Blue- Idyll #473

gardenbug(Canada zone 5)February 15, 2010

Since Woody is a fan of blue in the garden, I thought this thread should be devoted to blue as we go about our pet care, cooking, cleaning, gardening and other hobbies and chores.

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Uh oh bug..we duo posted ! I'll abandon mine, I like blue better anyway !

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movin up

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Since I didn't get anything put on the yellow thread, here's two blues from my garden.

Well, the DQ's last day is Friday. Not suprising. The other young gal greeted me with "I'm sooo glad you're back" Ahhh, its nice to be missed. She had to spend more time than usual with the DQ and I wasn't there to buffer things. Our annual audit starts tomorrow. They showed up around quitting time since the interstate was closed down and they were several hours late. We had blowing and drifting snow overnight.

DH and I worked on wrapping up the tax info for our appointment tomorrow night. A good task to have behind us.

I'm off to look at trash cans online for the bathroom. I'd like one with a lid. I'm thinking of one of the Simple Human ones with the foot opener. So many of the bathroom cans are so small and I really don't like seeing the trash.


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I can't think of a plant for blue from my garden, so how's this for a contribution:

It is snowing here this morning. Jake is going to shovel for SunnyD and her mother in law because she's away in sunny Mexico. I am going to reorganize the filing system - a job carried over from yesterday.


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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

My favorite blue for this time of the year !

I have apparently picked up a bug, and am under the weather this no trip to town this tuesday. Besides, it is much too cold out, and I need to keep the home fires burning. Later on this week is the time to go get my monthly B12 shot, and the weather is supposed to be somewhat warmer then.

I think I did something wrong when taking the hawk/crow pics. They should have appeared much closer. I did some tests today, and the zoom on my camera normally does a much better job. I may have been too nervous because of fear that I would scare the birds away. :-(

I am thinking of Woody.....


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flowerluvr(Z5 IN)

Excellent idea, Bug! My favorite garden blue, Caryopteris 'First Choice'

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This is what I could come up with for blues in my garden.

Thinking of Woody today.

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

My blues among my indoor plants:



And Streptocarpus saxorum

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cyn427 (zone 7)

I'm blue 'cause I don't have any garden pics from last year with anything other than green (or brown-lol). I will click away like crazy this year before the idiots wreck everything, so I'll be ready for next year! I do have this from NZ, though. From Drop Box

Thinking of Woody and Randy

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chloehoover(z6b VA)

O, I LOVE blue in the garden - who could ever be blue with blue in the garden?

Thinking good vibes for all in need of them today - I was delighted to have an almost "normal" commute on metro today - for which Im very thankful... not thankful for the ton of work to catch up, but it keeps me employed, LOL...

here's blue (w/ a bit of other spring)



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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

To get to the point, Susans surgery went very smoothly & fast. Everything is looking excellent. Dr. Gentili was very pleased & said the tumor looked typically benign. We left the house at 4:30 am this morning & I got home at 7 pm, so I wonÂt get into a lot of detail. (Misty & I are celebrating with chicken at the moment.)

I was with her in the recovery room by 11 & she was doing so well, they transferred her directly to a regular room rather than keeping her overnight in the neurology "step-down" unit. By 2 pm she was very alert & almost bouncy by 5 pm. She had a modest liquid supper (broth, juice, jello) & I hit the road at 6 to pick up chicken for Misty (and me). It will be an early morning tomorrow as I want to get there for the doctors doing their rounds.

Thanks to everyone for your prayers! IÂll drop another note tomorrow.


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

CELEBRATION of course!

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Wonderful news, Marie! Thanks for passing it on!

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It's so good to hear this report. Thanks Bug and Randy.

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Marie ! That is such a wonderful report! I am so happy for Susan and Randy.

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That's fabulous news - I especially liked the "almost bouncy" part.

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Waving to the north and smiling at Woody and Randy ..thanks for the update bug. What fabu news we have so far ! And a sumptuous feast of broth and jello to boot ..

Did I say that my Zinnias have already germinated ? Sometimes I get confused between FB and here ..Still awaiting the Scabiosa , and tomorrow I take the newspaper of the top of the Delphs. The weather has been wonderful the last few days, and if it keeps up I should have a very productive weekend in the garden. The soil is still wet and cold, but days are in the 60s so I see progress.

Marian, I bow to you as I have never been able to grow Streptocarpus. Hope you are feeling better.

Enjoying all the blues here !

Heres one from me From Mendocino

Kathy in Napa

Hows about this Salvia ?..taken in the Village of Mendocino in fall-no idea the cultivar.

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That is THE best news. I guess Dr. G. was worth the wait.

I'm thinking Salvia corrugata for Kathy's sage but too tired to Google. Spent my day with doctors too but not in a hospital gown, just work clothes taking their testimony. I'm almost too tired to sit at this point. Good to hear you had a noneventful commute, Cindy.

And good riddance to the DQ, Michelle! What a banner day for the idylls...except for Marian picking up a bug. There's a bug cycling around here too.

Love the blue table, Saucy. Packin' it in early tonight, so g'night.

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Great news about Woody, and so nice of Randy to report in for those of us who have been checking in to hear it! So happy for them. And thanks to you bug, for keeping us in the loop.


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What great news upon checking in this morning. Thanks for keeping us in the loop GB and Randy. Randy must be exhausted, himself.

Can a girl live on raw milk alone? I received my first share earlier this week and OH MY! The whole family is gaga for this stuff. I am going to learn to make yogurt. Luckily we're not big milk drinkers or I would worry about the full fat version. We do like a cookie with a little glass of milk, though :)

I hope it was just a 24 hour thing, Marian, and that you already feel better.

I love all the pictures!


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How fantastic to hear such great news from Randy. I too am smiling from ear to ear with the words "typically benign" and "almost bouncy" ringing joyfully. The best possible start to a day.

We head off to the Big Apple this afternoon but might peek in between laudnry and packing.


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flowerluvr(Z5 IN)

Wonderful, wonderful news! "Almost bouncy" put a big grin on my face, too.

All the garden blues are just gorgeous. My hat is off to Marian, as I can't grow much of anything inside, let alone get something to bloom. Get feeling better, Marian. I hope you don't have the bug that's gone around this area. It's been rough to shake off.

Norma, wow-nice collage! Very fancy :)

Mary, have a great time in the Big Apple.
Now that I'm updated on Woody, I'm going to tackle some more laundry, myself. Seems there's no end to it.
Have a great day, Idylls! Nice to know we're all starting the day with a smile on our face!

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Cyn, your blue pic is beautiful!
Kathy, I love that Salvia.

My ailment has not eased up and seems to have settled in my sinus....again !

I don't have too many outdoor flowers that look really blue in my pics. These three are about the best:

And I seem to have lost all those iris. Maybe I will attempt them again, in a differant location.

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Very busy morning ahead but had to check in, hoping for news of Woody. And what cheerful news it ishurray! Ill find some way to mark the celebration today for her and Randy.

Marian, sometimes I think the only cure for these sinus bugs are better weather. They sure can linger and be annoying.

So DQ has left the building, how bout that! Did you have any idea this was coming?, Michelle?

I am low on blue pics but will try to locate something when I have more time. Enjoying all of your blue photography, though! For now, Ill just share a few words that make me smile.

Be the kind of woman who,
when your feet hit the floor each morning,
the devil says, "oh crap, shes up!"

I mean this in the most positive way asbe of strong character, generous of heart, etc. An explanation kind of takes the punch out but I didnt want to risk offense by misinterpretation.

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Blue in the very favorite. Anything I find that's blue I buy and grow. That being said, pictures seem to be lacking. If we do this again next year I'm going to have to take lots more pictures with colors themes in mind. Here's what I could scrounge up...

A couple different locations with myosotis. It seeds itself all over my garden.

Blue foliage on rosa glauca (does that count?)

Blue bottles with blue salvia in the background


Phlox Blue Paradise, which looks blue or purple depending on the time of day

Succulents with a blueish cast

And here's one for the record books...remember my "blue moon" from before the garden disaster of '07 when the huge tree fell?

I love blue in the garden!!!


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One more that says "spring" to me, muscari

And these bluebirds say it's getting closer...

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Hi Everyone! My blues.. I love blue pots...

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Drema, I like blue pots too,and have several.

Eden,you have lots of blue. I like the heart shaped container. Do you still have your blue moon? Or did it get broken when the tree fell?

Cindy what is the blue flower in your second photo?

Marian, I especially like your blue sky picture, and between indoors and out you have plenty of blue too.

Michelle, good to hear DQ quit. I hope the next person is compatable.

