#257- PreSpring things to do...

babs_clareMarch 9, 2006

...or make that 257,000,000,000 tiny sticks,pine needles and general yard particles to clean up before spring gets here; )

You know what to do...

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flowerluvr(Z5 IN)

Babs..."It's best for my performance to only be seen by drunken audiences: ) " Not a problem..let me know when you're uploading it, and I'll crack open a bottle of wine, lol!

Mary, I'm so glad to hear that Ruth and the family are getting settled in. Nothing can replace what they lost, they've been through so much, but I wish them much happiness in their new home. I can't believe the levies are being rebuilt to '59 specs. Seems like only a matter of time until another disaster, then, doesn't it?

Lol, I ordered 'Thomas Edison' also. Let's ALL send one to Deanne!

Martie...talk about great minds, lol! I had wondered about the sleep number bed for the SAME reason. Jim wants a softer mattress than I do, and I was wondering if my "hard" side of the bed would keep him corralled on his side. Of course, to hear him tell it, I take all the covers, take up the whole bed and snore. He does NONE of those things. It's his story, I guess he can tell it however he wants...but he snores like a buzz saw ;)

Yesterday, I baked some flax oatmeal raisin cookies. Not bad! Since I don't eat much sugar, they tasted sweet enough to me, but Jim thought they needed to be sweeter. Go figure...he'd probably mainline sugar if he wasn't scared of needles :( But, as he was eating his fourth or fifth one, he said, "Ya know, these kind of grow on ya!" Had to explain to him that they're not miracle diet cookies, there IS a pound of butter in the recipe (for 60 cookies), so a little restraint is still in order. I had one with my yogurt and flax meal after supper, and was perfectly happy. Guess it's better than him eating some of the store bought stuff that he loves so much. He can eat half a dozen of those creme stick things..you know, the pastry thing with frosting and cream filling...without batting an eye. All progress is good-half a dozen flax cookies HAVE to be better than that, right? The next time I make them, though, I would add more cinnamon. Jim has managed to lose a couple of pounds, though. Lol, he didn't have much choice, grocery shopping has drastically changed around here.

Gotta run, just got a call that Mom's not feeling so good today, so I'm going to go up there, and see if I can get her to go to the hospital

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taryn(S Ontario Z6B)

Sorry I haven't been around, soooo busy trying to get my seeds up on Ebay while the seed-starting season is in full swing. Ei, THANKS! I won't get rich on it, but it will find good homes for my seeds--hate to see fresh seed go to waste!

You asked which ones were "most" rare--I don't really know, love them all! YOU decide, lol! Here's a cut and paste from my list, most of which I'm putting on Ebay (257 types? Almost!):

Adlumia fungosa Allegheny Vine
Agastache astromontana 'Pink Pop' Mexican Hyssop
Agastache foeniculum 'Golden Jubilee' Golden Anise Hyssop
Agastache x 'Blue Fortune' Anise Hyssop
Alcea rosea, single red Hollyhock
Alcea rosea, single white/pink Hollyhock
Alyssum saxatile Perennial Alyssum, Basket of Gold
Amaranthus 'Intense Purple Joseph's Coat, Love Lies Bleeding
Anemone biarmiensis Windflower, very pale yellow
Anthriscus sylvestris 'Ravenswing' Ravenswing, Cow Parsley
Aquilegia (unknown blue with green tips, very flared) Columbine
Aquilegia flabellata 'Nana alba' Dwarf White Columbine
Aquilegia saximontana Rocky Mountain Columbine
Aquilegia vulgaris 'Black Barlow' Columbine, double black
Aquilegia vulgaris 'Magpie' AKA 'William Guinness' Columbine, purple/black and white
Aster alpinus Dwarf Aster, pink
Aster latiflorius 'Lady in Black' Calico Aster
Atriplex hortensis 'Rubra' Red Orache, Mountain Spinach
Canna indica (few) Indian Shot (red flower, red-edged leaf)
Caryopteris divaricata ?
Ceretotheca triloba South African Foxglove
Chelone obliqua Turtlehead, pink
Cimicifuga ramosa 'Brunette' Snakeroot, purple foliage
Clematis (Unknown) 2 tone pink single, spring-blooming
Cleome hasslerana Spider Flower, pink
Coleus scutellariodes Palisandra Deep purple-black big-leaved coleus
Coreopsis grandiflora 'Early Sunrise' Tickseed, bright yellow
Corydalis sempervirens (few) Pale Corydalis, Rock Harlequin
Cosmos bipinnatus 'Sensation Mix' Cosmos, white, light pink, dark pink
Datura discolor (single white with purple throat) Angels Trumpet
Datura metel 'Double White' (few) Angels Trumpet
Datura metel 'Purple Petticoats' (very few) Angels Trumpet
Datura meteloides 'La Fleur Lilac' Angels Trumpet
Dianthus, unknown dwarf pink mixed with Gypsophile repens 'Rosea' Dwarf Pinks and Dwarf Baby's Breath
Digitalis ferruginea Rusty Foxglove
Digitalis lutea Perennial Foxglove, butter yellow
Digitalis purpurea 'Excelsior Hybrids' Foxglove, pinky-mauve
Dolichos lablab Purple Hyacinth Bean Vine
Echinacea purpurea Purple Coneflower
Echinacea tennesseensis Tennessee Coneflower
Echinops ritro Globe Thistel
Eryngium (unknown) Sea Holly
Eupatorium fistulosum Giant Joe Pye Weed
Eupatorium purpurea Joe Pye Weed
Foeniculum vulgare Bronze Fennel
Gaura lindheimeri 'The Bride' Whirling Butterflies, white
Geranium x oxonianum 'Katherine Adele' (few) Variegated Cranesbill, pink
Glaucum flavum Yellow Horned Poppy
Heuchera, several types mixed Coral Bells
Hosta Streaky Mix Plantain Lily
Ipomoea 'Zeeland Mix' Morning Glory, early blooming mix
Lavendula vera English Lavender
Lilium, probably 'African Queen' (few) Trumpet Lily, gold
Lunaria annua Money Plant, Silver Dollar, Honesty
Lychnis conoraria Rose Campion, fuschia pink
Lychnis conoraria 'Angel Blush' Rose Campion, white/pink centre
Malope trifida 'Vulcan' Malope, pink
Malva alcea 'Fastigiata' Hollyhock Mallow, light pink
Malva moschata 'Alba' Hollyhock Mallow, white
Malva sylvestris 'Mystic Merlin' Hollyhock Mallow, purple
Muhlenbergia capillaris (few) Purple Muhly Grass
Myrrhis odorata Sweet Cicely
Nepeta x 'Six Hills Giant' Catmint, pink
Nicandra physloides 'Splash of Cream' Variegated Shoofly
Nigella damascena (blue/white mix) Love-in-a-mist
Oenothera acaulis 'Aurea' Moon Flower, Resurrection
Oenothera macrocarpa Evening Primrose, lemon yellow
Oenothera odorata 'Apricot Delight' Evening Primrose,yellow turning apricot
Papaver somniferum, mixed pink Peony & Bicolour pink single Opium Poppy
Patrinia scabiosifolia Golden Lace
Pennisetum Glaucum 'Purple Majesty' Purple Ornamental Millet
Penstemon (Unknown) Beardtongue, pinkish white
Penstemon 'Huskers Red' Beardtongue
Perilla frutescens Japanese Shiso
Phlomis tuberosa 'Amazone' Jerusalem Sage
Phyteuma scheuchzeri Horned Rampion
Platycodon grandiflorus 'Florovariegatus' Purple-splashed Balloon Flower
Platycodon grandiflorus pumilus Dwarf Balloon Flower, purple
Polemonium (unknown) Jacob's Ladder, blue
Polygonum orientale Kiss-Me-Over-The-Garden-Gate
Pulsatilla vulgaris Pasque Flower, purple
Ricinus communis Castor Bean Plant, purple
Rudbeckia hirta (large-eyed, blooms all season) Black-eyed Susan
Rudbeckia hirta (small-eyed, late blooming) Black-eyed Susan
Rudbeckia hirta 'Irish Eyes' Green-eyed Coneflower
Rudbeckia laciniata Cutleaf Coneflower
Rudbeckia x hirta hybrida Cherokee Sunset Rudbeckia 'Cherokee Sunset'
Ruellia humilis Wild Petunia
Rumex sanguineus Bloody Dock
Ruta graveolens Rue, Herb of Life
Salvia argentea Silver Sage
Salvia coccinea 'Lady in Red' Scarlet Sage
Salvia forskaohlei Woodland Sage
Salvia lyrata 'Burgandy Bliss' Lyreleaved Sage
Salvia sclarea turkestanica lilac and white mixed Clary Sage
Scabiosa atropurpurea 'Ace of Spades' Pincushion Flower, black
Scabiosa atropurpurea 'Salmon Queen' Pincushion Flower
Seseli gummiferum Moon Carrot
Sidalcea malvaflora 'Party Girl' Prairie Mallow, Checker Mallow, pink
Stokesia laevis Stoke's Aster, pink
Tantacetum niveum Silver Tansy
Thalictrum aquilegifolium Columbine Meadow Rue
Thalictrum rochebrunianum Lavender Mist Meadow Rue
Tiarella, unknown white fall-blooming variety Foamflower
Tovara (Persicaria) virginiana 'Painters Palette' Painters Palette
Tricyrtis hirta 'Miyazaki' Japanese Toad Lily
Verbena bonariensis Purpletop Vervain

Phew, glad I didn't have to type that out! So far I've cleaned, sorted, packaged and labelled 1,390 packages and have 23 listings done--lots to go!

LOL some of you guys thought my seeds were, er, weeds! Not in this decade, lol! You're not the first to suggest it though in connection with my seedstarting habit. My neighbor behind me had friends over who could see the light from the grow-lights and was convinced I was growing dope! My neighbor knew better, but we both had a good laugh over it. I told her next time to ease her friend's mind and send a good looking cop to the door--I'd be happy to show him my "stash" lol! Also you'd be amazed at the number of people who find out I have a greenhouse and suggest it! Seriously!

I feel VERY bereft not starting any seeds for the first time in 8 winters, so at least packaging them is keeping me busy, and with my reduced energy is a good activity for me, plus I'm getting them out to people who will appreciate them like I do (my babies, lol!) Seedstarters, grow some for me! Idylls, if any of you would like any of my seeds, drop me an email. And EI, I only got a couple dozen Cardinal Climber vine seeds, but half of them have your name on them--just need your snailmail addy...

Re the new house, thanks for all the great wishes. I have 257mm of cortisol coursing my veins as there is another offer coming in on it, so here we go again! Had a couple spend 45 minutes viewing our house here with their agent Monday and had hoped that they were the ones, but the phone remains quiet. Sigh. We are again dropping our price and relisting on MLS in a couple of days. The house across the street has been for sale for one month, has less bedsrooms and bathrooms and no lot, just a pool, and they have sold for $20,000 more than we are asking! What's with that!??? I'm hoping it is just fate's way of making sure we had the "right" house to move to, and an offer won't be far off in our future now. I think not having a basement (5.5' storage area accessed down a ladder through a hatch in the floor) is what is hurting us the most, but we are averaging 2-3 viewings a week, so just need the right person to see it. Send good vibes please, at least 257!

So many comments I've "thought" to you all, but I'm stalling when I should be working here, but here are a few.

Michelle, 'Kenzie is just a doll! I love seeing "our" Idyll babies growing up! (without having to change the diapers!)

Brenda, good thoughts going out to your Mum--she sounds like one feisty octogenarian!

Ei, don't ever curb your posts, I love them just the way they are (you are!). You can "curve" yourself, but don't "curb" yourself, lol! Re juicer, I've only had it about a month. The plan was to have fresh juice before breaky every day, but I gotta say the hassle of cleaning it is making that plan go out the window. I'd invest more in an easier to clean model next time.

Da, how great to hear from you! (I know, I'm several idylls behind again!). I love the fabrics, especially the black print, and your choice of garments. You know, with your eye for detail, creativity, fashion sense and sewing skills, you should consider getting into fashion design. REALLY! Bet you'd find your niche in no time.

Babs, is Chris having eye problems? I'll have to go back and read some more. Good vibes going out to him!

Honey love the new "boat" lol! Looks very comfy, and hope it keeps Tom travellin' safe for many years.

LOL Eden and Deanne in showing SUCH restraint with ordering coleus and fuschias-NOT!! LOL! Loved all the pics on the last Idyll. Deanne don't know what variety of coleus that is, grew it from seed as well. Maybe I should grow just ONE mixed packet of coleus, move or new move. Whaddya all think? (I need some enabling here, lol!)

Norma, please check in and let us know how everyone is coping. I gather this came on very suddenly and was a big shock? Hugs to you, you must all be reeling...

Hi Marian! Lasagna beds look good, but go easy! Did the Lakota come yet?

V loved the skiing story. I can see that happening to me. Remind me to tell you all the gas station story some time, lol. Hope your computer woes are over now.

Sue, have fun in your 'hovel'--not! Looks like a fabulous resort! Keep the back strong, and have fun!

I hope I don't jinx it by telling more, but here is a 'cut and paste' from an email I sent my family about the new house:

It's in Atwood, which is just south of Listowel (and about half an hour drive north of 'Bug!) It was custom designed and built by an architect 80 years ago, and has neat features like tons of built-in cubby holes, a row of glass blocks in one of the 5 bedrooms, and unique light fixures. Main floor has mudroom/cloakroom, kitchen, living room, family room, sunroom, 2 piece bathroom and office. Upstairs are 5 good sized bedrooms, 2 full bathrooms, and a balcony off the master. No real basement again, but with all the separate spaces and the extra bedrooms there is plenty of room. There is a double garage attached by a breezeway, and with a 'party room' on one end. Will make a great cabana.

Kitchen and bathrooms need a face-lift, though they just put in a jacuzzi tub, but we got the place for less than 80% of what we're asking for this house, so can afford to do that! (and pay off all debts) Ikea here we come! It sits on .6 of an acre, so lots of room for gardens, another greenhouse and an inground pool for the boys (can afford that too!) As they are heading towards the teen years, I want to continue to be the "kool-aid Mom" and have them and their friends hanging out at home. The pool and separate video game room will help insure that. School is 2 minutes away and goes up to grade 8, so Shane can remain with his brothers. Chicken farm thing is not an issue, the surrounding land has been sold off. Link to more house pics below, though they are not labelled or in any particular order, sorry. The 'rough wood wall' room is the cabana/party room, the one with the wall of built in cupboards is the "office". The rest you can figure out, sunroom will be MY room! Maybe I'll have happy houseplants one day!

Now we just have to hang onto it, and sell this place! Thinking comments to everyone, but Turbolister is calling me, and I have to do a post office run. The boys are off school in 13 minutes for spring break, so will have them taking over the computer for the next 10 days. Glenn is off next week and we might head to my friend Dawn's cottage in Parry Sound for 3-4 days--snowmobiling and wine by the fire sound good to be, diet be d*amned! Hi to all! Gotta go....



Here is a link that might be useful: More house pics

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Sunny, windless, 56 degrees today. Spring is in the air! Wait, last March 20 I have pictures of snow. Well, at least today is spring like.

Cindy, 14 lbs. is fabulous. Way to go.

Marian, you sure have been busy. I admire your determination. The split boards give a nice rustic look to the beds.

Mary, its nice to hear that Ruth and family are settling, but how sad for BIL to see their former home in such a state.

Martie, amazing how demanding people can be.

Brenda, Im sending good wishes for your mom.

Taryn, the house tour was fabulous. Lots of great features. Best wishes in getting yours sold.


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Monique z6a CT(6a CT)

Norma, Im so sorry about your brother!

Taryn, congrats on the house and Im keeping my fingers crossed for you again!

Marian-happy anniversary!

So, Honey, Im a little late, but hope you enjoy this photo:

Tomorrow night were off to a dinner sponsored and paid for by my hubbys company to honor those that are in the top 5% in the company. Les was nominated again this year so we get a free night out with cocktails, dinner, and dessert. They also announce all the top employees and give them awards. They would have paid for us to stay over at a hotel near the banquet hall but we would have had to hire a petsitter, so we didnt partake. Should be fun though.

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Hi everyone

Taryn - the house looks fantastic! My fingers are crossed that everything goes smoothly with the selling of your current one. Your seed collection is awesome and must represent many hours of work!

Babs - I too have been thinking of Chris and hoping the results of his screening have another explanation. Today the temps hit the 50's, so I paid David 25c per quarter of an hour to pick up twigs and sticks. He liked the prospect of employment and gathered a huge container full in 30 mins. Do you think that counts as child labor?

Many congratulations to those who have lost weight! What an awesome and motivated group we have. I'm actually a few pounds heavier than I've ever been but I'm hoping that the onset of gardening season will put me back on track. Ei - is curves still going well?

Marian - I enjoyed seeing your lasagne beds in the making though it sure sounds like hard work. A new bed will be so much fun to plant up and make all your labors worthwhile. What will and determination you have!

Sue and Honey - I hope you both have fabulous vacations with lots of pictures for us. Is anyone else travelling?

Monique - enjoy a luxurious evening out! and congrats to Les.

Tomorrow it's going up to 60F. I have to work till 2PM but then you'll find me in the garden. We're going back into the 20's next week so there won't be any serious bed clearing, but I'm looking forward to general puttering and planting some hardy annual seeds. I'm also hoping the ice on the pond will melt and to get a peek at the koi.

Oops - almost Survivor time then curling up with some new books from the library. I have the latest Anita Shreve novel, an Anne Lovejoy book I haven't seen before and "The Inviting Garden" by Allen Lacey.

have a good evening


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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)

Babs I see you got the spring yen too, huh? Ive got lots of clean up to do too, but did get started with the OGs on a warm day this February and thats always the biggest chore. Its suppose to be warm this weekend and hoping to get out there and do a little more. BTW, wanted to mention that I take Bausch & Lombs Preservision. It was recommended to my mom by her eye doctor and I thought "what the heck; I might as well try it too." Cant say for sure that its made a difference, except that maybe my "lazy eyes" muscle does seem stronger? My vision isnt really that bad anyway, at least not the far and just started using those cheapo generic glasses for reading from the Walgreens. Please keep us posted about Chris and the retinologist. Im keeping positive thoughts that it was just a false reading. Has Chris noticed anything different about his vision? BTW, sis is going in tomorrow, so prayers and good thoughts; okay? :-)

Deanne how exciting about the new driveway bed. *Im* getting excited and its not even mine...LOL! I *know* it will be beautiful. You probably already have your design and plans (thinking about the gorgeous design you did on the other side). I did tell you I kept a copy of that one; didnt I? I thought it was spectacular and Im sure this design will be too (though I know it is a lot of work). I love to hear about the artwork you are doing too. Are all your pieces "sold" before you do them? Just curious cause you said "and get this one out of here by tomorrow". BTW, I havent had any spider mites on my EEs, but keeping my fingers crossed now that you told me it could be a problem. Oh, you didnt tell me...when should I send out the Illustris bulb? Would you like it right away or should I send it with Freckles. I will try to remember to email you this week-end, but its a little crazy here right now.

Honey - I love your Bellini/Fascination/Snow Fairy combo! I just planted Snow Fairy last year and am *hoping* it made it through the winter. I keep second guessing myself and wondering if I watered it enough last year. It was such a horrible summer. In fact, I think thats why Im so anxious for spring this year. I am *so* worried that I may have lost many things to last years drought. I think I want spring to come so bad because I want reassurance that I still have my plants! Loved your tree peony pic too. Thats gorgeous! I love the whisper of the raspberry tint in the soft creamy color of the flower petals that echo thedeep raspberry in the carples...Can you tell I am an admirer! :-) Is it a named tree peony? BTW, now I see what you mean how it could be very easy for you to have a patio (btw *love* your curved bench). Our house is too "raised" for that here and we have already decided we arent going to put any more money in this house. Paul *talks* about selling all the time and says this time he means it and plans to be out of this house by spring of next year. Part of me wouldnt mind moving, but a big part of me would. And there is no way I would leave my mom at this point. Oh well, Ill take a cue from Scarlett..."Ill think about that tomorrow."

Marian I admire you so...you are *such* a strong, determined woman...but *please* be careful. We dont want you to hurt yourself. That is a lot of weight and a lot of work for one person. I hope you are pacing yourself. Do you think there is any way you could get your son to come help you with that? Surely you can bribe him with one of your delicious meals! :-) Whats his favorite dessert? :-) Anyway, youve done a wonderful job with your lasagne bed. What plans do you have for those beds? BTW, I really like Vs explanation...you have Walking Iris...LOL! It kind of sounds to me like maybe the plant sent its shoots to the other side because there is something more preferable about that location? Has anything changed? I mean is there more sun on one side then the other? more moisture? Or maybe there is more root competition from the birch on one side vs. the other? I dont know, just a thought.

Mary...good to hear that things are looking up for Ruth and BIL. My cousin is still struggling, though she now has a trailer on her daughters property. We have been sending what we can to help her. She hopes to be able to buy a condo if the oil company gives her a decent settlement. The whole process seems so slow though and I dont know *how* she keeps it all together. Through this whole thing she is also taking care of her grandson as his father is trying to find work in Florida. BTW, hope you dont mind me asking again, but am thinking you probably missed it...Can you tell me what that *gorgeous* foliage plant is that you posted? I *love* those colors. BTW, I don't think I've heard of Anita Shreve? What books has she written? Always looking for something new to read! :-)

So who needs a Thomas Edison? LOL! It *is* a wonderous Dahlia...you are all going to love it!

Michelle We were windless today too and funny how I really noticed it. It was damp and drizzly (but you wont *ever* again in my lifetime hear me whine about rain) here, but felt much warmer than the temps. indicated just because there was no wind. Youre going to love Pretoria...its actually my favorite canna although *I* really like Wyoming too. Do you have that one? Id be happy to send you a couple of starts and *seriously* a Thomas Edison too...if you would like? Funny, I dont feel generous...I kind of feel like a pusher...LOL! I wouldnt offer if I didnt have it to share. I agree, I love to have plants from my friends, it *really* makes the plant special because it reminds you of that person! :-) So, Ill email you this week-end and could get out the Wyoming, T.E., and Green EE right away, if you have a way to store them or are thinking of potting them up right away. And hopefully be able to send Illustris and Tropicana later.

Martie I smiled when I read your "So, we'll try the Sleep Number and see if the firmness I want is uncomfortable enough for him to stay on his side." Out of sheer survival Ive learned that a cold foot on their back will keep them on their side too...LOL! :-)

Taryn Wow! I cant get over that list! You are saving some of that seed for yourself; arent you? You are so sweet! I cant believe you remembered that I wanted some of your cardinal vine! Thanks so much! I will definitely email you this week-end. Im trying to get to bed early tonight cause there is a long day ahead. BTW, if there is *anything* Ive mentioned that you would like, let me know and Ill send it along to your new place! :-) Anyway, the house is *wonderful*! I love all those hardwood floors...even on the 2nd floor! Wonder if there isnt hardwood under the carpeted areas too? Love the angled fireplace and that cool light fixture and the divided door. Lots of charm and character in that home, especially with the built-ins. I am absolutely in love with that glass door built in cabinet...that is gorgeous! Is that in the diningroom? Anyway, I am really keeping my fingers crossed for you. I know there have been a lot of ups and downs with the whole moving thing and can imagine the stress, but hoping the same thing..."fate and the right house". How cool that you would be so close to GB too! :-)

Brenda you hit on my soft spot...I *LOVE* Lucy! That was probably my favorite sitcom of all time. Loved the California trip too. Do you remember the By The Waters of Minnetonka song? It really is a beautiful song...until Lucy butchered it...LOL! Anyway you brightened my afternoon thinking about her and the chocolate factory and Vitavetavegamin, and the grape stomping...I *still* crack up just thinking of those shows. Thanks! I was never a Dark Shadows watcher, but I remember the girl who lived across the alley from me was a dedicated watcher and she use to make me made cause she would *not* come out when Dark Shadows was playing. The Naked Gun movies cracked me up too. Are you a fan of Dumb & Dumber? I never really got the humor in that one, but DH thought it was hilarious. BTW, I *love* your mothers spunk...good for her! She sounds like a neat lady. I hope shell be able to do all her "rollers" very soon! :-) Anyway, sounds like you are a busy girl with the farm and home improvements.

