed orders to Plant World and a seed bank with three colors of orach...double oy. There's a cabin-fever seed order for you.

Just silly tonight, I guess. PM2, you move to the top of the world-of-pain list, which mercifully never fixes on anyone for long but rotates through us all. Sounds like you're on the downhill run now, thankfully. May you all sleep like puppies and newborns.

I think Marian's got the next idyll tydll, "The Scrub City of Tragic Alley," that's too good to waste!"


That was yesterday. Today's job canceled, and I'm off to walk the poor unwalked dog that's moping around here somewhere. I pulled out some seedlings in an area near the bird feeder, thinking it all bird seed stuff, then noticed one with true leaves, which ID's them as hellebores. Doh! Potted up the two left.

Ah, Sienna indeed! Basements and laundry rooms, no wonder there's so much painting going on. Our "laundry room" is -- well, there isn't one. A sort of half shed built outdoors against the back of the house. Always creeps into garden shots.

I vividly remember those photos of Bella reading to Bud. The contrast of expression of dog with baby...nevermind, Chelone might be lurking. Ein the corker had a propellor head as a puppy, with one ear shooting straight off to the side (he was on sale!) but the ear eventually righted itself.

A decorator friend long since moved away once told me that entire sets of furniture are bought for holiday parties then returned, much like Mary's brother's church coat but a different scale of chutzpah altogether.

Brother emailed to say meeting will go short and dinner is on for tonight. Chinese it is!

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Bug your right we need more visuals.
Indy looks much better on that cozy bed than in the snowy doghouse. And Reed doesn't look hungry at all. LOL

PM2 that canoe gives an illusion of being suspended in mid air.

Denise, we could use some garden photos laundry shed and all.
What is your weather like there today?

Hi T, thanks for passing the word on Ei's computer quirks. Hi Ei.

Is Deanne swiming in paper work or in the bird blind? Shots of blooming Orchids or colorful coleus would be a welcome sight.

Eden, my grandkids loved playing store too. I think Wy may have one of those cash registers his mom picked up at a yard sale.

Hi Babs , I was wondering if you were getting some snow days since they featured your town on the weather this morning.
Yhea boys don't even know they are wet from the snow until the are half frozen. Wy didn't bring his snow pants the other day so I couldn't let him stay out to long.
I was thinking his teeth would soon be getting loose, but maybe he has a while yet. I think Ryan is about a year older than him.

Chelone, so you don't cook but does the helpmeet plan most of the meals too or do you give your imput?

I am "one to grab ingredients from the fridge and create something tasty with those on the spur of the moment"
I don't have the patience for finding recipes and shopping for the ingredients..
I would prefer to be cooked for as Chelone is.

Martie, I'm looking forward to seeing the park in bloom this year since you planted so many babies last year. You are lucky that Rich has an interest in growing things too.
I'm thinking it won't be long before I can plant some snow peas.Am I dreaming? LOL

Saucy, I bet you could do a triathalon. I wish I could get motivated to get more fit. So many aches and pains in this old body anymore.

Marian, I hope your day went well. I don't envy your going to the funeral.
We had our share of those this last year. I'm hoping things in that respect are quiteter this year.

Kathy, any spring pictures yet? Do I sound desperate or what?
Mr. Baby pictures will do also.

HeyCindy, are you cut off yet?

Michelle is probably swamped at work after the outage. But the office looks nice huh?

Is V shoveling snow again?
We are still getting some flurries but at least the sun keeps peaking out.
I don't know if I don't feel well because of my grumpy mood or if my queesey stomach is making me grumpy. At any rate I am tired of it. I've started the Activa regimen to see if that helps. And as soon as it moderates a little weather wise I am going to start walking everyday again.

Think I will go look at last summers garden pictures and reassure my self that it will come again. Hi to all. norma

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Norma, please let me know if spring is coming in 2008!!!! Supposed to be -4F here tomorrow.

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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Since it's rather chilly tonight, I've decided to leave the shoveling for tomorrow evening. Instead, I've been having laundry adventures.

You see, when we went to Vegas, DH decided to change his shirt the first day and found out that one of the shirts he packed had three large grease stains on it. Now, these grease stains have been there for some time and I have tried everything short of nuclear radiation to remove them. They were the result of a cooking adventure, and I did suggest in the past that the shirt should go to the rag bag, but he thought he had a better idea...

Since he had only packed just enough clothes for the weekend, he had to go shopping. You know how men shop, right? The first men's store we run across is Tommy Bahama. Beautiful brushed silk shirt in "pineapple cream", a very pale ivory with pineapples in the weave. Have you ever priced Tommy Bahama? Very definitely not cheap by any stretch of the imagination. But the shirt did look very, very nice on him, so he bought it.

And silly, brainless V. throws it in the wash with her old chenille throw. The chenille throw came out of the dryer five pounds lighter, having placed five pounds of fuzz onto aforementioned very expensive shirt. ugh.

Well, I rewashed the shirt and in the meantime ran some rags through the dryer to delint the dryer. A solo trip through the dryer, and DH now will never know how close to disaster his shirt came! By the way, it was washable silk - I did check that, I just didn't read the fine print (do not dry with old chenille throws).

When I wasn't pondering laundry disasters, I pondered Chelone's question. The real answer, I believe, is procrastination. Procrastination is the failure to deal with things on a timely basis, resulting in those things becoming clutter. The clutter results in disorganization, which creates more clutter - do I need to keep going on? I really spent some time at the office clearing up my clutter - it's about 75% under control - and I set up a couple of systems for myself that I really am trying to stick with. EVERYTHING goes into a labeled folder (okay, many of those manila trees have sacrificed their lives recently) and I have one set of folders labeled with each day of the week. On Thursday morning, I will look at what's in the Thursday folder and either address it or move it to another day if it can wait and too much else is going on. But nothing goes into a stack of "stuff" to be dealt with "later". And each afternoon before I leave, I clear the desk and write my list for the next day. So far, I have been sticking to this new routine. The real test will be when spring hits.

And then there is the backlog of stuff to deal with at home! I'm determined to get at least some of it under control before gardening season gets underway.

Thinking of Woody and waving to Ei who has computer-induced laryngitis. Whoa! I think I just saw Denise whiz by on a rolling chair!!!

I'll end with a preview of things to come again:


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I actually sat in a Adirondack chair in my back garden for about 15 minutes this evening before the temp began to plummet. We achieved the 60s today and more of the same is expected for the next couple of days. I really promise some pics soon ! Today I saw blooms on the Brunnera, Pulmonarias, leaves starting to pop out on my various Spireas , and Geranium biokovo is covered with buds. We have definitely entered spring here.

Chatted with DD tonight and asked her if Mr Baby had learned to read yet, she said yes, and that hes also working the New York Times Crossword puzzle every day. No pics yet.

It is very common for laundry equipment to be in the garage here..Ive yet to have a house with an actual laundry room . That is on my wish list for the new abode- Ive always wanted a place to do cut flowers , towel off the pets and put the catbox .

Saucy, we always used baby oil for our tanning lotion of choice. What horrible sunburns I got as a kid ! We spent all summer at the beach (Manhattan was the beach of choice for me as as a teeny bopper, my childhood beach was Redondo, my adult beach was either Laguna or Newport.) and besides sand in the hamburgers from the joint along the strand, we had the bittersweet sunburn recuperation upon returning home and showering.Zinc Oxide on the nose, a sign of coolness... Thank goodness we know better now.

Chelone, I think disorganization begets clutter. I think about my staff at work . I have 2 employees who are extremely organized and their workstations are always clean and tidy. If I ask them for anything they can put their hands on it immediately. No clutter anywhere. I think that people who are inherently disorganized cant manage their possessions well (be it work or home) and clutter results. In fact sometime chaos results. I think Im a bit middle-of-the-road in that area. Sometimes if Im in a hurry I take shortcuts filing or putting things away. I always pay for it later.

Martie, Im listed but not showing yet. We are still in the pre-marketing stage till I complete the exterior painting, which is a weather issue. You would be interested to know that two of my Lavs are coming into bloom. I promise a photo soon. I have moved them all so many times that all the labels are lost. Really bums me out not to be able to name the cultivars I have. Jeesh.

T, thanks for the update on Eileen. Hope you are seeing some spring action up your way too. My DD said the sun was out in Eugene today-hope it is up your way too.

V., congrats on the Tommy Bahama rescue ..I would be tempted to take the thing to the cleaners every time. Ours do 99 cent shirts-might be worth it for what one pays for a Tommy B.

Norma, spring pics will be here soon. I just need to get home from work when there is still enough viable light for photos.

So Eden, is Butterscotch tied up to the hitching post outside Bellas grocery store ? You could load the groceries in the saddlebags and ride off into the sunset..

Ok, thats all I have tonight, hello to all

Kathy in Napa

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Okay, okay, the camera is NOT here so I can't post a picture of the salad....and if I can't show you, why bother with the recipe that's in my head (I am one of those open the fridge and throw it together people - but I did have to shop for this recipe). Nick borrowed the camera to document a job that we're doing.

Denise, I was feeling your pain in the chair :) Glad it all worked out. How was dinner? Better yet, how was Ein's walk? My friend of the same name as you, has a cardigan corgie. He's been on crate rest (hurt his back) and when I came over for our usual walk, he went insane....I'm his best indicator that he'll be walking, you see :) He herded me with a smile on his face!

Kathy, mineral oil is thicker :) We didn't have much sand in TN, so thicker was better :) I hope Mr. Baby will be able to help me with Sudoku at some point.....

Mary, there certainly is a strong family resemblence. I think I've been absent for other family photos - nice to see smiles all around. Cousins are always fun!

Norma, I checked out some triathlon (I can't even spell it correctly, LOL!) and I think I'm going to find something else....the participants are a little more gung ho than I had imagined. Maybe I'll cut my teeth on something else....but what?

All little dogs have been returned to their rightful owners. The pup pulled all the stuffing out of Zeus' bed on the last night...all done through the slightest of holes. A real Houdini.

Jake had his interview for the local vocational school. I think it'd be good for him. I have my portion of the interview next week.

Guess I'd better get this show on the road.

(who is terribly disorganized, but making a real effort to change that....)

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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

Good morning... :-)

I found this a fascinating photo of the Louvre. It really is better in a larger size.

Triathalons, steamy masses of gunk, 'toads in holes', Chanel Pink laundry rooms, snow angels, peanut butter sandwiches and chocolate milk, tree crops, half frozen snow pants, chenille fuzz, newborns doing crossword puzzles and of course, beet juice slick. lol

Martie....where do you get your energy?! lol Since I wasn't here last year, I didn't get a blow by blow account of all you planted, but looking forward to seeing pics this spring too. We just spread 6 yards of composted cow manure in the fall.

