I'm tired

gandle(4 NE)February 4, 2014

of winter, it just won't give us a break. High tremp tomorrow supposed to be 5, a whole 5 above. Lets see, it will be spring in only 54 days. I'm tired of wearing these alien looking goggles, but they do work fairly well. I've learned not to stand up and try to walk with them on. Switch to regular ones for about everythinh but for reading.

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I would not mind the winters of my youth, 2 1/2 to 3 month snow, enough to go skiing every day, here and there a thaw and a day of snow to keep it white again and relatively even temps.
What gets me is this up and down. Yesterday and tonight we had thaw, snow, rain, ice rain, snow again then sleet. The trees slimmed down, their branches weighted down by ice, reaching to the ground and the power and oither lines look like the icicle decorations left over from Christmas.

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Don't laugh, but I have gotten sick of sunshine and blue skies, dead pastures and dust! The dry well and toting water. It seems the weather has not been kind to anyone, has it?
When I opened the NOAA website this morning, there is happy news: some rain everyday, leading to a big storm this weekend.
The well may recover, at least enough to shower every once in a while and to be able to flush, if not overdoing it.
The pastures may even get green, the way they should be.

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gandle(4 NE)

Apparently I'm not very good at arithmetic, let's see, 28 minus 5 plus 21 probably should equal 43

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I hear you George. Chicago is about 30 inches over a normal winters snow as of 2/1. We received 7+ inches between last night and today and it is still snowing. Negative 3 for tonight, high of 5 tomorrow and -6 at night.

I am so sick of coats, sweaters, boots and wearing layers. And a heating bill that was 3 times last years had me in tears.

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Here in CA we need some moisture, We need rain and snow. The sierras need snow for the snow pack and the ski slopes. Even the bears are confused by the warm/dry weather. They are not hybernating.
We need rain to kick start lilo's well.

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Nothing. Not a bit of snow! And here we are in the home stretch! It's such a weird winter. Bitter cold as it has never been with no snow? I don't get it. Day before yesterday, it rained so much, creeks were flooding their banks. What's it going to be like come spring, hot and steamy? What a pardigm shift.

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I am happy, this weather is what goes for normal this time of year. Strange to be happy, as a rule I would complain about "all that rain"
and I have a whole week of it to look forward to, it rained all night! and for the weekend it's going to be pouting. How sweet it is!

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gmatx zone 6

Share and send some this way, Lilo.

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I spoke to my mother last night. She lives in southwest, snowed-in Missouri. She hasn't been out of the house since Wednesday of LAST week, and doesn't plan on being out until perhaps tomorrow or Sunday.

She has the foresight to see this coming, though. Stocked up on food, etc., made sure there was enough propane in the gas tank to keep the furnace going. Phone lines are functioning and people call her regular to say "what's up?" OK, so maybe that's not literally what they say. lol But they do check in. So yeah, she's a little stir crazy. However she realizes this too shall pass. She's waiting it out.


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jim_1 Zone 5B Illinois(5b)

For the past several years, we have not experienced "Winter" in east central Illinois. We made up for it this year. What is somewhat ironic is the the forecast indicates that we are due for a 'cold snap' beginning on Monday. It is currently 3ð. Come on, what the hay!

Consolation: two weeks from today, March 20, I am on my second day of a cruise to Hawaii. I hope that the neighbors are willing to do lots about our weather and the snow and my house plants. Some many dinner pay-backs!


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