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don_socalMarch 2, 2011

Day light

Begin the day

the waking dream

linear time

goes fast it seems

The morning starts

in a haze

then hurries on

becomes a blaze

Stay on track

accomplish much

projects, desires

things to touch

Make them better

improve the way

all that watch

have much to say

Give from self

to reach the goal

the waking dream

can now be whole

The linear time

reverses speed

energy spent

rest in need

Time to think

reflect, muse

of the day

how was used

Back to dreams

renew the mind

the ones that

make spirit kind.

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Heavy stuff there Don. Steve in Baltimore County.

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I'm assuming when you don't have the author of your poetry listed,you are the author. You sure have a lot of talent Don,and are a man of all seasons.There are so many GPers I'd love to meet and you are way way up on the list.

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Wished I had your talent. Lovely.

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I am inspired! A good write to read at the crack of dawen, thanks!

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Don I loved this so much that when I read it I went to try writing a poem about the physical side of things, since you had encompassed the mental/spiritual side so well. Well I couldn't get the ending right and then forgot to post to you letting you know how much I enjoy your writing and find it inspirational to boot. Thanks for sharing.

    Bookmark   March 7, 2011 at 11:19PM
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