Enjoyed it very much

gandle(4 NE)March 12, 2012

Public television is fund raising as usual and last evening Celtic Thunder was on. I really like their programs and wish there were some way that Celtic Thunder and Celtic Woman could have a joint concert. Both groups sing so well.

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Oh what a treat that would be!

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My daughter loves Celtic Thunder, too. She's now heard and seen--on a PBS "pitch" show--a trio of Italian teenagers called "Il Volo" and has gone bonkers over them. They truly have magnificent voices and are on their way to long and glorious careers. If you only heard, but didn't see them, you'd swear they were men in their forties.

If you see a PBS show with "Il Volo" in the title, you'll enjoy watching it, I think.

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Great programs on PBS although I have only seen bits of the Celtic ones. We need to keep the great level of discourse that PBS offers to counteract some of the things that pass for entertainment. Will watch next time I can and have a better experience of them. Thanks for the nudge Gandle.

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