I hope Randy's report is good again today.

Slow day here.


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Me too on the blue pots, Drema! I was searching my photo album for a recent photo I'd taken of them and found this photo of the English garden Hestercombe, a Jekyll/Lutyen collaboration that knocked my socks off on our "grand tour" of gardens in '93 -- this is not my photo though! A better example of blue than any I could provide. This will be Kathy's garden this summer:

Eden, the great garden disaster of '07 happened not too long after I started idylling, and it certainly was epic! Love your pots, the rosa glauca, the eryngos -- all of it.

Candy, your quote is great, with or without explanation.

Lovely blues, Marian.

Saucy, my first taste of raw milk was a revelation too. In college there was a dairy nearby, and their raw milk fast became my only source for milk. And I made yogurt from it too, on the pilot light of the stove. There's a fresh batch of Marty's choc chip cookies in the house that I'm staying well clear of, which would be the only reason for a glass of milk. Except for yogurt and cheese, I rarely get much dairy, certainly no milk anymore. There's too many other takers for it in the house. Gallons and gallons are consumed.

Just a quick idyll. Waving...

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

I had a post with 5 more outside pics of blue objects but before I could submit it the electricity popped off! Yarrgh ! Maybe I will work up courage to try it again, but not today.
I need to run into town tomorrow, before the next mixed precip comes in.
Will this miserable weather ever end ???? Will March be better....or worse ?
Ah well....this too shall pass.

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chloehoover(z6b VA)

Im so relieved and glad to hear of "almost bouncy" reports and will hope that such fortitude continues an amazingly quick recovery, with no ill side effects! We'll have to keep this chock full for Woody to have lots to look at, and not have to bother reading -- there are days when one just wants to look at pictures, no matter what the age.

I too am glad DQ has quit, Michelle, much has it's back on you; but it sounds like she would have been way too high maintenance in your smallish office.

Denise - your feelings echo mine re energy -- being sucked dry -- and have a week to look forward to of taking care of 9 attys all by myself; trying not to over worry/manic myself about all the fun in store....

I can't tell you how much I love all these photos -- Eden, I was gonna do the myosotis since you and Ei were my inspiration for putting that in my garden and I much love it every year -- a seedling I look forward to having many many of -- good photos of yours (my photo was crappy)....

I too love blue pots and would adore to do that color -- I Love that shot, Drema -- such beauty in simplicity - the pots and the ferns and hosta - breathtaking!

Norma - the 2nd photo was brodaiea (hope Im spelling it right - I think it's marginal zone 6; it blooms in June and is a small shallowly planted bulb - one of those magic blooms that just all of a sudden pops up and puts on a gorgeous show.

Cant believe I havent seen any Blue clematis yet here (altho I am still recalling Candy's tube clem, Alan Bloom -- I need to own that one!

Everyone's friend -- Cl. Arabella....

I think this is Sapphire Indigo, a new container clem acquired last year -- really dark blue:


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Woody slept reasonably well last night . The only downside so far has been pain in the head (for some reason ;-) & a couple of percocets made Susan verrrrry happy this morning & helped with that for most of the day.

They got her "unplugged" from all the tubes and on her feet. Surprisingly that went very well: no rubber legs or difficulties there, so we ended doing about 4 walkabouts on the 5th floor neurology wards today, including a visit to her old room where she spent 4 weeks in June 1998. She started on solid food for lunch. Wasnt going to eat the pasta dish that came due to the presence of parmesan cheese. Luckily the food lady had some extra alternatives & provided her with a "hamburger" thing ("food" would be hyperbole) plus mashed potato, so that was more to her liking.

She even consented to having a picture taken with her "turban" head covering which almost looks stylish (at least if you were Audrey Hepburn in 1957). Ill leave it up to her if she wants to share the photo with you.

At this point I would expect her to be home for the weekend barring any unforeseen changes! That will be quite the celebration for Misty: last night & tonight she was clearly dejected at no Woody after running outside & making several circuits of the car to be absolutely sure. A bit of chicken breast helped salve the disappointment.

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Denise, that photo you just posted is one from my collection of favorites as well! I was surprised to see it here!

Today I spent at the toy store looking for activities to do with Skyler for hand-eye coordination practice. He has always hated drawing, coloring, small finicky things. This is partly related to his left handedness no doubt. I had fun and found several things we can work on together. DD has been working at cursive writing. It seems his school doesn't even teach it anymore. By the time they can read printed books, they are dumped onto the computers. BIG sigh.... He cannot read a written letter AT ALL. Of course no one writes letters anymore I guess. Mon deuxième sigh.

Looking back at things blue:

And these from Woody's garden in 2005!


Good night!

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Evenin Idylls ! We got up to the high 60s here in the wine country today , though temps are dropping fast now. Another day of this and then the rain moves back in, just in time for the weekend . I spent an hour in the garden after the awfice pulling weeds and mowing the eeny-weeny lawn. Im dying to lay down some mulch , but Ill wait a couple more weeks I think.

Good call Denise, I would bet money that is Salvia corugatta. , the described size is just right, and Digging Dog grows it..thats probably where they got the plant. Lol, there is no way the snail population would allow a Delphinium display like that in my garden ! I admit to a horrible weakness for the dratted things, I buy 2 or three 6-pks every year and I think I average 1 to 2 plants per pak fending off the slimy attack.

Marian, I love the coloring on that Iris, they are such great plants ..and so inexpensive compared with other bulbs.

Ah Eden I love it when you post photos of your garden. There is always something interesting to see ! Looking the pic with the succulent pot collection I am reminded of a similar scene we happened upon at IU5, and we definitely voted it and Eden moment you were there in spirit !

Boy Drema, Ive been eyeing a birdbath like that for a few years Im in the blue pottery corner too.

Farewell to DQ Michelle, she now resides in the archives of awfice history , along with Cindys Toaster Woman. and Cindy, you will probably have Myosotis seeds clinging to your garments this summer when you leave the Kathy garden. I have to be very diligent with my editing ,at least they are easy to pull up. I failed to acquire Arabella this year, must make this a priority ! .

Hooray for Woody, and Randy would make a fine Idyll-the journalistic style is nice ! And shucks bug ..poor Misty pining away for the Human-Mom !

And what of the Logees trip last weekend ? No report ? Please advise !

Off to have dinnerhellos to all ..

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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

How nice to hear the good news from Woody, and how wonderful that Randy is making the effort to keep us all updated.

Idylls are the best!


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I must say we had a beautiful winter day today. Sunshine and mild temps. I need more of those. Some melting actually occurred. Hopefully, its a gradual process or there will be flooding for sure.

As for the DQ I knew something was up before I left on vacation. I don't believe I've known anyone quite so flaky.

Kathy, do get 'Arabella' it is probably one of the longest blooming plants in my garden.

'bug, how sad that children aren't taught cursive writing these days.

Bowling ball art:

I almost forgot about these from 2008. Very vivid blue:

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More gorgeous blues and That is a great picture of Misty. I bet she really does wonder why Woody isn't coming home.
I was thinking the same thing about Randy's reports. He writes well. I hope the headaches go away for Woody soon.
Good to hear she is up and about.

Nite All


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flowerluvr(Z5 IN)

Just wanted to pop in and see if there is news of Woody. I'm so glad to hear things are going so well. How wonderful of Randy to keep us up on things.

Candy, I love that saying, and I assume that he does :)

Michelle, I'm glad for you that DQ is gone. Of course, it took me a while to figure out what DQ meant, but it finally clicked. Drama Queen!!

Bug, I can't even imagine not teaching kids cursive handwriting. I remember feeling SO grown up and such a sense of accomplishment when I mastered it.

All is well with the new parents, and I'll get some pictures uploaded tomorrow. For now, I'm hitting the hay. It's after 1:00 a.m., and that's WAY past my bedtime.

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Pictures for Woody. This is a link to an excellent French blog that is almost exclusively photos. There's a sink full of dishes in "soapy" alyssum for Eden, a blue bench, a corgie, something for everyone in these photos.

Love that nubby glass bowling ball, Michelle.

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

The dishes in suds are SO VERY Eden! Adorable.

Just so you know, I've ordered a cursive writing workbook for southpaws...

I need to start finding birthday cards now. 'Tis the season for our family to celebrate.

Almost TGIF day folks!


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flowerluvr(Z5 IN)

Hm, I still can't see some of Marian and Laura's pictures. I just see "Image hosting by.." Maybe later.
I'm off to post some pictures. Sorry, Chelone, but you knew I was gonna do it sooner or later, lol!