Denise...your job sounds stressful. :-) Thanks for commiserating and I hope we are on the downhill. lol Hellebores seedlings in your yard, lucky girl!

Everyone in our house cooks. Both styles here. My daughter and I are methodical. Sons are spontaneous. DH is in between. [g]

March 17th, St Patrick's Day used to be known as the day to start peas outdoors, in our neck of the woods. Norma, it will be interesting to see if that will be possible this year.

Organization and clutter. A place for everything is my desire but not a reality most of the time. My most organized spaces started out with a list of everything that was going to be stored or used in the room and everything that would happen in the room. If that doesn't change the room stays organized. Paper organization though is a beast, right V? Love your new routine V. Backlog stuff is our biggest problem.

Amazing how many Idyllers have painted, are painting or planning to paint the color green. Strangely, the only green in our house that I can think of, is one toss pillow and a little bit of it in some flowered upholstry fabric. One throw rug with a flower pattern that the leaves are green. Some green hills in a border around the kitchen, a couple of kitchen towels with a sage green stripe. That's it.

Spring already in the Noxzema for sunburns here.

Waving to Ei...hope your computer straightens out soon.

Has anyone heard from Woody?

Glad you all enjoyed yesterday's photo as much as I did. Yes, I also thought it was warm and bright and not sure where it is or whether it was enhanced. The kayak did look suspended. And one last thought, who in their right mind would get into a kayak in those waters with all those icebergs?! [g]

Nothing remotely funny or interesting going on at our house lately, so here is one more winter photo before March. Saving something green for you for tomorrow Norma. :-)


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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

Sorry Saucy, forgot to refresh, again. Are you fostering dogs? You can't be old enough to have a son going into high school? Learning a trade is a great idea.

Also, thanks to all for the well wishes for DD and DH. Much appreciated! :-)


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greenfreak(Z7 NY)

That photo took my breath away. Moments like that are what endears me to nature.

So, hi everyone... I'm Tricia! I thought I would officially introduce myself. And fulfill the request for a photo montage. More than happy to oblige - one of my hobbies is photography.

I'm Tricia, aka greenfreak, I'm 35 years old and live on Long Island in NY. For those who don't know, Long Island is like the left arm of NYC. The island looks pretty small on a map, and sometimes it isn't even ON the map, but it's 118 miles from end to end. On the west end, it's urban, on the east end it's rural, and has everything else in between. I'm about halfway out. I have a small parcel of land, about a 1/4 acre, I'm three blocks from our village, 3 miles from any kind of shopping or food you could ever want, but also have five farms within a mile of me and the harbor and LI Sound less than 2 miles north.

My husband Rusty and I just purchased our house, our first, in November. I'm totally jonesing for a gardening fix but will most likely spend my first growing season fixing. Moving, transplanting, pruning, digging, composting, amending, testing, and otherwise working my land. It's not a disaster, there is just a lot to do.

My cute little house:

My husband and I, from our 6/11/2006 wedding:

We are childless and will remain so but have 9 nieces and nephews that we love very much. And spoil as much as their parents will let us. We do plan on getting a dog, specifically an adult labrador retriever from a rescue group close to wear we live. But not until later in the summer so we can put up a proper fence and do a little traveling before we get used to being dog owners again.

Obviously, I enjoy gardening, I've been on GW for years. The greenfreak nickname comes from loving the color green, nature and gardening, and recently for the concern for our environment. I also like photography and since my husband and I are both computer geeks by day, it wasn't too hard to make my own website for articles and photography - I included a link below.

I subscribe to Fine Gardening, Garden Gate, I watch Paul James' Gardening by the Yard every weekend, I'm making a plant spreadsheet with everything I want to attempt to grow, and I also grow orchids inside my house. This isn't a current setup, but this is what my orchidarium looks like:

I tend to ramble, so I'll cut this short now. I just wanted to say it's so nice to find a community within the GW community like this.

Looking forward to getting to know all of you, and talk plants!

Tricia :)

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For Marie...

No winter lasts forever; no spring skips its turn.
~Hal Borland

Saucy, Brad says to tell you to take up his sport...racquetball. You can compete in all of the tournaments.

Great to have you join us Tricia! You're going to fit right in here. Love your cute little house!


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Arugh!! I just lost a long post! I love this laptop and I hate this laptop!

In a nutshell (I'm too cranky now to re-write everything):

Welcome Tricia! Thank you for sharing your photos and the information about Long Island, I had no idea it was so big.

I hope Woody is doing well.

Kathy, yes Spring is showing itself here, too. We've enjoyed quite a few days with temps in the upper 50's and low 60's although rain is suppose to return soon. Daffodils are getting ready to open, new little leaves opening on some of the bushes in the woods, pussywillows' new catkins (hope I'm using the right words) are open and is happening on the west coast so, hopefully spring will work its way across the states quickly...

Mary, Dulles' air museum is where DH and I went after leaving Idyllunion a couple years ago. DH wanted to see it and the Smithsonian Air & Space museum. Both were interesting and enjoyable to visit even for someone like myself, who has no interest in airplanes and other flying machines. I enjoyed hearing about your visit and seeing your photos.

Okay, I almost lost this post, too. I've got to quit writing in the little white box or just quit writing.....

Twins will be here shortly so I need to go through the house and put away all that I don't want tempting them. ;o)

Hello to all! Hope the day goes well for everyone.


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

We have heard from Woody, who is feeling lousy, and hopes to tell us more tomorrow. Believe it or not, her aid fainted! In her typical humor, Woody said she was just doing what Woody herself wanted to do.


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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

Woody...I hope you are feeling better very soon. .. :-)


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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

Hello Tricia :-) Enjoyed your photos...welcome to the group! pm2

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V, wow, I bet you were sweating that laundry mishap. Happy to hear it turned out ok.

No one can procrastinate more than me. ( I wasn't always that way and I don't know how it started) but I can only stand clutter for a little while. Lately I just want rid of anything I don't need or use.

Ah Kathy and T. Just knowing that spring is starting somewhere is a good thing to hear.

Bug, thanks for the Woody update. She is one strong woman.

Saucy, maybe a marathon would be less daunting. Sending good vibes to Jake. I'm sure he will find his niche.

PM2, I love the depth of the photos you post.

Tricia, Nice informative post. You do have a cute little house and you and your hubby make a nice looking couple. I imagine you are chomping at the bit to garden your space. The area sounds like a nice one. I too like your description of Long Island. It really gives me a sense of what it is like. You won't get any arguement from me on your choice of future dog. Welcome to the group. We really do talk about plants sometimes. LOL

Even though we still have some snow on the ground I went out and raked some leaves and sticks in the cleared areas. Just had to get out of the house for awhile. I want to try to keep more leaves from blowing into the front pond. I did see the tips of a few daffs poking up. The ground is still frozen though. Warmer temps headed our way this weekend. YES !

I spent some time yesterday catalogging some daylily pictures. I just got a small portion done and counted 59 varieties. I think I will spend some more time on that today.
Hi all. Norma

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Tricia, welcome to the Idylls! Your house is very cute and you sure are an attractive couple.

Ive used my share of baby oil, iodine and Noxema. In hindsight probably not the wisest thing to do.

Glad to hear that spring is arriving somewhere.

I sure try to be organized. Our laundry room is fairly unorganized and ugly. Hopefully, sprucing it up will help us to keep it clean and organized.

Woody, I hope you feel better soon and that the treatment was successful.

PM2, you come up with the most amazing photos.

Back to it


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Hi people!

Woo~hoo-we had TWO snow days in a row: )-school was back in session today though. I just have to say it's sad when it takes a snow day or two to allow for some quality snow play. What two fun days for the boys rolling around with snow in their eyes,pants and boots among other places lol. Give 'em some hot chocolate and you're instantly the best mom-they were cracking me up.
WOW-lots of snow here-I've got about ten-twelve inches not counting the two foot high snow drifts. How cool that you heard about our snow event,Norma...I'm not sure I know where you are located-are you in OH(what a surprise that you heard about us)? It was odd-the snow STORM that came through gave us very little snow but lake effect snow that blows off the Great Lakes pummeled us.
Norma-Ryan is turning 7 in a few weeks. The dentist said his teeth were behind schedule since he hadn't lost any as of 6 months ago. Well suddenly he was losing them left and right so I'm sure Wyatt will do the same if he doesn't lose any soon. We also got the go ahead for braces on AJ. $$cha-ching$$

V glad your laundry disaster was fixable-it's always worse when you think you've ruined anyone else's expensive clothes as opposed to your own. I still have flashbacks to when I spilled bleach on Chris' good trousers-I just can't go life flashes before my eyes. A couple days ago I tossed a beautiful Irish wool sweater in the washer accidentally(duh) and it came out small enough to be a doggie sweater for a chihuahua : ( And some of you thought I was Martha? !

Saucy thanks for your concern about my back. My back did recover(ice is great,PM2)but I was worried lifting snow would be hard on it. Turns out that I've been able to shovel/snowblow with no back blowouts...hmmm I should hold onto that excuse though to keep AJ enthusiastic about shoveling anyway lol.

Ryan came home early with a cough and 101 fever-darn, I was hoping to keep the flu out of here. Maybe I should wear a face mask. Naturally AJ is pleading with Ryan to breathe directly into his face-hoping to milk some extra time off.

Tricia-welcome to idylling! Your wedding pic is beautiful.We really do love pics here.

Teresa-I'm with you on the love/hating of a laptop. I have such a hard time navigating on Chris' laptop-it just takes forever to do what I need to and I hit every button but the ones I indend to. Just let it out, then breathe. : ) Is Bailey's still part of your diet? lol

So Marian is a Nutella nut too now? Very good.

Norma are you going to plant peas? I think I will try them again this year-planting will be on St. Patty's day(hope I can see bare ground by then).

Chelone I'm quite sure that disorganization breeds clutter..I know this because I am weeding through my cupboards and I can see that once everything has its place and I toss out the unused or not needed extras I already have less clutter. Also putting items away immediately is key-the men in this house haven't learned that one yet.

Off to tend the ill

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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

So is Chelone now lost in the clutter? Or just too disorganized to post today?

Welcome, Tricia! your little house does indeed look cute, and Deanne could influence you to fill some more of that space with containers! I'm glad you decided to jump in.

The laundry has all been folded and put away and the grocery delivery likewise has been put away. Now that there is food in the house, I need to decide what to have for dinner. I have some more jobs for the evening, but they involve writing and I feel more in the mood for reading. I'm in the middle of a good book and also picked up the Martha Stewart Living gardening issue - I always enjoy that issue.

