Kentucky Headlines this week

anneliese_32(6)March 31, 2012

"Clash of the Titans" - "Battle of the Bluegrass" - "Civil War" - " A House Divided" and that is from just two newspapers.

Kentucky might be known as the Bluegrass State or horse country or the Derby State, but in reality, Kentucky is the BASKETBALL STATE! Derby is a 4 - 5 week madness, other kind of sports are tolerated but basketball is a 52 weeks a year topic.

Today UoL plays UK. Meetings have been moved, concerts and other performances have been cancelled, weddings if not moved, have TVs in the receptions areas. Prescribed clothing is either Cardinal Red or Wildcat blue. Banners must be flown on all houses declaring their loyality and cars musts have flags. Donuts come with red and or blue frosting but can be ordered in both colors in case you have followers of both teams in your family. The later scenario might lead to big family fights. Police patrols have been doubled for this evening.

Anyhow, Kentucky today is madhouse and that's why today's quotes where from basketball players. In case there were other news this week, let me know, here you heard and saw only basketball.

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Which is your team???????????

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Personally I don't give a hoot, I am a soccer fan. Now if you take my family in consideration, it's another matter. Two sons, one granddaughter and one daughter-in-law who also is a professor there, are all UoL graduates. Luckily they don't live at the house and I can excuse myself from all the hoopla and read.

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When it comes to drooling over basket ball or clippers, I'll take the clippers.

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Well you have an answer now.

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