Which reminds me...congratulations to all you gals with the weight loss to report; Brenda, Cindy, GB, Deanne, Honey. You are a true inspiration! Maybe in a month Ill have something good to report too.

Okay, well this is very long and I need to get to bed early tonight. So good night all! Ei

For all you Flower Girls! :-)

The Cowsills
The Rain, The Park and Other Things

I saw her sitting in the rain,
raindrops falling on her.
She didn't seem to care.
She sat there and smiled at me.
And I knew (I knew, I knew, I knew, I knew)
she could make me happy (happy, happy).
Flowers in her hair, flowers everywhere.
I love the flower girl, oh, I don't know just why.
She simply caught my eye.
I love the flower girl, she seemed so sweet and kind.
She crept into my mind.
Suddenly the sun broke through (see the sun).
I turned around she was gone (where did she go).
And all I had left was one little flower from her hair.
But I knew (I knew, I knew, I knew, I knew)
she had made me happy (happy, happy).
Flowers in her hair, flowers everywhere.
I love the flower girl....

I don't know why...the song just popped in my head...LOL!

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Good evening all.
I spent all forenoon reading the last thread, and taking notes. I discovered there was a lot that I had missed at my first reading. I also know there is no way I can remember to make the appropriate comments without taking notes! I started typing my post right after noon. I hadn't got far when a very strong storm came up, with heavy rain and wind. The power blinked off, so you know what happened to my typed words. The inclement weather continued all afternoon. I am hoping it is safe to try again. I am very happy for the rain, but can do without the strong winds.

I will begin with answering Taryn. No, the Lakota has not came. I am hoping it is not permanently lost in no man's land! I am hoping the goof I made on the zip code is not the cause of the no show. Even if the Post Office had not corrected it at your end, the Arkansas P O should be able to do so.

Honey, I hope that job will be given to you. Wow, that's great mileage for a Merc Grand Marquis.It must not be a V8 ?
My Ford Contour is a 4, and gets that same type of mileage.
Your 'sinking' deck sounds like what happened to ours. I was so proud and surprised that Nolon was able to repair it.
Your Weds pic is a beautiful combo .

Babs, I do hope the diagnose of macular Degeneration is incorrect for Chris. Nolon got that diagnosis several years ago, but his hasn't progressed. We do eat quite a few greens. Spinach is supposed to be extra good for that. It has taken him awhile , but he now seems to like broccoli.
I am sorry your Mom is not over her sickness. Did you have to have her admitted to the hospital?
Re my car keys... it was the turned on ignition that puzzled me. I would have had to turn off the ignition to stop the motor, so I guess I will never know how it got turned back on.
Boy, you've got that right...how well I know " I need a helper"!But a body has to do with what they have, and I mostly just have "me"! :-(
So far the dragging hasn't caused too much change in my hurting. I am just soooo tired all the time, whether I work or not. Actually, working is necessary to keep my muscles from stiffening too much.
Nope - critters couldn't have redistributed the iris, and they are all still within the boundries of the bed. There are none outside the bed. I cage the bed as soon as the iris start growing, too protect them from chomping varmints.
LOL on your singing performances.
Hey, I could use a cherry picker too!
We have had a day here and there already that I have "strolled without a coat".
You have convinced me to plant Kalmia all over our yard! LOL ! The carnivorous wildlife would love all those carcasses! Do you suppose the toxin in them would harm the scavengers?

Eileen, I failed to mention how I love the colors in the anniversary pic for us. Very pretty. I guess I should learn how to put the text in pics, and add frames. ( But I probably won't!) BTW, the orange iris and red peony just happened to be blooming at the same time. No planning on my part. I am more into putting contrasting sizes and textures in my beds, without too much thought about the color combos.
The iris and peony aren't as close as they look in that pic.
I'm laughing my head off about the 'rusty roof ' thing! Congrats! Nolon has a Nephew-in-law that delights in asking me if I am pregnant. Thank goodness I don't incounter him very often. He has a problem! I do not look pregnant!

Cindy, How nice that you went to see your folks in Pa. , and that your brother is getting into a better variety of plants. It amazes me how many people don't know the differance between a zinnia and an azalea!

Norma, I hope you are okay. I have only one brother, and seldom see him, but will always remember our growing up together. We don't have much in common otherwise.

Wendy, the spirea is a S. thunbergii, and not only spreads too much , but requires a lot of pruning to look neat.It would be better for a shrub border, and will be moved there.

Teresa, why aren't you going to be "around much"? I love your witty posts. Are you okay?

Michelle, it's good to hear that you could have your windows open . I love having the house opened up. I've had the front and back doors open already.
Ilove the hydrangeas & daylilies in my anniversary pic.

Eden, wow! 50 container gardens. Do you have houseplants too?The pics you posted for our special days are lovely. I am more like you ( than Ei) with the combos in my containers, and I add houseplants to them.

Brenda, more congrats on your weight loss. I envision you as tall , and well built. I'm sure all that farm work keeps you toned up. LOL about your DH and the vehicle keys. Funny how people think. At church, and the local One Stop, I don't remove them from the car, but hide them from view. I try to always remember to put them in my purse when I leave the car, in town, and to lock the doors.

You gals have me chuckling about our anniversary meal. Compared to the fancy schmancy feasts that others tell about - it was pretty mundane - and definitely no embibing, just coffee and a cappuccino.
Speaking of embibing - have you heard the latest report on women and alcohol? Not good! Seems women are much more likely to become alcoholics. When I was a member of the EHC, one of Nolon's female 2nd cousins was a member too. She was/is an alcoholic. She was always slipping into the restroom with her flask. She called it her 'medicine'.It was so embarassing to her SIL that was also a member. Thank goodness, she never drove!

Thanks for the link about the sale of iVillage, Sue. I had read that on another forum a couple of days ago. I hope the mentality of NBC's Today show doesn't rub off on to GW!

Deanne, you and I have the same affliction. I too, can hardly throw away cuttings from my houseplants. There are always glasses and jars setting around with rooting pieces. A bunch are ready to be potted up, espacially the impatience, but I am running out of windows to put them in!
Hmmmmmm, I need a Bobcat, and a trailer, and a cherry picker, and ...and ... :-)
I'd love to see a pic of your Pieris. I hope your Leucothoe over wintered okay.

Mary, that is a Hibiscus in the anniversary pic isn't it? Neat! What is the one for Honey's BD?
You sound so busy...like you are burning the candle at both ends! I'm so glad Ruth and her family love their new location. I was there in june of 1952, and remember how pretty it was in Maryland. The honeysuckle was in bloom. The Greyhound bus that I was riding on broke down. The wait for the relief bus was pleasant because of the lovely countryside and the honeysuckles.:-) I was headed for Fort Belvoir, Va. and it was the first time I had ever been out of Idaho! Of course they will mourn the loss of their home. I still miss my home state, after being gone 30 years!

Martie, that's pretty warm for Vermont in March! T-shirts yet!I saw an elderly woman in shorts, in the grocery store last tues. Rather comical.
Don't let the soccer moms intimidate you. You know what is best fot you. So, did you go back and get the Phal? You don't want it in direct sun. A shaded west window should be fine.

V, hey! I consider it an honor to be the "oldest", whether it is in the office, or elsewhere! :-)

Brenda, did the "bone crusher" help? I sure need to see mine. A good massage would feel great! Wow, it sounds as though there is a lot going on inside your house. Hopefully some day I can hire someone to redo the interior of our house. After 22 years pf living, it sure needs help!
Funny how you think you will always be able to do such stuff....painting , etc.

Sue, I hope the long range forecast for both Ct. and Utah are as faulty as ours usually is. They change ours every news cast. I hope you heard the report on sleep meds. Scary!
I read " restless legs" , then saw it was " restless dogs" lol . I've tried spending more time in bed, bat am still just as tired. Hmmmm, you are recommending cocktail parties for children????

Marie, your field trip with your brother was certainly interesting. How in the world does anyone figure out all the mechanism of one of those organs? Such intelligence boggles my mind.

Ei, I have a differant theory about all the sinus woes, et al, but I will e-mail you about it.
I almost wish that my bad ear would block out all the night sounds that keep waking me . I sleep on my good (left) ear most of the time, but it is partly because it helps my acid reflux, and partly because my nose plugs up when I'm on my right side, and partly because of my bad right shoulder!
Has Paul been tested for sleep apnea? ( Same for Sue's DH).
The mahonia may not be a good choice for me. I recall seeing one at the nursing home that my MIL was in. It was pretty sad looking. I don't recall seeing any any more in Ark. There was a lovely one by my Idaho Dr's office. Blueberries grow in the wild here, but the tame ones that I have planted either died, or just barely survive! I used to have 4 o'clocks, but I guess they became more deer food!
Did I tell you I sowed the lupine seed between a row of daffodils in front of the wooden fence?I am hoping this lovely rain we are getting will bring them up. I still don't know what to expect about the forget-me-nots. I hope I recognize them when they germinate.
I had never heard about "crash". I'll watch for a video. We are still enjoying rewatching "Secondhand Lion".

Brenda, I need to watch for "Pleasantville",too.

My word! I still have gobs of notes... but am pooped! I'll continue tomorrow!

Marian...saying night-night!

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Yes, Marian, I got the Phal, and then went to the grocery store where they were 50% off and got two more. Don't ask names, I just know I love them and the flowers are all different. It was a grab and run situation before I changed my mind as I know that this time next year I'll have way too many. Oh, SHUCKS!!!! lol

At the very end of the last Idyll I asked about container companions for Papyrus that has been happy living in a bowl of water. Ideas?????

The house is Wonderful, Taryn!! Good thoughts are continuing, and how cool to be so close to Marie! Your yard looks like mine looked just two years ago -- Have Fun With It!

Ei: I LOVE that song and made a special dinner for DS after he found it to download. Yes, TV music at it's best!

Will report to all on the Sleep Number bed. Rich NEVER moves, of course. It is ME who slithers under his arms and tries to take back my share of the pillows AFTER I thrust them onto his side of the bed. LOL Good thing I love him or some nights I'd have to toss him.

Instead of Cardinal Climber this year I'm trying Cypress vine. Any experiences???????

60degF predicted for tomorrow!!! Then back to the same old crappy cold and drizzle but I'll Live For Tomorrow! Today get to go visit a very large shed place and Rich told me to keep an eye out ..... But don't we have to get this dN walkway in first????

Best to all, as always :-)


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Good morning all, well, we are having a spring warm up right now and the temps are 38 at 7AM. I love it, although I could do without the dismal foggy, cloudy skies. It is supposed to get up to 60 degrees by this afternoon and get windy later on. Tomorrow is supposed to be drop-dead gorgeous, sunny, a perfect spring day. I cant wait to get outside and get some work done in the gardens.

I finally finished up the magazine article yesterday afternoon and just made the deadline for getting it picked up by FedEx. If you look closely youll see me doing a happy feet dance here. The best thing is that Im going to be able to play in the gardens guilt free this weekend. Woohoo!

This week I started doing more cuttings from the mother plants under the lights and have done from 8 to 12 cuttings from Alalbama Sunset, Felix, Mt. Washington, Eclipse, Sedona, Magilla Perilla,Tilt-a-Whirl and Solar Flare. Ive also done a bunch from my hypoestes, iresine and my chartreuse plectranthus. I also want to get some from my white and green variegated plectranthus and my Plum Frost and Pineapple Wizard coleus. Up until now the Plum Frost and Pineapple Wizard werent quite big enough to get cuttings from. Then the fuchsia cuttings Hmmm. It seemed that several here were interested in the Lena as well as the Beacon Rosa so I took another dozen cuttings of each of those as well. Thank heavens Doug is putting up three more lights for me this weekend. A couple of the groups of cuttings are ready to get potted up but I dont have any space for them yet. But anyway, Ill have plenty to go around. If there are any varieties of these you want please email me and Ill get you on my spring mail-out list. I should get a job at a propagating greenhouse. I love making baby plants.

Yesterday I took a pic of the Pink Marshmallow bud I have on one of the plants downstairs to show you guys and especially Eden. You wont believe the size of this thing! I photographed it with a ruler under it so you could see how big it really is. I think it is about four or five inches in diameter. Incredible!

Brenda and Eileen, you arent going to believe this but I never liked ILLucy. That show always made me so nervous I couldnt stand to watch it. Probably because if Id done anything that silly Id have had the stuffing kicked out of me by my father. Anyway, I cant stand to watch any sort of slap stick type thing for that same reason. Turns my stomach into a knot.

Taryn, I cant believe your seed list! Holy mackerel woman. Can you still see without a magnifier after counting all those seeds? Incredible. ~~ I love the house. It looks so homey and inviting with all that wood. How many square feet is it? Hope all works out for you guys.

Eileen, I led you astray, the new border is not going on the other side of the driveway but on the other side of the front yard. It will be in front of that fence you can see in the upper right of this pic.

You are so sweet! Im incredibly pleased that you kept a copy of the driveway garden map. ~~ RE the artwork thing. I dont sell much of my work but do offer paintings for sale on my website from time to time but most of what I do lately is for the Decorative Artists Workbook magazine. Im thinking of doing paintings of gardens though. Maybe that would inspire me to start painting again. LOL Anyway, that is why this one needed to be out the door. The deadline for this was March 1st. I have another deadline on April 1st and Ive promised myself that Im going to start on it on Monday and get it out by Friday. Then I only have one more deadline for this year until convention and I meet with the Editor of the magazine and find out if they want me to do anything for the upcoming year. ~~ re the Illustris bulb, why dont you wait and send it with the Freckles? Please and thank you! BTW, thought youd want to know that when I was walking about the other day I noticed big, fat, red buds from where I planted Molly!!!!! How cool is that?

Honey, I love the Bellini/Fascination/Snow Fairy combo also. I wish you could have seen the smile on my face when I scrolled down and saw that photo! A new and different combo with some of my favorite plants. Too cool!

Monique, congratulations to Les!!!! Have a great evening. That hydrangea/grass combo is lovely.~~ When do you want to go to the orchid show??? We need to make plans soon and Im chomping at the bit to get down there.

Mary, I had to laugh at your story about paying David to pick up sticks and twigs. Many years ago the white pines here had a bumper crop of pine cones, I mean, the ground was completely covered in places with the darned things. Anyway, I told DD and her friends Id pay them a penny a pine cone to pic them up and I think it cost me twenty dollars!!!! Id forgotten about that until you mentioned that.

Brenda, LOL about Jim eating four or five of your healthful cookies. I so know what you mean. Just because it isnt bad for you doesnt mean that they should eat a bucket load of them. Mine does the same thing. His doctor told him he should eat almonds because of the good fat in nuts and he eats boatloads of them then wonders why he doesnt lose weight. He doesnt get that a serving is 11 almonds. LOL ~~ Hope your Mom feels better soon. She sounds like a spitfire.

Martie, how about making a small water garden in a very large pot? I used to do that before we put in the pond. You could get a mini waterlily too. I also have a lovely golden Japanese Sweet Flag that is in the stream bed of my pond that would do well with your papyrus. ~~ Jeesh, I cant believe you have parents harassing you because you cant volunteer to coach anymore. Thats just crazy.

Babs, LOL, yes I want to rent a Bobcat so we can get that front border dug out without it taking the entire summer. I know there are some significant rocks in that location. Doug ran into a bunch of them when he put the fence up.~~ RE MC, you are right, as of now there is no known way to slow or prevent dry MC from turning into wet MC. They do not know what causes it or what makes it get progressive. Not all cases of dry turn into wet. A healthy low fat diet, regular exercise and keeping cholesterol and triglycerides as low as possible cant hurt. It does seem to run in families although they havent proved a genetic connection. As more and more people are living longer lives this has become a huge problem and I believe is now the number one cause of vision loss. Hopefully they will find what causes this very soon so he can prevent any vision loss.

So Marian, what are you planning on putting in those lasagna beds? Looks like a lot of work to me.

OK you guys, ROTFLOL, keep those Thomas Edison coming!

Okie Dokie, it is now time to go and face the music, so to speak, and get myself to the gym. I havent been this week because I was cramming to get that magazine article out the door so Ive got to put in a two hour workout today.

Have a great day all,

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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)


I probably won't have time to post again before we leave. The dogs have to go out to my MIL's tonight, I haven't packed yet and I was hoping to get in one last workout by scooting out of work early this afternoon. We have to leave for the airport just before 5 AM tomorrow. But I will have my laptop and supposedly a high speed wireless connection so I should be able to conduct on line business as usual next week.

I must have missed the post from Honey about her deck sinking. What is causing that?

Taryn, great house-my fingers are crossed that you get it and sell yours.

Monique have fun tonight. What is that grass with the Hydrangea? Don't tell me ribbon grass...lol.

Martie, what weather are you looking at? I see 60s tomorrow and then drizzle and mid 50s on Sunday. By the look of things you won't even see daytime as low as 40s til next Wednesday. In a way I wish I could stay home and work in the garden this weekend. I'm not a great vacationer anymore. As much as I hate to admit it I'm most comfortable with routine.

Marian, I think you're confusing prescription sleep medication with the over the counter stuff that I use. Simply Sleep is just the sleep component of whatever they use in medications like TylenolPM. It sounds to me like the problem with the prescription stuff is people aren't following the directions properly.

Ei, I used to love Lucy too. I think I watched every one of them a million times in re-runs. That, Gilligan's Island and Hogan's Heroes-great old shows.

OK, must run.


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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Hello there,

The sun is trying to peek through the clouds. We've had some nice rains the last couple of days and some warmer temps. I'll have to crawl around the garden this weekend and look for shoots and buds! I dug lots of holes last fall and I'm expecting to see a lot of bulbs starting to come up.

Last night DD had a band concert and I'm so disappointed with how the new teacher is handling the band program. The band has always had a strong brass section, and at contest last weekend one of the judges mentioned how many strong trumpet players he had heard from our HS. Last night's program included 11 ensemble performances but not one trumpet performance. DD says the teacher hates the brass section, and I'm thinking she's certainly not supportive. She had only one brass ensemble play and they were so poor I heard snide comments from others in the audience - a rare event at our HS concerts. It seemed like she deliberately picked the weakest performers from the brass.

While I'm on the soapbox, I'm curious to hear what some of our idyll readers think of this. The English class is reading Grapes of Wrath. They were assigned reading partners, and each partner only had to read one-half of a chapter. Then the partners filled each other in on what they read in their half-chapter. The idea is taht they can move through the book quicker. Frankly, it would make me nuts!

Okay, enough carping!

Sue, have a great trip!

I haven't read everything else. I'll probably be back on Saturday and I WILL do a bunch of emailing on Saturday re: the idyllunion. Promise!


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Good Morning, We've had 1 1/2 inches of rain in the last couple of days. Things are soggy. It was warm yesterday but temps are supposed to fall through the day today. I got the rest of the work in the basement done the last couple of days. I was going to finish last weekend but that got put on hold when I got sick. I'm just glad I've got everything organized and put away down there. Now how long will it last? Today and tomorrow Bella and I will give the upstairs a once over and then Sunday and Monday I'll be free to do some major seed sowing. I did a quick garden walk this morning and can't believe how many things are poking up out of the ground. Ei, I see my Molly peeking out and also the paeonia suffruticosa rockii I got from Arrowhead last year and my double fern leaf peony that I payed an arm and leg for. Those were the three things I was most wanting to see. I planted a double bloodroot that a friend gave me last year too and I can't find it yet but I sure hope that one made it also.

Deanne, I checked out your new lights on the CG website. Are they the ones that are advertised "Worlds brightest fluorescent tubes grow plants faster"? If so, OH NO, your going to be lost in a jungle, lol! Seriously let me know how much of a difference you notice. I may have to invest in some! I love hearing about all the cuttings you're taking. I can't wait to see the f. pink marshmallow pic. That's one I have on order. I love the dahlias in your mailbox garden pic. That whole combination is just beautiful. So will the new bed be a hedgerow of all the Thomas Edison dahlias you're being sent, lol?

Marian, those beds you put together look fantastic. I know what alot of work that is and can't believe you did that all yourself. It's great you're able to get out and accomplish so much but I echo everyone else in saying please don't overdo.

Martie, sometimes I'll just leave a big water plant in a pot of water and mix it in amongst my other containers.

Ei, you asked about the colocasia in one of my pictures. It's c. black stem. I also have a red stemmed one called cranberry taro.

Here's the black stem

and the red

Taryn, I went through your house pics and I love it. It's got so many cool, unique features.

Monique, sounds like you and Les have a fun evening ahead.

Sue, have a great and relaxing vacation.

Brenda, check in and let us know how your mom's doing...

Norma, Your in my thoughts. Hope we hear from you soon.

Gotta get going for now, Eden

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Why,good morning!: )

Just wanted to mention that I've been thinking of ((Norma)) and sending Ei good thoughts for her sister. When you have a moment let us know how she's doing,((Ei)).
Brenda,I hope your mom is OK-good thoughts for her!

Yes Ei, Chris has distortion in his one eye-and he sees the distortion while wearing his glasses. The type of distortion he sees is consistant with the beginning stages of wet MD.
Deanne-what you mention about the well balanced diet is the same thing I've learned. When I look at Chris' state of health I have a hard time connecting MD to him. It's not in his family either. Lol I have to keep having pep talks with him to remind him that he really doesn't have the risk factors.
I just love your mailbox garden there!You have such a great knack for grouping plants.

Tomorrow I go for my eye exam-it's been years since I've been and I have a feeling I'll be wearing granny glasses soon. I'll get some hip ones hopefully.

I also only just understood about Honey's deck-not a fun thought to consider.

Man,we sure got some stiff winds here lastnight and expected through noon today. I always have a hard time sleeping when that happens since our house is surrounded by mature spruces and white pines. Luckily no loud crashes or branches hurling through the ceiling...but I am SOOOO tired now!

Mary and Deanne-great minds think alike. I did that same idea with AJ a couple years ago and almost went bankrupt-scattered pinecones look insignificant until they are piled high in a yard cart. He picked up over 700 cones! Luckily I didn't give him the nickel/cone he bartered for-he got a penny a cone.

Has anyone ever grown Anagallis monellii(blue pimpernel)? It reminds me of flax but the flowers are more like a deep gentian blue. Anyway,I bought some seeds and will try them in my window racks. They are supposed to be great in rock gardens too. I also bought penstemon barbatus seeds and Ipomoea 'Shiva' seeds which get white flowers. I thought they might be fun to grow along with the MG seeds(deep purple) I've got from Taryn.

My mom thinks it's so neat that I'm accumulating plants/seeds from all over North America from my garden friends. She thinks it's such a great way to honor friendships. She's right because I realize my gardens seem more special to me *because* they are more than just plants I bought and plopped in the ground. Aww OK, group hug everyone lol. It is cool though: )

Taryn-great list of weed there-oops seeds I mean; ) I guess you're our 'supplier'! I've been noticing Eryngium lately and maybe I should put an order in for some seeds from you. May I also have some Rudbeckia hirta 'Irish Eyes'? I need to stop looking at your list because before long I'll be requesting the whole list! I'll email you.

Brenda-lol about crackin' open a bottle of wine; ) So far there are no known recordings of our performance in existance...I hope to keep it that way lol.

Mary-it just astounds me that the devastating outcome of last summer and those levee failures could in fact be repeated again by such an insane plan to recreate them all over again. I just don't get the logic nor why they haven't learned from such a giant mistake in the first place. I feel terrible for those who have no choice but to remain in a dangerous place. Someone has to be responsible for the past being repeated-you'd think they'd take that into account.
When you described your BIL's return to his former home I got chills-how difficult that would be to go back and see. I am so glad they are able to pull their lives back together.