I now officially am conducting a science experiment. All winter I have been downing Airborne whenever there is the slightest chance of getting sick, and so far, so good. But as of today, our office became a veritable cesspool of germs. Among three staff members and two of their family members, we have: scarlet fever, pneumonia, sinus infection, influenza, throat infection, ear infection and one yet to be diagnosed. YIKES! If Airborne (and a high degree of caution) gets me through the next few days without coming down with something, I will be a fan for life. This afternoon just before I left the phone rang. I was not in my office, but I sprinted back to my desk, because I did not want to touch anyone else's phone.

Sending good thoughts to Woody. Loved the comment about Barb's reaction! Hope Woody has a speedy recovery with good results.

Babs, I wouldn't let on to the boys for at least eight or nine years that your back is better.


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Sending all good thoughts to Woody and Barb, and lots of hopes to V. for no infections her way.

Babs: Your boys would fit right in around here :-) (Leave the illness at home though, okay??)

More snow in the forecast and at this point I just don't care anymore. LOL

Tricia: Thanks for the intro! Lots of Idyllers on this side of the country and we hope to meet you in person at some point. Fear not about plant talk, it does happen sometimes :-)

Organization in this house is a state of mind. I Know where everything is and if someone else needs something, they can ask. Actually, moving so much between 2000 and 2002 meant several separate purges. My office space at work remains pristine if only for the fact that I'm not there enough to clutter it up. My car, on the other hand ........ LOL

Without going into detail, please send good thoughts to my DB who had a very rough night last night. When I get a call at this point, it's not good, and a call came at 9:30p from a doctor. Just very glad he was there and not in the community, and very grateful for the incredible staff who cares for him so well.

Saucy -- I usually head to Logee's in late March to get container stuff to grow on. Any weekend that's better than another if you (and Jake) can head south?

Anyone else??

Back later to revisit pics and see new ones.

Waiting for Sue .....



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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

Brrrr! Cold out there this morning! 9 degrees. Thankfully there is still snow covering most of the garden. All except my foxgloves, which are under the spruce branches and are already uncovered. Still, it may be the last of the snow since it is forecast for warm temperatures this weekend. So since it is the last day of February I thought I might offer a parting look at snow.....

"Scientist and photographer Kenneth Libbrecht, chair of the physics department at the California Institute of Technology, studies snowflakes "in the wild" and grows his own under controlled conditions."

This one is frost on someone's car windshield [g].....

Parting winter :-)

Off to try to get something back later...


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Snowing here AGAIN, 2-4". I was just going through my '07 album looking for pics for Norma's thread and thought I'd throw up the link for anyone who wants to remember summer today on this extra day of winter. Why couldn't they stick in an extra day in June instead is what I'd like to know????

I've got Bella today and then Brad and I will be painting over the weekend. Have a good one everybody!


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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)


Welcome Tricia!

Sorry, I haven't read a thing, just finshed an interview and am running off to a meeting.

Enjoy your day!


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Good morning every one ! Happy Friday to all...I'm uncharacteristically positing this from my office, as I got home from work yesterday that my wireless internet client had gone belly up and thus have no connectivity till the new replacement comes ...jeesh .I'm pouting. So this is to let you know that I won't be around for a few days unless I can rig up some sort of temporary connection.

pout pout pout

Kathy in Napa

ps Welcome to the Idylls Tricia !

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Bummer Kathy.

Sad to hear about your DB Martie.

Hi Sue.

PM2, again some super pictures.

Hope V is still Airborne.

Eden ,at least if you are painting you won't be to bummed about the snow.

We are supposed to get near 50 today so I'm headed out to clean up more leaves. Later. Norma

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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

Lunchbreak....everyone seems busy here today. Sunny here but cold. Our house is doing a little better. DH is starting to gain back his energy but I am glad it is Friday. DD is settling into a routine and is quite determined to do everything with one hand. [g] After having to do a little shopping for tops that button up the front, she is once again looking neatly dressed, but can only put one arm in her winter jacket. Hope it warms up PT appts are made and moving forward.

Eden...Love your garden photos! The two pink retro chairs are wonderful. I remember using that type chair when I was a kid and loved the rocking motion. Is that a bat house in one photo? Peonies are gorgeous! Lots of fun plantings in the reuse containers...esp the cup with the table and chairs in it. [g] Such imagination! I love your use of the short section of picket fence and overall such attention to detail. My most pressing question though, is are you using the bathtub as an outdoor hot tub? [g] How much fun you must have in your garden! Thanks for sharing. :-)

Martie....sorry about your DB and how difficult things have become for him. Heartbreaking to see someone lose so much of themselves. I wish for more peaceful days for him and your whole family.

Babs....all of our children needed braces. I had forgotten. [g] Tell me, are they doing those clear plastic trays for braces now or still the wires? Glad your back is well again. My DH is still doing great since PT but he is doing something different this time around. All of the past times when he was feeling better he had a tendency to go back to his old ways. This time he is continuing to go to PT at a per visit fee, and keeping up his exercises and continuing to do the walking they recommend. We feel he was very lucky this last time, that he didn't have to have surgery and don't want to get to the point where he does. Last winter our oldest son gave us one of those electric shovels. It really works wonderful. It is sort of fun to use too. It will do four or five inches of snow at one time though, so you have to catch it and keep up with it, but we don't mind. The kids shovel for us if we happen to get a large amount over night, but they don't seem to mind it. We have a small driveway and front walkway. A snowblower would really be overkill.

Kathy.....I think you are the third or fourth Idyller with computer probs. At least you have spring weather to enjoy in the meantime. :-)

Norma...I forgot about leap year...Green photo tomorrow. :-) I really couldn't resist that last photo of the girl looking out the window. Her expression just made me think of how some of the Idyllers have been feeling about winter of late. lol It is a delight to me, to find there are so many amazing photos out there and love to share them.

V....stay well!

About time for more Phoebe photos? :-) pm2


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Hello Idylls

Tricia - a big welcome from another New Yorker (Upstate that is). How great to see you, your very cute house and neat orchid set up. I think you'll have a lot of fun here and we'll enjoy hearing more from you.

This was a gruelling week and I'm sooooooooo glad its Friday. On Monday a message was written on the walls of the boys bathroom at the Middle school adjacent to the elementary building where I work. It said "I will K*ll you all on March 12th". (I can't even bring myself to write it). You can imagine what the rest of the week has been like with a police investigation, lockdown drills, distressed children, angry parents, rumors abounding and staff on edge. I have a feeling the buildings will be very empty on the 12th though I will need to be there. I'm glad Annie and David in a different school district as I'm not sure whether or not I would send them. What would you do?

I'm looking forward to cracking open a bottle of wine tonight, playing the violin and spending some time felting. I'm working on some dogs now and making them is quite addictive. I've also got plans but not the materials yet for another craft project that is way cool - yup, cooler even than my marshmallow peeps diorama. I'll post some pics if it's successful.

Babs - Annie is in her fourth year of braces which are due to come off this summer. It's been a long road but the results are spectacular. I hate to think of the cumulative cost of all those monthly payments although rudimentary math would quickly reveal a decent chunk of change. Had she been blessed with straight teeth I might have had a really incredible garden or drive a car with less than 130,000 miles but there is no question it has been worth it. David is due to start this fall:0(

Need to run as DH is home and we booked some time to go for coffee together.


PS I've been thinking a lot of Woody - any updates?

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Mary, that is so scary, and I don't know how they can safegaurd all the children. It is a sad state of affairs because you never know when they will hit. At least the authorities can do some prelimary investigation. Everyone has to take these things seriously now. I can imagine how frazzeled it makes you.

I am back in from more clean up. The sun went around and it started getting chilly, plus I was getting tired. I need to work up to things a little slowly after be inactive for so long. It certainly is lifting my spirits though. And yes I know the decent weather won't last.
I spotted a half dozen crocus scattered about. There was actually a bee of some kind buzzing me once.

Bug does Woody have an extended stay in the hospital or wherevevr they did her procedure?


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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

The latest updates from V.'s world.

Only 1.5 inches of new snow this morning. I left it all and am hoping that the sunshine today has melted it from the sidewalk. I know - rather audacious of me to hope...

Add strep throat to the list of ailment running through our office. Rather amazing to have everyone out with completely different ailments. One more woman went home late this morning with a fever. Don't know yet if she has gotten a diagnosis. We're waiting for someone to come down with dengue fever.

Mary, that is very upsetting. There was a similar incident when my kids were in high school, shortly after Columbine. The administration decided it was an empty threat designed to shake up people. Although some parents kept their kids home (and the school district made it clear that no one would be punished for staying home that day) I talked to enough people at the school and was comfortable sending my kids. And nothing happened.

But would I do the same today? I don't know. It seems like there are more of these incidents happening, and there have been three or four school alerts around the area here since the NIU shooting. It's getting harder to tell the pranksters from the ones who will really act.

So switching now to black humor, there was an apparent natural gas explosion at a shopping center in a Chicago suburb yesterday. The first calls to 911 where just awful, describing body parks scattered through the rubble. Um, turns out one of the stores was a tux rental business, and their mannequins were blown to pieces!


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Was too dispirited to post on Thursday. I've rallied today. But am now behind in what's going on with everyone. Damnit!


Welcome to Tricia with the darling house and orchids (you and Deanne will probably hit it right off, lol).

Hoping that Woody is perking up!

I have to deal with the chaos in the kitchen before it trickles beyond the doors that when closed "contain it". I struggle with disorganization daily; it's not easy to break the habit. Good thoughts on the question "to ponder"...

Maybe I'll be back later tonight, or maybe I'll return to the 16th. century; seems I'm more comfortable there lately!


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Snows over for now. I just heard that we're 30 inches above normal snowfall for the winter. It's been a long one too. My mom and dad are both sick with the flu even though they got their flu shots. I guess it wasn't quite the right mix this year.

V, you should be wearing a mask and gloves at work. It'll be a miracle if you escape all of those little buggies. I saw pictures of the mannequin explosion on the news last night.

Mary, how awful. I don't know what I'd do in that situation, probably keep my kids home for my peace of mind. I'm glad you can immerse yourself in your family and crafts this weekend.

Norma, I envy you being able to get outside. I need to get out of the house but there's really no place I want to go. Can't wait to be able to begin spring cleanup though.

Babs, I went through braces and so did all three of my kids. Brad didn't need them though. They are so much more comfortable these days than they were back in the olden days when I wore them. I can remember my mouth being torn to shreds by those sharp wires. Hows about a toothless smiling picture of Ry for us? I think they're so cute with those big gaps in their smile.

