A weird flashback.

gandle(4 NE)February 8, 2014

Leone set up her small quilting frame in a spare bedroom, the quilt drapes down on 3 sides, touching the floor.

Weird but I see a tent.. The memory that popped in my head was of crawling under a quilt that grandma and one of her clubs were quilting. I couldn't have been more than 4 years old and laying on the carpet with a toy car. I had the quilt on top and was surrounded by a forest of mostly ankles and shoes. I was busy running the car overt a stripe in the carper, I guess pretending it was a road and There was non-stop chatter and low laughter from the women and I never felt anymore secure in my life.

I fell asleep and remember when grandma woke me because the women were all in the big old kitchen and there was fresh warm gingerbread with the extra thick whipped cream. There was even a maraschino cherry on top. Remember not caring for the cherry.

Man, I must be losing it flashing back about 83 years just by looking at a quilt draped over a frame. Ought to get my head checked, must be running a quart low. Enough, more than enough.

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I love reading your stories. Tell us more.

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A beautiful memory, something to treasure. Brings some of mine to mind.

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Wonderful flashback! With a feeling of security and of good feelings. Some things from the past just got to be brought out of storage every once in a while, nothing wrong with your head,George

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Sometimes I wonder how our mental filing system works. Seeing or hearing something opens one of those drawers and what falls out is completely unexpected. You are not alone, Georg.

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George, we never get enough of your stories and reminisences (sp.?)--Oh heck, remembering things! :>) Your memory of being warm, cozy, and secure is a very precious memory--one that got tucked away in the recesses of your mind.

Thanks for sharing.

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Never enough, George. Your posts are what keep me coming back here. Thanks for sharing your memories. :o)


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That's such a beautiful flashback to come popping up like that. Ever notice how a song or a certain smell takes you somewhere you've forgotten? Happens to me all the time. You're such a gifted storyteller. We WANT MORE! Thx George!

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(((George))) that was a special gift. Don't need your head checked at all!


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gmatx zone 6

I believe the older I get, the more frequently I have those kinds of memories pop up.

George, I really wish you would record on tape those memories when they happen and then have somebody transcribe them in book form. Do you know how much you inspire us and how much we love your wisdom, memories and great outlook on life?

By the way, how is the "crazy cat"?

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