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lilod(NoCal/8)March 23, 2011

Beliefs can speed you up or slow you down, they can inspire, bring insights or can be shackles. The mental closet is cluttered with them; they clump up in little balls and make huge constructs, if left on their own. Since they are the construct of my life, I think it is well worth organizing, examining and keeping only the ones I can relate to, altering, updating and discarding the ones no longer useful.

It isn�t easy, because there is such a mess of them.


I believe once a choice is made, don�t script the ramifications - if they turn out not what was anticipated, look for the next fork in the road and make another choice where to go from there. Sometimes what seems to be a bad choice actually leads to a fresh and new vista.


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Sounds good to me Lilo. Steve in Baltimore County.

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Lilo, these quotes are writtten with great wisdom and everyday truth.
I really hope you'll do more of these; they are very refreshing.
Thank you.

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Lilo, both your quotes are so meaningful, but the second one is so appropriate for my DD, today especially, that I'm going to copy it and give it to her. (I hope you won't mind.) We never know from where our help will come, but yours, today, is much needed and appreciated.


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Great quotes. I espcially like the first one. Life changes and with new information and experiences our beliefs could change.

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