Idyll #428 Countdown To Spring!

lmcilhargieMarch 3, 2009

Hang on it's almost here!

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

5F here today, but the sun is shining. Laundry and treadmill are done. I'm now off to town...just like Marian!

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The red-tailed hawk sounded unbelievably close early this morning, so I grabbed the binocs, ran out, and found him sitting on a nearby telephone pole. Then he took off from his perch and headed straight for me. Mesmerizing. I held him fixed in the binocs for as long as I could as he grew in size and clarity, then looked up as he flew directly overhead, sound added to image as he flapped and whooshed overhead. Cheeky bird!

Thanks to all for the good wishes re my dad's surgery. Unsurprisingly, he is completely responsible for the situation he now finds himself in, all lifestyle issues. Traveling with him recently, it amazed me how passively he let me do everything and became quite comfortable with the arrangement! Is this a man thing? I'd finally get them wheeled in and seated in an airport, hoping to crack open a book, but then had to run and find food...the both of them having just ate before we left. And then hectoring me about not eating the airport garbage food with them. And after that meal they'd talk about the upcoming meal...must be a Depression era holdover, lol, but drives me nuts! I love food, but if my next meal is not mapped out I can deal with foraging...fruit, maybe a good bread... call it done!

Another awful day at work, everybody wanting to push through and get done, going past 8 p.m. Easy enough for them! My neck and shoulders today are a mess. Fun company to my misery in the form of a nice 30ish videographer who was taping the proceedings. Kinda looked like Matt Damon with a slight southern drawl ;) Most of these guys are former film students or photographers. He showed me his latest purchase, a "kindl" (sp?) by amazon to download books on. His first download? The Great Gatsby. Warmed my heart! Says he wants to catch up on Kerouac too.

Perhaps this grumpy post will cheer Chelone up ;) Oh, and Tony Bennett has been cancelled! Was supposed to be tonight.

Gotta get moving but glad to hear Ric is better, Mary's on antibiotics, V's got a busy month ahead, Cindy's started her taxes, Brenda needs a Bloody Mary, Marian is my twin non-neat freak, and Bella has lots of reading to do...I had a nice read on the last thread this morning. Thank you!

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Good morning

Typhoid Mary checking in here but feeling tons better already, thank goodness for antibiotics. I will follow Chelone's advice and rest as much as possible though I might slip out to the library to pick up our next bookclub read - Crashing Through by Robert Kurson.

All the talk of Bloody Marys has me hankering for one with a good dash of Tabsco sauce and I love the idea of the gigantic shrimp (one of my favorite oxymorons). That said, I can't remember the last time I indulged in a BM (snort, snort Chelone) - probably on vacation or Idyllunion. I never felt much like ordering one in England where "bloody" is such a common swear word, followed by my own name. A "G and T" slipped off the tongue much more easily LOL!

Denise - hope you have a better day at the office. Does your Dad have a date scheduled for his surgery? Add my thoughts to those wishing him well. We often see Red-tailed hawks here and I love watching them. DH and I were given a Kindl but haven't downloaded onto it yet. For me I love the feel of a book as I curl up in bed.

Brenda - I always love it when you pop up again after an absence. If you do parachute into Chelone's compound to set up the Bloody Mary bar it will be the cute sky dive instructor I'll be looking for.

Eden - do let me know if you can't find the felting supplies. Life has become so full of things I HAVE to do (Drs, therapy, etc.), so to have an excuse do do something I WANT to do (like visit the wool shop) would be a treat. Happy reading to Bella!

Hope those visiting town find all they need and have a great day


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jak1(4 Ontario Can)

Are you guys saying I have a "sophomoric sense of humour"? Nicest thing said to me all day....


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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

Good afternoon...

One doctor's visit down and two more to go. Resting today but bored silly.

I have been counting down to spring...this was taken on February 13th

And then the spring countdown was interrupted with this, taken from my Bedroom window today...

But, finally the sun is strong enough for my cane begonia to bloom.

Waving... :-)

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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Not a lot of time this evening, but I wanted to share a couple of quick things.

First, a photo from my drive to work this morning. I think this is my first "drive-by" photo, although I did stop the car.

What look like about twenty rocks near the middle of the photo are migratory Canada geese, still mostly hunkered down. Behind them, you can see a dark mass that is about a couple hundred more geese, all huddled near the open water. The water that you see is actually the Kishwaukee River out of its banks after the rain we had last week. These geese will move on to the north when the weather breaks again.

Second, I have to relate a conversation with DH for the sake of all those who deal with men.

First, this took place last night.
DH: Why does the garage smell like paint?
ME: It doesn't smell like paint; I smell gas and have ever since you started the brush mower about an hour ago.
DH: No, the brush mower doesn't leak gas anymore, I had that fixed.
ME: Well, there are some paint brushes in the garbage can, but I don't smell paint.

Then this took place today:
DH: Wow, I just went out to the garage, and there's a big puddle of gas under the brush mower. Maybe I should have checked it out after I had it fixed last fall?
ME: (no comment as I am banging my head against the wall...)

OK, time to get dinner served.


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Maybe we should report you guys to the EPA, V.. :)

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flowerluvr(Z5 IN)

Denise, I've been looking at the Kindle. Was thinking it might be a nice thing for my brother. Did you check it out?

