the game!!!!!

kathyjane(z6VA)March 12, 2011

Va Tech just beat FSU by mere hundreths of a second!!!!!

The ball left the fingers of the FSU player just a fraction of a second too late for the last basket.

All those boys played a great game, but Tech came through right to the end with HEART!!!!!

I'm so proud of them!

----I know it's just a game and there are much more important things happening in this world right now, but these young men earned their place of honor with hard work and diligence. Good for them!

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Duke beat Maryland. Steve (DUKE FAN) in Baltimore County Maryland.

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You got that right, Steve!!!
Yaaay, Duke!
It was a good game, also----right down to the end---they had a big lead, as I recall....

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Glad your team won.

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