Blooms like poppy or ranunculus

NavydocApril 8, 2013

I live in Mississippi and have a flower I can't ID. The local plant store looked at the pic and thought it was ranunculus, but after some reading, I don't think that's what it is. It first bloomed in Jan or Feb, and didn't seem to mind the nights in the 20s. It makes about 2in diameter blooms with many petals. The first blooms were white with pink center, but now it has an indigo-colored bloom (beautiful!). The blooms last about a week and there are usually only one or maybe 2 blooms at a time. They grow up from the base on long single stems. The leaves look a LOT like a ubiquitous weed that grows in my yard and gardens (don't know the name of that one either), with leaves that look a little like cilantro. I've tried every google search I can think of. I'm new to gardening, but would love to learn of a good site to help with ID, so in the future I can figure it out myself. Until then, any help is appreciated!

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Yes! Thank you!!

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