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don_socalMarch 1, 2011

Zip line

The rocks are high

the rope is taught

the handle in hand

without a thought

Two hundred feet down

one thousand feet away

they wait to catch

the ones that play

One step to go

for adrenalin rush

feeling a breeze

the mind is hushed

Now at the end

the heart beats slow

pounding in the head

time to go.


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How timely! I received a week ago an invitation for the opening of a zip-line near my hometown in Germany on Easter.
I wont be going but my younger son would love it if they would have send him a plane ticket, LOL.
Thanks, 60 years ago I most likely would have loved to do that, seems you speak from experience.

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I'll watch and cheer you on!

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I you get the chance go for it as long as there are good people handling the ropes and safety gear there are no worries, just a great experience. I have done it a few times.

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Don, you climb trees as a routine LOL

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Love the image. Thanks Don. I remember a while ago on the tv show The Race a couple of rather heavy people did a zip line. It sure did sag enough to let me know it wasn't meant for that kind of weight. Not that it would break, but the landing was less than... graceful. Smiles. Looks wonderful though.

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If I could be guaranteed that I wouldn't die or be maimed,I'd parachute from a plane,"zip" off somewhere,go para sailing,anything fast and exciting like that.Guess I'll have to be satisfied with the Tilt A Whirl when the local carnival comes to town.

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I did not know what a "zip line" was. I had to looked it up. But the feelings you describe in your poem can also go for other things,like getting ready to ski down a steep mountain or getting ready to jump a ski jump. You describe it very well.

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