Quotes 3/19/2011

west_gardenerMarch 19, 2011

I've been in shock over the destruction in Japan and I wanted to hear something from the PM and the Emperor,below are their quotes.

Prime Minister Naoto Kan told a national television address Friday that, "We will rebuild Japan from scratch. We must all share this resolve."

H.I.M. Emperor Akihito of Japan made a rare appearance on Japanese national television to share his thoughts and concerns about the aftermath of last weekâÂÂs 9.0 earthquake and destructive tsunami that followed.

According to the BBC News:

TV stations interrupted programming on Wednesday to show the emperor describing the crisis facing the nation as âÂÂunprecedented in scaleâÂÂ.

The 77-year-old �" deeply respected by many Japanese �" said: âÂÂI hope from the bottom of my heart that the people will, hand in hand, treat each other with compassion and overcome these difficult times.âÂÂ

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I am sure they will make it.. Steve in Baltimore County.

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If a country can rebuild itself, it is Japan. They have done it before and will again because their people seem to think more of each other than "me" and work together.

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It's such chaos, but chaos contains the seed for something new, I'm sure it will arise

Thank for the quotes, they all have been inspiring this week

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Thank you, West, for your quotes and for thinking of the poor inhabitants of Japan.

It is so surreal; beyond the scope of measured calamities heaped upon a country.

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Forces beyond our comprehension happen and we lose our anchor to the reality we know. It will take a while for the world to adjust and recover.

Thanks for the week of quotes.

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