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Denise, there are some wonderful pictures on the blog. I may have to steal the allysum sink idea. I do have 2 extra sinks.

'bug, you have quite a few nice blues and do such a great job of capturing them.

Back to work


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Denise, I love the blog and the sink. I've stuck the plates in mine but not the bubbles. Great idea!

So many great pictures of blues on this thread. I have that clematis Alan Bloom that someone mentioned and looked for a photo, but no luck. Also I wish I had a photo of my gentiana scabra. The gentian blues are some of the best I think.

That delph photo makes me want to go buy a pack of seeds. Unlike at Kathy's place, the MI slugs don't seem to have a taste for them. They're enemy here are the summer rain storms.

I'm so happy to hear that Woody is doing so well. And thanks to Randy for keeping us updated and to Marie for passing along the news!

Michelle, I love your blue bowling ball. Am I remembering right that you made it yourself?

Another fan of blue pottery in the garden too though I only have a couple of pieces.

Marie, Kate is showing left handed tendencies. Her daddy is left handed but she'll be the first leftie on our side of the family. Interesting about the schools not teaching cursive. My David, age 24, is part of the first generation of kids who have grown up using computers from a very young age and he always uses a keyboard. He had beautiful handwriting when he was in elementary school but not so as an adult and he doesn't see much use for it. Watch him type though at lightning speed:) I think it tends to be more of a male thing too. I do think everyone should know how to write! I have a writing center set up for Bella with all manner of supplies and ideas that encourage her to write and work with letters. She's a bit too young for cursive yet though. Also one of the ways Megan disciplines her is to make her sit down and write lines when she's misbehaving, usually her name, address, etc. Things she needs to memorize. It settles her down and helps her learn things she needs to work on anyway. She sometimes gets a bit too creative with her printing, she likes to mix capitals and lower case letters, add extra long tails to letters like the a at the end of her name, lots of lines on her capital Es, a big circle above her small i or j, etc. That's just her personality shining through:)

It's been fairly sunny here today, a real mood booster. Above freezing temps forecast for the weekend too so I'm hoping for melting snow. If the snow melts there should soon be snowdrops appearing.... won't that be a welcome sight!


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Michelle, I am so glad you posted the bowling ball. I bought one at a garage sale a few years ago to decorate, and completely forgot I had it. I will have to dig it out of the garage. It could be a fun project while I am waiting for winter to finish up, and babies to arrive. Glad you are back home, safe and sound, and that the DQ is gone. So much better to remember them with laughter, than to deal with them every day:)

Norma, you have such a beautiful garden. It looks so peaceful to me.

Glad to see a post from Randy. I agree with other comments. He has a very nice writing style, and sounds like a great help to Woody. Good to know she is coming along very well!

Eden, I remember your moon from when I visited, it was awesome!

I am really enjoying the blues here. Getting lots of ideas, and antsy for spring.

I told Skip I wanted to take out my sunny border and plant apple trees. I am not going to run any more ideas past him for approval. I only have a small spot of sun in my yard. He said great, but I think we should plant corn. I am not sacrificing my roses for corn, and won't mention the plan again. I will just yank out some of the sumac on the other side and plant my apples:) Don't come between me and my garden plans, lol. He must have forgotten he was supposed to say yes dear, and start digging holes.

Well, I hope you all have a good evening. I need to find some food.


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cyn427 (zone 7)

Wow. I resolve not to miss a day ever again! So many posts and fantastic photos!

Happy, happy news from Randy. Thanks, 'bug. Love your picture of Misty and Randy's description of her search for Woody. He does fit right in, doesn't he?!

Dang, Eden-lack of pictures? Those are wonderful! I agree that everyone should learn to write. There is nothing like a handwritten letter or note. I always write my thank you notes to my students and mail them home to them. They are so thrilled to get a real letter and one of my little girls today actually wrote me a thank you note for my thank you note. Too cute. I am thinking of starting a correspondence with her. I think that would be great fun.

Denise, there is just something wonderful about English gardens and the blues in that one are amazing! Thanks for the link, too.

Candy, those words make me smile, too.

Drema, guess we all love blue pots. I have a blue saucer about the color of your pots (now under about 30 inches of snow) that I use as a bird bath. Love the hit of blue-when I can see it, that is.

'bug, if you end up not liking the cursive book you ordered, there is one called Cursive Writing Skills for Left-handed Students by Diana Hanbury King that you can order. I've linked it below for the least expensive price I could find. I used to have a copy that I bought for my son (who refused to do it-alas), but I think I gave it away to one of my parents at school a few years ago. I will look this weekend. If I have it, I can send it to you! Handwriting without Tears by Jan Olsen is also good, but they don't have a left-handed version I don't think. One of the tricks is to make sure Skylar slants his paper the opposite direction form the way we righties do it(right down to left instead of left down to right). Simple thing, but it makes a world of difference!

Time to fix dinner. We have become a dry house, so I will have to do without my glass of red, but better for DH, so I am willing to give it up. We'll see how long it lasts. I have my fingers crossed!

Norma, V, Cindy, Michelle, Brenda, Kathy, Marian, and everyone-love reading the notes and seeing all the spectacular blues! Those and the news about Woody will make this a delightful evening. Missing you, Chelone!

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Denise, I enjoyed that link. I expect to see several versions of that sink this summer.

Bug what are the white flowers with the muscari? They remind me of candytuft. I could make that combo but not sure if they bloom at the same time.
Did DH ever get his appointment with the throat specialist?

I was admiring Michelle's blue ball too, Are the gems put on with grout? Sounds like a fun project Drema.
I've been thinking about those little tuffa troughs that were in the succulent photo someone posted. They looked pretty easy to make.

We had breakfast for supper tonite. Blueberry muffins and eggs. Luckily the three neighbor boys came with our weekly eggs and gladly helped eat the muffins so I don't have to worry about eating any more of them.

Cyn, kids do love to get mail. Wyatt sends us handwritten thank you notes addressed to mimi and papa S......... They always get here just fine.

A few patches of bare ground are starting to show through. More stuff coming our way but it sounds like it could be more sleety stuff than snow.

I was looking at Jains blog today and wondering how far away she is from Kathy's. It would be fun to see her place.

Well they are bringing out the garden stuff at the box stores and theres only a little over a week of Feb left so the worst off winter should be over. Maybe we will get a nice day here and there anyway. I sat in the bay window and soaked up some sun for awhile today. It felt so good.

Waving to everyone. Norma

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Tonight's message about Woody was one of frustration in getting an opthamologist to check her eye which is giving her problems. Nine hours of requests and still no check-up. Grrrrr! They still hope for her return home tomorrow...

I have been weighed down by friends with health issues. The event for my friend with bone cancer was a wonderful success. Although it doesn't make her well again, the auction of donated art works has made it possible to keep her apartment and relieve much stress. One of her sons was able to attend from afar. :)

A small 5 month old, brother of Skyler's best buddy, had brain surgery on Monday as his skull had fused. This baby is certainly having all sorts of struggles. We wish that family well. Very very hard business.

No, the specialist has still not made an appointment for DH's throat. This week is a school break but next week DH will have to figure out how to proceed with his courses. He is in no shape to give lectures at this point. He hears plenty of frightening tales of people losing their voices permanently by overdoing things. Tonight he is in Toronto as there's an important meeting he will attend tomorrow. He'll be a very busy listener for the next week or two.

I'm sorry I can't come up with the name of the white blooms with the muscari. They are usually pink but these are the white version. Perhaps some sort of rock cress?

Cyn, Cursive Writing Skills for Left-handed Students by Diana Hanbury King is one of 3 that I ordered today. :) Glad to see you think it a good choice. I've bought lots of handcraft things to do with him while I visit in well as books. Wish I could find books in cursive! I used to have a Babar book in cursive writing. He could read that to Ivy if only I could find it!

I've been working away on the treadmill for quite a while now and have not only developed a 'shin splint' but a blister. NO FAIR after 2 months with no problem. Well, I've slowed down my speed to the point that it is almost silly to do it at all...We'll see how it goes.

'Til tomorrow,

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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

I love blue; it's my very favorite color. So why do I have so few photos with blue in them?

Here's a ghostly blue from Chelone's garden this summer.

And I think that Misty would appreciate a blue Fu dog.

Not much new or exciting here. Well, one thing new. I took the plunge and signed up for a six week creative writing class that starts next week. I've been mulling this over since before Christmas and finally decided to take the plunge. It will require driving into Chicago after work once a week, so I hope it's a good class. The last half of this class will cover the time when DH is still in NZ and I am home alone; part of my motivation is to keep myself busy while he is gone.