PM2, you always find the most interesting pictures to post. Good news that your dh and dd are both doing better. The clawfoot tub came out of my daughters house last summer when they were remodelling. I plan on making it into a bog garden this year.

Martie, Sunday is Dr. Seuss's birthday you know:) I found some cute craft printouts to make with Bella to celebrate the occasion. Sorry to hear your db is having a bad time.

Hope we hear an update on Woody soon and that she's feeling better.

Hi Sue!

Hope Kathy's able to visit. I'll miss her posts :(

Chelone, hope you feel better now that the weekend's here. I think the worst thing about keeping up with housework and organizing is that it's boring and so repetitive.

Bella's being too quiet. Better go check on her. We're having an issue with her lying on the cats (so they can't escape) and "petting" them.


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Still behind, but gainin'!

Helpmeet is clearly ailing and retired to bed shortly after his return from the doctor. I've tended to the kitchenkaos (dishes!), fed the pride and the cur, and myself. The cur has been taken out for the nightly "forced march". Things are humming along with downright teutonic efficiency. ;)

The forecast has changed markedly since this morning... snowfall has been revised UP. But I'm still skeptical; somewhere between 1-20" seems more likely, lol. I suspect, though, that we will not be going anywhere tomorrow. And that I will be in charge of the oven roaster in the 'fridg.; a pefect showcase for my ability to make stuffing and PERFECT gravy. The only downside is that I may be eating it alone. Norma, I don't do the cooking here, nor do I do the marketing unless it's an emergency. I CAN do it, but usually head out supplied with a detailed list (it takes me roughly twice as long, too, lol!). The only input I have with respect to menus is the very small list of things I WILL NOT eat. Other than that? the food "just appears" at mealtime. I do ALL the KP duty. I do all the laundry and mending. I do 99.5% of the lawn mowing. And I contribute 50% to our household budget. I schedule our medical appointments and see that our automobiles are serviced routinely. BUT! I peeled 2 tangerines and wrapped them in a moist towel before putting them in a reusable plastic bag next to the "sick bed". No cookin', no kids, and I hate dogs.

Mary! the family resemblance is stunning. And a fine looking brood you are (no "Hapsburg jaw"). :) I have to say this: I am SO tired of little jerkass kids pullin' crap like that in schools. I'm sick of "excuses" about their "family life" and I'm sick of the concerns about how that sort of "event" will affect rest of their "adult lives". I have several friends who are attorneys, and whenever I've said I feel some SHAME should be included in the "punishment" administered to the miscreants they've been surprised. I think MINORS should have their names made public when they step that far out of line. Actions have consequences (I don't care that the consequences weren't made clear at home!); and I think public scrutiny should be focussed on them and their parents. I'm sorry your workaday world has been so disrupted by some little jerk. As a taxpayer, I'm outraged at what that sort of foolishness costs a community in MONEY and energy. JMO

Still behind, but still feisty. It was an OK day today; managed to get a lot done and have clear "marching orders" for Monday. Clear marching orders are what I crave... . Tell me what you want in clear, concise terms, allow me to ask the questions I need to ask and then leave me the hell alone to do what I do best!

I don't think the Salon is "green", at all! it's TOURQUOISE, and that's not "green" to me, at all, lol. Funny and very interesting how we perceive and think about color, huh?

I have much to read, clearly!

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Unlike Chelone I haven't 'rallied' yet but am checking in just to let you all know I am still amongst the living. I haven't felt like posting....for no logical reason.

I too hope we hear good news about Woody. Bless her and Randy, and Barb.

Mary, I am sure I would be very leary about being there the 12th. I certainly hope it is just a smart aleck wanting to scare everyone ( and succeeding), and I hope the perpetrater is caught and punished.

Today was a beautiful day, and I even got out and did some cleaning. Too bad it didn't improve my mood!! :-(
I have lots of crocus in bloom, and the Cornelean Cherry and Flowering Quince are showing color in their flower buds.

My Fibro has been much more active, and the pain pills aren't helping too much. For awhile I thought I may have a virus, but have ruled that out. Sorry for all that do, espacially Eden's mom and dad.

Oh yes...Welcome Tricia! I am the old lady of the group. Old enough to be your grandmother...:-)


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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

The snow on the sidewalk did melt for me! Yay! The temps have now dropped just below freezing, but the wind is howling out there. Chicago is forecasting a high of 50 on Sunday, but I don't think we'll make it out of the 30's. Our main goal for the weekend is to not repeat the basement flooding of two weeks ago. We have a plan that involves plastic and a couple of tubes of sand.

Last year at idyllunion, I fell in love with this path:

Later the same day that I saw the path, DH called and said his mom had a bunch of old bricks in her garage, and was there anything I wanted them for? True serendipity! But the next question was what would go in the center of the circle. Last weekend, DH and I saw a woman selling stepping stones that had different leaves and flowers pressed into them. There was one done with oak leaves that had a very round pattern (instead of a design that had a "right side up") and I was debating whether to purchase it. Well, DH wandered off to chat with someone and the vendor put up a sign that she would be leaving shortly. So I made the decision and purchased the stone.

With the rather heavy stone in my arms, I walked over to where DH was at, joined the conversation for a bit and then we started to walk some more. All of a sudden, he said, "Oh no! it's gone." I looked at him very puzzled, and he pointed out that the stepping stone I was looking at was no longer on the table. I got quite a good laugh when I asked him what he thought was in my arms!

Of course, the path is in the area that is collecting water, so it may not be the first project out of the gate this spring. But it will be high up on the list.

I'm hoping that March gives me a couple of days to clean up in the garden. I've usually been able to count on a day or two in February, but not this winter.

Dinner is almost done, so that's all for tonight.


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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

Well, look at all the little night owls showing up. :-)

Gee, Chelone, you seemed so dispirited with your first post that I was tempted to try to cheer you up and here you are just as fiesty as Yes, we are in the path of the snow too and let's keep our fingers crossed it is the last of the shoveling for the season. Unless you are still enjoying winter? Sounds like you and the helpmeet have the division of labor down pat. Very equitable. Very sorry to hear he is not feeling well. DH's PC Doc told him he can't remember a worse winter for infections and flu. It has been non stop at their office. I am sure it is in large part to the flu shot that just didn't zero in on the right strains this year. We use masks, gloves and hand washing at the first sign anyone is ill here. Seems to be making a big difference in keeping it from spreading through the house, although it is a pain in the neck, I guess we are used to it now. One of the many reasons spring is such a relief. horrid to be in the middle of that chaos and stress. A true nightmare. Coming that close to home, I am glad that your kids are in a different school. It will be nerve racking from now until the 12th, I am sure and just hope investigation will uncover who was behind it. I am glad you have a busy evening planned. I would love to start doing some sort of craft again. I used to do a little quilting but not in a long time. It is so relaxing to do something with your hands. Will be very interested to see the dogs you are working on. :-) saw crocus already? We haven't been without snow longer than three days for the past month. [g] No sign of a crocus and we are zone 6. Glad you got seemed to really need it.

V. I am amazed at the variety of infections brewing in your office! It is quite a winter and I just hope in a few weeks with a few warm days and some sunshine, we can all open the windows and air the house out and hopefully start getting to the end of all that fun. :-) Funny story about the mannequins. Really a pleasantly surprising outcome to that explosion for a change.

Eden...a bog garden! What an interesting project. Have you picked out the plants you are using already?

Marian....ouch that your Fibro is acting up again. Any reason that it is bothering you more than usual, that you can put your finger on? Glad you got are way ahead of us here in New England. I was out in the yard today....lots of snow on the ground and nothing looking like it is doing anything interesting. Hope you feel better :-)

Hello again V.. Where did you see that path? I just LOVE It! I would be very happy and satisfied to have that in my garden to go out and look at anytime I wanted. Wow! It reminds me of Colonial Williamsburg which is one of my favorite places. So you have a lot of the makings of it all ready to go. Hope you can get your water problems under control this year. I am sure it would save you a lot of trouble. Not always the easiest problem to solve.

Well that's it for me for the night more photo to 'leap' into March....

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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

Sorry...didn't mean to make the photo so I will do better. :-)


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V, I admire that path too. I wonder where I could fit it in. Most of my path areas are sloping.

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I think Dobies are beautiful. Ditto standard Poodles, Schnauzers, and the oft maligned Rottweiler. Clearly, a Bouvier could slip in under the radar. I have a particular soft spot for German Shepherds. And I hate dogs, go figure.

I am a very private person . I have to work. And DEFINING my work cleanly and precisely has accorded me the luxury of defining MY FREE TIME. I'm very skilled with repect to my trade. I'm as reliable as clock work (another reason I loathe DST, lol). I want to "work" on MY SCHEDULE, and the nature of my trade makes it pretty easy. I'm fine with answering the phone, dealing with customers (I'm GOOD at it!), but I want my 8 hrs. to be FINISHED by 2-3PM. One of the benefits of being a tradesman and working "by the hour" is that you get to "call" the time you work. I've found that a willingness to be flexible is useful, too. But I have no desire to work from 8-4. WRONG. No way I could I ever deal with a "cubicle" or a typical "corpie" job. I tried to "conform"; "they" seemed to like me but I loathed them and the work was a bore. YAWN.

I remain, "barely employable".

And fiesty.

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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

Just a fly by post... Medical woes are boring - the short story is that the supposed painless, no-recovery-required procedure has miserably failed to live up to the advance billing! I'm hoping for better days soon...

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Woody, Hope Misty is taking good care of you and that you nap and wake up feeling better :)

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Hi everyone,

We are in the midst of another annoying six to ten inches of snow. I guess Winter is Thumbing its Nose at Us. Seems to me that happened last year too. I was supposed to go to CT for a symposium today but my dear friend Debs Dad is at the end and not expected to live more than another day or two. I cooked dinner for her family last night and will do so again tonight and will take over cooking chores for them for a bit. Difficult times for their family. Chelone, Deb and Peter send their greetings and said to thank you for thinking of them.

Ive been doing a bit of work in the studio and trying to keep up with the plants. Ive come to the conclusion that I have WAY too many plants in the house but every time I try to figure out what to do without I cant really cull anything. Its hopeless! The watering tasks are monumental right now and I have no idea how Doug will deal with it all when Im in FL next month for a seminar. Maybe Ill have to be happy about anything he kills?!!! LOL

Welcome to Tricia! Nice to meet you. I have a few orchids here as well and Marian grows them too.

Mary, loved the family photos! You and sibs look so much alike! ~~ How awful about that business with the threats in the school. Dreadful!

Kathy, what a bummer about the lack of internet connectivity! Id be having withdrawal symptoms.

