Midweek Musin'

endorphinjunkie(z7bAlabama)March 23, 2011

Is it Wednesday yet?

Reffed a triple headed soccer matches tonight and haven't done that for a few years. It used to wear me out for a couple of days. Not so tonight. The swim/bike/run has paid off in spades after the last two years. Just kicking back relaxing with a glass of Shiraz and listening to the "new" album that I have just downloaded. Aja by Steely Dan. I have the vinyl album. Never have bought the means to convert my several hundred albums to digital format. The really good method of transfering analog to digital still costs almost a grand. A grand buys a boatload of digital music from itunes. Don't guess I'll buy the technology to convert the albums. It's seems to be cheaper to just replace them. Sigh. Guess I will just buy a new turn table and install it in the now what should be an antic console stereo that mum bought circa 1971. Any furniture made in '71 shouldn't be an antique. But that's 40 years ago.

Just tested my blood pressure and heart rate. 117/73. No need for hypertension meds anymore. Heart rate is 85, but that is to be expected after 4 1/2 hours of running. It should return to around 54 bpm by morning. Have signed up for a local sprint triathlon and an Olympic triathlon in Rome in the coming months. This is in preparation for an half Ironman distance tri I want to do in October in South Carolina. The year after I plan to do a full Ironman. Am looking to do Ironman Wisconsin. It's in the summer, but summer in Wisconsin ain't the beast that summer in the South is.

Another glass and I will be ready for bed.

They goat a name for the winners in the world.

I want a name for when I lose.

They call Alabama the Crimson Tide.

Call me Deacon Blues.....

Sorry iffin' I have been quiet lately.

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Michael, puulleeeeazzze leave your vinyls in their glory and enjoy them. Why convert something that is so close to perfect, already?
If you want better, richer sound, it'll come from better wires, connectors, etc. Look into it. I just gave back a ton of wonderful audiophile conglomeration to my old friend who set it up for me some years back. Lots of silver wires, gold connectoers----very little interference or restriction.
Enjoy what you have and make it more, not less.
Why did I give it back? I have the ear, but not the expertise to keep it all working.
The fewer buttons to push, the better for me these days.

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jazmynsmom(Z5 Madison-ish)

You're talking about the Ironman here in Madison in September 2012? The weather will be perfect for the amount of exertion required. Up here, September isn't really "summer." There'll be a nip in the night air by then, and our tomatoes will be in peril (average first frost date is 9/25).

I'm sitting at home with a cough and my first day in weeks with no obligations. Our annual Vernal Equinox bash was Saturday. 56 people showed up. They arrived at 7:00, and the last ten of them left at 2:30. The house is finally put back in order. I'm still physically and emotionally drained, but it was a blast. I am fortunate to have so many awesome friends to help with the prep, because there's no way I could have pulled that off by myself.

Even though it's raining/sleeting out and I feel sick, I'm going to have to get off my butt soon to exercise the dogs. The little one especially needs an hour of all out running every day or she's impossible to live with. Yesterday it was freezing rain and I felt even worse than I do today so we skipped. I don't think Toolie would survive me making that mistake two days in a row!

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Michael, your musin's are welcome any time. Your health accomplishments are amazing! You've probably added ten years to your life.

Michelle, I was thinking about your party over the weekend. It sounds as if it was a blast. Hope you recover soon. :>)

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Michael, glad to hear from you. Congratulations on your triple header soccer matches. That is quite an accomplishment.

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Michael, I am so glad you are ack to your usual good condition and activities.
I am sitting here early morning, it is snowing!! and the snow is sticking, this is California @ 1700+ feet.
I knew the aster Bunny better ready his sled, pulled by chickens, if this keeps up.

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lilod, ROTF , luv your thoughts about chickens pulling the easter Bunny's sled. Great imagination.

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West Gardener - It is so, today power was out most of the day, tomorrow is supposed to be a re-run of today, but at least I prepared for power outage,, so maybe it will not happen :)
Beginning next Wednesday the weather guessers tell me days will be "mostly sunny", I can barely wait!

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Congratulations Michael, wished I had your energy.
We had some snow overnight and a promise of more to come tonight. The hail on Thursday ruined all the Bradford Pears which looked like great white bouquets along the streets for 2 days and the daffodils which were in full bloom look like rats gnawed on them, many are laying on the ground, the stems broken.
Is there a reason I seem to host all the oddballs in this part of town? Racoons, opposums, a squirrel with almost non-existant tails. A fox sparrow with a big white ruff, a one-footed goldfinch, a mottled brown,red and grey cardinal, all for a couple of years and today a red-winged blackbird with bright white sides.

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Anneliese, you don't by chance live next to or down stream of a nuclear plant, do you?

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Not at all, just adjacent to a large formerly wooded area which ended up as a sub-division, no mature trees or bushes and in my backyard there is free food all year long and big hedges.
The almost tail-less critters are all accident victims, they had other wounds too

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