This Saturday I'm meeting an old friend (former college roommate) for lunch, and next weekend DD comes home for the weekend. I'm looking forward to both visits.

I'm enjoying all the photos on this thread. Keep up the good work!


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Hola times with my seedlings in the garage, Scabiosa is up as well as the Zinnias. Yesterday was the day I was to remove the newspaper covering from the Delphs..nothing to see but dirt there so far ! 5 more days so the instructions say. Tapping my foot

To this day if Im going to write something lengthy I write it out longhand first. I guess my brain feels a little more stimulated with a tablet and a pencil..and I do prefer pencil. I remember the excitement we felt in 3rd grade I think, when we were migrated to a cartridge pen. I wonder if those even still exist ? I was downgraded back to pencil for a time in 4th grade by a truly hateful nun who had very strict adherence to the Palmer Method. My attempts at creativity were not appreciated.

Denise, sent the link of that blog to the garden center gals, who have already brought 2 bathtubs from a salvage yard in Berzerkley , and planted them up. The sink would be very cool ..

Will also say, good for you V, bet that class will be fun .

Im gong to have some dinner and settle down with the new FG that came today. Abysmal Olympic coverage will be on in the background-no volume. I think this year is some of the worst coverage I ve seen in many years, added to the fact that even though we are right here on the west coast, we are not receiving live broadcasts, and the da*m things dont even start till about an hour before my bedtime. And of course they are peppered with sappy human interest stories that I could care less about.Makes me whiny :-(

Ok, nite all !

Kathy in Napa

Hows about a blue Penstemon ? From Garden 2009

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My Dad has always been a avid bowler and has a number of "worn out" balls. I did make the ball and glue each flat marble on and then grout it probably 5 or 6 years ago. I have another that I sprayed with the stone spray paint and I have my mom's blue ball in the garden as is.

Eden, I was wondering how your gentiana scabra does for you. Mine are weenie. I'm not sure what they want.

I'd best see how the stripper is working on the bathroom vanity. The bathroom work is resuming as is my swimming after a 2 week break.


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Having problems in our neighborhood with cable and the internet today. After losing a lengthy post Ill keep this brief and hope things are working properly tomorrow. Denise, the link you posted is wonderful from what Ive been able to see before losing the connection!

Hope the concern with Woodys eye is not dire, but youd think following this type of surgery an opthamologist would respond more quickly!

Kathy, is that Electric Blue Penstemon or Catherine de la Mare? I do wish it was hardy here, its so beautiful.

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Congratulations on the USA gold medal win for men's figure skating!

Time for B.E.D.

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chloehoover(z6b VA)

Happy Friday - at long last!

'bug - is that Arabis by any chance? I love the stuff but it continues to decline in my clay based soil. I finally gave up after several years of re-planting. But I adore it.

I love that penstemon of yours, Kathy - I think I ordered some to see how it fares here...

No time to look for more blue photos at present.

Have a great day - hope Canadian dr specialists whip into action today for our friends across the border!


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flowerluvr(Z5 IN)

Good morning all!
The Idylls always have such wonderful pictures, but this thread seems to be outdoing itself! The dishes in soap bubbles is so cute, and yep, you can't help but think of Eden!

Marie, I was enlightened to the plight of southpaws many years ago, by my niece. She was pointing out how "right-handed" the world is. I helped her learn to crochet, and it was educational for both of us. My SIL told me that she was left-handed as a child, but the teacher that taught her to write made her do it the "right way" :( She said it was quite a struggle, and made her feel like there was something wrong with her.
It sounds like you have many, many people to worry about right now. I'm sure they count themselves lucky to have you in their corner. I'm so glad to hear of the success of the auction for your friend with cancer. While Chuck was sick, so many people told me not to give up hope. I didn't give up hope, what I hoped for changed. When you can't make it all better, you do what you can to make it as good as it can be. I hope for as many comfortable days in familiar surroundings as your friend can get. I've always believed the little things in life are the most important, and a situation such as that just drives home that point. (((Marie)))
Aw, so sorry about the blister and shin splint. If nothing else, walking so slowly it seems pointless will keep you in the habit. That seems to be the biggest challenge for me. Once farming interrupts my routine, it is SO hard for me to get back into it.

Norma, we love breakfast for supper and do it pretty often. How nice of the neighbor boys to take that burden from you, lol!

V, a creative writing class! How exciting! I'm sure you'll love it, and be wonderful at it. You have a flair for writing, and reading your posts has always had a very "comfy" feel. We'll want to hear all about it!

Kathy, we must have had the same 4th grade teacher. I changed schools that year. Our 3rd grade teacher didn't have a problem at all with us developing our own "style". My handwriting became much smaller. I got bad grades in penmanship the first half year in 4th grade, because I had such a hard time going back to the giant Palmer writing. Frustrated the crap out of me, because I was a straight A student, outside of penmanship.

When skydivers wish each other well, they say, "Blue Skies". So, Blue Skies to Woody, and all my Idyll friends. I REALLY need to shower and get dressed, before I accidentally turn on the TV ;)

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Dog walked.
Litter changed.
Treadmill done..oh so slowly!
Eating healthy breakfast nibbles now. I guess that's why my keyboard is so grubby.
This is my day alone...the first in ever so long. I love it and have no plans at all. Probably reading, knitting and who knows what else! No housework. :)
Enjoy your day too!
Yes, Arabis is it Cindy! Some years it looks better than others.

Clematis Durandii

Clematis Juuli

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Wonderful garden shots everyone. Does my heart glad. I esp. noted the lovely tall bottles in one of Eden's pictures. Michelle's bowling ball made me smile, too. I remember that!

Mostly, though, not much blue here except me. But that's part and parcel of what's required to say good bye to someone you love(d). I figure I'm pretty much on schedule with respect to "the one year rule". Good to know the insomnia will likely abate soon, right? V., you've been in my thoughts.

I am thrilled to know that Woody has put the dreaded date behind her. I think turbans are very, very chic. If, Woody, you deign to, "show me your's" I PROMISE I'll show you, "mine". Hehehe... the gauntlet has been cast, m'dear... . Wishing you only the finest of thoughts and a quick return to your spritely responses to the most mundane commentary.

Beautiful weather here. Highs in the 40's and crystal blue skies. Cats are delighted to be outdoors and broadside to the sun. Eden's optimistic forecast for spring makes this taciturn New Englander smile at the folly of her naivite. Buy some boots and get hell outdoors, you wuss! then you'd appreciate that spring ain't as simple as a date on the calendar! ;)

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LolSo, is there anyone who doesnt love blue pots?! This has been a terrific Idyll for pictures, causing me to covet all shades of blue. Im afraid Ill run amok this spring and buy too impulsively. Must remind myself to consider growing requirements pertaining to sun or shade, not getting overpowered by plant lust.

Michelle, love the bowling ball art and cant wait to see what you do with the two sinks! I bet Kenzie would just be delighted to discover frothy allysum bubbles on her next visit.

VI recognize the Fu Dog; we drove over to that estate a few years ago and toured the grounds. Youre going to be busy with creative writing right up until the chicken and bee projects get underway. I dont see how the day has enough hours for you!

Hope Mary comes home with some pictures from her trip to NY with the children. It sounded like the perfect time to just take a few days for a quick getaway.

And bug, Im glad you have an upcoming visit with DD and family in March. Youve had more than enough worrisome and sad things weighing on you lately. Do enjoy your day of solitude! What I find most relaxing about them is the fact I dont feel the need to be accountable to myself, or anyone, how Im spendingor wasting my time!

Brenda, you beat me to the Blue Skies!internet problems yesterday and I never got it posted. Due to the Great Computer Crash that struck here in the summer of 09, I lost many garden photos and couldnt find much blue to post. Then, waiting around this shop while they rotated the car tires, I looked up at icicles against the blue sky, remembered my camera in my purse and thought, ahah!

Just when we see some meltingit snows again. And yet again, tomorrow. Slow moving systems, no real warm ups for the month and what little melt comes from the sun freezes each night. Seeing lots of elongated dagger icicles and these with the carroty ridges. But still, that little winking drop is a promise of spring.

Waving and wishing all Idylls a pleasant weekend!

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Just received this!
Woody here

We got home around 1:00 this afternoon. The eye doctor said the swelling has no cause related to my eyes. She suspects it related to general trauma from the surgery. My face is still swollen but considerably less so that yesterday. I have noticed that I seem to have lost some function in my right thumb. Its hard to figure out how hard Im gripping or touching something so Im dropping things a lot and typing is hard. But, all in all, I appear to have got off lightly this time, so no big complaints.

