Spring forward.

west_gardenerMarch 9, 2014
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I reluctantly did, the computer and the cell-phone insist. the other clocks say "whatever" - it sure is late earlier

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I have not changed our clocks yet, but I'm already confused.

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Lilo, you got it exactly right! My bedtime is usually ten o'clock--suddenly it was eleven o'clock. I had lost an hour's sleep just by turning the clock ahead. Unfortunately, it was also a night where I couldn't fall asleep, so lost another two hours! When it came time to get up and get ready for early church--it didn't happen. Thank goodness, the service was shown on our computer, so I was able to attend without attending.

I can sense a nap in the next hour and an early bedtime, tonight.

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As early riser, summertime is not to my liking. Get up when it is dark and go to sleep with the sun still up. Gain one hour of daylight - I looses one.

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lol, anneliese, I can identify.

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mwheel, you're not alone. The other night, I looked at the clock it was 11:30, then it was 1:30, then 2:30, and then, a moment later, it was 3:15?! All night long, I watched the time. Seeing it change officially? weirdness! I love the sun being up later, but really don't like getting up in the dark! Dang it. We just got back to sun being up when I was on my way to work. Didn't have to have the headlights on or worry about the boy at the bus stop.

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