Sorry I have to split but I have some serious decluttering to do before Ryan's bday celebration next Sat....


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V, I forgot to say that I think that would be a very confusing way to read a book. I'd have to go back and reread it all myself after the assignment was over I think.


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Well you can see how well my plan to go clean went....I had to see Taryns pics FIRST- That is such a great house. I'm crossing every appendage I own that your bid is accepted!! Naturally I'm curious to know what garden plants you'd acquire-I noticed the trellis and planter in one of your pics lol.

~B(I promise I will be quiet now; )

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We are having these fabulous days in the mid 50s with sunshine, but would you believe that the temps are to drop for the weekend with rain and snow? I guess that I can finish painting the toy room. This is one of the upstairs rooms that I have set up as a playroom for the grandkids.

I planted some coleus the other night. Ive not grown them from seed before. So more lights are set up.
Rick is all for it since the kitchen counter under the undercounter fluorescents is getting full. Im thinking that Ill have to get one of those carts from Sams. I am finally seeing roots on the Kiwi fern coleus. How big of roots should they have to pot them up?

I liked Lucy, but my DD really loved it. She would watch it as a teen and just cackle. I got such a kick out of a teen watching that over MTV etc.

Deanne, the picket fence will make a fabulous backdrop for a border. In your mailbox picture, is that Pink Fairy rose? I have it, but it sprawls all over the ground. Im thinking that a small trellis might be advantageous. I like the way yours appears to climb the post. I just love that little garden. It goes to show how even a little garden can be fabulous.

Mary, my mom used to pay us a nickel for each ice cream bucket of dandelions that we dug out of the lawn.

Eden, your containers with the colocasia are so cool. I may have to copy that ;o)

Martie, Ive never grown anything in water, so Im no help.

Ei, thanks for the generous offer, Ill look for your email.

Sue, I hope you have a fun and relaxing vacation. Conducting online business ~ does that include us???

Im out for a walk before my lunch hour is gone.


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Taking a lunch break here. We may be getting some sun this afternoon. I'm just chomping at the bit to get out in the garden and see what else is coming up. I do see alot of my bulbs are starting to push through now too.

Mary, thanks for the update on your sister and her family. I can imagine that no matter how much they like their new home and area that it will take quite a while to get over the major trauma they've been through. I'm so glad to hear they're settling in though.

Babs, so tell us more about Ryan's birthday celebration. Are you going to be doing one of your cakes? You know we'll want to see...
I need to make an eye exam appt. asap too. I know my perscription has really changed since I went a couple of years ago.

Deanne, forgot to mention earlier that I posted a link to your driveway garden thread over on a thread on Cottage Gardens called "Show Me Your Garden Progression". Your thread is the BEST example of that I've ever seen and I thought the cottagers could benefit from it too. Hope you don't mind!

Time to make Bella some lunch. Have a good afternoon!


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Michelle, just read your post and wanted to say that you'll really enjoy starting coleus from seed. They start right out with their colorful leaves even when they're tiny little plants. They're lots of fun to grow.


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Afternoon all,
Wow, oh wow!!! It is 65 degrees outside and Im going to post this then get myself OUTSIDE, in the gardens!! Woohoo! Supposed to be shirt sleeve weather tomorrow too.

Well, you know how Ive always said I have a love/hate relationship with the Stairmaster machine at the gym??? Well it apparently has the same for me and it was on the hate side of the relationship. The d a - - ed broke while I was on it and I fell off and have one heck of a set of bruises. What a brouhaha. I had to get ice and then they had to fill out this accident report and on and on. I think the chain on the thing broke so the stairs just collapsed. Im lucky Im not hurt worse than I am. Jeesh, what a way to ruin a good workout. I wasnt even done yet. LOL

Sue, have a fantastic and wonderful vacation!!! That being said Im with you 100% on not being a good vacationer. I love our home and I enjoy being here and dont particular like to travel anymore. My idea of heaven is a couple weeks with no commitments so I can putter at will in the gardens. Now that is a vacation! LOL

V, that is pretty sad that the new teacher is letting her prejudice affect her decisions regarding the band. ~~ That is the weirdest way to teach literature Ive ever heard of. I cant imagine telling someone to only read half a chapter.

Eden, yes indeed those are the light bulbs advertised at Worlds Brightest . And the good news is that they have only been in three and a half days and I can already see a difference in the plants. The colors on the coleus are deepening and they are sending out lots and lots of new growth. You are so right though, Im going to be in a jungle here! LOL If they last as long as advertised they are going to be worth every cent I paid for them. I also bought one of those 200 watt bulbs that fit in any incandescent fixture. It only uses 55 watts of power. Well, Ive put that one on the Beacon Rosa and Pink Galore standard and they are also happy campers. I LOL at the hedgerow of the Thomas Edison!!! You are too funny! ~~ I just love your colocasia photographs. That red stem is a beauty and I especially love it with that pennisetum grass. What is the other plant in that container on the front right? How much sun do these containers get? My Black Magic got a lot of burning on the older leaves last year and Im wondering if I grew it in too much sun.

Babs, when does Chris see the doctor about the MD? I didnt know that they thought it might be the wet form. That is not good. I cant believe youve got one more problem on your plate with everything that is going on with his mom. Hugs to you guys. Hopefully it is a false alarm. ~~ No kidding great minds. That is too funny that you did that too. 700? Wow, DD had two friends helping her and there were indeed more than 2,000 pine cones they picked up. I was astonished. ~~ I so agree that it is the neatest thing that we all trade plants and seeds. It does make the gardens more special because our friends shared their plants. I love doing garden tour with friends and family and saying, "Now that is the dahlia my friend Dottie from Michigan sent me" and "Those coleus came from my friends Ei and Babs." Very neat.

Michelle, yea! More lights! The Sams club carts do make the best plant carts. Re the coleus cuttings. You can pot them up in soil any time really but I normally wait until the roots are an inch long or so. Some like Eden just pot them up in soil to start them off so you could probably do yours any time. ~~ Yes that is a Fairy rose in that garden and the one on the other side is one of those carpet roses. I bought one of those trellises that are two half circles that go around the mailbox post and have them climbing up that to get them up and over the mailbox.

Eden, thanks! I appreciate you putting up a link to that thread. So happy you and others enjoyed it. It really was a lot of fun to put together. I wish I had as good documentation for my other gardens.

OK Im going to get outside and get a little work done while there still is some sunshine here. Have a great afternoon all,


PS Eden I didnt forget that pic of the Pink Marshmallow for you but Ill do it tonight. I want to get outside while there is sunshine.

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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)

Hi Idylls! Just a quick post. I came home to let the dog out, but now have to go back to the hospital.

My sister made it out of surgery, but has ovarian cancer that has spread. This has been a hard year and I hope you will all understand when I say I just don't think I will be at my computer anymore for awhile.

I want you to know I've enjoyed being a part of the Idylls and wish you all the best. I'm not saying this is "goodbye" forever. My sister is going to have a rough road ahead and there is my mom too to consider. Thanks for all the kindness, support and friendship here, I cherish it!


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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

At the risk of boring you all to death, I am going to finish my thoughts. :-)
I see I made several mistakes last night. It was getting very late (for me ). Please overlook the misprints.

Ei, don't worry. I am pacing myself.;-)At least the way I am dragging the boards puts no pressure on my innards. That used to be one of my biggest problems - a double prolapse, and an inguinal hernia ( that wasn't discovered until the prolapse surgery). I sure don't want that to happen again.
No, Tim lives much too far to be called on to help me. He is also much too tied up in the divorce / custody thing, and he also has his own medical problems. I wouldn't even want to ask him to do it if he were close by. It sure isn't something that really needs to be done!
I have no clue as to the migrating iris. I counted the clumps, there are only 4 or 5 clumps still visible in the original location, and at least 14 in the 'moved' area. The original are on the southeast side of the birch tree. ( They grow from small bulbs, so have no spreading roots.) The migrated ones are on the north and around to the west.
The entire bed is edged with rocks, and the clumps are evenly spaced within the bed.
I am always delighted when I find desirable plants in unexpected spots. I call them "bonus plants". If they are where they cannot stay, I transplant them.
BTW, my Molly has 2 beautiful large shots that are about 2 inches tall, and will soon be opening their leaves. It is still in a gallon pot, so will be easy to slip out and into it's permanent home. I think I have found the ideal place, but need to wait to see what is growing there before I start digging. Also, the slipper orchid is putting on 2 new leaves! Yey!

Taryn! Wow! All those seeds collected, cleaned, counted, and packaged!That would totally undo me... my eyes and my arms. Oh, to be young again! ( Nah, I wouldn't go back if I could.)If I were still into seed sowing you have a bunch that I would like to try. I used to send for native seeds from J.L.Hudson, Seedsman. I still have a few of the results. One is a tiny plant, with tiny white flowers ( I forgot it's name. :-( ) One has survived in amongst the creeping phlox in the honey locust bed. Another is an Inula. I had 3 differant species of Artemisia. They are all gone now. I also gathered lots of seeds from my yard plants. I'd take brown paper sacks, and very carefully cut the seed heads off and put them in a sack. LOL...your "stash".A neighbor in Idaho was suspicious of one of my houseplants. He called me "the mara-ja-wana lady" LOL. Dizygotheca elegantissima *does* resemble Marijuana.
:-) He was teasing.
I sure hope your house transactions hurry and go through. It's been an awful long haul for you.

V, LOL _ "walking iris" ! That's a good one! Glad you are making way with the computer issues. I HATE it when my 'puter acts up.
Sorry about the band teacher. Since it is so late in the season, there is probably no chance of a change. What year is your DD? The English reading assignment sounds pretty dorky to me.

Re: mattresses. Ours are all firm (I don't recall the makes). When my fibro was at it's worse it was like laying on a slab of concrete no matter where I layed, but before and after the worse they were / are very comfortable. I have always understood that a firm mattress is best for bad backs. I use pillows for added comfort for my bum arm, and for my back when it acts up.

Brenda, I am like you with noises. If it is the cats, I hear them at night, but sleep right through thunder.
I can identify with you having to haul water to plants. I did that the first two years we lived here. Then we had a well drilled, but has never yielded much water, and is now too low for the pump to work. Then we had the farm pond dug, and attached a pump to it. It is my main source of water for my flowerbeds.Now we also have community water, but I never use it for watering.
Russian Sage will not grow for me!
Aren't you fortunate to be getting a china hutch. I have always wanted one, but do not even have room for one in this house. I like the idea of the shelves in the former window hole, but won't it cause a heating loss? Is there room for insulation?
I hope your Mom is recovering from the chest infection. Did she go to the hospital? She is fortunate to have access to the senior workout place. Living in the boonedocks, and *tied* to home, prevents me from patronizing such activities. But I am blessed with the yard work that I can still do. It is great that she is so determined to keep on keeping on. We can't give up!
Yum, your omelets sound good. I have a good supply of eggs, and should use some that way. The extra large were 3 dozen for a dollar last tues. , so of course I got 3 dozen even though I had over 2 1/2 dozen all ready. :-)
Would those flax oatmeal raisin cookies be good to lower my HB and H cholesterol? Probably not, with a lb. of butter in them!

Thanks, Michelle - the boards are awfully uneven, and will be a pain (literally ) to reach across while planting and maintaining the beds. Hard on already sore muscles. But I hope to eventually replace them with more attractive sides, or even no sides when the beds are fully established.

Congrats for Les, Monique. That's quite an honor.

I appreciate all the nice comments and encouragement about the beds. I am getting more *into* it, as I go along. Your guess is almost as good as mine as to what all will go into them. It will be mostly plants that require better drainage than most of my beds have. I really hope Oriental Poppys will grow there. They sure won't anywhere else that I have tried.The main plantings will probably be iris. I need to move my "Jain" iris into more sun. A nice shrubby plant ( either perennial or a shrub) will probably grace all four ends. Any suggestions? Somehow or other there are already 2 or 3 daffodils in the far end of one. I guess the bulbs were in the compost that I dumped there. The funniest thing is - I found a bright pink kitty mouse , with a green tail, in that same area! Wierd! It sure isn't anything I ever owned. Do I live in the Twilight zone or what? lol

Martie, good for you! 3 Phals. I hope they do well for you. They will become an addition if they rebloom for you. :-)
I can't help you on the Papyrus. I've never tried it. I *have* grown both the Cardinal and the Cypress vines. The Cypress always reseeded for me, but have taken to coming up so late they fail to bloom.

Deanne (and others) , I bought a small pot of Hypostes about a month ago. I divided them last week, and potted each one in it's own pot. There were 10 plants in that one little pot!Now I wish I had bought more. They range from white splash to a very dark red, and are doing great.
Re: space for plants... I had a lot more window sill space BC (before cats) ! lol
Okie Doakie, I confess, I am like you, Deanne. I never liked "I love Lucy"! I used to watch some of the comedy sitcoms, but they seem too silly now. I have a hard time understanding how anyone can make such fools of themselves. I guess I am somewhat like your father, but I prefer to ignore *dorkyness*, and seldom say anything to my GDs unless they get too roudy. Also I cannot stand clowns, puppets, and ventrilloquist's dummies. I wonder if I am in the minority in these respects?
RE: water gardens. I have often thought of using a discarded bath tub, and either burying it up to the rim, or disguising it some way. We have 2 of them. One is upside down behind the little red barn. The other is up on a frame behind the storage building. It was Nolon's herb root washing place. One such tub would have been an excellent place to grow the cranberries that I grew from seed years back. I could use both tubs... one for swamp plants, and one for water plants!,,,, Just musing! lol
BTW, Deanne, the Phal that I broke the blooms off of *is* sending up another stem...just as you said it probably would ! :=)

Thanks, Eden, the beds are still far from finished. It is rather soggy out, but I dragged three more long slabs and set them up today. Now I only need 4 shorter boards to finish the sides. Nolon has cut them to size, but they are still by the slab pile.

Babs, "Granny Glasses"? Hmmmm, I have worn glasses since I was 19. I have astigmatism. Our Tim started wearing them in the second grade. He has myopia. Between the three of us, we have the eye disorders pretty much covered! :=(
The stiff winds hit here too. Some areas had serious damage. We only had twigs and a few small branches down. I have already gathered them up, and made kindling out of appropriate pieces. I'll probably be doing it again very soon since more severe weather is in the forecast. It got pretty *hairy* here yesterday afternoon.
I need to Google the Anagallis. It sounds neat. ( I love Flax).I grew the red A. arvensis from seed, now they are reseeding in the old garden spot. The flowers are pretty, but very small. I had sown blue flax also, but it is long gone.

Okay, I am now interested in Persicaria polymorpha. Would it work as a foundation plant? Some of you have them, don't you?


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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Oh my goodness... I was typing up my very lengthy post and did not see Eileen's until after I posted! I am so very, very sorry for her. I hope we all can be supportive of her in some way.

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taryn(S Ontario Z6B)

Oh Eileen, I'm so very, very sorry! You and your family have had such a tough year! It's just not fair...

Your sister is in my prayers, as are you and your Mom. Ei, please try to check in here when you can, if only to vent a bit. Sounds like you will need all the support you can get.


Of course you know this one: (sub "we" or "Idylls" for "I")

Simon and Garfunkel's Bridge Over Troubled Water

When youre weary, feeling small,
When tears are in your eyes, I will dry them all;
Im on your side. when times get rough
And friends just cant be found,
Like a bridge over troubled water
I will lay me down.
Like a bridge over troubled water
I will lay me down.

When youre down and out,
When youre on the street,
When evening falls so hard
I will comfort you.
Ill take your part.
When darkness comes
And pains is all around,
Like a bridge over troubled water
I will lay me down.
Like a bridge over troubled water
I will lay me down.

Sail on silvergirl,
Sail on by.
Your time has come to shine.
All your dreams are on their way.
See how they shine.
If you need a friend
Im sailing right behind.
Like a bridge over troubled water
I will ease your mind.
Like a bridge over troubled water
I will ease your mind.

P.S. Here is some more support, just got a note from EP (which made me rush over here):

"HUG--For whoever needs it. I just read Ei's post but am not logging into GW now."

P.P.S. "We will lay me down" sounds silly, but you know what I mean...

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chloehoover(z6b VA)

Howdie, guys. Whew - you've been a talkie bunch & I see I've missed a lot - I went to Phila for the day yesterday to the Flower Show (cool exhibits -- took photos but they're 35mm; i'll try to get them delivered & a c.d. made so I can post some -- lots and lots of people, most of the exhibits are terribly fantastical -- Floratopa Tree of huge bouquets, topiary horse & tigers; tropical castle; "earth in 2030 w/ a wierd broken spaceship" -- some of these people must have bought some of Taryn's weed/I mean seeds - LOL!! I think I walked about 10 miles in the convention center - boy, were my legs aching...maybe it walked off the Phila Hoagie I had to have for lunch...for strength, of course!

Of course I no sooner have returned last nite but that there's a phone message from Dad that Mom was on her way to the emergency room, poor thing.... chronic ill health for a stroke victim unfortunately -- today I heard the preliminary diagnosis that they think it's gall stones and urinary tract infection... guess I'll hear details this weekend. But it never fails but that I visit and the week after there's some sort of medical crisis - Im almost feeling like I leave a curse or something....

However, in the quick reviews of all the new posts, I see that Ei posted terrible news about her sister - Ei- Im so sorry - I'll be thinking of you -- hopefully you will check back in - you're a special person and these idyllers care about you.

Woohoo - it was 78 degrees here today! Can you believe that? In March - I had taken today off as well to prune everything back and it was in fact a bit warm to be working in the yard! It also made me need, need to go buy a few pansies to plant. Crocus are popping, the first of the iris reticulata (not walking ones, heehee); even some galanthus (I thought they'd died) and early Daffodils....it's Spring!!!!!!!! At least 2 more days of 70 degree weather we're expecting here - so it's garden work for me.

V- I just have to comment - I can't understand what a literature teacher thinks a person could learn about a book and the author by reading "half the book" -- there would be no sense of style, continuity, atmosphere, character detail -- the whole concept is bizarre! She'd do better to tell them to go watch a movie version, for gosh sakes....

Martie - Im waiting to hear about the Sleep Number bed - I found the tempurpedic type foam too hot for my body unfortunately.... but would love to hear how you like the number one - it's an air bed essentially isnt it? Are there problems w/ leakage? That's a cool idea re the papyrus - I think it's such a neat plant -- and Deanne just gave you a great idea - container pond -- I may try that myself as I have a huge fiberglass pot I got on clearance from Martha Stewart's website when it was closing - it's the perfect size...iris would look neat w/ the airyness of the papyrus.

Marian, despite feeling punk, it sounds and looks like you've been working very hard in your yard w/ great results. I believe I saw a t.v. show where a woman used a bathtub sunk into the ground as a perfect area for a bog garden! So there you are - ready and waiting for you.

Taryn, I do love that house -- and wow, the list of your seeds. Truly amazing - but I bet you're feeling very odd to not be sowing this year-- and it's good to divert yourself. I seem to have little luck w/ sowing outside directly - they almost always get washed away in spring rains; very depressing.

I'll check back again when I've re-read the latest threads - I know I missed a lot - Sue's getting ready to zip off to vacation -- but she'll miss the beginning of Spring on the East Coast!


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Dear Ei - I'm so, so, sorry to hear about your sister. Please know we are always here for you. I'm sure you will be a wonderful support as always to your family as you face what lies ahead. We'll miss you, but fully understand where you need to put your time and energy.

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Odd thoughts passing through my mind tonight. There is major flooding of our creek as the snows melt...and so I think of Ei and the bridge over troubled waters. Ei, tomorrow will be one year to the day of my mother's passing. You are about to experience some mighty difficult days in the times ahead, but do try to make them as beautiful as possible...days to remember. I'm so sorry this is happening, but know that many of us have experienced similar life challenges. Do join us when you can and take care...'cause we care!

Today I was shopping with friends. I tried to find something to wear for my MIL's "celebration" of her life. Some of you will recall that she died in November. We leave for Oklahoma on March 31st for a few days. I did find a blouse and jacket...very reasonable. I will need shoes too. Never know the weather in OK! We will be camping for several days with our 'kids' as well.

Well yesterday a came close to divorce, but instead tried to see the bright & humorous side and a solution. The straw that broke my back was about the fax machine and phone in my kitchen...(yes, the one I've been painting for over a month) which take up space and are NOT used by me. Anyway, today I bought a wireless phone that also takes messages and asked DH to figure out a fax machine that WORKS, but not in our kitchen. Since he took me out to dinner tonight, I'll assume peace has been made. Amazing what dumb things really get to me.

The most exciting news is that over a dozen robins were visiting here today! Common birds though they are, it is exciting proof of spring arriving. The terrible pot holes in the roads are another sign!

Supposed to be warm this weekend before cold returns next week. In the meantime I have a few errands to accomplish. I finally(!!!) got the wedding photos from last August printed up and will look for a nice album for them tomorrow, then deliver them to my friend as a gift.

The kitties are doing well and will have their stitches out on Monday. You won't believe this, but I bought some African Violets today. I've never tried them before!

Best wishes to you all!

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Not sure if by wireless you mean cell, but if on the other hand you mean the handset is portable, then note this. Wireless is great, especially in the garden, but if the electrical service goes out it won't work, so keep at least one old fashioned phone with just a phone jack and no transformer. I was just reminded of this at a disaster preparedness seminar last night given by our local city office.

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Ei, I am so sorry to hear your very sad news. Sometimes it is just so hard to understand why so many difficult things happen in a short period of time. Know that we are here for you and care greatly for you. Please check in when you can and just a short post to let us know how you and your family is doing would be great. Hugs to you friend and know that you and your sister are being prayed for.


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yeonasky(z8b VancouverBC)

Oh ((((((Ei)))))) and ((((((sister)))))). I'm so sorry to hear of your trouble. I hope that she is treatable. Please know that my prayers and hugs are with you and her. Hugs for your Mom too. Come back when you can, or need a cyber ear. I'll try to post a song occasionally to keep your spot here, though it won't compare.

Take care.


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yeonasky(z8b VancouverBC)

Hi all. Im still here, but busy. Hope you dont mind if I jump in occasionally. Im playing catch up so Im mixing in some notes with old news, with the new news. Im sure I missed things but dont have the time I used to. The paperwork for 10 employees, especially at tax time, and lots of business phone calls all the time keeps me surprisingly busy. I want to say how much I love all the garden pics and the beautiful container combos. There is such wonderful living garden art in this place that its no wonder that Im getting gardening fever in a big way.

((((((Norma)))))). So sorry about your brother. Sending cyber hugs and thoughts for you and your family.

Sorry that your son has diabetes. I hope he can manage it drug free. It's a serious disease. My BIL has it and suffers from nerve damage on his shoulders and upper arms, vision loss and chronic weight loss. Dorthe has been told she's borderline diabetic, and has lost 9 lbs, which is great. She quit eating most junk food and switched to whole grains. Her heart is better, but they don't know if she had a stroke or not, and the tests are not going to be done for two months for that!

Happy belated birthday to Wyatt, and Happy Anniversary to both of you.

Honey Happy Birthday and many happy returns. I hope you get the job, and tame the bear. BTW congrats on the new car. I had to read all about what color car was safest on the road after your DHs accidents. White came out way ahead in an Aussie study, at 84% safer. Maybe white metallic stickers everywhere would work? ;) I hope the sinking deck is not too costly a fix. I hope you have a great vacation, and we hear from you soon.

And Marian Happy Anniversary to you and Nolon. 49 years is a wonderful testament to both your characters. It makes the 25th anniversary were having this month pale in comparison. BTW Dorthe is being tested for sleep apnea and that made me think of Tim. I hope hes able to sleep better now, and is completely recovered from his illness.

Im having success with Kalmia for the first time. No the deer didnt suddenly show up in big city Vancouver. Rather the Kalmia dont like my soil. So instead of soil I feed it tons of coffee grounds, and it lives on, thank goodness. I wonder if Mahonia would love coffee grounds enough to grow nicely in your area. It loves it here, and its on my list of plants to get.