Eden! Love, love, love the garden pics!!!!! How fabulous and just what I needed for a snowy day. I dont remember when you got that beautiful fountain?! Love it! That banana is enormous! Did you plant that in the ground? Ill be bookmarking that page and going back. What a treat, thanks.

Woody, all the best to you Sending positive thoughts your way

V. stay well, youll have to let us know how the Airborne experiment went.

OK Ive got to go and get some exercise, waving hello to everyone! Have a great day

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First off, and most important, For Woody and Barb to add a little cheer ... and with thanks to Marian whether she'll admit it or not :-) (notice the color of the walls, LOL)

For Kathy and Denise -- the large white blobs are typical March snowflake -- almost 1" wide and very very wet and heavy:

A well trained human snow removal enabler does not throw the snow in the direction of the gardens :-)......

And, as always in this house, there is hope for Spring!!! I'm amazed that these pity pile own-roots, gotten in the verge of sure demise, have rallied. It'll be interesting to see what color it/they are!!

Thanks for good thoughts re DB. I can feel them.

Loving all pics and threads with real color!! Had to LOL at myself as I barely had enough to do standard containers last year. Motivation, indeed!

Ya know, Chelone, when one is a corpie road rep one has the best of both worlds. Security of benefits mostly paid for AND tons of tools to do a good job AND being able to pretty much come and go as one pleases works for me .... Lots of years to get my career to this point, but worth it!

LOL, V, about your husband being concerned about the stone. When you put the path in, be sure to include some Corsican Mint in the cracks. Even in your zone it'll work because the bricks will retain enough heat to make a microclimate. Really fun to smell Creme de Menthe while gardening. Don't mind me, but putting in the path last year and planning the plants to go "in" in was a highlight and just wanted to share.

I keep hearing thumps and slams outside -- heavy snow against the house will do that -- but it means Rich is almost done and I'll bet a good cuppa will be just what he wants.

Later, for sure!!


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A bottle of ouzo was sitting on the breakfront this morning, ipso facto, Greek ships bearing gifts in the harbor last night. Further evidence was found in the kitchen, with baklava wrapped in a paper towel then stuffed in a coffee cup. I'm not sure which I'll have first for breakie ;-)

Thanks for typing out that note, Woody, and so glad it's over. Was reading about the procedure, that the Swedish invented it, and, yes, lots of mentioning of discomfort-free recovery ;( Hopefully, a few more days will set you right.

Snowflakes! How thoughtful, thanks Martie, I'll take your word for it ;-) PM2 I believe I remember that path from a garden visited last summer by some of the idyllers. Should be more details on that from some of the attendees.

Work, what a conundrum. Chelone, check out the movie Michael Clayton, which will surely further validate your choice of professions. My middle DB has been involved in some aspect of aviation law his whole life, truly a disaster business. During our Chinese dinner couple nights ago he mentioned receiving an email that day regarding a plane crash in Chile with two words: "our engines."

Mary, what a week behind you and now upcoming too. Will law enforcement send announcements to all families to double check that their guns are accounted for and secured, that gun shops alert authorities over sales in that interval of time? Thank goodness for felting and your violin. I think of you and your musical family when my Beethoven violin concerto pops up on the Ipod.

Babs, the chihuahua clothing magic act has been performed many times here in our laundry shed...the incidents that seem to stick in mind most involve some of my favorite cashmere sweaters...

Hi Tricia! Garden and dogs coming soon, it sounds like. Can't wait to read of it. With all the computer woes here lately, you may regret mentioning your profession ;-)

V, I hope your plan with Airborn carries you through the office plagues, dengue, elephantiasis, whatever gets thrown your way. I used to have a chenille bedspread...used to, for reasons much the same as your laundry adventures with DH's Vegas shirt.

Eden, your photos are a treat, what an amazing garden, just a magical place for Bella to be and us big folks too!
Saucy, at least you've got two out of three on the triathlon, whereas I've got zip. Bicycles need to be spiffed up for spring. The LA marathon is this Sunday, which Marty has biked a couple times but his back still a bit iffy lately.

Marian, I hope that fibro flareup is just about over by now. Waving to all.

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Any euphorbfreaks out there? The euphorbs really make winter/spring enjoyable here. This is Tiny Tim and the white varieg euphorb is not Tasmanian tiger but a much easier variety, name forgotten. Agave in pot is Mr. Ripple.

Here's the Tasmanian Tiger. Clump of green directly behind is Alstroemeria Third Harmonic planted in fall. Yikes!


Ein surveys his domain. bye!

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Jerri_OKC(z7 Ok)

Hi all. It's a beautiful warm day here. I'm doing yard cleanup before the heavy rains we are supposed to get Sunday night. I'm happy it's not snow but we have clay soil so the mud with our 4 dogs is a nightmare!

I wish I could say I was doing garden cleanup but I'm actually picking up trash thanks to Zoe, our 65# foster puppy. She chewed the lid off of the trash container and it's a huge mess. You can chime is with comments Chelone! LOL

The pictures are wonderful. How nice to have a taste of color.

Welcome Tricia. Your photos are beautiful and I love your Web site. I'm building one for the new rescue I'm with. Can I 'borrow" yours? ;)

I hope everyone who is under the weather feels better soon.

Hi Ein!


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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

So far, so good on the Airborne trial by fire.

Denise, love your euphorbia collection. I can't imagine a much better gift than true Greek baklava!

I headed out this morning to replenish some essentials like shampoo, etc., and while I was driving there was a news story about the Russian election. A Russian citizen named Illya was interviewed, and this made me remember Illya Kuryakin, one of the mad TV crushes of my youth. At the store, on total impulse I picked up a book and I began reading it this afternoon. So who gets mentioned on page three? Illya Kuryakin, of course.

And here's a quote for Woody: "'s fine to know but not say that anger is good, a bad attitude is excellent, and the medicinal powers of shouting and complaining cannot be overestimated." I hope things are better for you soon.

Deanne, I'm nominating you for understatement of the year award - "I have a few orchids here as well..." I miss your daily posts! Please send Deb and Peter a hug from me.

It's ten to five and the sun is still shining. I think I'll take advantage and go fuss over some houseplants.


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Jerri_OKC(z7 Ok)

Warning about ceramic pet bowls!
This was just posted on our rescue site. I never even thought of the possibility of lead in their bowls. I'll be testing for it this weekend.

"I saw a news item on TV last night about ceramic bowls, etc, from China that had designs on them and were found to contain lead paint. I bought some very expensive ceramic bowls for Dev and Andy about 5 years ago and they had the inside of the dishes were covered with designs. I looked on the bottom of the dishes and they were imported from China. I went to Lowe's and they had lead paint testing kits for $4 that you could use on wood, china, plastic, etc. I brought a kit home and tested the dog bowls and they tested as being very high in lead content. If you know any yuppies who may be using ceramic pet dishes with designs on them, they may want to throw them away or at least test them. I have gone to stainless steel now."

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Good evening EST.

It's been a truly peaceful day, and I even had the chance to look for Deanne's tie-dyed coleus. Can't find the tag, but got it at a local grower (greenhouse Freesia for the trade) on Route 5 just south of Yankee Candle. Next item: Find the Name :-)

V. has the most armored immune system I know.

THANK YOU!!!!!!! Denise (can you hear me in L.A.?).... A new life goal is to get to California not on business.

Jerri -- You haven't had an easy "dog" few weeks. Here's to it looking up :-) Actually, I like Zoe already LOL

Hope to hear from Kathy -- we want news of Mr. Baby and house.

Eden -- I'm beyond thrilled that Bella will be celebrating Dr. Seuss' birthday! I'm in Springfield this week so between this auspicious occasion and St. Patrick's day, green eggs will be plentiful. I'm not kidding ....

Norma - Hope you know I'm gardening vicariously through you. Crocus!!!!!!!!

Tricia: It's safe to come back. LOL

Off to decompress the last little bit. Have a great night.


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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

I thought I would share this link with you. I drive by this farm every day on my way to work. It's always changing just a little and it's fun to see what they have added. The banner photo they have up right now is a good representation of how things look in general right now.

Mary, there's some needle felting.
Martie, she grows lavender.
'bug, she has some very cool fibers for knitting.
Jerri, they have a dog but I don't think there are any pictures of the dog!


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Martie, I forgot to commend you for being such a good sister to your DB, so these sweet peas are for you (and Woody and Deanne for being such a good friend)

Jerri, I didn't want to bring up that corgie rescue until you had him across state lines into Texas, but am a bit curious what his story was.

V., who didn't like Illya? Were there any fans of Napoleon Solo? Doubt it. And then he was that great alien with the light-bulb head in the Twilight Zone. What a nice farm. In another life, I'd have a nice farm too. Homemade soaps is such a weakness. If I had a bathtub, I'd be dangerous. Now I want Eden's, which I noticed still has the hardware attached.

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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

Well, here is the green photo I promised...Happy March!

Great to hear from you Woody...hope you feel better, soon!

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks) great that you mustered up enough strength to post so soon after your ordeal! I hope you are feeling better this evening. The third day is always the worse....


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greenfreak(Z7 NY)

Ok, I'll admit it, I'm a little overwhelmed. lol

I don't know how I'll ever get to know all of you so well! I must be diligent. I think once pictures of spring yards and flowers come along, I will have a more visual connection.

Some stand-out comments:

That brick pathway is an inspiration! I have a straight red brick path going to the back of the house that I'm going to relocate. When I do, I will be looking for a shade tolerant plant to grow in between each brick that can stand up to foot traffic. I heard thyme is very good for this and has the added bonus of releasing it's scent each time it's stepped on.

I have many many green walls. Our entire house contains shades of blue and green - our favorite colors. Our living room, which is sparsely decorated, and thus showing that we have not decorated much:

Jerri, be careful with that website. My husband was asked to build one for a non-profit he worked for 9 years ago. He had never worked with computers or websites before.

First he was a designer, then a developer (programmer - writing out all that code gibberish) and now he's a high-falootin Technical Director.

It could happen to you!

I'm not sure what your comfort level is with website building, or learning something new, but my site is based on free blogging software called WordPress. It's not for the casual user but someone with a desire to get their hands dirty could really go wild with it. People make different themes (styles) including all the boxes, sections, title bars - and they give it away for FREE. :o

That's what I like best about it. It's created and supported by really generous programmers. More things in life should be like that!

Woody, I don't know you or what you're going through but I wish you well.

And I will invest some time in reading up after I watch Gardening by the Yard tomorrow morning with my breakfast and coffee. I have a sad story that will have a happy ending. I will post the story and the pictures tomorrow!

Thank you once again for your welcome!