I cant shower until Sunday and have a terminal case of hat-hair!

Thank you all for your good wishes .

My eyes are not functioning too well on the computer so I think I need to focus on something else for awhile.


How wonderful to hear her say "got off lightly this time".

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

How wonderful to hear from Susan via Marie. And a good report, no less. Cyber hugs to her.

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What a great spirit Woody has - her words seem so upbeat for all she's been through.

Thank you for sharing with us, GB.


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Trouper: a person who deals with and persists through difficulty or hardship without complaint

That would be you, Woody! You are a trouper! So glad to hear you're doing well and are home! :)


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flowerluvr(Z5 IN)

Wonderful to get another update, and from the lady herself! Woody, you are indeed a trouper. Take care, and know that you're in our thoughts!

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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

All the beautiful blues are much appreciated. The spring blues are particularly welcome because now I can really look forward to spring!

Eden - the 'without complaint' part of the definition eliminates me! Randy is the real trouper in this household...!

Chelone - you asked for it....

I've shown you mine - where's yours?!

We walked Misty around the block before supper. She was thrilled to have 'walkies' reinstated. I was a little out of breath at the end but in not too bad shape. Supper was simple roast chicken (take out), rice, corn and tomatoes. Heaven after hospital food! I think an early bedtime is advisable today so I'm off to bed....

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cyn427 (zone 7)

Norma, love that Wyatt writes thank you notes and addresses them to mimi and papa S-cute. When I was little breakfast for dinner night was a favorite whether it was an omelette or waffles. May have to plan one for us soon.

'bug, sorry to hear of the shin splints. I used to get those, but read that if you stand w/your toes on the step and lower your heels about ten times daily, it helps. I did it and it seemed to solve the problem for me. I do stand on the bottom step however-visions of the solution to one problem resulting in tumbling down the steps, don't ya know-lol.

V, hope the creative writing class is fun. It would be fun if you post some of your work!

Kathy, I am with you on the Olympics coverage. I am SO surprised that you aren't getting it live! I expected to have to stay up late for some events like last night's Men's Free Skate, but what a surprise that you west coasters have the same issues. Of course, I tend to get in bed by 8:30 most nights, so this has been an adventure for me.

Woody, what a grand thing it is to hear from you so quickly. I am smiling at the thought of Misty's joy upon your homecoming (not to mention your own and Randy's). :)

All these blues continue to entrance. I do need to brush up on my photographic skills-can't come close to all of you!

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cyn427 (zone 7)

Woody, we were posting at the same time! Already walking Misty-wow! And you look fabulous, although I am not sure turbans will be the next fad!

SO, SO good to see and hear from you!

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Woody, looking great, and I am so surprised that you are able to take Misty for a walk. Wouldn't have thought that your equilibrium would be back on track...Modern medicine is truly amazing. Glad you were able to get out of the hospital quickly. So glad that things worked out well for you!!

I am sitting here, half tired and half awake. Not sleepy enough to go to bed, not enough energy to get up and accomplish anything like cleaning. Skip is watching The Lord of the Rings, and I am making out my grocery list. We are foodless. I was going to have to go to the store to make a yogurt run, but my daughter happened to call and say she bought plain by accident and they don't like it, so she dropped it off here. Well, avoided that trip:) but do have to make the effort tommorrow. My son Sean picked up milk and Dove Bars, so I think we will make it till morning.

Bug, hope your DH gets his throat issues cleared up soon. It does seem like it has been a long time. Skip is a lefty, and I was originally, but my mom switched me. I didn't even know until I was in high school and my eye doctor said, oh you're left handed aren't you? He said he could tell by my eyes... I said no, then told my mom, and she said she switched me when I was small. None of our kids are left handed.

Hope you all have a nice Friday evening!!


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Love the photo, Woody! Misty must be beside herself to have you home.

'night all :)


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Woody, it's so good to know you are home and without to many side effects. Sounds like you will be back out in the gardens with the rest of us come spring. Love the picture in the turban. You are a good sport.
Yes Chelone, now you have to show yours.


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flowerluvr(Z5 IN)

So good to see you, Woody! You look mahvelous!!

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Susan, I think you look great in your turban. I am tickled pink at your progress. And I totally agree that you are a trouper, and so is Randy.

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In 1964 my dad had a heart attack, and the recovery period was months long. Hospital bed in the house , jello, you name it. No surgery back then. He lived to the early 80s , and it was his heart that gave out again. Woodys experience just made me think of this and how far weve come. How fabu that walks are possible ! Your spirit is contagious. Thumbs up to Woody !

Candy, I the Penstemon is Rocky Mountain Blue, and I dug it out in fall. It is low-growing but gets quite woody after a few years. I will probably plant it again this fall in a different location.

LOL Brenda, my 5th grade teacher basically reversed the 4th grade nuns sop. No Palmer here to this day. Its legible though .Beautiful sky !

Cyn, there is a lot of discussion on the sports talk radio station here , concerning the Olympics broadcast, most of it negative. I will continue my volume-off strategy. On a side note, I love how the snowboard dudes and dudettes dress just like skaters.

All for me tonight

Kathy in Napa

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Woody, great to see you and to hear that you are able to be out walking already. Spring will really have a special meaning to you this year. I am so happy for you.


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Such a flurry of posting weve had , and someone put the breaks on today.. Hope Idylls from coast to coast are enjoying their Saturday. The rain here is holding off till tomorrow, though it is a gloomy day, not warm ( by my standards anyway !) and perfectly adequate for outdoor jobs. I opened my first bag of mulch for the season felt very ceremonial as I zipped it ope with the utility knife. I spread it in an area that is not subject to "compost float" after pulling the blasted poa annua , which is a bane of the winter/spring garden here. And speaking of spring, it clearly has arrived . Buds on tulips, daffodils blooming around town, plants breaking dormancy left and right. Hopefully late frosts will be mild and brief.

These blues are hot off the presses, taken in my garden today .. From garden 2010 From garden 2010 From garden 2010

Kathy in Napa

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Kathy, I have one lone lavender crocus blooming in front of our house. I guess it was just waiting for the snow to go off. :-)

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Kathy, it's great hearing about spring in your area. We have our share of winter weeds here too. Gardening would be so much more fun without all the weeds wouldn't it?
Lazy day here today. About all I did was water the plants. I started out with a spurt of energy. But it didn't last long enough.
I set the screen saver on my laptop to run through my picture folders and it does it in a collage format and picks the pictures at random so I have been enjoying looking at pictures. It has given some different ideas for plant pairings.

I recognize your first blue, but what is the last one?


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Norma, that last photo is 'Tuscan Blue' Rosemary.If the sun had been out today I might have been able to include a bee, as they are very fond of it, and the bees are just starting to come back to the garden.

Marian, there are crocus blooming here too, I noticed them around the neighborhood on my walk this morning.

Waving to Woody !

Kathy in Napa

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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Oh Kathy, I can't believe you have pulmonaria blooming already. We're supposed to get a foot of snow starting tomorrow afternoon. :(

Glad to see Woody's happy news! You look gorgeous, dahling!

I had the most wonderful experience yesterday. I went to a meeting of the local beekeepers' association. Who would have ever guessed that over 140 people would show up?!? I guess it was their biggest meeting ever, and there were several people there who are just getting into beekeeping. I ran into someone I know who is just getting started, so we sat together in what we called "the virgin section". Also saw the beekeeper who gave such a wonderful demo last summer, and he told me to call him if I needed any help or any assistance. The "senior member" of the evening was a man who started beekeeping in 1948; he had a lot of good comments and insights to share. He's also a member of my church and recognized me from there, and was pleased to hear that I was getting involved with bees.

Overall, it was a very educational and enjoyable evening. And if you had told me back in 1976 that I would have a great time on a Friday night hanging with a bunch of beekeepers at the Farm Bureau building, I would have demanded that you share whatever you were smoking. Isn't it grand how life takes us to such unexpected places?


ps - the program for the evening was presented by the state bee inspectors. Who knew that our state has two bee inspectors?

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V. I kick myself for not filling out the application for the Bee Inspectors Apprentice last summer! Our bee inspector allows us to go on ride might inquire. When the bee inspector shows up at my house it is a happy day!

I am happy this Sunday morning. I have farm eggs, farm sausage, and raw milk in which to create a large breakfast! I am thinking of a ricotta pancake recipe and seeing if it can be made gluten free.

