When you are really glad to be told you have an infection

gandle(4 NE)February 19, 2014

guess most of you know I have lymphoma but after 18 chemos it has been in remission, Last week glands began swelling high in my neck and under my chin. Just like they did with the active disease, Family doctor thought it might be bad news and called the oncologist and got me in this A.M. Well, after a CT scan and a lot of poking and prodd
ng she said "you have quite an infection". Leone said we expected bad news and does he need more chemo? Doctor, "no, that's great news , he has a rather severe case of salivary gland infection, we can cure that in about a week. She agreed with my doctor that it sure did mimic the return. Weird, good news I have a severe infection. How many times have you ever said that.

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. Good to hear it is something easily defeated. How is Leone?

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sweet_betsy No AL Z7(7)

Hope that both you and Leone will be back to your normal selves as soon as possible.

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What a relief! You and Leone have healing thoughts from me, get well!

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Whew! I can only imagine how relieved you both must be. I hope you both feel better very soon.

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George, this is one time that a "bad infection" is a "good thing"! Silly words, but this time, they're very true. I'm so glad that your infection will respond to treatment fairly quickly. More good thoughts and prayers for both you and Leone are coming your way.

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Yes, I have heard something like that. Oh, how I'd rather have (and this is far far far far far less than you) tendonitis than a stress fracture in my leg. Not the same. But I hear you. I was so glad it wasn't a broken bone and "only" PT was needed. I'm glad all you need is a bit of TLC. Take care and get well!

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That was welcome news compared to what it could have been.
I wish you and Leone fast healing, you are both in my thoughts.

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