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The first day with McKenzie and Im shot. Im not sure how T and Eden do it. Shes lots of fun though and says the funniest things. We colored, cut and glued. In her eyes Santa is a blonde. She loves Nutella on mini bagels with sprinkles and vegetables. She cooked with the kitchen set with Rick and I around her table, played tractors with grampa and "helped" me make chicken soup. She may go home a little spoiled.

Woody, good to hear from you and sorry to hear that your recovery isnt the norm.

Eden, I thoroughly enjoyed your garden album. Everything is just so interesting.

Another thing we did today was to watch a little of the video tape that Ive been making since 2002 of my gardens. Kenzie just loved it. I was pleased to notice how much better 2007 looked over 2002. My containers back then were positively pathetic.

Denise, I love the euphorbias, unfortunately neither are hardy for me.

V, that path is quite cool and when I saw the first photos of it after the IU I knew I had a perfect spot for it. I dont know if I have enough nice bricks left though.

Martie, sorry to hear that there was an incident involving your DB. It must be really tough to hear that kind of news.

Mary, how awful! Im not sure what I would do, but to make sure that the school has good security practices everyday since the date could really be there to throw everyone off.

Babs, my son and I had braces at the same time. I was fortunate that our dental insurance picked up a portion of his and that my DD had perfect teeth.

I must run and get a few things done.


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Braces here all around. Jake actually has a palate expander - that's what they do now instead of extractions (like they did for me!). Mary, I try not to add all the monthly payments together :) I'm a head-stuck-in-the-sand kind of girl :)

Denise! Post more pictures! I love peeking into your garden. Martie, I'll be your travel companion :)

Woody, I hope your recovery is quick. Good to hear from you.

V., my husband swears by Airborne. He's not been sick, either, knock on wood.

Mary, what a stressful week. Did you check out V.s link? That horse is amazing! I still want a hat :)

I start Bee school this week. I hope it's all I'm hoping it will be, LOL!

We had a sleepover here last night (Sarah had a friend over) and I've gotta go even though I had more to say.

Hi Kathy - hope you find a new ISP soon!


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Morning all,

We are having a lovely sunny day here today. I had to set up another couple lights recently to house the fuchsias that are coming out of dormancy. All my plants are breaking dormancy big time and Ive got to figure out where Im going to put the darned things. Yes, I know, Im crazy and have way too many plants but I dont seem to be able to let anything die. LOL ~~ You all should see the large Beacon Rosa standard! I put it under the lights a couple weeks ago and its growing like gangbusters. Its going to be fabu this year. Ive also started about six new standards using this fuchsia with the sweetest little flowers called Galadriel. Ive no clue where Ill put them but such strong growers I couldnt help myself.

Mary, let me know when youd be able to take care of some cuttings and Ill have Doug drop them off for you. Did you start Datura seeds this year?

Woody, sending good thoughts your way. Hope your recovery is speedy.

Beautiful room Tricia!

Michelle, the lovely geranium you gave me with those little, magenta fluffy looking flowers has gotten so large I had to take a bunch of cuttings. Its such a happy camper this year.

Saucy, Bee School!!! Fantastic. Will you be able to share pictures with us?

Denise, thanks for the Sweet Peas! Love, love, love your garden pics! Beautiful, more? ~~ Funny story, at the party last weekend Chelone went over to the Sanseveira cylindrica and said, "Wow, that looks like a plant youd find in Denises garden." I laughed and told her shed gotten a hole in one as you are the person whod sent it to me.

Martie, great pics, love those African Violets.

OK must run, I"ve got to get to the gym and get my day started.

Have a good one everybody,

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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)

Good Morning Idylls!

First I have to tell T "thank you" for passing along the message. Im sure my voice left on her recorder had to sound panicky and whiney...LOL! This has been the week from He-double-toothpicks! BTW, T, I heard you calling me back but could not transfer over as I was on the phone with my server! Long story short (can I do short?...I doubt it!). Anyway, I spent the first two days on the phone with my server doing all kinds of things to try to fix my problems. Their conclusion; it was a Microsoft problem. The next day was Microsoft and they told me because of the problem I was having they were sure it was my security softwares problem. Spent the rest of that day trying to get a hold of my security software you know they want to *charge you* for talking to you on the phone...about $3.00 a minute?!? Anyway, did their virtual tech instead and after loading up their virtual tech and having it check my files, it said "no problems here". The next day I talked to Microsoft again and the patient and saintly woman who worked with me spent over 6 hours helping me figure out what the problem was. Finally she said, "well, lets remove your security software and see if you can sign in." Sure enough, when I removed the security software I *could* sign in. So Microsoft was right all along! Of course, now I didnt have any security, so I dared not use the internet or go into my email. I have security loaded back on my computer, so Im a surfer again. Top all that with the fact that both Paul & I came down with the flu. I think my case was milder than his though, as I am feeling pretty good today, but he is still in bed with it.

Glad to see that Woody has posted, though Im so sorry that you had to go through something like that Woody. Anyway, I hope youre feeling better soon. And poor Barb too! I did smile at your comment though..."that she only did what you wanted to do." Im sure I would have fainted too. Its the weirdest thing, I can hurt myself *anytime*, bleed profusely, whatever, and it wouldnt make me panic at all. But, see someone *else* bleed and I totally lose it. I have fainted more than a few times at the sight of someone else bleeding. My theory is that I dont get upset when its myself that is bleeding because *I* know how bad it is and how bad it hurts, but when someone else is bleeding I cant take it cause I dont know how much pain they are in and I cant handle the thought that someone else is seriously hurt or in pain.

Mary...what a lovely family portrait! The family resemblance *is* amazing. That Iris sure is a beauty and Im sure she was absolutely enchanted with her little animals. So, you are on to dogs now? :-) Funny, I saw the book for that (I think). The one I saw anyway had a Sheltie in it and I have been tempted to order it and try to make a duplicate of Scout (yes, I know Im obsessed with my dog...LOL!) Im just not sure I have the skill or patience for needle looks "hard" to me and I bet you have to be very nimble to work with such tiny things? My fingers are not as nimble as they were when I was younger.

Denisez...thank you for the A&C links. Oh my, what beautiful when are you free? :-) Enjoyed all your euphorbia pics. I have only one euphorbia, but I really like it. It was given to me by a developer, for trial, along with a few other plants. When our snows melt (please, please)....Id like to post a picture and maybe you could I.D. it? I cant remember the name anymore, but Im sure it is in the market by now, as Ive had it for several years.

Ive enjoyed all the pics from PM2...that evening snowfall pic is amazing. I really love that pic "parting look at winter"...what a lovely girl and what a moving portrait.

Marian, sorry to read that your fibro as been acting up...I hope you get some relief soon and sorry that youve been feeling a bit out of sorts. How lovely to have something blooming...spring is *my* favorite season. Im wondering if all my hellebores have buds, but whose to know since they are buried under a few feet of snow...LOL! Poor things! I hope the snow melts soon.

Speaking of flowers, while I had no computer I started reading some of my old garden books. The one Im finishing now is My Favorite Plants by Jamaica Kincaid. Little essays from many well known gardeners. Which brings me to my point. To all you North Easterners (Deanne, Sue, Monique, Chelone, Saucy, Marty, Wendy and now youve become a large lucky is that?) this passage goes to you and BTW..."Welcome Trishia". Wayne Winterrowd writes that you can grow Meconopsis...even the *blue* one Meconopsis betonicifolia...have any of you tried? He gardens in Vermont. He states the most imperative thing in growing Meconopsis b. is to remove any and *all* buds developed for the first season. The instructions given to him were: "plant them firmly, just at the crown, like strawberries, in rich decayed leaf mold, give them bright dappled light, with morning sun, but most important of *must* pinch out the first flower buds and wait for the next year to see them bloom. That would be hard for me to do, I think. Heres the explanation given to him about why you must pinch out the first years buds: "Meconopsis capable of becoming perennials will expend everything, when they are young seedlings or divisions, on their first flowers. They then become monocarpic, fading away after bloom like any common biennial foxglove. But if the first flower buds are pinched out, some will settle down to form crowns and persist from year to year as true perennials." Does it sound like I am trying to tempt you guys? Well, yea, I am...LOL! Id love to see pics of them blooming in one of your gardens. Deanne, youre such a nurturer...Im sure you could do it! Im half tempted myself, but I believe Illinois is much too hot in summer for them.

Eden, Im enjoying reading your posts about whats going on in your life, and all about little Bella. She is a beauty! Thanks for reposting the spring sure lightens *my* did your garden link! That iris is so beautiful, with such delicate coloring. I *do* love irises and wish they would grow better here for me. I cant think of an iris though, without thinking of Jain. One year I had such a bad case of the borers that I had to destroy all my irises. In the last 6 or 7 years now Ive been slowly introducing them into my garden and so far, so good. I got such a kick out of your "mixer" always come up with the most whimsical and charming ideas! And I love the way you combine textures....especially lovely is that planting of textures with the cherub who is looking up? Wonderful! And all those containers...amazing! How do you keep them all watered and looking so beautiful?

Oh, I have a question for you guys. Heres the situation. The other day I received a phone call from someone who said "I got your name from a *friend* of *mine*, who said you applied for a job with her company". I *do* know the company she is talking about, as Ive only applied for 3 jobs, one turned out to be something I wouldnt like to do (selling) and the other turned me down because I didnt have enough Excel experience. So I knew it was the third one (also it had to do with horticulture, as did the person who called me). Anyway, she says "My friend thought that you would be a good fit for me and I have an offer to present to you if you are interested." What do you think about that? DH thought it was very unethical for the person I did apply to, to give my name and number to this other person. He didnt like it at all. Now he has me wondering...did she show this woman my resume? Give her personal information about me? That does make me feel a little uncomfortable. Am I being paranoid? I mean on the one hand Id be grateful to get a job, as the only work I'm doing write now is a *little* bit of subcontracting for Dotty's hubby. Anyway, I do not know what this person has to offer, as I did not call her back. But it *does* bother me that the job I wanted (the one I applied for) never called me back and yet gave my information to someone else? I have not called back the person who called me on the phone. Should I? Have any of you referred a person you did not hire to somebody else...without asking them if it was okay to give their information to someone else?

Deanne...thanks for posting some pics from the TYNAW party! Looks like fun was had by all and that cake looks amazing! Id be drooling for sure! :-)

The other thing Ive been working on with my "computer down time" days is the collage Im making of Scout. But I am putting that on a separate post so you dont have to scroll through it all the time. So thats it for me for now...hope you all have a great day! P.S. Hi to anyone I may have missed, but it wasn't on purpose, I just have a lot of catching up to do here.


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chloehoover(z6b VA)

Happy Sunday to all;
back in biz on laptop finally; I think we're de-molded and Chloe & I only suffered for about 4 hours without heat.

