Interesting things about Easter

don_socalMarch 29, 2013

What things mean and how they started, and then consider Peeps....

Israeli and international students and volunteers dig at an archeological site near Jerusalem and find Peeps having Easter dinner, They keep quite well you know.

Here is a link that might be useful: 10 Things You Didn√Ęt Know About Easter (But Really Should)

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Good link.

The older I get the more I see all of the different "religious observations" coalescing, not dividing. There is so much they all have in common. Does it really matter if we celebrate rebirth of our own lives, the Earth, or Jesus? Heck, let's just celebrate the newness of all life.

And I am really missing Mary's eggs! I'll have to go find some pictures.

Happy Easter everyone!

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A great thread on Easter! Baked ham and asparagus will be Joann's and my celebratory dinner, brown eggs are furnished by the chickens, all lay brown or beige eggs, different shades. The hares will play rabbit-tag on the goat pasture. Temperature is to be in the low seventies, no snow this year! The Osterhase can come in a buggy instead of a sled, that's nice,
The community egg-hunt for the kids can take place in the park instead of the hall, so it will be a good celebration for everyone.

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Lol at the peeps "archeological " site. I think of John when I see peeps.
I have always wondered how the bunny brought the eggs.......I still don't know how that is done.

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Lilo, ham and asparagus are on my menue too and of course brown eggs, only 4 in the Easter ring.

The use of ancient religious holiday by the Christians was used in reverse during the III Reich, but of course never took hold,

Our Easterbunny might have to use his rubberboots, it's supposed to rain. The community egg hunt was moved to this afternoon.

I brought in on Thursday a few forsythia branches with buds still closed and over night they started to open.

Had to grin about the memory of John and the peeps. Wonder what he is up to now.

Happy Easter.

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west, in the link it says it was a German idea. That the bunny would leave the eggs in a nest the children left out, which later gave rise to baskets.

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Thanks Rob, I must have missed that part of the article.

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No problem! It jsut really stuck with me. I thought, huh, didn't decorating the Christmas tree start in Germany (and promptly forgot to go check. Yes, yes they are, now that I have checked), and now this. Cool! Pretty imaginative fun for the kids (of all ages!).

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Baked ham was on our menue. I bought a whole ham, trimmed the ham, and saved the bone. Hubby cut the bone into pieces with his hack saw and today I fixed a mean split pea soup with the ham bone. I also fixed and old world hash, made with ham-onions,bacon and potatoes, called "Pytt-i-panna, it's a home made hash.
These are some of my memory foods from the old country,

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