don_socalFebruary 26, 2011

What a day. Possum got scared and freaked out this morning and snagged the back of Missy's hand. A trail of blood led to the bathroom. Her hand was swollen to twice normal in just a few minutes as the vein was cut and blood gathered under the skin.

Emergicare is just down the street but was not open. There was another one open luckily a few miles away attached to the same hospital so they had access to all her records.

After we got back possum had a trip to the vet to get her nails clipped. Now I will have to keep after her so her weapons stay dull. Need to get a good cat nail trimmer.

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Oh that is scary! The critters sure can do some damage fast, and don't even mean it.
My best to Missy for a swift recovery.
I had a bloodbath with cat Taffy not so long ago, and he did the ripping a vein -in the dark, in my bed - and by the time I sorted it all out, there was so much blood (or it looked like it) I thought I was a goner - but it looked a lot worse than it was.

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That must have been a fright. Hope Missy feels better by now and the swelling has gone down.

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Wow! That must have been scary! Glad Missy was able to get care, quickly.

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Oh my, oh my, what a scary situation. Good thing you were around to get Missy the care she needed. Glad she is better. Whew.

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Thanks for the kind words and thoughts, the swelling has gone down but the black and blue has spread to the rest of her hand. They said it would do that and be reabsorbed and be weird looking for a couple of weeks.

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