Babs how scary about Chriss eyes. Hopefully hes seeing the retinologist soon, and something can be done. There are apparently drugs that slow the progress out there for some types of Macular Degeneration, which Im sure you know. Ive linked a site which talks about them. Theres quite a bit on prevention and they mention vitamins and minerals like C E, zinc and selenium.

April, good to see you. Hope you can visit more soon.

Brenda congrats on the 29 lbs weight loss. Hopefully some day Ill be able to say something like that. My weight still hasnt budged, but I have more muscles. I haven't been in the masher either for quite a while. Ill be rectifying that on my Bday in May. I hate those machines. I spent too much time on machines years back and have to quell my resentment of being poked prodded examined and deblooded for my own good.

Hows your DS doing? I hope better. What kind of treatment does she need for the hiatal hernia, and the helicobacter pylori stomach infection. From what Ive read the helicobacter pylori needs a real cocktail of drugs to kill it, and she cant take some vitamins with it. If one of the drugs is Tetracycline, then she cant take vitamin B12 with it. Im sure there are precautions for the other antibiotics and drugs in the mix. I have to read and read for every drug Dorthe has. I hope she heals fast and that the diet puts her out of danger.
Helicobacter Pylori Treatment Regimens.

Cindy sorry about your mom. Im sure youre no such thing, as a curse. Sick people are often in and out of crisis, often having ignored some signs earlier on. I think that theyre too tired of being sick so ignore the smaller symptoms until they get big enough for the next big crisis. Im not letting my DS ignore the smallest symptom. The latest is a feeling of pressure behind her left eye. So shes off for more tests and to see the eye doctor too. No stone unturned, and no small symptom not checked.

Glad you have a gardening pal in your conifer collecting brother. I love the mini conifers that are offered now. Id love the room for them. I hate long trips too, but your visit sounds nice, with a fellow gardener on the other end. Maybe you could buy yourself a bed in a bag and sneak it in to your room. We use one for guests and they find it comfy. I always put a foamy on top for extra comfort, too.

Deanne, love seeing your Rahjii. What a regal fellow. That glimmer in his eye says he is royalty and rules your home. I cant wait to see the new garden. I have dirt and flowers on my mind and am itching to get out there.

Eden, Bella is simply adorable! Im not yet ready to join Brenda in the "grandma hormones" thing. ;) My grandma time will come though, Im sure. I hope her being small for her age is nothing, BTW. Hopefully the tests come back all right, and quickly, so everyone is put at ease.

Glad to hear that your cold's better. Snows a word we dont hear about around here much, and it seldom covers the ground when it does. Im glad to say todays wet snow was not the settling kind either. Tomorrow is supposed to be rain again, but no snow.

GB love seeing the rows of turkeys! They must be smart turkeys, because they showed up after Christmas. I hope you continue with no signing in here. You are missed when we dont hear from you. And you have wonderful pictures! What more can we ask!

Mary great youre getting a refund for your taxes. How much is allocated to gardening. Lots I hope.

Michelle, Kenzie is so sweet in her little pink dress, which matches those wonderful baby blues to a tee. They grow so quickly. Im so glad we get to watch some of that.

So very sad about the mother who lost her 9 month old. I hope the grieving isnt too tough on her and her family.

Im like Deanne, I wonder how beauty, like a garden or a sunrise can happen when such sad things happen like this. Maybe Ill think of it as a dedication to life gone before. The next flower, and the next sunrise I see will be dedicated to those who left us behind.

Monique, wonderful to hear of Less being nominated by his co. Its always great incentive for employees to get rewarded for their hard work. We plan to hand out t shirts for our staff, but Im not sure it will have as much impact. ;) How are your doggies doing? Are they having fun this year, competing? I sometimes wish that Jagger and Leah were smaller dogs, and could be trained on a circuit. Jagger would pull a sleigh, following a steak to the moon and back, but Leah would lose interest fast.

Drema so far I havent seemed to miss any of the posts, and besides when I read news I missed I cheat. I do a search using the ctrl button and the letter F. I press and hold the ctrl down and press the F button. Im sure you know about this, but some of the other millions of Idyllurkers might not.

I wondered how your quest to get your DH off the road was going now that you had two jobs, but then when I read that he might get somewhere under your foot, I though you might have changed your mind. ;)) Im just teasing. Im sure youd get used to being together more. I hope all is well.

Cindy glad you have a gardening partner in your DB. No one in my family is a gardener. I hope you enable each other often, lol. Looking forward to seeing the Flower Show pics. Aint technology grand? Its great that almost anything can get put on the net by some techno thing or other.

Martie if you think 30 is hard, try 49. Yes Ill be 49 this year. Hopefully its true that 30 is the new 50, because I missed that decade, being sick and everything. Like Eileen, I dont want anymore babies, either, lol. It sort of feels like it, as for the first time in my life Im going to the Y for regular exercise, which I havent done since my late teens, early 20s and I even have some money for entertainment. Richea and I are having some fun these days. :) We might even go out on our Anniversary. :)

Sue, it sounds like you had a lovely lunch at Choices on your trip. We have a Choices Health foods chain here, but I imagine its not the same thing. Too bad about the rough ride on the ski lift. I hear Whistler here in BCs great skiing this year. Have you ever been there? I hope your new trip is wonderful. Glad that you can keep in touch. I love laptops. We had to get one for my DD, Alenas school stuff and I envy her the mobility of it.

I get those hot flashes, too, and am trying to take Cynthias advice on eating tofu, but am not consistent enough. I wonder if theres a correlation between hot flashes and a partners snoring, lol.

Hi Stockton, nice to meet you. Good advice re the landline phone. Mine is seldom used but there when I need it.

T is that you tip toeing through the tulips. Love the pic. I hope you tip toe back this way soon.

V I enjoyed the skiing story. I always appreciate the smiles and laughs from your stories. About why everything gets busy at once, I call that telepathic herd mentality. I dont have that. I always seem to do the opposite to the herd, like missing the crowds when shopping, and having lots to read when I pop in here. Ill trade your sunny Tuesday for my rainy day yesterday and slushy rain/snow mixture today. Snow is in the forecast for tomorrow. Gardening insanity has struck anyway. I was out in the garden in the yucky snrainfall, admiring the Valley Rose, and Valley Valentine Pieriss, which Sue recommended years back. I truly love Pieris, and am glad I have three of them, including Mountain Fire Pieris.

Re the book dividing of Grapes of Wrath, maybe in a way its a good idea, if not ideal. I hope Im not just sounding like the devils advocate here, but I read a long time ago that children sharing a book seems to help to engage the child in it better. It helps them to explain something and it gives the other child a story time kind of moment, which more than I care to know never experience. I read to my kids constantly, and they still read a ton, even with the TV and computer and school. Also I read that it helps the person who is an auditory learner grasp more of the story, and develops listening skills for the visual learner. So maybe it is helpful in ways the teacher isnt saying.
Some notes from a long time ago.

Cynthia, great picture. It was nice to see you pop in here. I miss you and wish you'd change your mind about being here.

(((((Woody))))) My thoughts and prayers are with you. I'm in awe of you, with your proactive stance. I've read that a combo of alternative and regular treatment works, but your illness is difficult to say the least. Have you read, does stem cell therapy offer any help, at in counteracting cancerous growths?

Jane I'm so glad you're a bull dog of a mother. I hate bullies and wish all parents would be against that kind of hateful behavior. I was chased home and beaten up by bullies for years and nothing was done. Those days are numbered for many bullies, I hope and pray.

Update on Dorthe. She is still sick, but somewhat functioning. The Drs are checking a multitude of things for her myriad of symptoms, which she's had for 3 long months now. She is slightly headachy, dizzy, has slight chest and upper back pains, gets little sleep, and is depressed. The latest symptom is quite alarming; she has pressure behind her eye, and graying in her vision, which could signal a silent stroke. Theyre trying to get her in to the MRI now in case its something else. The positives are that the Drs are addressing what can be done about her symptoms, which does mean more blood tests, and her heart beat is now regular, thanks to the drugs. She is seeing a counselor about her depression and is eating healthily. She has lost 10lbs, which is wonderful, as she's switched her diet due to the heart and pre diabetic state. The Dr said 30lbs should be her goal, and I think she might reach that this time.

RANT EXTRAVAGANZA. Please skip if desired.
I'm sure you all think I'm a very mean person for not wanting to get too involved in Dorthes every day life, and maybe I really am. I hope not. Many things contribute to my pulling back from her, the least of which is that she's involved with xfamily that I'm estranged from, including the *astard xfather, who did wrong to my other sister. I cannot in a million years understand why someone would hang around a molester, especially when its done to them as an adult, even if I have to accept that they do. Its like all 4 of my sisters chose evil over good, to me. Sometimes the whole thing still brings me to tears. I can't stand hearing about his normal life, when my molested sister is angry, and drinking, and denying and still seeing him! Very hard for me to separate Dorthe from them, when she still sees them and talks AFFECTIONATELY about the xfather. Why is life so nutty? This is black and white, right? He did wrong and should have been brought up on charges and never ever seen the light of his family's eyes, or the day. Instead he's coddled in all ways, now that hes sick, and the wronged sister, who is a psychiatric nurse, pays for his vacation with the family every summer. They all chose the molester over me, in other words, to my skewed mind sometimes. Grrrrrrrrr. Im sorry to bring this up again, but I hope you forgive me for venting. Im sure some of you could care less and have interest in how hard it is to deal with a daily reminder of my nutty xfamily. If so please skip above rant with my apology.
Missing Cynthia, Jerri, Woody, EP, Chelone, Lauren, and always Jain, very much and others. Maybe everyone will come back since Ivillage doesnt own GW anymore? I read that somewhere, anyway. Hi to the lurkers out there as well.


"The only thing the world really needs is for every child to grow up in happiness." Chief Dan George

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful,
committed citizens can change the world.
Indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.
--Margaret Mead

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Eileen, I cannot tell you how very sorry I am to hear your news. That is unbearably sad. You have had a trying and tragic year and my heart goes out to you. Know that you are in my thoughts and prayers every day and I'm sending you love and emotional support.


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(((Ei) and (((family))).

Yeona: LOL -- the 30 was Pounds that Brenda was close to losing. I'm 48 and damn (yes, I said it) proud. If 50 is the new 30, then that must mean that 60 is the new 20??? Looking forward ....

Sue: I was looking at the MA weather. Since I weekend in CT and work in MA -- two distinctly different climates I'm learning -- it will be dank and drizzly next week. There are days I truly don't know how to dress. HAVE FUN out WEST!!!!

Thanks for the Papyrus ideas. What a cool plant!

Marie: Stifled LOL about your near divorce. Standard joke between Rich and me is "Well, Your Honor, I left her because the spaghetti sauce was cold." Isn't it funny how the big, truly important things get dealt with, only to disintegrate into all out mayhem when it's something that has nothing to do with life happiness? Of course, I wouldn't want a non-functioning fax machine I don't use in my kitchen, either ;-)

DS and Keeper GF just arrived for a late lunch, with another Phal!! I've been ratted out!!!! LOL Two days ago = 0. Now = 4. See what I mean????? Rich is getting hooked on Rieger-type begonias and we're going to run out of west facing window space really soon. There are worse things!

Martie, off to "do" lunch with the best company in the world

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flowerluvr(Z5 IN)

Hi, everyone. Thanks for the kind wishes for Mom. Before I left the house, got another call that they were taking Mom by ambulance to the hospital, and Iwas to meet them there. She's got emphysema (sp) and picked up a flu bug, nasty combination. I was terrified when they brought her in..I've never heard anyone gasp for breath that way, and can NOT believe she was "back and forth" about going to the hospital. It was really scary for a while, the doc asked about her wishes as far as a ventilator went. They got her stabilized and breathing better and admited her. I stayed there all day, along with my aunt, a brother and a sister. The DB and DS spent the night the first night, and was there all day yesterday and last night. Today, she was doing much, much better. Looks like she's going to pull through okay, thank goodness.
Taryn..."Atwood" is the name of the town I grew up in :) I haven't looked at the pictures yet, but from the description...WOW! The balcony off the master bedroom is just too cool. Good strategy, being the Kool-Aid mom. That seed list is amazing-I'm getting the itch to start seeds again, but there's no way I'll get all that stuff dug out, and set up and still get the bedroom done. Better focus on one thing at a time.

Marian-WOW on the lasagne beds! Lol, I have a feeling you and my Mom would get along great...she can "get 'er done", too! Just be careful, okay? :)
There's a tall and well built woman in here somewhere, lol! I'll let ya know when I find her. The "bone crusher" did help, thanks!
Neat that you do the watering with a pump from the pond. My DS lives on a lake and she and her husband pump from it to water their stuff.
Not to worry about the heat loss in the window shelves. There's room for insulation, and Jim is nearly fanatical about that. Actually, by tearing it out, he's able to get insulation in between the two layers of brick, and make it much better than it was with the window in. Lucky thing, because it's on the North wall...brrr!
Flax is great for your cholesterol. The pound of butter is divided among 60 cookies..is there a mathematician in the house..what does that work out to each? I mix flax meal in yogurt for my "dessert" every night. I use vanilla yogurt and add some cinnamon to it-pretty yummy. It's also good in hot cereal. I've got my mom and aunt using it, too.

Yeona-DS was treated with antibiotic, and I think bismuth. Then, she was tested again, and was negative :) They're not going to do anything right now about the hiatal hernia. She's doing well with her diet, and is feeling so much better.
Hey, thanks for that tip on searching...been around here for years and didn't know that!
Totally understand your feelings re Dorthea. Have had the same type of situation in my extended family, and it can tear a family apart.

((Ei)) I'm so sorry about your sister. I'll be thinking of you, and check in when you can.

Deanne-Jim's going to break the bank snacking on nuts! I buy big bags in the produce dept. and roast them myself. He can't open a bag without finishing it.
Wow, I never even thought about the Stairmaster breaking! I always KNEW it was an evil machine..I hated that thing when I was going to the gym..there was no love side to our relationship :) Take care of those bruises!

V-Too bad the band teacher is being that way with the brass section. Obviously, if they're good, they've worked hard at it, and it's not fair to shortchange them like that.
I would NOT like the idea of reading partners. For one, it would drive me crazy, and for another, it takes half of the experience away from each of them. How can somebody "fill you in" on half the story the way it was meant to be told? That's like "I'll cover this side of the painting, and tell you about the other"...doesn't work for me.

Babs..I'm a sentimental softie about gardening, too. And, it is a great way to honor friendships.
Well, I'm going to keep my eye out on the internet, just in case a video surfaces of your performance. Hey, it happened to Paris Hilton, LMAO!

I'm cross-eyed tired, so I'm gonna call it a day. Lol, yeah, I may very well go to bed at 5:00 in the evening :) Thanks again for the well wishes, everyone take care!

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flowerluvr(Z5 IN)

OH! Taryn, did check out your pics You need Rachael Ray's stove and fridge in your kitchen! If you've never seen it, check out 30 Minute Meals on the food network. It's a perfect match with your cabinets-color and all :)
Great house!

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taryn(S Ontario Z6B)

I would give just about anything for the Idylls to have plumbing problems in common again....

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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

Well good chilly morning from beautiful Park City Utah! Since I'm still on east coast time I got up fairly early and decided to see if I could get the wireless internet to work. Don't you just love technology? Once everybody gets going and has breakfast we'll be off to The Canyons for a day of skiing. It is cold here, and off and on overcast with almost constant snow flurries but loos like plenty to do and plenty of great looking places to eat.

Ei, I want to say how sorry I am to hear the news of your sister. Please check in when you can and take care of yourself too. It seems like we have alot of idyllers with family health challenges right now. I hope that comes to an end soon. As Taryn said, plumbing problems in common would be better.

So, the traveling yesterday has only confirmed my opinion of the airline industry. What a screwed up, discombobulated system. By the time we shlepped our heavy bags here there and everywhere I had such a headache that I had to lie down and sleep for a few hours. I can understand all the security concerns but why can't someone devise an organized check in system that doesn't end up as a free for all. I don't see anything secure about that. And don't get me started about baggage claim in Salt Lake City and the rental car pickup system. Egads! Unfortunately skiing requires lots of gear in addition to your regular clothes so the bags are big and heavy. With 5 of us we barely all fit into the rented Suburban.

For you food followers, we didn't eat out last night but we did have lunch in Park City while waiting for the condo to be cleaned. The place was called Cafe Terigo and the food was fab. I had a most delicious smoked chicken risotto with sun dried cherries and asparagus. Grocery shopping with 5 adults from 3 different households is fun...lol. It must be like shopping with kids. Everybody has their own favorites and we're all trooping along behind the cart grabbing from shelves. Naturally we got to the condo and nobody remembered butter and a few other essentials so someone had to go back. Albertsons will be seeing alot of us this week and I also noticed a Wild Oats in a plaza not far from the condo so will have to check that out too.

OK, a few more are up now so I have to go. Enjoy your Sunday!


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Good morning all,

Well youd think that after years of posting here Id know better than to write my posts in the message box. Well I did and I lost my post Arrrrrgggghhh..I clicked on one of the links and couldnt get back to my page. Oh well, I said something nice about the warm weather, the lengthening days, message to Brenda about her Mom, Hoping she is still doing well, and talked to Yeona about her rant.

Yeona, you are not a mean person. Like many, you have a toxic family situation and have to do what is best for your own mental health. I had to make decisions about my own father many years ago and even when he was sick in a hospital wanting to see his children I could and would not go. He was a mentally ill alcoholic who was horribly abusive and scarred his children for life. We went through years trying to get help for him but there was no helping him. He didnt think there was anything wrong with him and he did not want to stop drinking. My feelings when he passed away were primarily relief and then grief because I NEVER had a father. So never feel badly about your decisions regarding this. You have to do what is right for you. I could go on but will stop here. Just know I believe you are 100% right in what you are choosing to do. You cant fix your sisters. They have to do that for themselves. They really arent choosing sides they are just doing what works for them. Facing that kind of upbringing is terribly and horribly difficult and painful and some people cant face the reality. (((Yeona)))) I understand where you are coming from.

Bug, so great to hear from you. Neat about the robins! I saw some here last week too. You are so right that they are one of the sure signs spring is on the way. Heres to spring.

Have a great day everyone,

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Good Morning, It's a gray, gloomy day here. We had more rain overnight but the temps are still mild. That's supposed to change later this week though. I was hoping to get some seeds started today but there are so many other things I "should" be doing...we'll see. I really should get out of the house for awhile too. With Bella here I tend to do too much nesting. It was warm yesterday, high of 58F and I took Bella for a little walk. That was fun. I've been searching for Saccharum officinarum 'Pele's Smoke', purple sugar cane, to add to my tropicals this year but so far no luck. Maybe I'll run across it at a local nursery. You never know. I have all of my mailorders done, except now I'm seeing a few things I need from Plant Delights and a couple more tropicals from Singing Springs, lol.

Ei, I'm so sorry to hear the terrible news about your sister. You and your family have been through too much this last year. I know you'll pour yourself totally into helping your sister and mom now but please remember to take care of you too. I hope you find a moment to check in here once in a while and let us know how things are going. Don't worry about keeping up with what's going on with us, just let us know how you're doing, ok? We care about you alot!

Marie, it must be Spring if your creek's flooding, lol. I'm hoping you don't have as much flood damage this year as in years past and not too many of your plants are swept away. I wouldn't stand for a broken fax machine in my kitchen either. The latest thing that Brad and I disagreed on was getting rid of his old dilapidated drum set that was taking up way too much storage room in the basement and that he hadn't used in years. It's gone.

Deanne, you asked about how much sun my colocasia get. They're shade in the morning and evening but get a few hours of full sun from about 1-4pm in the afternoon. I didn't notice any burning of the leaves last year. The plant you asked about in the red stemmed colocasia container is purple culinary sage. I like to add scented plants to my containers if I can work them into the plan. That's really something about the stairmaster throwing you off. I hope you weren't bruised up too badly. I think I'd be a little leery to climb on again.

Brenda, glad you're mom's going to be ok. We've had enough crisis's here on the Idylls lately.

Hi Yeona, it was good to hear from you. My opinion is that you should do whatever is best for YOU when it comes to spending time with your sister. I don't think you're being mean at all. I'm a firm believer in distancing myself from "toxic" people and relationships.

Hope Sue's having a good vacation.

Cindy, I'd love to see pictures from the flower show. Hope your mom's going to be ok...

Martie, be careful. Plant collecting is addictive. Those phals are multiplying fast, lol. How was your lunch? It's great that Kyle has a girlfriend that you like.

Well I guess I should go refill my coffee cup and try to get myself motivated to accomplish something. I need to get myself into a better mood. Sunshine would help. Have a great Sunday everyone.


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Deanne, thanks for the Robins! Great photos and a sure sign of Spring. I haven't spotted any around here yet but hopefully soon. Is anyone else following the hummingbird migration map? They've made it into Alabama and Mississippi the last couple of days.

Hi Sue, sounds like the fun's begun. Lol on the grocery shopping. I can just picture that! One of the best things about vacation is being able to act a kid again for a few days.


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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Deanne, I read your post about family relationships, with interest. I grew up, not with alcoholism in my family,or with abuse, but with a great sense of insecurity that I have never overcame. I have always felt like the 5th wheel. I never feel a closeness with anyone, like I know others feel. The only situation that I feel secure in is one that cannot be discussed here.
I understand about the feeling of relief when your father passed away. I hope I don't offend anyone...but I would be very relieved if I were responsible for no one but my self!

As for my insecurity, I spent literally hours composing my 2 lengthy posts, and feel as though very few were interested in what I said. It really makes me wonder why I bother. But I needed to 'talk' to each of you. I don't want anyone to feel as though I have ignored them. I have spent too much of my life feeling ignored.

Yeona, I am so sorry about the awful things that you grew up with. I knew a family in the area where I grew up who had a father like that. He was eventually sent to prison. One of my dear christian friends and her sisters had the same experience with her father. I know she will always carry the scars. I don't know what her adult relationship was with him. I am sure he passed away some time ago ( at least I think he did). That may be one reason that she doesn't seem to have a very close relationship with her husband. She spends a lot ot time visiting with her daughters in another state.

My mother had 2 marriages that were less than ideal. She always had negative things to say about men. I am in my second marriage, and carry a lot of those negative feelings with me. My first marriage was with an abusive alcoholic, the second is with a man who really should have remained single. Most everything is more about him.

Wow! What a way to start this day. But it feels good to get it off my chest. :-)


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Good morning everyone! No drizzle yet but it's on its way. Great day puttering around the garden yesterday pulling baby weeds here and there. Ground is a little too soft to do anything serious and snow is predicted by the end of the week, so refrained from setting up the cold frame or "working" the soil.

Walkway is painted out, added another few feet to foundation beds here and there, and painted out garden where wet-loving shrubs (Clethra, Sambucus, Callicarpia) will go. This was the original spot for my sundial herb garden until the 2" of standing water didn't go away. Now, it'll be perfect for bird watching from my office window.

Yeona: I'm a firm believer in never feeling anything but what you're feeling toward family. My situation is a little backwards from yours -- my brothers (two of the three) are doted over in spite of them both taking advantage of their illnesses and getting away with some pretty gruesome things. The brother for whom I am Conservator is the topic of most conversations and many decisions I make are second guessed. The other brother is still living at home despite ostracizing most of the rest of the family with downright fabrications of awful acts committed upon him by innocent others. This to the point that police have been involved in investigating and it's painfully obvious that what he is seeking is pure attention. Yes, mental illness and the abuse it oftimes brings feels like a very judgmental thing, but the IMPORTANT part of being a sibling or child of an abusive mentally ill person is Taking Care of Yourself. If this is the way you feel you should to do that, good for you! Trying to understand why your siblings feel and act differently will be like trying to figure out why there's mental illness in the first place. It sounds to me like since you never had the worst of the abuse (in comparison to your sister) that you are being ignored as the one who could "never understand." Nothing in mental illness and addiction makes sense. Do what's right for you. In the Idylls, you have lots more "sisters" with lots more opinions that you may want :-)

Sue: Glad you made it to Utah. Shopping must've been a hoot! Though I still love to travel, I've never understood the mystique of going to where it's cold LOL.