Great to see so many folks posting, and including new one -- welcome Tricia -- you'll get the hang of it soon enuf and can come and go as time and sanity permit, LOL.

V -- I too have been fanticizing about that path and have been contemplating doing in my small yard -- altho it sounds like you may definitely put it into reality way before me. I look forward to hearing about its execution. I was just dreaming of it winding around my patio this morning.

Woody, Im glad to hear you're okay -- i'd done some research re the gamma knife here in the States a few years ago when my SIL was threatened w/ possible surgery. I guess the only good thing to say is that it's over with NOW, and you can try to forget the fibs told, and hopefully side effects will be minimal. Rest up, dream of your garden and spring will be there soon.

Denise - yes, Im euphorb freak; have a few but havent been able to keep that Tas. Tiger, grrrr.... I think I ordered 2 more new ones this year.

Lots more to talk about - but the sun is shining, it's about 50 degrees and Im going to do garden therapy!!!!!! Back later.


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Monique z6a CT(6a CT)

Ei, if I remember correctly, I planted 2 plants in 2001 which didn't bloom the 1st or 2nd year. By the 3rd year only one was left. Mother Nature helped out by providing us with 2 cooler somewhat wet summers in a row, which I still think might have helped the sole plant survive to the 3rd year. I don't remember if I had to pinch off flower buds-I don't think there were any until the 3rd year. Of course, the flower buds started to swell right before hubby and I were headed off on our trip to France. My inlaws were dogsitting and I made them promise they would check every single day and take photos if it bloomed. Luckily it waited until we returned home. It bloomed for a couple weeks, then did not come back the following year. The nursery I got the plants from closed down, so I never tried them again. You cannot beat the beautiful soft blue color:

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Greetings from "sick bay". The helpmeet barely emerged from his "rat's nest" on the first floor yesterday. He ate virtually nothing. Even the roasted chicken didn't tempt him. :( Most ominous of all, though, was his complete lack of concern about the condition of the driveway. Nurse Polly (the double-pawed kitty) spent a great deal of time ministering to his needs.

We received 3-4" of snow and then it turned to rain for the remainder of the day. I'd rather get 10" of snow than that sort of mix. It's too heavy for the snowblower and calling someone to plow only tears up the driveway. I spent yesterday afternoon making countless passes with the shovel to eliminate the bulk of it before it froze into winter's version of cement. I'm glad I did, too. It's beautiful today and Old Sol is really putting the finishing touches on my hard work. Aside from the shadiest portion of the driveway it should be down to stonedust by tomorrow afternoon. I can tell he is feeling a little better today. He had a shower, ate some yoghurt, and asked if I'd venture out for a NY Times and some ginger ale. He also mentioned my conscientious effort with respect to the driveway.

I was particularly taken with the "This I Believe" essay on NPR this morning. It really resonated with me, as do many of the essays. I thought of so many of my friends who lament the time they are required to put in "to get ahead", the hours spent in cars commuting. Sometimes, when I get freaked out by the price of healthcare, etc. I wonder if I made the right choice of vocation... but then I think of coming home on a beautiful afternoon to play in the yard, or the time I was able to take care of Mum, or the crummy, stormy days I don't have to go anywhere, and I think I've made an OK choice.

Am now woefully behind and want to hear about the symposium that was likely great fun.

Time to check on the invalid. ;)

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Jerri_OKC(z7 Ok)

Drive by post. I'm washing the sheets again. DH got up early this morning and found most of a mouse on the foot of the bed. Thanks 'girls'... EEW!


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greenfreak(Z7 NY)

My confession: I have not fully picked up proper latin names. So I read Ei's post and made a mental note to look up "Meconopsis betonicifolia" and see what it looked like. As I scrolled down and saw Monique's pictures and thought - wow, how pretty. Those look like Himalayan Blue Poppies. THEN I read the post and found out I was right!

I am a mad organizer and this winter, I have been scouring my garden magazines and my beloved "The Complete Garden Flower Book" for new plants that I can grow. Our last place that we rented was just a few blocks from the ocean and thus, sandy soil. I also had no trees and could only grow things that could stand the brutal sun, which was a lot. But gardening in containers wasn't easy (landlord didn't want permanent changes) on hot summer days.

Now that I have full sun, part sun, and shade, I am overjoyed. I have a list 7 pages long of different things I want to try. Himalayan Blue - excuse me - Meconopsis betonicifolia was already on that list! :)

Ei, can I guess what kind of security software you have? Is it Norton Security? The problem with security software is that it often provides TOO much security. For both antivirus and antispyware, I use AVG. Which is free, for the basic version. If you are using Windows XP, you already have a firewall and between those three, that should be all you need. I'm sorry you had so many hours to deal with, to get your problem fixed. Unfortunately, it's common practice for one company to blame another. Especially when you probably won't get the same person on the phone when you call back.

I'm not sure if Microsoft still does it but they used to ask for your credit card number before they would even talk to you. Which is why I usually abbreviate them M$ instead of MS.

Also, I have gone on interviews based on recommendations from previous interviewers. But that has only happened twice and I was notified beforehand. It was kind of like - "We don't want you but we're referring you to someone who might, don't feel bad." ;) I didn't accept either of the other jobs, although they were offered. I hadn't pre-screened the companies or the positions and didn't like what I did find. But I wasn't that upset about it. Perhaps think of it as another opportunity you would not have had otherwise, although I do think they should have at least contacted you.

So I finally bit purchased myself a nice heavy concrete bird bath. It has a flower/hummingbird/ivy design on the side and the base. I felt terribly for the woman at Wild Bird Unlimited. She was feeling under the weather and tried to help me carry it out to the car. She was struggling with the weight when I plucked it from her arms. She was very surprised and said, "That weighs 75 pounds!" and I smiled. I didn't want her to feel badly that it wasn't a burden for me so I said, "I lift weights." I really do lift weights but only five pounders while I walk the treadmill for 15 minutes a day.

It took 15 minutes for Mr. Mockingbird to find it and have himself a drink. My husband, previously uninterested in any bird but the Cardinal, even seemed interested. Since we have moved here, we have quite a large variety of visitors daily. His favorite backyard visitor was one that I dread. An Eastern Cottontail rabbit. I see a large purchase of chicken wire and lots of digging in my future.

I skipped over the photo galleries you have posted, but now I finally have time to dedicate to them. I do love pictures! I will leave you with a little bit of color - I have no idea what this is but saw it at the NY Botanical Gardens in the very hot and very sunny rock garden:

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The wallpaper came off the downstairs bathroom walls so easily, I could roll it up and use it again. (Yep, just gave myself a little pat on the back.)

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There seems to be a trait common in New Englanders that manifests itself at roughly middle age. I recall noting it in my father and wondering about it at the time. I have a memory of him, at this time of year, spending many an hour in the driveway of our home. He would patiently chip away at winter's accumulation of ice on the driveway. He'd patiently toss the chippings to the center of the driveway and patiently watch the sun melt it away. Then he'd return to the task and do some more. Figuring largely in the whole exercise was the intense enjoyment the cats derived from dancing after the tossed ice chips and the delight Dad found in watching their ballet. I marvelled today that, I too, have achieved the age and the trait seems to be manifesting itself definitively. And what of the stalwart mid-Western contingent and our Canadian cousins... is such behavior common in your areas, too?

How about a picture of the bird bath, Tricia?

We love paths. Our's are nowhere near as aesthetically pleasing as the one V. posted but they serve their function. They accorded Mum the ability to wander the compound with relative safety when she lived here. Our's are stonedust only, and some are more conducive to weeds than others, but they drain well and when/if finances permit the base is there for more attractive surfaces. We have to redirect one of them and add another in the coming season.

Presently, though, we're thinking about fences... of the privacy variety. Our lot is now fully "open" to the vacant glances of multiple tourist vehicles for essentially the entire frontage on the road. We KNEW that was going to happen, but the reality has been more shocking than we could have imagined. We would prefer a natural fence of thoughtful plantings and are on our way, but time being what it is we are considering fencing. Any thoughts?

Woody, I learned that the medical profession doesn't always speak the entire truth when I was a kid and they told me the tetanus shot wouldn't hurt. BULL-HIT, it hurt like hell. Rest up, nap, lounge around, and post again when you're good and ready. Hang in there.

Cynthia, think you might be able to find a buyer on e-bay? ;) Clearly, the previous owner either knew how to properly hang wall paper or hired someone who did. Lucky you! Will you be sticking with "primer" or will you wade into the morass of color?

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Well, I have the Artisan Bread that Eden posted the recipe to in the oven as we speak. It truly was easy - could it possible taste good? I had planned to make a cracked black pepper and parmesan cheese loaf, but forgot to add the ingredients before rising! Oh well...there's always next time.

Chelone, the symposium was very inspiring for me. The kicker was that pictures of Sue's and Monique's gardens were used as illustration :) We followed up with a nice mid afternoon dinner at Agave in downtown Hartford. The real surprise was the spread of soups that the Hardy Plant Society (of CT) put out!

Cynthia, there is nothing more satisfying than freshly removed wallpaper :)

Chelone, hope your helpmeet comes out of his funk soon. Hope you don't catch it, either :)

I'm really ready for bare earth and Spring clean up. I will add a link to one of the speaker's websites. He was animated and fun and kept us rolling after our big tasty lunch!


ps - who was it that was interested in the Whistling Season? If you're interested in reading it, email your addy to naljet AT hotmail DOT com

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I KNEW that symposium would be fun. But I couldn't have made it anyway given how things turned out this weekend. I'm not in the least surprised Sue and Monique's gardens were featured, either, having seen 'em "with mine own eyes". It will be fun to have you guys visit the compound and listen to what pearls you have to cast forthe.

OK, so here's the big news of the day: I finally forced myself to go out to the Salon this afternoon and install the remaining 32 flourescent bulbs in the fixtures. Naturally, I flipped the switches to make sure everything lit up. My BIL came over for a "look-see", too, but it was hard to really get the full effect on a bright, sunny afternoon. I called him this evening when I took Rex out for his post-prandial outing and we flipped the switches after dark. LET THERE BE LIGHT!!! suffice it to say they could have done the Gamma Ray procedure on Woody up there.

It looked like the space ship from "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" and there was no need for path lighting next to the building, lol.

And it was good...

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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Just waking up from a Sunday afternoon nap. Spent a big chunk of the day shoveling the foot and a half of snow on the deck and flinging it onto the pond. I am hoping that when it melts, it becomes pondwater instead of carpet stain in the basement.

