Math and computers.

don_socalFebruary 7, 2011

This link is to a computer rendering of a house design. Math people and computer people will like the nuts and bolts used to put the drawings together with explanation in the second link. Dorph?

Be sure to scroll down as there are more pictures in the responses.

Time Travelers House, Tolgahan Gungor (3D)

Quadruple precision floating-point format

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Never mind the math and computers, I take it.
Now where am I to put my stuff?

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Sorry about the late response. Had surgery Friday, so the past few days have been spent in the arms of Morpheus.

One handed typing my be the norm for the next few days.

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I luv this post. Sometime ago I saw a documentary of a renown artist that was asked to design a building for an art gallery in a very tight space. He designed it in his vision, the computer people did their tests of his vision, and decided that it was viable and it was built.

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Sorry to hear you had to endure repairs Michael. Are you willing to give details? Hope this post has at least brightened your recovery.

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The surgery has to do with the melanoma that I had removed. This surgery involved the removal of between six and eight square inches of skin that surrounded said melanoma. The removal site is ellipsoidal in shape, to get the needed margins and to make the wound more closable. What was not closable needed a skin graft. They used a Zamboni type machine to shave off the needed skin from my hip. Sort of like robbing Peter to pay Paul. Two scars for the price of one. I don't particularly mind, if it does what it's supposed to do. What's another couple of scars, anyway. They don't freak me out.

Everything went OK, except for a little incident with bone head physician giving me an anti-biotic that I am allergic to. I didn't know that I was allergic to Levaquin, but I do know now. It's related to one of the anti-biotics that I told the physician about. So there I am on the table, he ignores the suggestion about what I can safely take and hits me with it. Within a minute, as it's traveling up my arm I start to experience severe itching, burning and hives. So bone head physician stops the Levaquin. I tell him that's not enough, better hit me with something that will counteract the poison. So he hits me with benadryl and steroids, and proceeds to do the surgery.

This is not the first time bone head physicians have done this to me. One of the anesthesiologist accused me of being on beta blockers. He couldn't believe I could have a resting heart rate of 54 bpm without some kind of drug interaction.
Told him of my triathlon training, running ~40 miles a week and biking ~100 miles a week. He still looked skeptical. He obviously wasn't an athlete.

I know doctors are human, but still, I expect them to maintain higher standards.

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Michael, hope your recovery is swift and the results all they should be. (I'll bet the place on your hip hurts as much as the one on your arm!) Healing thoughts and good wishes coming your way. Can you stand a hug or two?


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Thanks for the details Michael, Hope the healing is fast and complete. There are good and no so good people in every walk of life. I ran into a Doctor the other day that was so compassionate, professional and thorough that it just amazed me. My regular out patient doctor was not in that day and I got hooked up with him as a substitute. They are out there just as there are teachers that are inspired and a pleasure to learn from.

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