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west_gardenerFebruary 9, 2012

Trying my best not to be controversial or political I'll say that I'm always on the lookout for American made products.I buy "grown locally" veggies, assembled in the US, manufactured in the US, with parts from whatever country.

I'm happy to say that DH and I bought some shutters for our front window, from an American Company, that has a plant in CA. And I'm talking about an actual manufacturing plant with real workers. The price of the shutters were well below any quote from other sources, and the quality was comparable.

Buy American.

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ABC did a great story on this recently. It said if we bought American it would creat jobs. There were different parts of the story, but below is my favorite.

Here is a link that might be useful: Made in America House

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It might be "political" but try to buy something not made in China. Is that why we have so many unemployed in the US?

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Once upon a time recently, I decided to look at the labels on my clothes, just to see how many were made in China.

As it turned out, most were made in South American, Mexican and Caribbean countries. Indonesia, Thailand and India also had a piece or two in my closet.

If we insist on "buying American" aren't we making things harder for the workers in those areas? Will that help our problems with illegal immigrants?

So, is the objection to China or is it to any non-USA product. Keep in mind that while they pay low, low wages, our minmum wage and union contracts makes the over-all cost of our USA products much higher.

I think if we bought only "made in USA" products, we would see a big drop in retail sales, more people out of work, and generally, more US citizens buying less.

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meldy_nva(z6b VA)

I see so many sides to this topic that I hold distinctly contrary opinions.

Buy American and pay more than for a compariable product... depends on what product and how much more. Yes, the USA pays better wages than [you name where], but the overall cost of living is hand-in-hand almost as high the wages... so do I support the American or the "other country]? Yes, because the American is paying taxes to my country not to [wherever]. Will I pay more *just* because it's made in the USA? Nope. Quality counts! Which explains why I happily drove a Mazda for all those years, and chose to drive another non-USA car when the Mazda finally wore out. Back then, I considered the overall quality of USA-made cars shameful, and frankly that opinion remains. (That also explains my Italian shoes and sewing machine, and Swiss watch.) And, sorry to say, I find the quality of quite a lot of USA-made products is all too often noticeably poorer than the same product made elsewhere. It isn't that the USA is incapable of producing 'good' goods at a reasonable markup, but that so very many businesses act as though their customers should be happy to overpay regardless of quality (so why bother with good quality). And so very many customers do.

Personally, I vote with my wallet: I buy the best that I can afford regardless of where it's made - if two items are found to be equally good and one is US-made, I'll buy that one. As far as possible, I try not to reward *any* company for selling slipshod merchandise.

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We live in a global market - my "American" Ford is made in Mexico. Previous Fords I have owned in the UK were made 1. in the UK 2. in Spain. US car makers didn't improve their products until they faced serious competition from 'foreign' car makers. Most of which now manufacture in the US, from drive train to body to assembly, providing jobs for US workers.
It's impossible to separate components out these days. Many things labelled as 'made in the US' may include 'foreign' components.

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Yes, it can get pollitical, but it does not have to be that way. I'll keep buying made in America products.

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We have so complicated the sources of things and where they ultimately come from. Factors that influence quality and price can indicate the good and bad that exists in those places. Pride in performing the work well is a big one for me. This is a trait that would lift up the desire for the products and help to match the cost to the workmanship.

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A few years ago, I happened to notice that my favorite brand of tooth paste was distributed by a well known US company, but the contents were made in West Germany.

Now, everything is distributed by an American company, but no reference is given as to where the product was actually made. Check out some of the things in your home.

Is "made in" the same as "distributed by"

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The made in and distributed by is not the same thing.But jobs are jobs. I remember back in the dark days about 3-1/2 years ago where several companies closed many of their distribution centers because people were not buying enough goods to keep the centers open. People lost their jobs.

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