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don_socalMarch 5, 2014

Every reign must submit to a greater reign.
Lucius Annaeus Seneca

God is the only being who, in order to reign, doesn't even need to exist.
Charles Baudelaire

Would Jove appoint some flower to reign, in matchless beauty on the plain, the Rose (mankind will all agree). The Rose the queen of flowers should be.

It is the function of science to discover the existence of a general reign of order in nature and to find the causes governing this order. And this refers in equal measure to the relations of man - social and political - and to the entire universe as a whole.
Dmitri Mendeleev

A short reign does not spare the masses.

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Good ones, Don. Now I must e-mail a couple of the quotes to a friend and then we have a lively discussion which cannot be done here.Thanks.

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Fine quotes about the reign of humans and Nature on a raining morning :>)

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I sure agree with" A short reign does not spare the masses."
Being born into a kingdom, I'm against any type of "reign". So glad the US have term limits.

Lilo, you lucky duck to have rain, We have had dark clouds, but no action.
Thanks for the quotes,Don.

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