Under all that snow are some things I would

gandle(4 NE)February 4, 2011

really like to get to. A trio, there is spinach, parsnips and some scorzonera. All three are really better for wintering over but I guess it will be almost 70 more days before I can even think about them. Spinach might be a little ahead of the others...A beautiful day today with temps in the 40's , after last week that felt like summer. Unfortunately more frigid weather is on its way again. Getting used to it just like you can get used tp hitting yourself on the head with a hammer but don't have to like it.

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Scorzonera is a new word to me, exactly what is it?

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gandle(4 NE)

black salsify or oyster plant

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Wished I had some right now. Most years I sow some, but with our dry weather last year I gave up when the water bill trippled.

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How do you prepare scorzonera?

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meldy_nva(z6b VA)

My mother used to prepare it exactly like scalloped potatoes, layers of peeled slices interspersed with a thin white sauce. I didn't find much similarity to oyster taste, but it was edible. Lookiing back, I don't remember that it had wintered, so that probably affected the flavor.

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