I am happy about all the new things I am pulling into my life. I am ready to start hunting for the job for me! I think I want to try working with plants somehow. It was sort of hinted around about a job doing garden consulting two years ago...just a landscaper who knows nothing about sun/shade requirements and hardiness...but it'd be a good way to get my foot in the door....and I'm thinking of some local nurseries that I like, or maybe volunteering at Tower Hill could get me in the door there. I've also thought of bee farming, V., but that would require many more bees and a truck :)

My mind is full of good ideas this morning. Better write them down before they disappear as all good ideas tend to do :)

Hope you're all having a great morning, too!


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Sad to say I havent even seen any of the Olympics. Its been such a busy week.

We made a trip to the city yesterday to pick up the vanity top we ordered and a few more needed items. Including several baby gifts, food and supplies to make the roman shade. Im kind of getting cold feet on the project and may wait until my mom gets back to help me. I got myself a simple human trash can for the bathroom and its so nice. I love the foot pedal and the soft close lid. For some reason I dislike jarring noises more and more as I get older. The fan in the bathroom needs something done to it to stop the rattle.

I just heard on Dr. Radio how much they feel your life is extended by having a passion. So I guess we shall all live long since we all have the gardening passion and many of us have quite a few more. Right now this brings to mind things such as bees, chickens, knitting, succulent roofs, photography, reading, cooking and decorating.

So Saucy, your search for the perfect job for you is wise. Most days I like my job and I don't dread going to work. Now if I can just get a new CSR who fits in well, all will be right in that area of my life.

V, how true the turns our lives take that we cannot even fathom as young adults. I often think about gardening that way. I was a person who as a child was known for not wanting to get dirty.

Laura claims that my gardening is a little crazy, but we walked into a store when we were down there and guess who went ga ga over the orchids they were selling for Valentines Day? Of course Rick couldnt let her go home without one.

Kathy, Im enjoying vicariously your spring garden. I checked in my pictures from last year and I saw my first blooms around mid-March. So about a month away??? Although, I doubt that all the snow we have on the ground this year will be gone in a month. In my gardens I have anywhere from 1-3.

Norma, Ive done the screensaver with pictures also, but the collage effect sounds like a good idea.

Im off to church and teach my little 3-4 year olds afterwards. We didnt have class the last 2 Sundays because I was gone and then last week the weather. Im sure they wont mind the belated Valentine treats.


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cyn427 (zone 7)

Kathy,feeling green with envy over your blooms! I am now officially ready for Spring.

V, I think it is so cool that you are beekeeping. Those boxes you made and posted a while back look great. Have you painted them yet? I think I would do them in a purple if I had some in my yard! Please let us know how it goes. The way bees are disappearing, I feel as though more of us should follow your lead. I have thought of making those nests for mason bees. That sounded fairly simple to me. and maybe a good way to start.

Saucy, sure do wish we lived closer-I'd be popping in around breakfast time (What a coincidence! Please, don't let me interrupt. Why yes, of course, I'll join you! teehee). So glad you are feeling enthused about the career change. All your ideas sound marvelous and I can't wait to hear how things progress. I am wondering if I can do eight more years of teaching and so I will be watching your success closely!!

Marian, if we have any crocus peeking up yet, they are under a foot of snow still! We have had a fair amount of melting this week and luckily it has been slow or our area would be dealing with flooding. I have been worried about the ice dams in the gutters that we haven't been able to break. So far, it doesn't look like the gutters are falling and no sign of water inside. Keeping my fingers crossed.

Michelle, love the orchid story! It's just a matter of time until Laura discovers other plants to go crazy over! Fun.

Today, we are off to DC to the Corcoran Gallery to meet friends and see the "From Turner to Cezanne" exhibit (I think that is the title of the show). Should be grand. I wanted to do the Phillips Collection which is showing early abstract works by O'Keefe who is one of my favorites, as much for how she lived her life as she aged as for her art, but guess we will catch that another weekend.

Sending a smile to everyone.

Hope all Idyllers have a chance to do something just for themselves today!

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flowerluvr(Z5 IN)

Kathy, it's so good to hear updates of spring from you! I know it's out there, just waiting to happen!!

Lol, V! Fantastic that the turnout was so good for the beekeeping meeting. I have to agree, in 76, the last thing on my mind was bees :) I've been doing my small part to educate the farmers about the bee situation. It amazes me that we make our living from the land, and yet so few farmers give any thought to how interconnected things are. The "chain reaction" from farming sometimes makes me feel like I sold my soul to the devil for a lifestyle I love.

Best wishes to Saucy on finding the job of your dreams. It sounds like a perfect Sunday morning at your house. Now, jot down your ideas, and enjoy!

Michelle, I'm getting the same way with some noises. The storm door gets a regular shot of WD40. To me, it screams bloody murder when you open it. Jim doesn't even notice it. I guess the bright side to that is that I hear something going wrong in the combine before it turns into a disaster ;) I hope you get the perfect CSR. I can tolerate most anything, if I enjoy the people I'm working with.

Yesterday, Jim and I went to spend some time with the new little family. All are doing well, Christina looks and feels wonderful. Jude is brilliant, and has Grandpa wrapped around his tiny fingers. Lol, I have dubbed Jim "Grandpa Twinkle-Face". It's an absolute joy to see him like that. I even got to change a poopy diaper, and it's good to know I still remember how.
Today is a very mellow day on the farm. Jim is fishing, and as far as I know, I have the day before me to do as I please. Can't do better than Cyn's closing sentiment, so I'll just say "+1"
Have a great Sunday, all!

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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

Today was the first day I was allowed to wash my hair - amazing how much more civilized I feel, although it'll take a couple more showers/shampoos before all the dried blood is gone (sorry... you probably didn't need to know that! :-). The staples don't come out until the 26th so I can't do a lot about combing/styling my hair though - getting a very short haircut before the surgery was definitely a good idea!

Bright, warm sunshine and above freezing temperatures here this morning - spring is definitely in the air. This coming week is supposed to cloudy with some snow so that'll be a bit of a drag. I soooo ready for spring!

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Those first showers after a hospital stay do make you feel human again, Woody.

I hope that March and April do not turn into decidedly cruel months dropping all the snow we've missed all winter. I was thinking earlier that it was a bad idea to wish for no snow, as it puts us in a precarious position for water...but then I remembered how it rained all last summer and I figure we're even :)

Mother Nature does not bargain, does she?


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Good afternoon

Woody - how fabulous to see you and hear how well you are doing.

Our trip to NYC was wonderful. We all love being there, our only regret was that DH was not able to join us. Amongst highlights of the trip were seeing the Tim Burton exhibit and famous works in the collection at MOMA (the Museum of Modern Art). David, who in no way professes to enjoy looking at paintings was fascinated and decided art museums could be fun after all. The Bodies exhibit was equally cool.

Dining was amazing the whole trip. I'd had fun planning out just where we would eat, checking out specials and making reservations. It included raw oysters and soup at the Oyster Bar in Grand Central Station where the only thing that came close to rivalling the food there was the people watching. We had some delicious Thai food but best of all was probably the Fondue at a French bisto I'd read about. February being fondue month we chose the fondue of the day which was Vacherin cheese with Duck cracklings. We ordered Fingerling potatoes and Kilbassa sausage for dunking and were in heaven. As we walked almost everywhere I think we burned off a good few of the calories, but perhaps not all.

The Megabus turned out to be a great way to get down to NYC. I'd gone online and found a fabulous deal for the three of us and letting someone else do the driving was a real plus for me. As was not having to shell out $50 a day for parking. We got back last night which gives us a day to get things in order for school and work next week. But I wish I were still meadering around Manhattan...


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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Susan, I hear you on the hair washing. I can hardly stand going longer than 4 days between shampooing. I like you with short hair. Sure wish mine was lots shorter.

Here on our mountain it is rain, rain, rain. It started while we were at worship, and now there is water water everywhere ! A mud-filled river is running around our circle drive. I hope it is all settled down before the midweek temps in the teens gets here. It is still on the warm side, 46 right now.


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cyn427 (zone 7)

We are supposed to get that rain tomorrow, Marian. Hope you hunkered down and stayed warm and dry. I am preparing for weeks of muddy paws and bellies, and anything else they can get dirty, as the snow melts. Ugh. Someone should invent a doggie wash that operates like a dog door, but is more like a tunnel with wash and blow-dry cycles. 'course, mine would just stay outside rather than venture through something like that.

Mary, your trip sounds marvelous. I love fondue, but haven't had it since the 70s or thereabout.

Woody, showers are the best, aren't they, especially when you've not been allowed for days!

Brenda,those sorts of sounds make me nuts, too! I also find myself jumping at practically nothing lately. Not sure why. Love the image of "Grandpa Twinkle-Face"-just makes me smile.

