I hadn't thought of that in years

gandle(4 NE)February 17, 2011

Leone was making gingerbread for dinner this evening and I was kind of helping when she asked me "did your grandmother make pound cake"?

She sure did, not often but as I recall, probably twice a year. We certainly had the home churned butter and since we had as many as 40 laying hens we had the eggs. But

sold most of them saturday evening at the cream station when we brought in the cream.

She always measured things rather haphazardly on a kitchen scale. The cake took a pound of butter, flour, eggs, sugar and I know heavy cream as used too but have doubts it was a pound. It was uusually made in loaf pans and I remember it being delicious especially when fresh berries or fruit was topping for it. Since there were no mixers back then grandma sure did have a workout beating and stirring the batter. Don't suppose anybody makes the old fashioned kind any more. Probably just more healthy versions but granddad lived to 90 eating food like that.

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I love good home made pound cake and I make a good one. My recipe doesn't actually call for pounds of ingredients.

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George, I love that kind of pound cake. My mother used to make it using black walnuts. She was a bit famous for it in our circle. I make the plain version about every couple years. Monday is Christy's birthday and she asked for a lemon meringue pie, but she loves pound cake, particularly toasted, so I should make some.

You mentioning gingerbread makes me want that. Mom made it pretty often. I rarely make it since Christy doesn't like ginger very much. We always made a lemon sauce to go on it. Yum.

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There is something just pure and simply good about food like that. Yes Gandle.......I made my share of them last summer trying to use up eggs when the hens were in overdrive. There is a late summer repertoire of noodle making, angel food cake baking, pound cake and baked meringues so as not to waste them. I also shipped off trays of deviled eggs to my husband's little country church picnics with a sigh of relief. LOL. I am down to less than two dozen hens from a flock of a hundred and no longer sell eggs due because the "uncle" thinks family farming needs to be micromanaged.

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I make it at least once a year. It's my son's favorite kind and I always bake a pound cake for his birthday...from scratch.

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I read your post last night and today my newsletter,by email, from King Arthur Flour has a recipe for pound cake I'm going to try tomorrow. It has cream cheese in the batter and a glaze for the top. Yum.I've craved pound cake since you mentioned it.

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Unfortunately I can't have cake anymore and now husband has joined me also. I used to make pound cake, love it but now there is nobody here to eat it.

Now why did I never think of using the not used laundry dryer for noodles! Thanks for the idea.

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Great post,gandle----you make me hungry!

Suzy; what I love about your pic is the placement of the filled drying rack on top of a beautifully burnished round wood table.---a convenient and adaptable piece of art.

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How I wish I could get fresh-laid eggs (I'd have to drive at least two hours to find 'em) on a regular basis. I've made exactly one cake in my life--a pecan from-scratch thing that was indeed delicious--but you're making me hungry as well!

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