Chelone, I believe the preferred midwestern middle age obsession is spraying down your sidewalk with the garden hose. Of course, being a city kid we had no driveways to shovel so perhaps my dad would have done so if he could have. I too enjoyed the This I Believe essay this morning. In an earlier lifetime, I was commuting to Chicago, working for Fortune 500 companies and lusting for Burberry coats. But I left that for a job that would allow me to go to programs at my kids' preschool and I have not regretted it for a moment. Had I stayed in the corporate world I would easily be making double my current salary, but you know what? There's so many other aspects of my life that would be different I have never thought twice about the choice I made.

Ei, glad to see you got your problems resolved. I hate dealing with tech support!

Tricia - Anemone patens, or Pasque flower. One of the first to bloom every spring, and I have been known to get down an my knees looking for buds:

That's from my garden a couple of springs ago.


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Saucy, how cool that idyll gardens were included in the presentation.

Ha! Chelone, the kudos are to me because I wallpapered that bathroom 8 years ago. Sorry I wasn't more explicit in heaping praise on myself :) When I de-colored that bathroom originally, I removed 3 layers of paper which had been painted over in canary yellow. I had beige and white broad stripes in there and went to white and beige.

Tricia, that's a gorgeous photo! Looks like Pulsatilla vulgaris.

Photo from Seneca Hill:

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Hello Idylls

Chelone - I too was taken by today's This I Believe. It rang very true and echoes thoughts of my own, I only wish DH shared the sentiments a little more. I find the series fascinating and enjoyed a collection of essays from the library whcih included essays from the original 1959 series. The most moving for me was by Isabel Allende (an author I love) which had tears streaming down my face when I heard her reading it on the radio and has moved me to tears since on rereading.

Speaking of books, if anyone is interested in a good read look out for a cop of Water for Elephants by Sarah Gruen. We scheduled it for this month's book club and I was not sure how much I would enjoy fiction about a depression era circus. Instead it is one of the best books I've read in ages. I was drawn in from the first few pages and finished it at 3 AM one night in DC.

Today was a great day. DH was home, everyone healthy and the sun shining. David and I went to a park and had a wonderful time cross country skiing. We did one of the more challenging loops (lots of hills) but the snow was perfect and despite the perfect weather the trails almost empty. Afterwards we drove on for a cup of tea with a friend who lives a few minitues away. This afternoon Annie, David and I went to hear Mendelsohn's Violin played by a beautiful young soloist Tai Murray - it was fabulous. We had supper together with DH beside the fire and I'm pottering about getting ready for tomorrow. (Well, actually I'm idylling thinking about everything I should do for tomorrow).

Deanne - I would love ANY cuttings you can spare. I'm about to get my light bank fired up for seed starting and could give them a cosy home. I have double purple datura seeds in a baggy germinating but so far nothing has sprouted.

Ei - I have a copy of Fleece Dog which has a really cute Sheltie in it. If you're not successful let me know as I'd love to try one for you. Here are two I made this weekend.

Woody - wonderful you could check in - I'm sorry for all you have been through. You remain as brave and stoic as ever. You're still very much in my thoughts.

A big wave to everyone else


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I apparantly scrolled right pasque V's id. (It's the wallpaper fumes.)

The felted pups remind me of Steif dogs. Really nice Mary! (Scale noted, thank you :)

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The wee one is sleeping after a big day of church, Sunday School (with Gramma as the teacher) and a birthday party for Ricks 4 y/o grandson. I havent even had my camera out yet, but I did a little video taping while she played the piano. This morning that was how we were awakened, by the sound of gently tinkling piano keys, no pounding at all.

Tricia, dont feel bad I too havent fully picked up the latin names even after gardening for 10 years. I admit it that I probably really dont try too hard either ;o) They still let me hang out here ;o)

Deanne, Im embarrassed to say my geraniums mostly survive the winter and surely dont thrive. In fact all my plants are anxious to escape their indoor captivity. Id actually like to see the magenta one as I dont recall which one that might be. I am pleased to say that I have two fuchsias that are doing quite well under lights.

Saucy, bee school, how interesting. Our neighbors kept bees and sold the honey for years. Now one is deceased and the other in the nursing home.

I planted a couple of Pulsatilla last year and will eagerly await an early bloom this spring. Early spring is my weak area in the garden.


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Happy Monday. Will catch up later, but wanted to share what I found outside yesterday :-)

Babysat grandplants since June. So far, so good...

Sometimes the simpliest plants bring the most joy on March 2:

In the larger context of the southfacing herb garden -- notice the lav ('Provence') greening up already!! WaHoo!!

On the other side of the house, a full zone microclimate away, one of the baby Hidcote.

Sunny and in the 40's today. Downright balmy!!

Later -


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greenfreak(Z7 NY)

Veronica and Cynthia, thank you for the ID's! I have a few succulents in pots already that I was thinking of re-potting in something larger. Looks like this flower may be right at home among them. I will have to keep my eye out on the sun as it changes position in the sky and figure out my sunniest spots. I used to bake my cacti & succulent pots on the concrete walk I had and they thrived. Maybe I can reconfigure some of those red bricks I have as a base for the pots... hmmm...

Cynthia, I'm always on the lookout for good online sources - is Seneca Hill a good place, you think? I don't know if I'm just being frugal or not but I had a look at some websites like White Flower Farm and had major sticker shock. The only perennial source I've used is Bluestone Perennials, and I liked them but wanted to shop around.

I wish we could print entire threads instead of just posts. You are all giving me such great information that I need to archive somehow. I bookmarked GW threads over the years but over time, they get removed as the pass on to the last pages. I suppose I shouldn't print that much though - save paper. Copying the whole page winds up a little messy in MS Word too.

Such is life. I'll have to write down Mary's book suggestions and check them out. I have to go to the library and vote on the new budget on Tuesday, seems a good time to look them up!

Martie, what is that green peeking up out of the ground in your second picture? I have a few things sprouting myself and have no idea what they are. I will take pictures tonight when I get home, and hopefully y'all can help ID them. I'm very bad with foliage ID's. :D

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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

No time to visit this morning, but I see Tricia you are wondering about how to save information you are finding on the thread. Have you tried using the Clipping function that is next to each post? It is to the right of the page. I have used it a number of times and it ends up being your own data base of important information you want to remember. :-)

Waving to everyone! It's MONDAY...busy busy, but it is really bright and sunny outside and it is March!


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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)

Drool...drool...drool, Monique! :-) Wow those are *lovely* and how great that you were home in time to see them! What a tragedy it would have been if you had missed them. I may not have explained Wayne Winterrowd's comment. I think what he was saying is that *whenever* the plants make their first flower buds, you need to remove them. That's why I thought it would be so hard to do. Especially given the fact that yours took *3* years to bloom! :-(

Tricia - that is a lovely flower...yours too V! Are they the same as Cynthia's picture? I have the ones like Cynthia's picture. Well, only a few of the red ones, but I have a bumper crop of the purple version which seems to like to seed about in my garden. I don't mind...I love the flowers and the fuzzy buds that look like new born chicks before they open! :-) I know them as the name Cynthia used, Pulsatilla vulgaris. V - are there different types? Or has the named changed? I need to keep up better.

Oh Mary...those are adorable! Is that Clousseau on the left? Sorry to say I forgot what kind of dog Closseau was, although I do remember him having the same coloring as the guy on the left. And that perfect! Cynthia hit the nail on the head. Everytime I've seen your needle felt animals, there was something *so* familiar to me about them. They *do* look like Steiff animals! Maybe you should create a teeny, tiny button for their ears. Seriously though, you could really make a business out of it, if you wanted to. They are so perfect and professional looking.

Michelle...just wanted you to know that the geraniums you gave me the year before last are still with me! :-) I am so happy because I love that rich purple color and have never seen ivy geraniums quite like them, at least not here. Thanks again...I just love them! That Kenzie is a little sweetheart. At least, I think it was Kenzie you were referring to?

Chelone...very smart idea with the paths. But I knew you would be thinking have a very sharp mind!

Ohhh how fun Martie! I totally understand about seeing something green peeking up from the ground! :-) Wish it were so here, but we are still with a good amount of snow. But it is to be warmer today and with rain, so maybe it will wash away and I can find my buried Hellebores! :-)

BTW, where is Bug? Is she away and I missed it? Love the pic of Reed & pup....seems Reed is very taken with the puppy...look at that adoring smile! :-)

Okay, I guess I best be moving...hubby is home, still ill and I promised him some farina. BTW Chelone, I see your hubby was hit with the flu too? Hope he is bouncing back and that you don't catch it.


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Thank you, Tricia, for the rash of pasque flwr postings and even some inside pasque-flwr humor courtesy of Cynthia (badaboom!) Made the unfortunate choice of smoking cigars after dinner with my BIL and barely survived. Haven't had Alka-Seltzer in decades but fixed me up enough to limp off to work. Too old to be keeping up with the boys, I guess...

Definitely no meconopsis here, but one of its more promiscuous kin, a poppy rupifragrum, unfurled brilliant orange petals yesterday. Must dash and rinse smoke-filled hair.

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chloehoover(z6b VA)

Just another quick pop-in - I confess I was so tired from the garden exercise I couldnt lift my digits to click on the laptop last nite. I made about 2/3s headway w/ the cutting back of things (clematis, roses, etc.); but am wary of some as it's still pretty chilly - altho Monday here is forcast to be in the 60s!

I see the same photo from Seneca Hills that suckered me in last year -- the pulsatilla vulgaris rubra -- I hope they come up and bloom this year -- arent they luscious? couldnt 'pasque 'em by as Cynthia says....

I gave away a ton of furniture finally on Sat to a church that was willing to come pick it all up -- and I was gratified (aside from the tax write-off) to hear the man say it was just the sort their "furniture garage" needed for people to come get. While I might hve liked that $$ in the pocket the craigslist venture was kind of a bust.
I bet you could sell the wallpaper though, Cynthia, what a riot -- total recycle.

Ei - I noted your comment re the "stranger" call re your resume -- I've noted from friends that this seems to be a thing of the now -- very few people, headhunters or HR folks, believe in the "sanctity" of asking ahead of time re your resume -- on the plus side, you have to think of it that the original person was impressed enough and remembered you enough to think of mentioning you to someone else -- so I think that's good. Nowadays, a lot of firms even require to sign a disclosure form and consent form for credit checks, etc., even before they make you an offer -- which I guess eliminates their liability re personal non-disclosure. It's weird, but that's the way it's played - at least a lot of places here in D.C.

Tricia - I was very pleased w/ my order from Seneca Hills last year (they're in upstate NY near Mary? I think) -- wonderful plants and packaging for mail order. Im anxious to see what comes up as I got a number of "spring" items from them.

Well, Im getting the stuff dropped off at my desk -- that means lunch time is over.


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