Eden: Plant collecting has been so much a part of my whole life that I often forget what I have/had. In my old gardens I had as many as 37 Lavandula varieties in the ground (solid Z5 so I consider it a collection) and still get into friendly forum arguments about common names of Lavs. The Phals were a fluke. No more for Me!!! Ya, right. LOL I'm excited for you gardening with Bella this year. She'll be a just the right height to see most everything from eye level. How magical is that???

BTW EVERYONE: "Horticulture" has a great article this issue about collector gardens. Finally the industry is realizing how plant nuts actually need to plant! Drifts of great material is wonderful, but 37 lav varieties is better!!!!

V: At this point you must be glad that DD is a senior ..... I can't imagine reading half a book. Nor can I imagine a band teacher not appreciating an awesome brass section. It occurs to me that "Generation X" is the next set of teachers. It'll be interesting to see what the world's like in 40 years. I, for one, plan to still be here :-)

Deanne: Your pictorial garden histories are keepers!! What a great motivation to one who is again starting from scratch. Hope to see them in person, soon, and am still planning on getting to Nashua for an early dinner, soon. A trip to Worchester and Fitchburg area is in the cards. Will let you know specific dates.

Cindy: Our "test rest" is next week so I'll let you know about the Sleep Number bed. It is airfilled with a pillow top and when we tried it at the store we both let out a huge sigh. Sharp breath back in when we learned the price, but a good night's sleep seems worth the investment.

Thanks everyone, again, for the Papyrus ideas. DS's KGF (keeper girl friend) suggested somehow anchoring it in a bird bath. Another cool idea!

Off to replace my smashed coffee pot (we have two because Rich likes flavored coffee and mine needs to be high-test straight up) and grab some good Sunday food. Then, will be planting seeds -- Alpine Strawberries, Eden's peppers, and some variety of Thyme called "Magic Carpet" for inbetween bluestone. Also need to get my tuberous begonias going and read up on Orchid care.

Hope everyone gets to relax a little today, and have some time just for themselves.


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Just re-read my post and forgot to say Hi to Everyone who wasn't specifically mentioned, and the lurkers who email me with their opinions (not always complimentary). Yes, lurkers, we put our lives "out there" but with the understanding that it is to help others get through theirs as well as to get things "off our chest" as Marian so perfectly put it. Gardeners are inherently very *giving* people and I don't think that any of the regular posters are looking for sympathy. If this is what you as lurkers think, please lurk elsewhere and refrain from emailing your not-so-considerate opinions.


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chloehoover(z6b VA)

Eeeks, Martie -- just read your last - being a former "lurker" - it's still amazing to me that a complete "ghost" stranger would feel compelled to email you about something to comment personally by email - one shudders to even think what he/she might have said... Lurkers should lurk - or join in and identify themselves!

My comment to Yeona and any other person here discussing feelings (putting them out where a total stranger might see and share) & family situations is one that came from a shrink my DD was going to years ago -- she said "feelings are feelings - they are neither right nor wrong - but an acknowledgement of your emotions that needs to be made." I firmly believe that is the way to think of feelings -- and no one should make a judgment or repudiation of what you are stating to be your own feeling. It is neither bad nor good. So, Yeona, you are acknowledging knowing yourself and your own emotions -- and ditto what everyone else said here -- your feelings do not make you a bad person.

Ok. enuf heavy for me -- another wonderful 70ish day here in the "Metropolis" -- Im gonna yank those thriving weeds that flourished over winter and enjoy the bulbs that are starting to show themselves. And go listen & look for those Robins!

I hope everyone has a terrific Sunday!


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Good afternoon

Wow, lots to read hear and some gorgeous birds Deanne! I saw my fist robins this weekend too. The way you captured the light on the breast is fantastic - thank you for sharing.

Marian and Yeona - what thoughtful long posts from you both.

Marian - an important thought on the movie Crash. If you go to rent it, make sure you check the release date. A few years agon another movie also called Crash came out. I didn't see it but I know it is a very sick, sad film, and definitely not one you would enjoy. Your posts are always of interest, please don't feel they are not. I'm sure you will find other Idyllers responding as time and schedules allow. I'm also sad to read of your descriptions of your two marriages, and your Mother's. I hope that despite the less than ideal situation you continue to find something good and of beauty in each day.

Yeona - ditto for you. I'm sorry to hear how difficult and tragic your family life continues to be. I think you will find everyone here respects your choices - we are here to be supportive, not judgemental.

Marite - I'm VERY disturbed to think of a lurker emailing you in that manner. They obviously have no concept of the spirit of the Idylls. There is plenty of meaness in other places on the web, including other Garden sites, if you look hard enough. I hope lurkers looking for that sort of interaction find it elsewhere.

Sue - continue the fun out west, on the slopes and in the hot tub! The temps here are dropping, so you will no longer be missing 60's weather.

I hope GB is enjoying her family weekend and camping?!

I have lots more I'd like to say, but today is the recital with my quartet and I need to get ready. I'm feeling very nervous - I think after this I'm leaving performing to the kids.

Hi to those I've missed.


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Afternoon all,

Well, it is gray out there today but it is also 58 degrees! Feels wonderful to go out without a coat. The hyacinths pushed themselves out of the ground by two inches in the last two days. They know its time. Doug is ripping apart the kitchen sink today and replacing the old, dripping faucet that was driving me absolutely crazy. We originally were going to wait to replace anything in the kitchen until we renovated it but that still isnt in the cards. (I refuse to borrow any more $$$ on this house and wont do the kitchen until we save enough to get it done.)So anyway the faucet is getting done and Ill be very happy not to have to hear the thing dripping away anymore.

Eden and Mary, thanks! So happy you like the robins. It always makes me smile to see the robins back in the spring.

Eden, so I forgot to post these

And here is one of an unopened bud

You are really going to love this plant. Ive been looking through my archives for a pic of the plant from last summer and will post it when I find it.

Mary, best of luck with your recital. Will anyone be able to get a pic of you performing with the quartet!!! I sure would love to see you performing. Wish I could be there.

Martie, Im with Mary and I find that a lurker emailing you privately about things discussed here is disturbing. I wonder why they chose to email you and not someone else. Is this someone you know? ~~ Beware of the orchid thing. LOL They are much happier in groups and they tend to multiply whether or not you want them to. Ask Marian, she has the same problem with orchids and houseplants that I do.

Cindy, right on! Many people never understand about feelings. Understanding that they are not right or wrong but just are goes a long way to becoming non-judgmental with people.

Marian, I suspect that if you grew up with that kind of insecurity you suffered from emotional abuse. Emotional abuse can cause worse 'scars' than physical. ~~ Too cool that you wound up with ten plants in one pot of Hypoestes. Id like to get a few other different varieties of that plant. You should do the water garden with the tub. Im sure you could do something interesting with that, How about some mini water lilies? Theyd probably do great. I know I used to have one in an oversized pot I had on my old deck.

Sue, glad to hear you arrived at your destination in good shape even with the aggravations of traveling these days. Youll have to keep us posted on your activities. The food sounds great. You are making my mouth water. LOL

OK I guess Im going to zip out of here. Doug and I have to go to HD to pick up some parts for the sink project. Have a great day everyone.


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No, I don't know the emailer(?s?) but I'm glad I don't. At the risk of this activity escalating, mentioned the several emails as a source of annoyance. Have a feeling this person(s) wants drama and they aren't going to get it here.

Yes, Deanne, the orchids are multiplying and now I have five. Man, those boogers act like rabbits!! LOL Of course, the yellow blushing into white ending in pink Rieger begonia had to come home, too, so that Rich's collection wouldn't feel overwhelmed by their new neighbors. I'm actually thrilled with his interest in the Rex's and Rieger's. It's a new world for me, too, having never had the right inside light to grow them. I always just treated them as annuals. Good stuff!!

Panicum virgatum 'Shenandoah' is the finally-chosen grass for our lightpost gardens that are on either side of the driveway. Last year we had Pennisetum 'Rubra' as a trial but the dense red overtook all sight lines to the house. I think this will give the same warm affect but be a bit lighter. BTW: If you haven't checked out this relatively new-to-me website for mail order, take some time to do so. Worth the minutes!

Brownies are done and so am I for today. Marie Antoinette, here I come!!!


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taryn(S Ontario Z6B)

It is a gorgeous 62F here today! Much more like April than March, no snow at all anymore, though we have entered the era of mud. A few more days of sunshine should dry things up considerably, and for March, I'll take it! My pots of overwintered plants are looking pretty good for the most part, as are others still in the greenhouse. Snow drops are blooming, Iris reticulata are poking up--spring is springing!

But I too find it hard to correlate such beauty with such sadness. How can the sun be shining when Ei's sister has cancer? When Bruce has an incurable brain tumour? Marian, when I read Ei's news I couldn't bring myself to post about day to day happenings, which just seem so trivial when someone I care about's world has just been turned upside down. But I always enjoy reading your posts, everyone's posts, and care about you all. I like what Mary said about finding something good and of beauty each day, though I understand sometimes that is difficult.

I'm wondering if customs is delaying the Lakota, because the original incorrect zip code would have been the one I submitted to the FDA before mailing it. (Have to file Prior Notice with them for each Lakota item I ship to the USA). Maybe because it's different from the zip on the package they are holding it. It is insured, so if it doesn't turn up soon I'll trace it and resend. I'm confident it will help you, and hope it arrives soon.

Babs, yes of course the seeds are yours! Is that all? Really, I'd love to send any of my Idyll buddies whatever you'd like, so please don't be shy about asking for more. You should try the Moon Flower too, Oenothera acaulis var. 'Aurea'. They swirl open at dusk in a minute or two, kids love 'em! Check this link on picturetrail. Quickly hit the "next" button to get the time-lapse photography effect. Very cool plant! Moon FLower

Mary I'd love to see pics of you performing too! Oh, and good news, with the snow all melted now I can get fresh Muhlenbergia capillaris seed off my plant for you. Anything else? Seseli gummiferum is a fabulous plant, see pics from last summer below.

((((Yeona)))) You've been given some great advice already, so nothing I can add.

Deanne, love the robin pics! Will show the boys when they get home from the skatepark. So sorry to hear about your spill off the defective Stairmaster. How are you feeling?

Martie, I'm appalled that you would get emails like that! How incredibly cowardly of that person. I've been fortunate to have received only pleasant emails from gardenwebbers, but agree with Mary there are 'all kinds' out there, unfortunately. Hope they are shamed into silence and don't bother you any more...

Monique, Honey's card with the Nikko Blue (?) and the variegated grass was divine! Congrats to Les as well! How was your night out?

Well our open house is over and I need to go take down my signs now. Four couple came through, and though they all liked it, I didn't get the impression that any of them were truly excited about it. They keep asking where the basement is, and are disappointed it's a crawl space. In good news, haven't heard anything about the other offer going in on the house we want, so no news is good news. But I had our mortgage broker, who's a friend, crunch some numbers for us, and if we HAVE to, we can swing both houses for a while if we don't sell here by May 31st. I don't think it will come to that, but it means we won't have to give up the other house if another offer is accepted, but can firm up our offer. :)

Waving hi to all, and sending hugs and good vibes to all dealing with sick loved ones...


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Yesterday didnt turn out half bad, although it was windy. Since they were predicting wet snow we raked out the areas where had dug out the 8 stumps last summer and the 200 long trench where the gas pipe was buried and threw out some grass seed. Ive never done it that way, but it is supposed to be a good way to do it. We spent the rest of the day working in the garage, the sheetrock is almost all up. Whoo hoo! This afternoon, I painted in the toy room. Im not too sure about the color though. It may stay though. Im thinking of a safari type theme. Something kind of fun.
I picked up some calidiums, lilies and canna 'City of Portland' Friday night in town. Hopefully, my City of Portland doesn't turn out like Deannes. It bloomed yellow didn't it? My secret pal from our bible study group has a birthday soon and I'm thinking of a nice gardening basket as she likes to garden. I thought the lily bulbs would make a nice addition.

Eden, I had a container last year that I used the purple sage. I planted it in a holding area for the winter. I think it should overwinter. I love to rub plants in the garden to smell.

Deanne, how embarrassing about the Stairmaster. Im glad you didnt break an arm or something.
What great robin pictures. They are back here and today it is snowing and very windy, poor things. Sorry about the lost post, I have done that same thing.

Yeona, good to hear from you. We miss you, but understand what its like to be very busy. I for one dont mind if you want to rant. I cant imagine having a family with so many problems and I feel very sorry for those of you that have had to live that life. I admire you for being able to stand up and say that you wont tolerate it.

Brenda, what a scare with your mom, Im glad that things are looking up for her.

Mary, how cool that you are performing. Id love to see it.

Martie, LOL about your multiplying orchids.

Taryn, I cant understand why people are so interested in having a basement. Always a worry about water and most are dark. Id rather have above ground square footage.
I would love some Tovara (Persicaria) virginiana 'Painters Palette' or Agastache foeniculum 'Golden Jubilee' Golden Anise Hyssop. Thanks for the generous offer. I dont have a lot of seeds saved but plan to do more of it this year. If you are interested in lupines, Aquilegia vulgaris 'Woodside Variegata', poppies, or anything else that I have in my garden, Ill save some this summer. The poppies are annuals in pink, lavender and red.

I have a few seeds that I'd like to wintersow, so I'll talk to you later. Have a fabulous afternoon.


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taryn(S Ontario Z6B)

Forgot to reply re the 30 minute meal show. (Seriously I would forget my head sometimes if it weren't attached!) I don't watch it, so don't know what the fridge and stove look like, but the cabinets are one thing we are replacing, lol! Actually we may get by with just replacing the fronts with new cabinet doors and knobs/pulls, and repainting the rest. The lavender-coloured counters will probably be replaced too, though maybe we can use them in one of the bathrooms. That orange and green in one of the four-piece bathrooms is just a bit too retro for me, lol!

I went searching for the 30 Minute Meal show on google and found the website, but not any pics of the fridge and stove. They do have a kitchen design section which looks like it would be very helpful though, so thanks for mentioning it! See link below. The existing stove is gas and only 11 years old, and our fridge from here we are taking and it's only 2 years old, so think we're set for both. Will need a dishwasher though--it's like driving a car after having to take the bus for years--no going back!

Sure Michelle re the seeds. From your posted pics I'm sure you'd have plenty I'd be interested in, but next year sounds good with the move on the horizon. I guess people want a finished basement for the extra room and separate space it provides. Our main level is all open concept so there isn't the sense of privacy you have with a rec room downstairs. We just need the right people through, which I'm sure will happen.

Well I'm being very bad today. Didn't take anything out of the freezer to thaw, and don't really feel like cooking anyway, after all the cleaning earlier, so caved and got takeout pizza and wings. I'm going to be enjoying all, complete with blue cheese dressing for the wings, and washing it down with a Smirnoff Bloody Caesar! I'm blaming it on the PMS, but plan to enjoy every morsel!

Got a note from EP to pass on to you all:

"Please tell everyone my 'vibes' are going out for them. Catch them! hug."

Hi to Sue, Cindy, Eden and anyone else I've managed to miss. Looking forward to TV night, though if they don't have a new episode of Desparate Housewives I'm gonna give up on that show. Enjoy your Sunday...


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Today turned out to be a beautiful day. Brad and I raked the front yard and then went out and bought a new Spring flag decorated with butterflies and hung it on the flag pole. I found a wreath that I loved. It was covered with pretty pastel colored birds eggs and twigs here and there. I had it in my hands when Brad pointed out that it wouldn't thrill Bella when she came to the door in the mornings. So, we ended up with a wreath shaped like an Easter basket with a stuffed bunny and decorated Easter eggs on it that's now hanging on the front door. I also bought my first hellebore today, White Prince. I just hope this isn't the start of another "collection", lol. I also discovered miniature Cadbury Creme Eggs while at Target. Problem is they come 12 to a pack. I wonder if I can eat just one at a time?

Martie, I made the mistake of clicking on your link and now I need 10 things from Lazy S Farms. They're all waiting in my shopping cart while I think it over since I said I was done with plant orders for this Spring. So how'd you end up with the 5th phal? I told you....lol! I agree with others about a lurker sending you creepy emails. That's very strange and more than a little scary. I think I'd block that person from my email account.

Michelle, you always get so much accomplished. You're my role model for home improvement projects!

Taryn, enjoy your pizza, wings and most of all that drink! I've kind of lost interest in Desperate Housewives this year. It doesn't seem as good as it used to be and I've gotten so I seldom remember to turn it on.

Marian, even if I don't comment I always enjoy reading every word of your posts. I always find them very interesting. I know you take alot of time composing them and I appreciate that.

Mary, How'd the quartet performance go. I bet you were glad you did it once it was over! I too would have loved to be in the audience.

Oh, I saw my first Robin today and thought immediately of Deanne. I'm home alone tonight, which I'm thoroughly enjoying. I need to go rustle up some dinner though (and maybe a glass or two of Chardonnay).

Night all, Eden

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honey_mi(Z5 MI)

Hi Idylls. Just a brief note from me. Im packed and ready to go to the airport at 8 am for my flight to Phoenix. Yes I can do 70s and 80s! I got all the laundry done, set up DH w/groceries and a to-do list for the week and have my feet in the starting blocks. I self-tanned today so my legs arent stark white and I had a pedicure so my feet look decent! I cant wait to go and to see my friend. She and I have been friends for at least 30 years! Were going to have to figure out exactly how long weve been friends in our chats this week. At my wedding, I GAVE her my bouquet b/c she "needed all the help she could get!" Shes a great sport and was thrilled re the "award." We had a great laugh over it. It did help, but it was quite a few years before it took effect! She was in her late 40s before she found her hubby. I love her dearly and am so looking forward to spending some time w/her.

While Im gone, DD will be inviting DH to dinner a couple times this week. So DH and Bullet will get somewhat of a break.

Sat. DH and I went to the home show downtown. It was a yawn, but I did get some ideas for a raised patio and some possible contractors. Afterwards, DH took me to dinner at the oldest Italian restaurant in the city for some Veal Marsala. YUMMMMM. Its in a not-so-great part of town but were told that if anything happens like your purse is snatched, just tell the valet. By the time youve finished dinner, your purse will be returned perhaps with a hand attached, but you will get it back. No one messes w/anyone around that restaurant. Interesting.

Today, instead of idylling, I HAD to get outside. It was mid-60s and glorious. I managed to get some spring clean-up in and just reveled in the incredible weather. According to the weather channel, I picked a good week to go west. The temps will be dropping drastically this week, so I wont be missing anything.

Brenda,, I just roared over your post at the beginning of this thread! Re the sleep number bed, truly, try the Tempurpedic. Its firm w/o being hard, and soft for the cushy feel. Re any Oatmeal cookies I have a story. DH told me when we were dating that oatmeal cookies gave him gas. I thot, how bad can it be?!! OMG. Yes, you guessed it. I made him some oatmeal raisin cookies and my family made me swear that I wouldnt ever let him eat some before a gathering again. We found that he could power himself to the moon and still have enough propulsion to power himself back to earth! AND the aroma! OMG. I dont usually say much, but I told him, if you eat oatmeal cookies at work you WILL get fired! Theres something about processed oatmeal. I love him dearly, but NOT after oatmeal cookies.

Hope your Mom is doing OK.

Deanne, Im so glad you liked the combo of Fascination/Bellini/Snow Fairy! Im so hoping the Snow Fairy made it thru this winter. Its marginal here, but I just love that foliage.

Sue, we dont know why our deck is sinking on the house side. Since the house and deck are 22 yrs. old (and the life if a deck is around 20 yrs.), we suspect either the original owners who hand-built it, didnt cement the posts in correctly; OR the posts are rotting away OR the back part of the deck is settling more than the outer portion. Whatever, we have a project. The deck is solid, just tilted and we need to do something about it. Oh joy.

So many have bot Dahlia Thomas Edison this year, thot Id give you a preview of what to expect. Its just gorgeous, dont ya think?

V, I cant imagine reading "Half a book". Especially if I really got into the story. Whats with teachers these days. Sheesh.

Taryn, I just love that house. I hope its the one for you and that you get a really good offer on yours.

Well, Ive run outta time before I caught up on this idyll. Ill be thinking of all while Im gone this week and will get some SUN for all youse guys!

Have a great week. Hi to all TTYL. Honey

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OH NOoooo!!! Taryn you are enabling me with seed enticement!
lol; ) This is my problem...(well the printable one of many; )I will have to dig a new bed(s) if I take more seeds so I have to be selective. I showed AJ the time lapsed pics of your moon flower. He thought it was pretty cool to watch. I kid you not that he asked during dinner tonight if we could plant white moonflowers this summer-I had already planned to. Isn't that funny about the name because I only knew of Ipomoea alba as moonflower and didn't know of other ones.We know of the one you have as evening primrose. My dad planted it one year when I was a kid and every evening around dusk we'd all camp out waiting for the popping buds and sweet scent-a wonderful memory. OK SEND some lol.
BTW what do you mean you aren't sticking with the orange and lime green bathroom color scheme???: )lol! The moment I saw that pic I said I bet she changes THAT! It will be so fun to make your house your HOME: ) I have my fingers crossed(STILL) that you don't have to fund both houses simultaneously-that would be terrible!
Seseli gummiferum is a beautiful plant!(I won't say more because then you'll send me seeds...wink wink)

Marian-I do appreciate your indepth posts to so many individuals here. I was in lurk mode and didn't comment but was thinking how good that you took such effort to comment to people individually(I know it's a hard task!). I too have been silent because I have had Ei on my mind. She's such a good person and I feel at such a loss because she has been through so much and I am feeling sad for her and her family. The ovarian cancer part scares me because my mom had it so I know how that cancer goes. At least my mom escaped with her life intact; I so want the same for Ei's sister.
Please understand that I can't get here to idyll as freely as I did before because of our family life(MIL's health needs,kid projects,etc.)so I only show up when I am able. Many times there's so much to comment on and my time is limited so I can't speak individually to all idylls-I just do the best I can. Yikes-track season starts for Aj tomorrow so I will be limited further. I read,I care,I might not always comment,but I appreciate everyone's input.

Want some good news? I don't need bifocals!!! honestly I was sure I needed them and the Dr. almost gave me them but I'm able to read with lenses just short of bifocals so for now I'm getting regular lenses. I hadn't been to the eye Dr. for *17* years!(very naughty). Thanks for those of you asking about Chris' appt. with a retinal specialist-it will be on Wed. morning. We talked further with the optometrist and he doesn't feel this is wet Mac.Degen.(that's the advanced one). He says it would more likely be dry. He also indicated that it isn't necessarily MD so Chris feels more at ease. Chris is only 41 but has the eyes of a 65 yr old(we didn't like hearing that).

Martie-that is weird about the lurker and it angers me that someone would seek you out. That person should have commented here instead-it seems cowardly to me. You have every right to say what you feel along the guidelines of this site so that person had no right to question comments made here. I enjoy your sense of humor and I appreciate the more serious advice or events we share.

