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lilod(NoCal/8)March 25, 2011

If you own something it can�t be given away, ownership must be relinquished first


Words, the materialization of ideas and thoughts - sometimes seemingly unbidden - turn into reality. Therefore, examine them and know which you use, how and why.


Core-belief: No matter what the outside, dire circumstances may be, everything will work out and have a good outcome. If necessary, detach from the situation, let it develop and pass on. Despair, panic or a sense of hopelessness will invite it to stay.


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You are quite the philosopher Lilo. Steve in Baltimore County.

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Steve, my cats say: "Humans think too much" LOL

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Re the first quote. Interesting thought. I guess if you're talking about a "thing" or not. It must be "relinquished".
I give away all kinds of stuff. Time, money, food etc.., Come to think of it, it is my choice what and when I give something away.

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West Gardener: Many gifts come with string attached, the giver implies an obligation on part of the recipient to treat the gift a certain way. I believe once it is given, I have no more interest in it, it is for the recipient to do with as they wish, I don't own it any more

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Excellent, Lilo!
The last one; the last one I've been trying to learn/live by for the past some years.
When one is put 'in charge' from the age of three, on, it's hard to free oneself of that lable later in life.
Can be a real drag, until the lesson is learned...

You are forthright and magical at the same time.

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These are good, I have had fleeting thoughts of things that have changed possession, Interesting concept to posses.

What came first, the word or the thought behind the word, like the chicken and the egg.

So true.

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