Chicken Little

anneliese_32(6)March 8, 2012

A neighbor in her sixties is driving me bonkers. She called me yesterday two times, rang the doorbell at 10 PM and called again at 7 AM today on account of the sun flare.

Wants to know what to do so we will not get harmed.

I was tempted to tell her to wrap her head in aluminum foil and hide underneath her bed.

No, she is not nuts but believes every rumor about the end of the world an sees disaster around every corner. She lives alone, has no family and people avoid her because of her negative attitude.

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Yep, I was thinking in terms of aluminum foil. You never know, could be the end of the world. Don't think so. Tell her to read Edgar Cayce. A lot more has to happen before the end of the world. Tell her only to knock on your door or call you once NY disappears and Atlantis reappears. HA!

Here is a link that might be useful: end days-according to Cayce

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Be sure and tell her that the worse is all over with.

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pris(8B TX)

Speaking of Edgar Cayce. My "little old lady" neighbor claims to be a psychic on the order of EC. I've yet to see anyone she's healed or told them about their past lives. She reads anything she can on the supernatural and believes every word. Not to mention the many tall tales she tells on a daily basis. Everyone in the neighborhood avoids her like the plague. It really is a shame. She's up there in age now and no one wants to visit.

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sounds as if there is a good case of some sort of dementia. It could have been developing for years.

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Reminds me of a lady whom I had known on a casual basis many years ago but with whom I haven't had contact in years. She happens to live a few miles away from me further out in the country and every time her electric would go out, she'd call me to see if mine was out as well. LOL. That's the only time I ever heard from her and I don't know why she'd call me in particular. I don't mind, but I don't understand.

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Re end of the world, I read or watched something recently not sure where now. How the end of the world predictions were all wrong. Something about the different calenders they used did not account for the expanding universe or the planets rotations. We adjust our calenders by having leap years. Didn't retain the explanation but the gist was if you adjusted the dooms day calenders their dates have come and gone and we never noticed....

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I like rob's reply (((anneliese)))

(((neighbor))), hugs to both of you.

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