Yeona while my immediate family is normally adjusted I have a cousin that I have mentioned before who is pretty messed up.It's either schizophrenia or general brain damage from drug abuse(pain meds) but in either case there's serious manpulation going on to the point that her family(siblings and mother)are forced to separate themselves from her for safety's sake not to mention emotionally. It's disheartening to have a family member(s) as an enemy. She just started threatening her sister-a new development and it just gets to a point when you have to separate yourself just to 'save' yourself as a coping mechanism. You will never understand why a person does what they do in the case you are dealing with-you really do end up having to do what's best for you-and it's not selfish and it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks.
All those symptoms of your sister's sound like they come from the depression-is her BP high? I know from my mom's depression that her BP was pretty high and I wonder if BP affects eye pressure too? Just a thought. Hopefully the meds get everything under control and she can heal her psyche.
((Yeona))we do care about you: )

Wishing Honey a great trip-oooh look at those tanned gams; )

Love the robin pics! Will I burst a bubble if I say that we have robins during winter so they really aren't a sign of spring?(ouch-wet noodle) Here,when we see black-winged blackbirds or turkey vultures both are harbingers of spring. At any rate I do love the crisp almost touchable robins you captured Deanne! I saw a turkey vulture on Sat.: )

Chris and I had a date! Well we went out to lunch sans kids...I had a MAI TAI!!! Chris had a margarita and we actually had complete conversations lol-a few things we don't always have a chance to enjoy when the kids are under tow(too bad no karaoke, Brenda!). We were at Round Robin's and I had a tasty BLTA-bacon, lettuce,tomato,avacado and turkey on a croissant with a cup of french onion soup(slurp). We went there after our jaunt to the vision center. MIL actually watched the kids and she managed well-I think having them there lifted her spirits.

MARY!! I imagine your quartet performance a smashing success! May I ask what pieces you played? I'm with Deanne,if I was in your area I'd definitely come to listen. Imagine all the idylls coming to hear you play....that would be so fun!

Today was heavenly outside-no coat,the plants are definitely growing so I guess I am a happy camper-yep!Ryan was even sporting shorts!! He was quite pleased to be wearing a hand me down pair of AJ's and told everyone he saw today about his 'new' duds.
Unfortunately it's too wet to do much in the gardens. I won't even remove winter mulch because it's supposed to snow yet I'm sure. Always at least a St. Patty's snow storm here. St. Patty's(Fri) is the 4yr anniv. of my dad's passing. I miss him but still feel like he's close. Ya know what's weird in a cool way? I realized that AJ was born 3 days before my dad's bday and Ryan was born 2 days before the anniv. of his passing-what are the chances of that happening? I think it's so we always remember him.

So,like-am I talking too much?

~Blah blah blah(Blabs)

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Good first Robin of the year morning!! I didn't see it, but Rich called from the road with a report of seeing four in the neighborhood. Will check with the cul-de-sac boys later for verification ;-)

Anybody else get excited about the NCAA basketball tournaments? Two teams are seeded #1 from the Big East and UConn is one of them!! They are playing in their own time zone for Round I and this is a good thing.

Moles have gotten the better part of about 300 bulbs and yesterday broke Waaaaaaaay down and called a "safe" chemical lawn guy to come get rid of the grubs. This is a first for me and if I come home and find those little flags warning off kids and animals I will be ticked. But, the moles are definitely winning so drastic measures need be taken. My mom has suggested that she bring over her Cairn Terrier for mole defense. A little too late :-((((

Sue -- How's your back? Was thinking of you last night whilst downing three Advil Liquigels after turning several yards of compost. At least you have cool new restaurants to haunt if it gets really bad! Enjoy your time away from CT. The weather is okay temp-wise but it's cloudy and foggy and you'd be inside, anyway.

Eden: So, so, so sorry you "accidentally" hit the link and "had" to find more stuff. I love this website and, given that this is a "bones" year, have been truly good about not piling up my shopping cart. Only seven things thusfar. I will be emailing them about next season, though, asking them to put my name on some of the sold-out stuff. Wouldn't it be fun to take a field trip to NC and hit the nurseries there? We'd need the Suburban Sue rented X 6. BTW: I think Bella will love the wreath.

To Kenzie, Wyatt, Wendy's two, Taryn's three, Mary's two, Bella and all other Idyll kids. You are officially invited to Mrs. Martie's seed planting party on April 9. We will be eating Lemon Verbena cookies, having Mint "tea", and planting basil, bronze fennel, pineapple sage cuttings, "cat grass", alyssum and generally having a great time getting dirty. RSVP so I can pick you up at the airport :-) Your respective adults can come, too.

The shower beckons ...

Martie, keeping an eye on the every multiplying Phals LOL

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Hi Everyone

Ei, I was so sad to hear about your sister. I hope you are as okay as can be. Remember to take your vitamins. My heart goes out to you and your family. If you can, please pop in just to say hi.

Yeona, you shouldn't feel bad about your sister. I have a sister who is an alcoholic. I haven't seen her for many years, and don't even know her address. I love her, but I had to pull away from contact a long time ago. I just got too sucked in. I would try to help her in the way I wanted her to be, and it never worked. You know, go to school, stop hanging on to that guy.....finally I just had to stop talking to her, because it just caused me too much pain, and she didn't want to hear it. I still care about her, but I know that our lives can't touch except on a very superficial level. And I'm okay with that. So is she:) Now I don't nag her anymore.

Deanne, thanks for the beautiful Robin pictures!

Babs, glad you and Chris got to have a little fun out on the town.

Sue, hope you have loads of fun skiing!

Is Cynthia posting on the other forum? I miss hearing from her.

Martie, too wierd about people sending emails. If I get one from someone whose name I don't recognize, I delete it before I open.

Well, it was pouring down a warm rain when I got up this morning. The mells of spring is out there. It is supposed to get up to the 70's and it is already 64. Snow tonight. And it looks awfully dark outside. I had thought I might run to Orchidmania today. But I forgot to bring my camera. I am definitely going to go one day this week. This week Mary said she was upset because she didn't know Jen was having hand surgery on Friday. So I thought, well, since everyone is so scattered, I would have to come up with an alternate method of communicating. It is too hard to call everyone every time something happens, and I can't remember who I told what. Plus I have my mom and sister and brother to call. And inlaws. So I am going to start writing an email newsletter every week to catch everyone up. This weekend we cleaned the yard up a little. Well, the boys did the cleanup part. I was mostly looking under leaves to see what kind of growth I might have, and wondering if I should rake them off. I always get over anxious, and I know we could still have some pretty vicious weather. But there are some leaves coming out. I can't wait.

I have to scoot, but I hope you all have a great Monday.

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Good morning all,

It is a beautiful 40 degree, misty morning here and feels like spring. Neat! Im thinking Im going to go to the gym and then spend the rest of the day outside, well until it starts raining that is. Doug finished up installing the new kitchen faucet and Im so pleased with it. We bought a Moen fixture in polished pewter that is just lovely and so functional. I wish wed been able to find a new sink but no go there. The one we have now has one large deep bowl and one small shallow bowl with the garbage disposal. The large side of the sink can fit just about any oversized pot youd care to wash and Ive loved it since we bought it ten years ago. Unfortunately it is pretty beat up now. Im wondering if it would be worth having it resurfaced. I know they re-enamel bathtubs so they should be able to do a kitchen sink.

Anyway, for some unknown reason I have been having hungry horrors lately. Last night I had a bowl of veggie chips, a couple wedges of hard parmesan cheese and then made myself an ice cream (frozen non-fat yogurt) sundae for dessert. So we just skipped dinner altogether. LOL I need to get a handle on this.

Martie, LOL about the Phalaenopsis. I keep chuckling about it every time I walk through my living room where I grow most of my orchids. ~~ Loved the link but did not succumb to temptation and buy anything. ~~ OH no about the moles! That is dreadful. Im hoping you dont get an invasion of voles as well because they are just the absolute WORST. I cant tell you how many things Ive lost to the drasty (dratted-nasty) rodents. They especially love clematis. For a very long time it was a joke amongst my friends and family because I could not grow clematis even though I could grow everything else. One day my DDs kitty (we were cat-sitting) caught this funny looking rodent in my garden and when I looked it up and found what it was then researched what they ate it all became crystal clear to me. I now plant the clems in cages and am having better success with them. ~~ I know Monique and Les are big fans of NCAA basketball and UConn in particular.

Hi Babs, you never talk too much. Glad to hear you and Chris had a date. Im salivating over your food description. Nice! Also very glad to hear that they dont think he has the wet form of MC. He is really young to have that problem. ~~ Glad to hear you are having nice weather there too. ~~ BTW Ive decided that I can always dig a new bed as long as there is any grass left! Sue is my inspiration on that front. LOL

Honey, have a WONDERFUL time!!! Thanks for the Thomas Edison photo. I remember that one with the bee. What a beauty. I cant wait to see my hedgerow of Thomas Edison dahlias since everyone on this forum is planning on sending me some. LOL

Eden, that wreath with the Easter basket sounds neat. Why wouldnt Bella have liked the one with the eggs and twigs? Did you see the fuchsia pics? LOL about collecting Hellebores now. Seems to me your garden is perfect for them. I found a really neat croton at HD yesterday so, of course had to buy it. Have you ever used them in your containers?

Taryn, thanks for the message from EP. I sure miss her posts. ~~ It sounds like you were afflicted with the same "eat bad stuff" thing I had yesterday.LOL ~~ Thanks for asking about the Stairmaster fiasco. Im really, really sore. I must have wrenched my right arm and shoulder trying not to fall because it feels like I did way too much weight with an upper body workout and I cant lift my arm all the way over my head. Today it seems like it is getting better though. My left hip and knee are also in the sore category but not so bad I cant work out. What a drama. ~~ Love the pics. I couldnt find the reference as to what it is.

Michelle, I really need to go and take lessons from you on getting projects done. You zip along at light speed. ~~ Yes indeed all except one of my City of Portland cannas were yellow last year. Sue liked it though. I left mine out for the frost last fall.

Hi Drema, great to hear from you. I love your idea of an email newsletter to send out to keep people informed as to what is going on. That way if they dont read their emails that isnt your problem. I need to do the same. Too many people to keep in touch with and not enough time. BTW what is Orchidmania? Sure wish I could go with you.

OK I really must get off this computer and get to the gym. Have a great day all.


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Good Morning, It's raining cats and dogs here. We've been having thunderstorms all night. It's supposed to stay warm most of today and then we're supposed to get 60mph wind gusts this afternoon as a cold front comes in. After that we aren't looking to get warm weather again in the next couple of weeks. I want more days like yesterday! Grocery shopping's on my agenda for today and maybe a trip over to Goldner Walsh to check out the begonias and other tropicals.

Hi Drema, I have the same problem of keeping the family all updated on what's going on. Wonder why that's automatically the mom's job? I hope Jen's hand surgery went well? I really wanted to uncover all of my beds too but knew more cold weather was coming so I left them all tucked in for another month or so. I can't wait for April to get here and we're almost half way there. I'm counting down the days. Cynthia is posting over on the other forum. I posted a reply to her last night over there.

Babs. good news on your peepers and great news for Chris except the part about his "old" eyes. Your date sounds like it was lots of fun too. Brad and I always tried to get out and do something without the kids once a week or so when they were small.

Honey, hope you have a fun and relaxing trip!

Deanne, thanks for the fuschia pics. The size of those blooms are unbelievable. Can't wait to try that one this summer. I thought of you yesterday when I was at Telly's, the nursery that has the coleus standards. I saw one that looked like tilt-a-whirl that was about 2 1/2 to 3 ft tall and the "ball" was probably 12" in diameter. I was wishing I had my camera to take a picture of it for you. It was so cool.

Martie, Bella ask me to send her regrets as her mom won't let her travel alone quite yet. She would have a ball at your party though and would probably eat lots of soil. Do you really have a recipe for lemon verbena cookies?

Taryn, I did watch Desperate Housewives last night but it didn't hold my attention very well. I have a harder and harder time sitting down and watching any TV for an extended period these days though. There just doesn't seem to be much on that I'm interested in.

I wish Norma and Ei would check in and let us know how they are. They've both been on my mind alot.

Time for a cup of coffee. It's quit raining for the moment and the sky seems to be brightening. Have a good day everybody.


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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

Good morning folks! Being on this mountain time is odd. I start sleeping poorly around 4 AM local time but don't want to get up so I wait til about 6:30 which is really 8:30 and much too late to stay in bed. Last night I forced myself to stay up til 10 to compensate.

Anyhoo...I ordered stuff from Lazy S last year and was very pleased with the quality and size of plants. The only problem I had was they don't send plants hardened off and I like to start planting hardy plants early so I had to wait a bit.

Martie, have you been contacted privately by lurkers from here before? How odd. In all the years I've been posting here that has never happened. I just must not be controversial enough I guess...lol. My back feels pretty good. The other people we ski with are intermediates and we all stay together so that slows me down quite a bit. Yesterday after skiing I took a walk around the neighborhood here then did my daily stretch routine. Hopefully that will help.

Honey have fun on your trip!

Deanne, great robin shots. I saw some around my place a few weeks ago. I love hearing them at dusk on summer nights. It's one of my favorite summer sounds. Tom and I went out to dinner last night to a place called Purple Sage. Delish! I had salmon grilled to perfection served creatively over black rice and covered with a gorgeous blue cheese sauce and fresh steamed asparagus. For an appetizer, plump grilled shrimp stuffed with jalepenos and wrapped in bacon with chili sauce. Dessert was almond cakes with fresh berries and chantilly cream. Hope I can fit into my pants by the end of the week...lol.

Hi to everyone else. I have multiple choices of wireless networks in this condo but none of the open ones have great signal strenth so I'd better hit send before I disconnect and lose this whole post.

Happy Monday!


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Hi guys another quick post. I've put the pics of the new painting up over on TGF if you want to take a peek.

Eden, Ooooo.... wish you'd had your camera. I've really been wanting to try my hand at doing a standard with a coleus. Maybe I'll start one now. LOL

Sue, ROTFLMAO!!! You are like a restaurant critic from the newspaper. I'm salivating over your dinner last night. Love the detailed descriptions. Glad to hear your back is doing Ok with the skiing.

OK now I'm really going to get to the gym.


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Crappy day here. Windy and snowing. I started out for work but turned around. Rick did go in, but he doesnt have as far to go. Maybe Ill go later. They say we got 3-4" but we have drifts that are 2.5. Rick had to get the tractor with the snowblower out for only the 2nd time this winter. So Im sitting here on the computer sipping my cappachino.

Sue, your meal sounds fabulous. We were in the Park City area last summer. We took I-80 home.

Eden, the coleus standard sounds very cool. Ive seen some standards of the fancy leaf geraniums locally that were pretty cool too. I think that Bella has you and Brad wrapped around her little finger (the egg wreath) LOL Shes lucky to have such adoring grandparents.

Martie, the seed starting party sounds like loads of fun. Several of the local nurseries here have different activities for kids, I cant wait to take Kenzie. In fact there is a nursery on a farm about 5 mi. from here called Grampas Fun Farm. Its got stuff for the kids to do while mom plant shops.

Babs, I hope that this is our St. Pattys day snowstorm ;o) How nice that you and Chris found some time together (very important) and nice that it worked out for the boys to stay with your MIL.

Honey, the Italian restaurant sounds like a very interesting place. I may have to look for Thomas Edison, yours is so pretty. I love the little bee in the picture too.

Taryn, thanks, if there is any plant divisions that you want this spring or fall let me know.

Deanne, your new faucet sounds lovely. Faucets arent just functional anymore. I checked out your fruit box and it is fabulous. I was sure fooled, I thought you had painted on tiles.

Those of you who have nice weather enjoy it for me.


Here's a few shots of whats blooming in my indoor garden.

Rosebud geranium:

View from my living room window this a.m.:

This is the iris garden stake that I made last night. I might donate a couple of these to the school auction next month and maybe a couple of stepping stones.

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I love the painted box project Deanne. Those grapes look like you could reach out a pick one. And I love the "tile" background and the paint technique on the box sides too. As always, beautiful job!

Sue, your dinner out last night sounds delicious. I had to laugh when I read your "Happy Monday". Funny how when on vacation Monday's are the BEST day of the week. Have fun!

It's still raining here and I've had to break out the wet vac in the basement and take care of a few leaks. On the good side since I got everything cleaned up and put on the shelves last week there's nothing on the floor to get wet which makes for easy cleanup. We're under tornado watch until 4pm. So far March has been a wet month, lots of thunder and lightning. Isn't lightning supposed to be good for the garden? I think I read somewhere that it puts nitrogen into the soil. I should be off to the store before we get the next round of weather, which is 60mph winds later today then a plunge into the 30s (close to 70F now). Gotta love Michigan weather. It's keeps you on your toes.

Michelle, just saw your post. Please keep the snow out there and away from here. I say just take off the whole day. Beautiful geraniums and love the iris stake. I would love to find the time to learn to do stained glass. It's on my "someday" list of things to do.


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Well the weather was interesting again today...warmish, enough to melt most of the snow and flood the creek once again. The hooded mergansers arrived on the pond and spent the day diving and showing off. Only two females and five males. Tonight is windy and tomorrow we expect white stuff once more.

I heard from Monty and Cynthia, Chelone and Woody. Woody is busy working on another project. Chelone completed some sewing for herself (tablecloths etc...). Wonder where Janie is these days.

I've been finishing up painting details in the kitchen. Should be done by the time the ceiling guys arrive next week.

Would enjoy hearing about Mary's concert. Was it Martie who said she was tired of turtlenecks? I'd be lost without them. How else do you know what day of the week it is? Today is my bright pink one, to wake me up for Monday. ;-)

Deanne, glad you sent off your project before the weekend. When is Doug's surgery?

My computer is making clanking noises. Hope that doesn't mean bad things in the future!

Early to bed I think. My brother brought me some "Cat Who" mysteries which are good reading for this empty brain tonight.

Reading everything with interest but just can't compete!

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Hi, everyone. Since I am to far behind to comment on everything, plese don't take it personally. I am interested in everyones posts. Most of all I want to tell Ei I am thinking of her and her sister. I hope you are holding up. I know its tough.

It has been a long week here. My brothers memorial wasn't until Sat. To try to fill you in, he had many health problems. Diabetes and heart among them. His surgery though was for bladder and prostrate cancer, which the doctor felt confident he had taken care of. For some reason his kidneys shut down. Things just went wrong. He was on a ventilator and dyallisis for a week, he never came around. The results won't be known for another week. I just prayed that god would do what was right for him. I didn't want him to lead a miserable life. We were'nt especially close for many reasons, but he was my brother and I loved him. Thank you all for thinking about me.

On a lighter note, I went to grandparents day at Wyatts daycare. It was good to see how he spends his day. We made decorated graham crackers with icing and candies etc. They recited what they were learning and sang some songs. Very cute. I was so impressed by a high school boy who came for his little sister in place of grandparents that couldn't be there. He really cared about her and it was touching. Wyatt came home with me and spent the night as his dad was having minor surgery that afternoon. The funny thing was that he was sleeping in the living room and I heard him crying softly around 4 am. I went and brought him back to bed with me and he slept until around 8:30. Later I asked him why he was crying. He said he thought there was a monster. I asked him if Rebel had been howling and he said "no it was the coffeepot!" LOL. It is on a timer and it does make some gosh awful noises. His older brother Jacob came home with us after the services Sat and stayed until tonite since he had no school today. So we have had some quality time with both of them this week. Its kind of nice to have them one at a time since it eliminates the ocassional squabbles and to much roudiness.

Sunday it was so warm out and I needed some stress relief, so I spent the day cleaning up one garden bed. I can't believe how much growth my LA lillies have. They should'nt be up already should they? I just put them in last year so this is their first spring in the ground. I'm sure we will have some pretty cold weather again. Anyway, I guess there was something in the air because by nighttime my throat was sore and scratchy and I could hardly talk this morning. Allergies I guess. DS said he had a problem with his too. I think we neither one slept much last night and he called me at 2:30 am to warn us of a possible tornado in the area, and I was still awake. Fortunetly everything went north and south of us. Some people in the state weren't so lucky. Jacob gets pretty upset with storms so I think his dad was mainly checking on him.

I know there were a couple of other things I wanted to say,but it is escaping me now. I will do better next time. Going to try to catch up on some of that sleep I lost last night. gnite, Norma

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Norma: So good to her from you! It seems that time with the boys was just what you needed. It also seems that your brother passed just when he was supposed to.

Deanne: Glad to know you've recovered from your Stairmaster calamity. It's why I stay away from exercise machines. The first time I tried one of those weights that you pull down on from over your head something snapped and it snapped me across the noggen. I'll take walking :-)

Babs: Was thinking a lot about your boys' birthdays in relation to your Dad's dates. "And the seasons, they go round and round and the painted ponies go up and down ...." Can't remember all the rest of the words but like Norma's brother, this just seems right. Can they come on April 9???? :-)

Eden: Bella can eat all the dirt she wants while she's here but it'll really be gingersnap crumbs. (A trick I learned long ago with Kyle while I was planting. I gave him his own "dirt" until he was about 18 months old.) For Lemon Verbena cookies I use a good shortbread recipe, add a touch more sugar than called for, and chop up fresh/frozen LV leaves for some ZAP. I then sprinkle the top with finely ground LV sugar, made the same way as Lavender sugar, and it's just enough. Yes, I am bad and use real butter for this one :-)

Sue: Send dinner out east. Now. Glad you're enjoying yourself on a Monday!!

Mary: Your iris stake is, well, Wow!! I've never seen anything like it. I'm not crafty except for things with fabric or roots and am truly envious of the projects that get done around here.

Hoping Honey made it to Phoenix in one piece and is having an absolute blast.

Must run and getagoing. Very, very foggy here and I have a trip to the Vermont border that will take longer than usual. This may be an extra cup of coffee (with thus obligatory extra b-room stop) trip so up and atta'm.

Sending sunshine to everywhere there isn't..


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Good morning all, It is a wet 44 degrees this morning after a night of torrential rains that came with thunder storms. It seemed so strange to see lightening in March. That is really unusual for us here. We did need some rain so that was good timing. When I watched the weather last night I saw the storms heading this way and it looks like Marys area got nailed with these storms before they got here. I guess it is supposed to be warm for another couple days then another cold front coming through will bring winter weather back just in time for the beginning of spring.

Thank you Michelle and Eden! Im so pleased you like the new painting. Ive got some plans to expand on this design and paint it on a tilt top table with some foliage in the background instead of just a blended background then add some additional fruit, a granite table edge in the foreground and put in that Monarch butterfly and maybe a few other things. Im stewing on the ideas right now and will wait until it comes together in my head before I try to paint it.

Michelle, did you wind up going into work yesterday? I hope you just stayed safe at home. That snowy view out your window looks pretty cold. ~~ I love the photos of your geraniums especially that light pink one. That would look great with my hypoestes. Im going to have to pick up a few for myself this year. They seem so cheerful in the dreary weather. In fact, Ive seen some really nice geranium standards and think Im going to have to try my hand at that. ~~ Now, I absolutely LOVE your iris garden stake. How tall is that and so you sell them?

Eden, You could easily do that faux finish that is on the sides of that box. I just layered several colors of paint including gold and textured it with saran wrap. Lots of fun to do and it doesnt take any time at all.~~ Bummer about the leaks in your basement but good that you didnt have anything damaged. ~~ Yes I do believe you are right that lightening fixes nitrogen in the atmosphere so it is good for the gardens. ~~ Did you wind up with that snow I saw on the weather radar last night?

GB how great to hear from you! I can just see those mergansers on your pond. I love to watch these birds display in the spring. Doug and I saw a flock of Red-breasted Mergansers in a bay in Wiscassett, ME a few years ago and they were doing their spring courtship displays. Very interesting birds. I think Ive only see the Hooded a few times. ~~ Hope your computer doesnt quit on you. I hate it when machines start making alarming noises.

Norma, thanks for checking in and Im glad to hear you and family are doing OK. Your time with Wyatt and Jacob sounds like fun.

