Do I spoil them?

lilod(NoCal/8)February 6, 2011

Some say that I spoil my animals, particularly those called livestock, the goats and chickens.

They have shelter and food and water, affection when wanted, vet-care when needed and an appropriate environment.

I call it good care and my responsibility.

Dogs and cats get the same treatment, and a bit of discipline when called for.

Dog has her own sleeping quarters, outside, for the night and she likes it that way, cats have an option: either in or out and prefer in and on my bed.

Is that spoiling/ I think not.

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That's not spoiling, it is treating the animals in your care with the respect they deserve. That you love them is a given.

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That word "spoil" is interesting. When someone uses it,say in reference to animals, I think it means in their opinion you are doing more for your pets than they are.The next time you see whomever it was that said that,ask them to define what they mean by spoil. If your goats are eating at your table then that's spoiling them,Lilo. LOL

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sweet_betsy No AL Z7

You bet I do.
For being glad to see me when I come home.
For smiling with those silly dog teeth.
For always being close by my side.
For being a wonderful companion.
For all of the silly things he does.
For enriching my life.

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I don't see where you are "spoiling" your animals. You have chosen to be a care taker and that's what you are doing.

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If going out in single digit weather to seek special toys for Baby Kittah is spoiling, then yes we spoil our pets

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I'm trying to get past the image of you dining with a goat, but if someone likes to do it that's okay. I love my cat and I'm sure I do spoil her but so what? She is good company and I really think she loves me too.

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