Saucy, no Mother Nature doesn't seem to bargain, but just wait-she'll be showering us with sunshine and flowers before we know it-T.S. Eliot aside!

Oven is beeping. Tuscan meatloaf needs eating. Hope it is good. DH will like it no matter how it turns out. Sweet.

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Already Sunday night ,can you believe it ? This weekend went by way to fast, and the punch list is incomplete. DS and I went over to the university in Sonoma County this evening to see their production of "Company" , what a nice job they did. Sondheim scores can be so challenging for singers and they really pulled it off nicely.

Woody, you sound pretty chipper ! What a relief it must be for you after all these months of waitng, and things are going well so far I think ?

Saucy, I like your thoughts about possible employment, I must say that having at least 2 fingers in a nursery operation has sure helped keep me sane the last few years. I hope you had a great anniversary celebration too !

Michelle, I have pretty much abandoned the Olympics out of disgust at the pi**-poor coverage by NBC. I didnt watch 5 minutes of it this weekend. Boy, would I love to get the upstairs bathroom re-done. Not going to happen this yearthe concrete removal is number one on the list of big ticket items.

Tuscan meatloaf ? I am envisioning a giant Italian meatball. I actually made Kathys Famous spaghetti and meatballs this winter for the first time in a few years..that to me is the ultimate comfort food.

Alright, signing off here ..waves to all from the left coast..

Kathy in Napa

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

A slow gray snowy morning here filled with emotional ups and downs.

There have been hiccups in Woody's recovery involving mad dashes to the hospital. She is not only home again, but out walking with Barb at the moment. Scary business, but now it is onward and upward!

There is more garbage in Skyler's Mom's life, this time declaring bankruptcy. DD is scrambling to delve into how this affects Skyler and them. Little did we know that by sending our daughter to college in Wildlife Management, that we were giving her research skills to help out the lives of her family members. But what enormous pain!

Once again DH cannot teach this week. He went to school today to work with his student who will take over this week's classes. So very frustrating. Yesterday we had another Gravel Watch meeting. He got someone else to chair the meeting fortunately, but still his voice gave out with only minimal amounts of speaking.

Well, tonight is Book Club. I need some "me" time.

More blue...from Woody's garden in June 2005.


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Goodness, it sounds like youve been riding the recovery rollercoaster, Woody. If youre back out walking already, hopefully the matter was resolved and its green lights across the board again!

Sorry to hear about your DHs ongoing voice problem, bug. I hope he can get in soon to the ENT doctor. And wouldnt you know, more issues with Skylers mom. Hang in there!

I only popped in for a few minutes but it seems empty around here and the silence is deafening!

Candy calling out "hello!" can anyone come out and play, lol? Hel-loooow?


Candy: whos there??


Candy: What do you mean? There are real people here and we talk, share photos and commiserate!


Candy: Butbut, its true!theres Saucy, Michelle, bug and Marian and Denise and Kathy and


Candy: Wha??


Candy: .Huh?


Candy: uh, yessure


Candy: no, nothe girl in the box has a British accent. I must be dreaming.


Candy: yes, thank youI believe I will.

Well, leave me alone and Ill amuse myself! Now Ive got to summon DH and see what we want for dinner.

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jak1(4 Ontario Can)

Oh my stars - Woody has sure had her times hasn't she? I was so pleased to read that things have gone well, and now upset to hear that the family is riding such a rollercoaster! Best wishes, Woody, hang in there, we are all pullinhg for you!

I also missed Chelone's birthday - so here's to you, friend, I hope it was a good one!

Lots of beautiful blues on this thread - I must look to see if I have anything to contribute. Although blue is my favourite colour, I really have more sort of purple stuff than blue in my garden.

Wow, Bug, you too are having quite the time! Sorry to hear that Ric is still voiceless - this must be getting kinda old by now. Especially when so much of his work depends on his speaking ability. Must be driving him nuts! And the bankruptcy thing - a ploy to get more money from DSIL maybe? Maybe this will work in his favour instead? What a mess!

Lots of excitment in the K household last night. At 3 a.m. TCS woke us to say there was a creepy noise in the house - I got up and listened - a very loud kind of humming noise. I thought it was the new laptop (you all know how technically oriented I am *LOL*) so I unplugged it and went to bed. Five minutes later, humming again. Checked the house, didn't find anything, decided that I might as well visit the Ladies as I was up - and in that smallish room there was a distinct smell of melting plastic. Roused the men and we checked some more to no avail - and then all of our smoke detectors went off. So - I called 911 Fire. They told us we had two minutes or less to leave the house and instructed us to get in our car and drive down the block and stay put. So TCS, DH and I and the doggies were sitting in our car three houses down at 3:15 a.m. They sent three large fire trucks and eleven other firefighters in their own vehicles, plus a plumbing company and a environmental specialist - all within 4 minutes of my call. They spent an hour checking the house, airing it out, removing the smoke alarms and installing new ones, and finally allowed us back in at 4:30 a.m. The verdict: The motor on our furnace fan had burned out and the noise was the bearings melting or something every time the furnace came on. We have service insurance so this morning a new fan motor was installed and the whole system cleaned and serviced. Yahoo, winter in Canada. TCS thought it was kinda cool. He had no trouble trotting off to school this morning to share this with his buddies!

I have come to the sad conclusion that no one in this house will EAT through the basement storage room but me. No one will part with ANYTHING!!! I had done quite a bit of sorting and piling, and found this morning that the Fire Department and the Furnace guy had undone all of my work of the last two weeks. I am so tempted to just fill a bag every garbage day and truck it to the curb!!! Very frustrated right now. I want a lot of this EATing to be done before Spring arrives here. I can usually plant by the third week in May, and I fully intend to be out there well before then. Grrrrr.

Any how, I sure am happy that I found you guys. Gardening stays alive all winter for me here. You are the best!!



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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Julie, that doesn't sound like a restful way to spend the night! Glad that the problem was fairly minimal (i.e. compared to a major fire) and all is well.

I had quite of bit of my clean-up work in the garage undone last year by service people under DH's supervision and I still have not re-reorganized the area. Yes, I'll admit to being easily defeated at times!

We dog-sat for DS's dogs over the weekend. Woody, I can't tell you how many times I thought of you and all the dog-sitting you've done. These two almost had me undone before they went back home! I came home from church and Penny greeted me at the door, blocking my progress into the house. I got past her just in time to her Cooper peeing in his kennel. Dropped my stuff, got him and Penny out of the house so I could start cleaning up, let Mystic out of the bedroom and realized that Penny and Cooper had disappeared. It only took them about thirty seconds! Of course, I'm still in my church clothes and it's utter slop outside, so I quickly change and spend a panicked fifteen minutes tromping around and yelling myself hoarse (and now thinking of Ric) to no avail. Finally I hear my DH, who is working on the other side of the wetland, calling the dogs. He corralled them and got them back to the house. Of course, I still had a mess in the kennel to clean up. Oy!

This afternoon I started priming the beehives. I went back and forth on color and finally decided to go with traditional white. The primer coat is all done and tomorrow I should be able to do the paint. I'm also priming the wooden obelisk I bought late last year. I bought Bennie Moore's Big Country Blue to paint the obelisk. I got about half of it primed before the daylight started to fade and the primer fumes started to get strong.

Saucy, it sounds like you had some great thoughts on Sunday morning. I hope you were able to capture some of those ideas and that you'll move forward on them!

Mary, glad you and the kids had a great time in NYC.

Woody, I hope the hiccups are behind you now!


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HI CANDY, I'm out here. Guess there hasn't been much going on the last the last couple of days. Except for Woody,(scary to hear that) hope it was just a blip.
More junk in Bugs familys life. Hoping Ric gets a break soon with his voice too.

Julie, thank goodness TCS woke you up. It's good to know your emergency services are on the ball. That well could have happened to us. One of the fans in our furnace had gotten so noisy a couple of months ago that DH said we should replace it before the bearings went completly out, so we did. Scary stuff.

Bug that is a gorgeous shot of blue.

Not much going on here. Our snow is almost completly gone. It's good to see the ground again even if it is muddy. The river is way up due to the snow melt and some rain. The daffs are shooting up green.
We had lunch in town and went to the library today. I've started Janet Evanovich's Fearless Fourteen. I like the humor in her books.
I like that the daylight hours are just a little longer now. At least when it is not dark and gloomy out like yesterday. Niki and Jasmine are spending more time outside again.
I really need to EAT some things around here so I won't feel guilty about spending all my time out doors later on.
The walk in closet is big on the list. I am going to have to get that done before long as I need to dig out some jeans that I thought I would never be able to wear again. YES! I still have a long way to go but at least the fat pants are getting to big.
OK Brenda, surely you have another picture of Jude by now.