Martie, have a safe drive to VT today. I dont envy you that driving today. The fog here is pretty thick Oh yes, I absolutely love that Joni Mitchell song,

Circle Game

Yesterday a child came out to wonder
Caught a dragonfly inside a jar
Fearful when the sky was full of thunder
And tearful at the falling of a star

Then the child moved ten times round the seasons
Skated over ten clear frozen streams
Words like, when youre older, must appease him
And promises of someday make his dreams

And the seasons they go round and round
And the painted ponies go up and down
Were captive on the carousel of time
We cant return we can only look behind
From where we came
And go round and round and round
In the circle game

Sixteen springs and sixteen summers gone now
Cartwheels turn to car wheels thru the town
And they tell him,
Take your time, it wont be long now
Till you drag your feet to slow the circles down

And the seasons they go round and round
And the painted ponies go up and down
Were captive on the carousel of time
We cant return we can only look behind
From where we came
And go round and round and round
In the circle game

So the years spin by and now the boy is twenty
Though his dreams have lost some grandeur coming true
Therell be new dreams, maybe better dreams and plenty
Before the last revolving year is through

And the seasons they go round and round
And the painted ponies go up and down
Were captive on the carousel of time
We cant return, we can only look behind
From where we came
And go round and round and round
In the circle game

Have a great day all

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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

Idaho trout last night with dill whipped potatoes and grilled asparagus (asparagus is big out here). For dessert, a warm berry cobbler with a scoop of ice cream. Yes, meals out a cool places are a big part of vacation for me. We skied at Deer Valley yesterday. It must be school vacation somewhere because the place was crawling with kids. So far the skiing has been cold and crowded. It snows almost all day and the temps won't budge out of the 20s. Last night was the first night it didn't snow since we've been here. I'll take the rainy 40s. Today we're off to Alta, about a 45 minute drive. It's only about 10 F right now-hope it warms up. I did take a dip in the hot tub yesterday after skiing. You appreciate it alot in this weather.

Hi Norma, nice to hear from you. It sounds like Martie summed it up perfectly and your brother did go when he needed to. Glad to could have the time with your grandsons.

Hi Marie! Say hello to all the lost idyllers for me.

Brrr, Michelle. Neat stained glass. We have so many crafty people here. Deanne, I checked out your painted box-very nice as usual.

Ooooh, the sun is out. Maybe it will be out on the mountain too.

Happy Tuesday (it's how I keep track, Eden...lol),


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Hi guys....hey remember when we really had guys here? I wonder what happened to them.

SO I kept thinking of any GW midwesterners yesterday and was stunned that so many tornadoes hit there. Am I right that Michelle,V,and Ei were north enough not to get the very hazardous weather(besides those heavy winds)? I wondered how Marian was and EP-then again I wasn't looking at a map so hopefully they were not affected. Norma-I'm relieved that the tornado stuff went around you.

It's good to hear back from you Norma-we had all been thinking of you these last couple days. Having Wyatt overnight was such a good diversion for you. He just sounds so sweet about how he was afraid of the monster: ). Coffeemakers ARE scary sounding things lol. I understand about the benefit of having individual time with your grandkids-my kids also tend to feed off each other when they get riled up. Surprisingly my mom is always willing to watch them despite that lol.
What happened to your brother sounds so sad especially when you say that his passing was unexpected. As a kid and now, I could never imagine any of my siblings dying but I imagine it must be so hard to go through-even if the relationship is strained.

Michelle that glass garden stake is beautiful! Is it from a kit or did you design that? I would so love to make one of those. I really like how the petals overlap. Fun!
Wow you got some major snow! I was amazed yesterday to see that pic while we were having warm temps. Don't worry,we've joined you in the cold and now we're getting snow. I just loved the last few springy days.

Deanne-that box is wonderful! I also thought those were actual tiles. Did you come up with that box design yourself or are you told what to create(as far as the tile idea goes)? I think you need to faux paint a *mosaic* next: ) : )
Hopefully what should be landing in your mailbox soon will make up for my last comment lolol.
Thanks for posting the lyrics-Ei will be proud of you!)

Martie-the other interesting thing about my dad's dates and the kids bdays is that the whole time the kids knew my dad he wasn't able to verbalize(dementia) so that date connection really seems interesting. Aj had a very close bond despite Dad's limitations. AJ always mentions my dad's bday before I even realize it's coming up-so that's kind of cool. Also since he died on St. Pat's day we certainly won't forget him! He wasn't Irish but he thoroughly loved the holiday-it always makes me wonder if he somehow chose to leave on that day. That's such a great song.
About the planting party-the boys would love it. They've been really interested in my seed starting efforts but being able to eat dirt would be a blast...Ryan would want to bring gummy worms; )

Eden-sorry you had leaks: (. I was surprised that we didn't get the huge amounts of rain nor a large volume of thunderstorms-I think things started to fizzle out here after the midwest got it. How lucky that you got everything off the floor ahead of time. Aj was actually able to have track because the sky suddenly cleared! As soon as track ended the winds and rain came back-eerie!

Ok I need to move some dust around..


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flowerluvr(Z5 IN)

Morning! This will be short..my keyboard is on it's way out. Lol, I'll let you igure out what keys are not working ;)

Just had to comment on a couple o things. Deanne, that box is gorgeous..wish I had some o your artistic talent! Love the robins, haven't seen any here yet.

((Norma)) Glad you checked in, you're in my thoughts. Just as I was reading about your "monster", Jim was brewing coee (have we iugured out one o the missing letters yet?) and ours sounds like a growling monster, too! Need to run some cleaner through it. Glad you got to spend some time with the boys. Very sweet about the high school boy coming to grandparent's day :)

Michelle, your stake is just too cool!

Mom is doing better, they had her up walking yesterday, and she may get out tomorrow.

Okay, I'm going to cut this short...aggravating to try and think o words that don't use the bad keys :( New keyboard should be here tomorrow.
Have a good day, all, and HOWDY to everyone I didn't comment to individually!

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

FOR BRENDA...and everyone else of course:

Count every "F " in the following text:



I'll add the answer later.

Just back from taking the kittens to have their stitches out. They were not so sure they enjoyed the drive. The weather is nasty here, but the creek is going down a bit. The flurries have begun

DH is installing a light next to the new phone. (NO FAX MACHINE! YEAH!) Now we'll be able to look in the phone book and read recipes at last! Such small details make a huge difference. :-)

OK, here's the answer you were waiting for:
WRONG, THERE ARE 6 -- no joke.
Really, go Back and Try to find the 6 F's before you scroll down.

The reasoning is:
The brain cannot process "OF".
Incredible or what? Go back and look again!!

Anyone who counts all 6 "F's" on the
first go is a genius.

Three is normal, four is quite rare!
Send this to your friends.
It will drive them crazy! And keep them occupied for several minutes

Now enjoy your day and do something creative and horticultural for yourself! (No, not taxes...)

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Gb, that is to weird. I just couldn't see the other three fs. I wanted to mention how much I liked your turkey pictures. Also thanks for the updates on Woody, Cynthia and Chelone. I miss them and try to look up their posts on the other forum when someone posts a link there. Otherwise I don't get over there to often. I was thinking of Woody on sunday when I was down on the ground pulling weeds and my pants legs were getting soaked. I should have had protective ones on like she wears, but the thing is I only went out to see what was growing and wound up working. Just can't pass up those stupid weeds. LOL, Seriously, the seasonal weeds are bad out there and producing their nasty seeds already. That really bugs me, knowing how many more weeds will show up if I don't get a handle on them.

After our almost to warm weather over the weekend we are back to pretty chilly out there. I am glad though, because the daffs and other bulb flowers will last a little longer with cooler temps. This is one of those years when they all seemed to burst out together for a good show. I need to document where I want to add new ones next fall.

Deanne, Your painted box is so neat. The dimension you create in your paintings is phenominal. Jacob first saw the redo of the laundry room this weekend and wanted to know who took the neat bird pictures. I was proud to say it was an internet friend of mine.
I had to laugh when I saw he had rearranged a couple of nick nacks in the bathroom more to his liking though. He is quite creative.

Martie, Jake would have loved one of your planting parties. He has always wanted to and still does like growing things. He was pointing out all sorts of things he thought I should try at walmart the other day. In fact he did convince me to buy a echinop because he thought it was so neat looking. I also bought him a box of wildflower seeds to scatter in an area beyond where they are trying to establish a new yard. Everything was destroyed last year with the big redo of their house. I'm not sure Wyatt will be into plants to much, he seems more tuned into playing ball and things.

Marian, I had to laugh when you were telling about seperating the hypostes. I bought one of those same pots with just that in mind. I can't wait to see what you do with your new raised beds. Very creative of you to use what was on hand. The slabs will certainly help to contain your composted materials as well as much needed moisture. I am excited that I will have more of Jains iris bloom this year that were not developed enough last year. The red flax never did well for me here. I love the blue flax, it does reseed for me.

Yeona , it was good to have a nice post from you. I am happy to hear that times are a little better for you. Sounds like you are pretty busy keeping up with the work though. Find some yard time too.

I'm off to take care of the dryer and a few other chores. I was getting so frustrated yesterday when the dryer just wasn't getting the clothes dry. After venting several times about it, DH took a look and pointed out that I had it on a delicate cycle. Well duh!. I had forgotten that I put a good Jacket in there to freshen up a few days before. I'll be back later to catch up some more. Norma

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Good morning!

These guys came by this morning for a walk through visit & to munch a bit. I thought I'd grab the camera & attempt to take a photo to share with you.

Thinking of all.....

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T, it looks like the elk herd is growing. The word must be out that your place is a safe haven. I wonder how many babies there will be this year. Are you getting any breaks from the rain?

Brenda , good to hear your mom is doing better. I have an aunt in about the same situation right now.
re cleaning the coffee pot, mine needs it too but it seems everytime I do that it goes out. So I just buy the cheap ones. I've had all kinds.
To bad about the keyboard. How is the bedroom coming along?

I have been so draggy today. I haven't accomplished anything, and DH is starting to get on my nerves looking over my shoulder all the time. I am ready for him to go back to work. I still have some loose ends to tie up in the laundry room, but just couldn't get into it today. Thats why I hate leaving a project before its finished. We have a bad track record on things like that.

Babs, I sure hope Chris doesn't really have macular degeneration. It was nice you two could have a little one on one time. Its hard to find that time when raising kids. I know our son and DIL enjoy their time when we have both boys for a weekend now and then.
I think some of our conversations here must overwhelm our guy friends, but I hope they check in and let us know how things are going with them. I enjoy reading their posts.

Sue, sounds like you are enjoying vacation even with the cold weather. I hope the sun shines and warms your days a little. Your meals are sounding delish! I love asparagus. I am thinking of moving my patch . It really takes up to much space where it is. I need to put it in a more out of the way spot.
Since I don't go out to work it is easy to lose track of what day it is around here.

Honey, hoping you are having a great time with your friend. And soaking up some sun.

GB are you replacing the ceiling in your kitchen?

Eden , How did Bella like the new wreath? How nice that Brad was thinking of her seeing it when she comes in the mornings.
Thanks so much for thinking of me this last week. I hope your weather clears up soon so you and Bella can get out more.

Michelle, that iris stake is beautiful, and blue is my favorite color. I'm sure they would be a big hit at the auction. I' happy for you to be done with the drywall. It goes up fairly fast but I hate all the finishing part of it. It will be nice for Rick to have a nice spot of his own and give you more room in your garden shed. Your geraniums look so pretty. My red one has white ones mixed in the same pot and they were blooming nicely together this past week. For 25 cent throw aways plant last year they have given me much pleasure.

Drema, did you get to Orchidmania yet? Good idea about the news letter. I usually get to anxious to clean up the beds too, but I have so many I just take my chances and do it when I can. Most of what I grow is pretty tough and if It gets nipped it usually comes back, although I am always disapointed if it does get nipped. Here though that can even happen in May.

Taryn, so the boys liked the new house too? Did they pick rooms? I hope it all works out for you. Jacob is moving downstairs into his parents old bedroom and Wyatt will get Jacobs old room. They painted the walls beige in Jakes new room with a camo leaf border at the top. He got a new bunkbed with futon type lower bunk. It is turning out to be a neat room for him and his buddies to hang out in.

DH has just made me a nice spinach salad and after me saying he was getting on my nerves I don't deserve it. But how nice. Going to go eat it. Later, N

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I didnt go in to work yesterday, but I sure wanted to. I hate using a vacation day for snow instead of gardening ;o) Deanne, would you like some of the variegated geranium cuttings? I could do some cuttings from the light pink also. The only pieces of stained glass that I have sold except for charity auctions are a couple of lamps. I rarely get around to doing as much as Id like to. The stake is 22" tall, but can be made any length.

Sue sounds like she is enjoying herself. Quite something to stay so in touch while on vacation.

Babs, I think the hormones were just too much for the guys LOL No kit, you can buy pattern books, but I usually draw up my own pattern.

Norma, glad that you checked in. Ive been thinking about you. What fun to spend time with your grandsons. I got quite a chuckle about the monster. Now I know why I dont drink coffee! What a relief that you werent affected by the tornadoes.

I got an "F" on the F quiz. I guess Im no genius :o) I did find 3.

T, thats where youve been, chasing after the elk with your camera.

Brenda, good to hear that your mom may be released.

Have a good evening

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

The good and the bad...

Bad: Marian has not been able to log in to this site since Sunday and has comments she would like to share with several of you. It must be awfully frustrating.

GOOD: "It has returned to more seasonal temps here. My yard is bursting with blooms. My Daffodils and forsythia are outstanding, and the serviceberries are coming into full bloom."- Marian

Norma, I am having a tongue and groove ceiling installed in our kitchen. Sleek and modern just doesn't work in an 1870s farmhouse! I hope it makes things look more homey and warm. I'll try and share a photo when things are DONE.


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The elk were back this evening.......grazing in the front yard. DH got to watch them for about 30 minutes until it got too dark to see them any longer.

Here is a photo I took of the herd from our attic window.

Sorry to just pop in and pop back out, but wanted to share with you the elk picture....sending good thoughts to all!


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Here the elk are from the living room window. (Nice porch railing? 2x4 and beam....some day there will be a lovely railing.....some day).

I've left the photos big so it is easier to see the individual animals.....I hope they don't bog down anyone's computer and I'll take them down soon so others can load pictures to share without slowing down the page loading.


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Good sunny but chilly morning!! I'm with Sue, I'd take the fog and 40's over 20's on a chair lift :-)

The lurker has been cyberlly excommunicated. Three different email addresses (with the note "This Message Originated from Garden Web") went back to one IP address and that person is no longer going to be around. What some people will do to try and stir up their lives ....

This needs to be VERY short so I'll send a huge Hello, Love the Pics, glad sad folks are feeling a bit better, and Very Special Invitation to Sue to join us at the kids seed planting party. LOL!!!!! Her mint tea would need to have some Annisette ?sp? from last year mixed in :-)

Best to all ....

Martie, heading off to put in the results of a Very Good Trip yesterday, and deleting Lazys's from my favorites after sending the order. No More!!! :-)

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Hi everyone

All well here, just busy. Hope to be back later to chat. I love the Elk!! Glad Sue is having fun dining (keep those descriptions coming!). Hope Marian can join us soon. Martie - what fun a Seed Starting party would be! Still thinking of Ei, Norma and others with challenges.

The recital on Sunday went well. It was part of an Adult Chamber Music Workshop. Not all the groups elected to play, but I'm glad we did. We played the first movement of a late Mendlessohn Quartet. It wasn't perfectly flawless, but we gave it our best. Unfortunately DH was struck with a stomach bug that day and wasn't able to bring the kids down to listen. It would definitely have been fun to have the Idylls there instead!!

have a good day


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Morning all,

It is 34 degrees out this morning with some pretty strong winds. Im hoping we dont lose power again. I guess we are supposed to get below freezing by the end of the week with some snow on Friday. Ah well, it is March after all.

How awful about the dam break and the rains in Hawaii. I was just watching the news and Kauai has received 25 inches of rain in the last five days and there is another storm coming in so no break in sight.

Thanks to everyone for the nice feedback on the new painting. I appreciate your taking the time to look.

Sue, that trout sounds divine and dill whipped potatoes, yum! I didnt realize you were going to ski at so many areas on your vacation. Thats pretty neat. So what was dinner last night? BTW did you and Tom ever figure out a place to put in a hot tub at home?

Babs the box is made by a company in Wisconsin. The editor of the magazine had seen it at our annual convention last year and asked me if I would do my feature article on the piece. ~~ You are a hoot, mosaic? Not! ~~ So what is supposed to be landing in my mailbox? Inquiring minds would like to know. I did get a notice that the place in WA I ordered my fuchsias from has mailed out my order. Can you see me rubbing my hands in anticipation? I cant wait. Im hoping Doug can get my new lights set up soon because Ive got about three dozen coleus that are rooted and ready to be potted up and no place for them. Im finally going to be able to start some cuttings from the Pineapple Wizard this week. For some unknown reason they were really slow to grow and get going for me but theyve put on some nice growth in the last week since I got the new light bulbs.

Brenda, hope you got a new keyboard so you are back in business. Glad to hear your Mom is doing better and that she might get out of the hospital today.

Bug, how strange about the f thing. I saw the one at the end of the sentence but missed the two ofs at the beginning of the sentence. Even though I looked at it letter by letter four times. Very strange. ~~ Cant wait to see your finished kitchen. The tongue and groove ceiling will be perfect there. Will you paint it or stain it?

Norma, how neat you are enjoying the bird photographs. That put a big smile on my face! Thanks. ~~ LOL about the clothes dryer. I hate it when I do something like that. ~~ LOL about your DH getting on your nerves. I so know what you mean. When Doug is on vacation if we dont have any specific plans I really dont like him hanging around and when he reads what Im typing over my shoulder it totally makes me crazy.

Martie, glad to hear your trip to VT was successful and that your phantom emailer has been xd.

T, great photos of the elk herd! How neat! I simply cannot imagine having a herd of anything browsing in my yard. Better you than I though. I cant imagine what theyd do to my gardens. So whats new? Weve been missing you here.

Marian, I cant believe you are having log in problems again. What a pain. Hope you can figure out the problem soon.

Michelle, yes Id love some cuttings from your geraniums. You can let me know what I have that youd like some of and Ill send them along with your Golden Tiara hosta when I dig that up. I was actually checking on that yesterday to see it any eyes are up yet but not yet. Soon though. So where are you going to use your iris stake?

OK time to get out of here and get some exercise. Have a great day everyone.

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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

Good morning again! Im going to be smart and compose this message in Word because the internet connection is so unreliable and constantly disconnects with no warning. I think Im getting a variety of wireless networks because were in a condo. The only ones with a strong signal require a password. Were getting a snowstorm right nowwhiteout, maybe a foot predictedperfect timing, today is our day off. Deanne, Im convinced the bad weather is following me around the country..lol. Anyone in need of snow? Ill just fly in.

Yesterday we enjoyed some beautiful sunny weather at Alta but with some hideous wind. Man, its always something. Utah is great for a ski vacation. There are many world class ski areas within a 45 minute drive of Salt Lake City. The ski jumps from the 2002 winter Olympics are behind the condo complex where were staying. I got a good look at them on my walk yesterday.

OK, dinner last nightit took three tries before we could get a reservation. I cant believe how much the area has built up since we were here 11 years ago-new development everywhere and all high end homes and condos. We ended up going back to the place we had lunch on day one. I had tender shrimp served over a tasty tomato risotto. It was filling but not so much that I didnt have room to split a lemon ginger cheesecake with Tom. Tonight Im making shrimp stir fry over linguine for the group so were staying in.

Martie, if kids will be present at your party just skip the tea for me altogether and crack open a bottle of winelol.

Hi Mary, glad your recital went well. Its odd how some people have intermittent problems logging in here.

Time to go rustle up some breakfast. Vacation is half over-how time flies.

Enjoy your Wednesday!


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Jerri_OKC(z7 Ok)

Idyll Alert! We are having grassfires all too close to the house. Please send positive thoughts and prayers towards OKC. DH and I rushed home in case we have to pack up the furbabies. They've shut down the interstate and even air traffic at the airforce base.

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Hi, My pc died yesterday so I'm now Idylling from my new wireless laptop. I think it's going to take me a little while to get used to though. Just wanted to check in and say please stay safe Jerri.


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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Hey all ....I'm back! Dum de dum dum.... I 'knew' iVillage didn't recognize capital letters in your username, but I didn't think it applied to your password! Well, it does! I do not know why I was logged out, because I have the site bookmarked with me logged in. Ofcourse the reason it would not log me back in was because I always put the capital on my password!

Jerri, I am so glad you checked in. I have been worried about you, and was wanting to find out if you are okay.

I have other things to say, but need to go back and read so I will make the appropriate comments. :-)

Thanks, Marie , for passing along my message to you.


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Jerri! Thinking of you and concerned! There's been no rain there for ever so long. We leave on the 31st for Bartlesville. Keep in touch and let us know what's up please.

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Hello everyone

Jerri - I'll be thinking of you and watching the news. Let us know how things are if you can.

Welcome back Marian!

Deanne - your painted box is gorgeous and so clever. I've always loved tromp l'oeil effects. When I studied Art History illusion in painting and those great old pictures with curtains and violins hanging on doors were some of my favourites. I hope yours was fun to do. Has your package arrived?

Brenda - so good to hear you Mum is doing better. She sounds quite a lady.

Michelle - your Iris stake is just lovely. What a perfect flower to work in stained glass. My little neice is called Iris - some day I'd like to try something like that for her. I think at the moment though her chubby 2 year old hands would make short work of it!

GB - I only found 3 F's. I love those sort of puzzles, even though I'm obviously very poor at them. Perhaps I should stick to Soduku.

Martie - that lurker had too much time on their hands if they were emailing you from 3 addresses. Hope pressing the "block" button was satisfying.

The weather here is horrible. We've had gale force winds, snow and the high tomorrow will be 34F. Its been down to the 20's at night - brrrr. I'm so glad I have my seeds to keep me sane. Growing up in England March really was Spring with daffodils in full bloom and things leafing out. I still expect Upstate NY to follow that timetable, and am disappointed each and every year.

Tomorrow I'm leaving work early to attend the Rochester area Garden Show. I'm going to hear Pamela Harper speak, and to breathe in the sights and smells of soil and plants. I've also got my eye out for an Orchid. Annie's best friend has a birthday next week, and she has been begging her Mother for an Orchid. I thought it would be really cool for Annie to give her her first plant, and of course, I would have fun choosing it. Hope there are some nice Phals at the show.

I'm feeling rather pleased with myself as I just cleaned the mountain of paperwork off my desk, filing everything in my file drawers. This is a bi-annual event at best, so I'm celebrating with a mid-week glass of wine. I have pulled pork in the oven, its been cooking at 265F since 9 AM and the smell is delicious. It will be a real stick-to-your- ribs meal with rice and beans, and coleslaw.

I just have time to start a fire with the papers containing personal info before the boys get back from Karate.

Best to all,


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Hi Jerri good to see you,though how scary things sound!-please be safe! Let us know what happens when you can.

Chris saw the retinal specialist today and he doesn't have macular degeneration!!!(thankfully though I kind of figured but wondered what else it could be). We had a funny moment when Chris told the Dr. that he was worried so he looked online for answers and the Dr. asked with genuine interest,"And what diagnosis did you come up with?" The Dr. smiled broadly and said "Nope!" when Chris told him MD. What Chris does have is called Foveal Telangectasis-ever hear of that one?
It is an eye defect he's most likely had since birth that does cause leaking of blood vessels on the macular but it's definitely treatable should it progress.(I naturally have to google it and learn more; ) He goes back in 4 months to see if it progresses then he goes back every year if there are no changes.It's definitely something that needs to be watched. He has a grid chart for checking his vision for added distortion which he needs to do weekly.
Chris is so relieved(me too). He doesn't have to change anything with diet or exercise so he's happy. They injected him with dye to get pics of the macular-he says it temporaryily makes your pee neon yellow lolol. Sorry I just knew you'd appreciate that; )
Chris wants me to say he appreciates your good thoughts and wants to hug everybody he sees, so look out!I thought he was going to kiss the Dr.!(I wanted to lol)

Today was such a big day-Ryan is now an official 5 year old: ). His party is on Sat.....I need to make a cake!! I did decide to make beef brisket for the dinner but the menu is still in planning stages.

