Funny video! from my landlord

rob333March 17, 2011

My landlord has submitted a video to HGTV for a bathroom makeover and they're in the running (like number 1 some days and some days number 2)!!! We're excited. Check it out if you want. Yes, my apartment is the one they rennovated. You can see what it looked like before the flood and after. Well, you can see the kitchen. Their son is so cute in it. He's three and says, I see dead spiders, you just gotta laugh... I like it, but then, I bet you could tell that!

Here is a link that might be useful: Nightmare on Kenner

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Great Video. I hope they win the competition.

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Me too, I hope they win. I'm excited for them.

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Your landlord's video got my vote, Rob. I rated their video with four stars. Hope they win.

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