It's a gourmet Doug, er, dog

mjmercerMarch 12, 2011

Just wondering if anyone here has heard of Hot Doug's in Chicago? The owner, Doug (duh lol), has taken hot dogs to an entire new level of gastronomic experience. He refers to his place as an encased meat emporium. lol

I'm joining a group of foodies there later today. They will be savoring all kinds of exotic concoctions described in the link below, while I enjoy a Diet Coke and perhaps a bag of potato chips.

I'm not a meat eater so I'll let the others enjoy. *I* want to check out Doug. His mom has been my neighbor for years. This is my chance to see if the acorn is anything like the tree!


Here is a link that might be useful: Hot Doug's

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While I am not a big meat eater, I can see myself chewing through the whole menue. Belong to the people who like to eat anything they have not had before. Enjoy the visit, even if it is w/o tasting.

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Oh yes, I would want to visit more than once, some interesting combos on the menu.

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I'll take one of each.

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I am working toward less meat more veggies but this looks interesting.

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I love sausages and the menu looks so good.
Don, there seems to be a semi veggi among the goodies.

Spinach and Mozzarella Chicken Sausage with Sun-Dried Tomato Mayonnaise and Smoked Provolone Cheese

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petaloid(SoCal 10a/24)

I hope you had fun and I'm looking forward to your report!

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So how long was the line? I haven't had a hot dog in over a year, but I have had Hot Doug's a number of times--first tried them when they were on Roscoe, I think. These days it seems like they're always really, really crowded, no matter the day or time, though the line moves fast, usually presided over by Doug himself. Did you get the duck-fat fries? They also seem to be one of the only places in the city that offers up my preferred Vienna product--the FireDog. Plus they do an andouille sausage. Hope you enjoyed it.

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You were spot on with your observation about the exceptionally long line, Ann. Temperatures on Saturday were in the very low 40's with a whipping wind. When I got to Doug's the line was indeed snaking down the block. I decided it wasn't worth risking a bad sore throat and cold just to suck down a Diet Coke while everyone else had a Doug. So instead I went to Starbucks, which was giving away mini pastries with a coffee purchase. and cupcakes. Now that's good eatin'. :o)


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The days that I don't cook, DH fixes himself "a doogie". Hot dog, white bun, red onion, cheddar cheese and everyday brown mustard. He's a hot dog person.

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