Deanne-yikes I hope your package arrives soon!
You crack me up about Doug reading over your shoulder-I GET IRRITATED TOO with Chris lol. It's not like I'm typing juicey stuff but I tease I'm and tell him GO AWAY! lol

GLad you're back Marian!

Mary that's interesting how you are still on an England timetable for the seasons-what a disappointment it must be with what we get! How old were you when you first lived in the US?
Hope your DH is feeling better by now. Hey if the idylls were closer we would have brought your kids to your performance for you! Glad it went well.

I have some Googling to do...


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Mary your dinner sounds yummy. Just what the cold weather calls for. Have fun at the garden show. Hope you will have a picture or two to share.
I would love to attend one of your recitals.

Jerri, I sure hope you and your house are safe. Let us know as soon as you can.

GB, I like tongue and groove ceilings. I would like to do that in our basement.
It amazes me that you have been so cold and snowy, yet your forsythia and daffs etc are not that far behind mine. Maybe it has more to do with day length than temp.

Marian, I'm glad you figured the log in thing out.

Eden, congrats on the new wireless laptop.

We worked outside today on the swing arbor. It was our last warm day for awhile I think. I'm hoping tomorrow to cut back all my grasses and have a fire to burn up a lot of debris.
I was just looking back through some pictures of last year to see what I had growing where. Its hard to believe that all the bare spots now will be so filled out again in a month or so.

Have a good evening all. Norma

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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Hi idylls! I haven't read much at all of the current idyll but I will try to catch up tonight. Thought I'd better post in case I run out of steam before I'm done - a lot of reading to catch up on!

A few quick notes. We spent Saturday morning burning about a third of our property - and as I type that I am hoping with all my heart that Jerri and her family are safe. Fire is such a strange creature; so helpful when it's under control but such a dangerous beast when it's not, and it can change its nature in less than the blink of an eye.

Anyway, while we were burning the sandhill cranes were busy migrating. I started out trying to keep track, but in the end there were far too many. Literally hundreds of them passing over! There was a stiff wind out of the south, so it was ideal flying conditions for them.

Then we had a bout of severe weather, with bad thunderstorms Sunday evening and night, and high winds Monday and Tuesday. No damage here, and my friends in Springfield, which was hit hard with two tornadoes, all came through safe and sound. But all the weather made the internet a bit trying to deal with. And today was quite busy at work.

The good news is that most of my bulbs are starting to break through the ground! The bad news is we are supposed to get 6" of snow tonight and tomorrow. Yeah, you read that right - 6 inches! aaarrrrrgggghhh.

Things have been busy at work, and I had a minor situation with a frosty coworker for a couple of days. I'm not too sure what caused the sudden chill, other than she happened to be very busy at a time when I wasn't quite as busy. But I think I thawed her out at lunch today, so tomorrow should be better. I just dislike it when you feel like you have to tiptoe around the office, you know?

Okay, time to post and then do some emailing!



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V, happy to hear your friends escaped the tornados.
I imagine things will green up fast where you have burned. Yes fire is tricky. I had a scary incident here several years ago. I am extremly cautious now.
I used to work with a girl who could really fly off the handle, not usually at me and we were friends but it made for some difficult days. Glad I don't have to put up with it anymore. N

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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

Jerri, take care. I hope all stays well for you. All digits are crossed.


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Evening everyone,

Jerri, thinking of you - stay safe.

Babs, that is great news, I am so happy for Chris. What a relief. A big happy birthday to Ryan.

V, I think you are going to get our weather. We had a snowstorm on Monday and are expecting more tomorrow with wind I believe. Good to hear that you and friends were safe from the storms. Tiptoeing around the office, how well I know.

Mary, LOL, Ive never lived in England and I still expect to have spring in March. Especially, after we have had such spring like weather. It is really hard to go back to snow. My DS was born in April 1982 and we had such a blizzard early that month that another gal I knew had to go to the hospital to deliver in the snowplow. How fun about the orchid.

Marian, good to have you back.

Eden, lucky you to have a new laptop.

Deanne, I took more cuttings tonight and potted them up. Im also potting up some cuttings I took of Algerian ivy. It has a nice large glossy leaf. I also did some wintersowing tonight, so I really got my hands in the dirt. Ill wait a bit to send the cuttings as I want to include some of the light pink one. Ive started a shelf under the 8 light above my stained glass table. Ill be donating a couple of stakes to Ricks grandsons school auction.

Martie, good to know that you were able to get rid of the emailer. Did GW help with it?

Bug, the tongue and grove ceiling will be very neat.

Does anyone grow Kiss Me Over the Garden Gate? I ordered seeds for a variegated one. It sounds neat.

Thanks all for the nice comments on the garden stake. I think Ill work on another tonight.


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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Mary, thanks for the info on the Movie "Crash" . I wouldn't have known that, and I sure don't want to see a "sick, sad film" ! You are so kind with your concern about my less than ideal marriages. I know I could make this one better if I were not chronically ailing. It 'colors' my entire being.

Brenda, I bought a box of milled flax seed at WalMart tuesday, and some yogurt. I ate one container of yogurt for supper tonight , with a teaspoon of the flax in it. I like it. That is not surprising since I am the farm gal who loved to eat the fresh thrashed wheat ! Now I must remember to add it to other things. Between the healthy foodstuff, and Taryn's Lakota, I may end up being spry healthy old lady! LOL
A very dear friend knows that I have a low opinion of my self and my looks, so she emailed me a great message entitled " Good Morning, Beautiful ! " It is sort of like what you said is inside you..." a tall and well built woman." Only with me it is a 'beautiful woman '.

Deanne, those are really beautiful robin pics.
It's funny, I don't remember being emotionally abused by my family. I also don't remember any close loving relationships either. I don't remember ever being told that I excelled at anything, or that I was special in any way. I do know I was very strong-willed, and was threatened ( more than once ), with being sent to a reform school!
I guess I'd better not get into the waterplant business. I don't need another plant addiction! lol. I bought 2 more Phals Tues. They are quite differant than what I already had. One has miniature blooms. I also bought a bunch of bags of outdoor plants. I feel rather guilty spending money that way when I need to be getting Nolon to various Doctors.

LOL, Martie ! We warned you about those orchids! Wow! that's rather scary about the anonymous e-mailer. I sure hope you have put a stop to it.

Babs, that is wonderful news about Chris's eyes. How great that it is not MD, and is a treatable condition.

Teresa, those are great elk pictures, but I am so glad we don't have them here ! We have a herd of at least a dozen deer instead. :-(

I guess Honey is still basking in the Phoenix heat, and Sue is shivering in the Utah cold !
As for me... I am ready to call it a day!

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Evening all,

Jerri, Oh no! I surely hope you and yours stay safe! Sending positive thoughts your way. Id better check with my DS who lives in OKC. Ive been worried about her too. Those fires are just dreadful

Sue, sounds like you are having a great time even though it has been really cold there. I used to love to ski but I dont think Id enjoy the frigid temps anymore. I dont seem to have as much tolerance for the cold weather as I used to. The weather here has turned cold again and is supposed to stay cold for then next five days or so. We got about an inch of snow this afternoon. Wah. Im so ready for spring

Eden, bummer about your PC but good news about getting a laptop. Are you hooked up with a wireless connection? The good news is my fuchsia order came today and all the plants look really good. I cant wait to see all those new babies when they start blooming. The other good news is that Doug started setting up my second light cart in the basement for me today. Cool! When this one is full Im shut off. LOL

Marian, the caps in the password thing caused me difficulties too. You are not alone. Glad you figured it out.

Mary, so glad to hear that you enjoyed the recital. Im so sorry your DH wasnt able to attend. As I said, I wish Id been able to see you perform. ~~ So happy you like the new painting. Wish I enjoyed doing it but when I have to write instructions to things it really isnt fun anymore. Bummer. ~~ I also love those old tromp loeil with the violins oh the wooden doors. ~~ So what package are you guys talking about??? No package except what I ordered from the fuchsia place. ~~ Have a great time at the flower show. Wish I was close enough to join you.

Babs, Woohoo!!! So very happy to hear that Chriss eye problem isnt MD. You guys must be breathing a huge sigh of relief. ~~ Happy birthday to Ryan.

Norma, I so know what you mean about all those bare spaces filling in. I was looking at a few of my 05 photos and it amazes me how much grows in that space.

V Im jealous of your Sandhill cranes! I love those birds and havent seen one for many years.

Ok time to get myself into bed and get some sleep. Have a great evening all,


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ccsuzy(z6 IN)

Prespring things to do - return to the Idylls again. Hello to everyone old and new. It's mid March and I think I really must hibernate in the fall/winter months. I think I disappeared early on last summer - too much going on and it's been a tough year for me. I shouldn't complain, I don't have near the problems or heartaches that some others here have (and my heart and thoughts go out to you all). But I guess when it's your own "backyard" so to speak, it seems very big and ugly.

It's late so this is just a quick hello. I'll try to come more often, now that the sun is around more.

Taryn, lovely house photos, so much promise there. Good luck with it.

Deanne, I have a pine cone story also - once offered to pay my young boys a nickel for every two pine cones they picked up. It cost me over $30. I found out years later they even cleaned out the neighbor's yards. Needless to say, I never did that again, although there seemed to be a bumper crop that year and I don't think we've had that many since.

Sue, I'm not much of a vacationer anymore either. Seems like for me it's a case of I do all the preparation and planning to go and all the work when there, and then all the packing up to come home and unpacking when we get home. It's just not very enjoyable that way and anymore I'd rather just stay home.

Marian, I have always enjoyed your lengthy posts. It's nice that you recognize so many of us and comment. Makes us feel good. BTW, I too have one of those men who probably should have stayed single. Maybe I should have stayed single, also!

Martie, hello, a note about bulbs and moles. I was told by a "mole doctor" (he came to the house and trapped them) that moles do NOT eat bulbs. It's the mice that run in the tunnels the moles create that eat the bulbs. I lost a large number of bulbs one year, and it was a year we fought mice all winter. That spring the mole runs were everywhere through the gardens.

V - don't send that snow here, I don't want it. I'm ready for sun and warmth.

I do have daffs and tulip bulbs up. Once again the clump of daffs I planted about 7 years ago (the year we had the mice eat the bulbs) have come up thick and with fat buds, but I wonder if they will bloom this year. Every year they get fat buds, and then the buds wither and die. I've never once seen them bloom, I don't even remember what they are supposed to look like. The hellebore is also blooming, the daylilies and iris are up.

And I'm skipping the Flower and Patio show this year. Mom and I have gone for several years, but it's now $9 each to get in and $3 to park, not to mention the price of gas to get up there. So I'm saving my money for a small trip to the garden center later on.

Thinking of you all!


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Good March Wind Morning! 40mph and it's only 7a. Brief snow yesterday afternoon has not melted.

The March winds doth blow,
And we shall have snow,
Then what will the Robin do then, poor thing?
She'll sit on the byre,
Quite near to the fire,
And hide her head under her wing.

- Author unknown and from childhood memory

I feel about the same way but will stick with all the cold and wind in the world instead of Jerri's situation. Stay Safe!!!!

Happy 5th Birthday to Ryan! What is your one big desire? Tell your Dad Yippee about his eyes.

I didn't ask GW for help with the lurker and blocking the email addresses didn't help. It's way too easy to just create new ones. BUT -- with the help of one of Kyle's techie-wizard friends, I was able to block the IP address. Now it won't matter what the email address is. Done Deal!!!

Marie: I, too, adore tongue in groove Anything! Rich did a ceiling with factory finished hardwood flooring once and it was a very cool look. Still loving your kitchen ...

Deanne: The box is, well, something I would get in a heartbeat. Ever envious ... :-)

V: Glad your frosty co-worker is thawing. Yet another good thing about being on the road is being able to get outta Dodge when stuff like that happens.

Mary: Your concert sounds wonderful, perfection or not! In Springfield (Massachusetts, and they sent a huge donation to the Mayor of Springfield, IL yesterday as their "sister" city) the symphony has lunch-time concerts. It's the best deal in the State -- $12 for a 45 minute concert and then a really great box lunch to go. Respite like that is just right ...

Sue: Keep the snow in Utah but bring back some of that food! Just guessing that you are as big a risotto fan as I am :-)

Marian: LOL about the water gardening. You might remember my Papyrus dilemma. We weren't planning to do any new garden areas other than my nursery bed this year. WWWWWWWEEEEEEEEEEeeLLLLLLLLLLLL, took a combination of all suggestions and got a 4' round preformed tub made of really thick plastic, about 10" deep (usually used for mixing cement by hand) and will be sinking it under a downspout and it will be planted. Hey, my friend, you enabled me with the Phals!! Turnabout is fair play. LOL

Eden: Have a great time with your new toy!

Suzy: It sounds like you faded out just when I came in. Good to "meet" you! We were told the same thing about moles vs. mice but I figure if the moles are gone so will be the tunnels. Thus, it won't matter what is munching -- the entrance and escape roots won't be there if there aren't any grubs for the moles to eat. Pretzel Logic at it's best, but I love bulbs ... Thanks for the reminder -- will keep traps out.

Kinda pooped out this morning and need a second Cuppa to kick start the thinking process. Will be spending some time at the Hadley Garden Center in Hadley, MA. Walked in expecting not much -- instead found a to-die-for commercial greenhouse filled with healty, great plants. Also found begonia tubers I'd trialed about 6 years ago!! It's always fun to think I had something to do with a great plant coming to market. Yea, it's only happened three times in my life but I'll take it! Today will be talking to them about running some spots for their business but also mentioning (as a "donation") the New England Wildflower Society location in Whately. It's a bit out-of-the-box but we'll see what happens.

Best to all.


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vegangirl(z6 VA)

Hey everybody! A funny thing happened:-) I was cleaning out my email inbox which I haven't done for a l-o-o-n-g time and found the original welcome email from GardenWeb when I first joined! And there, lo and behold, was my password! So I am able to post again. Still probably won't post too often because of busyiness adn my very slow dial up.

I can't remember everyone I want to comment to but do want to give my sympathy to Norma and all those with ill family and friends. SO happy about Chris and his better eye diagnosis!!

Somebody said their first sign of spring was the return of the redwinged blackbirds and turkey vultures. Mine too!! They've been back here for about a week. Next I watch for chipping and field sparrows, brown thrasher and blue-gray gnatcatcher.

We worked ALL DAY on woodwork yesterday. When we get this done, you all will hear me woo-hooing from T's to Chelone's.

I hate having to tiptoe around people's feelings. With DH's family there used to be a lot of that! I finally decided if someone gives me the chill, I just flat out ask them what's wrong. Sometimes it turns out to be something totally unrelated to me like they have a headache or something and sometimes I have unknowingly said something that hurt them but it's better to get it out in the open, I think. His family are the world's worst communicators!!

Jerri, you will be in my thoughts and prayers.

Marian, I always enjoy your posts as well as everybody elses.

Deanne, the box is gorgeous! I admire your talent. And Michelle, the iris stake is goregeous too! I've enjoyed all the pictures posted:-)

Daffodils are just starting to bloom here. The red maples aren't even blooming yet. a few things are peeping out of the ground-sedum, columbine, Dutch hyacinths. It won't be long:-)

I know there are others I want to comment to but must run. DD and I are going to clean for my parents for a few hours this morning. Hope everyone has a nice day.


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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

Only two days of vacation left. Today were off to a ski area called Solitude. I sure hope the name is indicative of the crowd level. Yesterday we didnt ski and spent the afternoon having lunch and poking in shops. Lunch was at a place called Zoom. Its owned by Sundance, an area about 45 minutes away and namesake to the famous Sundance Film Festival that is held out here every year. I had a delectable salad of mixed greens sprinkled with crumbled blue cheese and tossed with a mild garlic vinaigrette dressing. For an entrée, a spinach pasta with sundried tomatoes, calamata olives and sausage in some sort of alfredo sauce. Great restaurants are everywhere here. We stayed in for dinner and I made shrimp stir fry from a pile of veggies I bought at Wild Oats. What a neat store.

So far our pictures have come out crappy. Tom carries the camera around his neck under his jacket and the setting dial turns. I caught it the other day but we totally forgot to check it at Alta the other day and all the pictures look like they were taken during a white out. Too bad too because the views from the top at Alta are spectacular.

Jerri, check in if you can.

Hey Suzy! Hows the pup? Mine are with their "grandma" this week-my MIL. Yesterday I saw the most beautiful giant schnauzer in a car parked at a local mall. Take my dogs, pain them jet black and add about 70 or 80 pounds and you have one of these gorgeous creatures.

Oh and I see VG is back too. Hi VG!

So the weather is turning back to crap just in time for me to come home? Yesterday I picked up a warm and cozy fleece jacket at a ski shop that was having a 50% off sale. When youre me, you can never have enough fleecelol. Martie, I like your poem.

Mary, enjoy the Rochester garden show. Boston is this week. I miss it just about every year because it always coincides with this vacation. Someone posted a really nice series of pictures of the show on the New England forum so at least I got a somewhat virtual tour.

Babs, so glad Chris doesnt have MD. I bet thats a load off your mind. Happy BD to Ryan.

Deanne I dont like to ski in frigid temps either. The reason we sold our house in VT was lack of use. By the time it was warm enough for me to enjoy skiing it was also time for early spring gardening. Guess what won out? Usually when we come out west its sunny and reasonably warm. I told Tom this is my last year. Next year Im going to rent a villa on some Carribean island.

Allright then, time to rustle up some breakfast.

Happy Thursday!


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chloehoover(z6b VA)

Ive been trying to read along but no time to post work has been a bear (retribution for my days off) and too tired at end of day to look at computer at home (sigh). . . .

Quick comments Michelle I did notice that gorgeous garden stake before the photo came down just beautiful youre so talented. And of course, you too, Deanne that box looks so real! I am so envious of anyone whos artistic.

Believe it or not theyve had a few brushfires here in the DC metro area the Maryland area yesterday and some small ones out in the Blue Ridge I guess we will actually be thankful for the rain/snow were supposed to get here tomorrow that should tamp things down. From last weekend almost 80 degrees to snow tomorrow! No "normal" Spring here this year.

I hope youre okay, Jerri!! Stay safe.

Teresa I missed the elk pics, whaaaa.

Gardenbug tongue & groove ceiling should look smashing that lovely farmhouse kitchen. Cant wait to see pics. I had actually seen that "F" test before and so I could count the "fs" I personally think its that weve trained ourselves to not read every word in order to "speed read" so we skip over prepositions and "articles". .
. .
Sue, I cannot imagine a vacation without "food" experiences to me, when I go somewhere, I want to dine and wine you make me terribly hungry reading the lovely meals youve been having you and Deanne could both be food critics! Yum (so says the "desperate dieter"). I confess Ive never been a fan of skiing the family did it when I was a teenager & I was always the one who wanted to stay by the fire inside!

Mary, Im envious of you hearing Pamela Harper speak I admire her tremendously and shes such a fantastic writer I have all her books. I believe shes going to be at Winterthur later in the year, but the seminar is a bit pricey and I suspect I wont be able to cough the $$ up. I am hoping to go to a workshop locally in May on Clematis Raymond Evison is doing Im sure Im bound to pick up info I havent read or heard. Its a 6 hour workshop so there should be a lot of info given out. (& p.s. your dinners always sound so yummy! for several weeks after you had "lemon chicken roast" I was dreaming of it & looking for recipes finally had to given in & try one Id found). [as all can see, food is always a great occupier of my poor mind, if not flowers...]

Babs thats great news about Chriss eye not good to have a condition that needs treatment but good that it isnt MD.

Ok, I think this is the Year of the Dahlia!! I just happened to go by a stand at Costco and somehow 2 bags of Dahlia tubers leaped into my cart!!!! I just dont know how that happened but. . . . . And, Deanne, if you need another Thomas Edison for that hedgerow, let me know & Ill send you one! I guess one should never say Never about anything. . . .

Eek I saw a rabbit last nite as I was pulling up in front of the house guess I better get out this weekend & put hardcloth around the clematis & other munch-ables.
Welcome back Suzy & Vegangirl!! Maybe this is the Return of the Lost Idyllers!

Martie - I think it's really cool how you combine a sales job and your "garden" love! Im very envious, altho I would make a terrible sales rep.

Ok Ive snuck enuf time from work better hit the piles of paper.

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Good Morning, I think I'm getting a little used to the new laptop and I'm loving the wireless connection. It's cold here today but Bella and I may venture out later on an outing to buy her some new shoes. She has lots of shoes but none that have been professionally fitted and grandma thinks she needs a good pair of Stride Rights now that she's walking. She had her blood drawn Monday and we're still waiting for the results but the poor baby has a bruise on her arm where the needle went in. I got her a new babydoll for being a good girl at the Dr. and she's so cute feeding it a bottle and singing to it and then she'll do something like poke it in the eye or hit it in the head with the bottle, lol.

Babs, I'm glad Chris got a good report on his eyes, what a relief and Happy 5th(?)birthday to Ryan. Whatcha got planned for his party this weekend?

Michelle, I ordered the variegated KMOTGG seed this year too but haven't gotten around to starting it yet.

More to say but no time now. I'll try to get back later.


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

It is a sunny day...so nice!...but so cold too!

I spent hours cleaning out the pantry, moving all those canning jars to the basement fruit cellar, pitching junk, organizing batteries and lightbulbs into baskets, etc. Then I found where the mice had been living! ****UGH**** DD had left a large bag of rice in the pantry that I didn't know about. The bag was empty but down in one corner of the floor behind some boxes there was a huge mess of rice and mouse evidence. Everything is hauled outside to the garage for the dump now and the floor is cleaned and my hands sanitized! It amazes me how many plastic grocery bags multiply in that little room, how many jars reproduce, how much junk expands there.

Last night a lady drove by and Charlotte let me know someone had come. WOOF WOOF WOOF! She was selling aerial photos of our place. It was a good photo, but the deal started at $50 and frankly, I'd rather have my $50 for Idyllunion or plants, tree trimming or garden tools. I also dislike having those planes flying overhead so close while I am out there. Probably a good thing they can't hear what I am saying when they do!

I hope to organize my huge collection of seeds this afternoon and dispose of the oldies and plan for the newbies. Need some soil mix first though. I have KMOTGG seeds from a couple of years ago...as well as the self seeders which show up each year. Never tried the variegated ones though.

I hear Jerri is OK, which is a big relief to know!

I too love Sue's food reports. I shouldn't read stuff like that though, makes me hungry.

The kitties are all lounging in the sun and they sure look contented. I'd like to do that too, but there's more laundry and those seeds to deal with.

May the sun always shine on your windowpane;
May a rainbow be certain to follow each rain;
May the hand of a friend always be near you.

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ccsuzy(z6 IN)

Morning all. It's a nasty 48 here, no sun, I want it to be sunny and warm, like NOW. I get so depressed in the dreary winter months.

Sue, Cinders is just fine and dandy. He turned 8 years old on the 14th but acts like a 2 year old. Toy basket is overflowing and he loves them all. Last week there was an ad in the local paper - free to good home, registered miniature schnauzer. I'd have gone after it in a heartbeat if Cinders weren't so jealous. You should see the looks I get even if the cat sits on my lap! Honestly, he's such a big baby. I just don't think at this point he'd adjust to another dog and the attention it would get.

We have a birthday coming here this week also - my youngest will be 18 on Saturday. I can't believe that he is that old. *sigh* I know I'm not that old.

Nice to meet you too, Marti! I've resisted putting something down to kill grubs because of the beneficial worms, but my yard is a mess this year already and we may have to bite the bullet and do something. But I won't treat the flower beds, so maybe the worms can refuge there.

Better go get something done around here.


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YAY! good to see you back VG: )
and Suzy too!

I am in a rush so I can't comment now but I did hear from Ei regarding all your thoughts and prayers for her sister & family...

Ei says: "I want (the idylls) to know how much I appreciate their kindness and support and what wonderful people I think they all are and to thank them all."

Ei's got a rough road ahead helping her sister out so it might be a while before we hear from her. Regardless,we'll still be thinking of you and wishing the best for your sister,Ei!


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