Gonna go read some more. Sending good vibes to all. Norma

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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

Julie - that sounds like a disaster-narrowly-averted scenario! I hope TCS gets a special treat for his alertness.

V. - It sounds like you're having fun with the guest dogs.... :-) Coincidence - I was working on an obelisk today too. We've decided to have Mario build the iron arbour that I designed for my course last winter. But I want it a bit shorter so this afternoon I scale it down to be 8'2" tall. This is what it would look like:

It's been snowing here this afternoon. It looks like the largest snowfall we've had this winter - all of about 3" or so!

Saucy - you should have posted that education piece about low sodium that you referred to! That it what my crisis appeared to be about - in combination with swelling at the surgical site. I had been having transitory numbness and loss of motor control issues since I got home but they seemed minor. However, when I lost my ability to speak for about 10 minutes last night, we went in full on panic mode! Randy called the neurosurgical resident on call (who happened to be the resident we saw daily in the hospital) and he said to come to Emergency. One blood test and CT scan later and I'm now on anti-seizure medication. Today's dose is a mega one to get the sodium levels up substantially. Then I go on a maintenance dose until I see the surgeon again for the post-surgical follow-up appointment in 6 weeks or so. The medication is making me tired and spacy today.

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Buenos noches Idylls..

Lol Candy, I didnt know Hal was an Idyll. You never know who you might run into around here !

Oooo-la-la ..those Delphs from Woodys are just the thing arent they ? Your poor DH, I hope he gets in to see a specialist soon must be so frustrating for him. Not to mention a livelihood that depends on speaking. Good vibes out to him from this quarter. As far as Skylars Mom is concerned, I would think that financial issues like that would have an effect on custody decisions ?

Wow Julie, your lfe has surely not been dull this winter. Id be longing for a couple of really boring weeks about now..or at the very least the Grand Opening of the Wine Deck for the season.

Woody, glad to see you posting. I love the design of the arbor.

Well, I ordered 2 C. Arabella tonight from Joy Creek, and I have some nice supports waiting for me at the garden center. Im going to put one in the back garden and one in the front.

Hi to all, hoping Chelone and Deanne check in soon !

Kathy in Napa

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Good morning

Julie - what a night you had!! Very reassuring help came so quickly. I imagine TCS had a fine time relating events to his classmates!

Woody - I love the obelisque. Do you have a plant picked out for it? I'm hoping to make some wooden ones this year.

Thinking of looking after guest dogs, Clousseau bacame a guest at our neighbors when we were gone. He slept here, but the girls like to bring him to their house in the day. Unfortunately their cats are not the least bit fond of Clousseau and one day both jumped on him in attack, hissing and snarling. I think it a good job they are declawed. Poor Clousseau (a meek and gentle creature) was so terrified he bolted not just from their house, but down to the woods behind ours. One of the girls found him there and carried him (yes all 55 lbs of him) back.

GB - poor DD. It doesn't seem to end does it? And poor DH. Does his Dr have a plan for him or is it simply a matter of time?

Cyn - I think I last had cheese fondue in the 80's. I once had a job playing my violin in a fondue restaurant in Chicago. It was a lot of fun, especially as we got to sit down with a big pot of fondue at the end of the evening. My clothes however would smell of melted cheesea and oil for days, even after washing them. Fond memories.


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flowerluvr(Z5 IN)

Good morning, Idylls!

Mary, your trip sounds wonderful. I can't imagine getting myself and a couple of kids around NYC. Lol, I'm sure it would make for some entertaining stories, though! I imgaine the Tim Burton exhibit was really something. I'm guessing you'll be going to see the new Alice in Wonderland movie? I saw Johnny Depp being interviewed, and he said that he was in no hurry to see it, as he doesn't like to watch himself. He'd rather hear his kids tell him about it :)

Woody, It's so good to hear of you being out for a walk! I imagine the hair washing felt like a little slice of heaven! Looking forward to seeing pictures of the new arbor. Do you have a plant selected for it yet?

Bug, if I haven't said it before, Skyler is one lucky young man to have your DD for a stepmom. I'm so sorry to hear there's even MORE drama surrounding his mother. I hope your DH's throat issues are soon resolved. A few months of "nothing in particular going on" would be good, wouldn't it?? Those delphs are just gorgeous! I missed the hockey match on the Olympics-who won, Canada or the US?

Lol, Candy! If you hear, "Open the pod bay door, Hal" grab your wine and run, okay!?

DOH! I totally missed Chelone this year, too. Drats! I got a new phone, and haven't got all my dates in it yet. As someone who never really wanted a cell phone, I don't know what I'd do without the calendar feature. Unfortunately, ya DO have to remember to put the data IN it for it to be helpful!

Julie, it takes a child to see the "adventure" in your exciting night/morning!! So glad it wasn't a major emergency. Lol, I will let you in on a secret. On any Wednesday morning that DH isn't lurking around, something goes out with the trash. DH can't let go of a THING. I usually donate to Goodwill, or a local charity, but some of this stuff isn't even worth giving away. What he doesn't know won't hurt him ;)

V, I feel for ya on the dog-sitting. We've done a fair amount of that for family, and I find it pretty stressful. Gus is too "undermotivated" to wander off, but I'm always afraid of someone else's dog getting away from me. Looking forward to updates and pictures of your beekeeping adventures!

Kathy-I don't know if we should be pleased or frightened that we both thought of Hal re Candy, lol!

Not a lot new going on here, and that's fine by me. The new Daddy goes back to work today, and he's just broken-hearted to leave his new little guy behind. DD is secretly happy. I took her to the grocery store yesterday, and she said that after Dad goes to work, baby boot camp starts, lol! She's eager to get a routine going, and having hubby at home, plus all the visitors makes it tough. She did ask if I would be on call today, just in case she needed me. Lol! I've been on call for 26 years, I see no reason to change my status now ;) She'll be just fine, just nice to know you have back-up if you need it.

Okay, asked :D I know he can't be pondering devilment yet, but it sure does look like it!

Have a good day, all!

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

"who won, Canada or the US? "
Oh Brenda!!!! What a question! Canada of course, 5/0. It's been long enough since DD played that she no longer knows any of the players and now knows the announcers. So when your DD is getting old, what does that mean about her Mom?

Hey Jude, boot camp starts today! Get your schedule together cutie pie and surprise Daddy real soon by sleeping through the night....

Yesterday was the biggest snowfall of the winter here. I had to walk the 300 yds to the road to get my ride to Book Club. It was worth it! My friend with bone cancer attended and entertained us with tales about morphine patches and codeine. Truly, her outlook is wonderful, even without the drugs. It is only 7 of us and so we really know each other well and have fun.

Hi to Julie who popped in at last and thanks everyone for entertaining me with bee keeping, tuteurs, talk of Arabella, Drama Queen, (I know a lulu DQ too Michelle), and perfect career goals.

I think I'll march off to harass the specialist's office about an appointment for DH.


    Bookmark   February 23, 2010 at 10:41AM
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Um, 'bug, maybe we should clarify the 5-0 was the women's hockey score ;) Funny, I just don't follow sports but happened to tune in to the men's US/Canada hockey game at my mom's Sunday after dinner (5-3). I think I'm hooked! We've got two local hockey teams, and I might try out our local "B squad" for some live hockey. (What a nuisance that DH's throat is still an issue.)

What do you know? Woody is up and around, generating computer drawings. Wonderful!

Mary, the NYC trip sounds delightful. Still haven't made it to NYC and mean to get there soon, d*mmit.

Oh, my gosh, Brenda, not the Curious George blankie!

Candy, you crack me up. Took me a while to get used to the rhythm of the idylls too. Ebb and flow, ebb and flow.

Norma, hooray, leaving fat pants behind!

Michelle, Roman shades sounds pretty daunting to me too (trying to flush Chelone out of the brush...)

Mitch was sick for a week, then Marty became sick Sunday, I felt rotten Monday, a little better today..and so it goes. We tease Duncan that he's a super hero, unbreakable. That kid never gets sick.

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Ah yes. Women's hockey. That's the only kind I really know.

DD back in college:

We now have an appointment for DH with the ENT specialist on March 10th. That's the same day he has to see his dentist about the screw which is supposed to hold his tooth in place but doesn't. The screw has been adjusted twice already.... It's hard keeping all our parts together as we age.

    Bookmark   February 23, 2010 at 2:43PM
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