Mary, I'm glad to hear you're feeling better. Trust me, if I skydive into the compound, there'd BETTER be an instructor hooked to me. It's hard to really want to learn to go solo when the instructors are adorable ;)

V, I'm laughing out loud, but it's the sympathetic kind, ya know?

PM, that is a neat picture of the chairs. Our snow has disappeared, hopefully we've seen the last of that for the year.
I'm going to call it a day,kids!

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Jerri_OKC(z7 Ok)

Hi all. Drive by post tonight. I got my cast off yesterday. YEAH!!!! I have the 'boot' now but at least I don't have to sleep in it.
A couple of you have asked about the Kindle. I got one about 6 months ago and I like it. The screen is easy on the eyes and looks like paper and ink. I miss the feel of a book but I like Kindle for travel. You can have a lot of books on it with taking up the space.
It also appeals to the impatient side of me since I can read whatever I want immediately.
The minuses of course are it's not a book. Also, there are a lot of books that want which are not available as a download.

Good night all. I'm happy to be out of the cast but walking down right hurts and I tire out easily. :(


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Excellent news on the cast, Jerri! I'll bet it hurts like the dickens to walk on that unsupported foot right now. But, m'dear, you'll have to "practice up" since IUVI is really right around the corner. ;)

It's not feeling very springlike here, Eden. It's downright cold, single numbers last night and the night before and probably tonight, too. I had noted some brave little souls poking out of the ground next to the south side of the house last week, but they're once more under their white "blankie". I don't know if I told you how fun the pictures of the shower were. I esp. liked the baby pictures of the the "parents to be"; very nice touch and it rather brings the whole event full circle for your family, doesn't it?

I did manage to get a mop yesterday but failed in my mission to purchase the clear coat. Orange didn't have what I wanted (want to try Varathane's "Diamond", Kathy) and I decided to focus on the required mopping first. The hunt will continue either today or tomorrow. Right now the floor enamel is getting plenty of time to "cure" in an undisturbed state.

I'm only slightly less crabby today. Boss lady was very sharp yesterday and I maintained my cool admirably in spite of several unnecessarily sharp/sarcastic salvos lobbed my way over the course of the day. I had finally had enough and remarked that "I'm about as sick of being snapped at as I can be" as I gathered up my coat and headed for the door at the end of the day. It earned the customary "I'm sorry" meant to mollify but not really sincere in any way, more like punctuation, actually. It occured to me that the TDC (thinly disguised contempt) is an entrenched bad habit, one of which I suspect she is completely unaware as malice is not part of her make up at all and familiarity can breed contempt. Today should be interesting. ;) Or maybe I'll be home early to work on the floor some more, you think?

I do hope Mary is going to spend the day shuffling around in her jammies and slippers while the antibiotics continue to wage war on unwanted guests. May Denise's neck and shoulders receive a must needed respite today, too. I knew there'd be some smiles gleaned from everyone's posts!

Time to rustle up some fruit for later consumption and head on out to start the day, I suppose.

Great shot of the chairs, PM, I really liked that one.

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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

Good morning... :-)

Waiting to go for fasting blood work this morning and as you can see, I am totally stir crazy. Obviously nothing all that amazing, but you find entertainment where you can. [g] I liked the chairs pic too, I had not noticed before how long the shadows were that time of day and not a print in the snow yet. I looked down and saw what looked like these little tracks in the snow, but then I realized, it was just a few little balls of snow had dropped from the shrub and rolled on the surface. Kind of cute.

I took a look at the shower photos, Eden and all the cute ideas you all had. Loved, the baby pictures of the parents and the clothes line and the idea of soup and salad and cupcakes...all ideas I had not seen done before. Now let's hope the dear baby arrives quickly and doesn't delay. :-)

Denise, sorry to hear your Dad has to go in for open heart surgery. Any surgery at that age is a little scary. A cousin had a valve replaced in the 60s and spent a month in the hospital after the surgery and then had to have it redone in the 90s and she wasn't even in the hospital a week. It was amazing and she felt wonderful afterward. Better than she felt in years.

Chelone...I look forward to hearing you are using the Salon for your own work and less time working for your current boss. :-)

Congrats on the cast off Jerri!

Lots more I would like to catch up on, but it will have to wait...

Wednesday already...


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PM, how nice to see you posting :) I have yet to see anything but crocus dare show their heads in my garden :)

It's a beautiful sunny morning here and Marcy is already in her window sill soaking up the rays.....there's even a prism on her, flashing rainbow colors across her back!

Tonight I am going to snap a shot of my furniture adds....I am charging the battery now :)

Not much from me I guess. Not feeling chatty these days....


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

I'm off soon to take Phoebe to the beauty parlour. She has many knots in her coat and we fear her woolly mammoth coat will be shaved....
Hair grows back of course.

Looks like the dealings with court case are going to be long and even more painful. Yesterday's lawyer was good but much more aggressive than DSIL wants. He was helpful, but DD needed to pull information out of him and it wasn't easy. And so today is #2 who is smart, sensible, helpful and female. Poor DSIL is not sleeping and must submit all paperwork by today I believe. Sarah calls to vent while he is out with his son.

DH is better but not cured yet. He is rushing to complete lots of work....Never a dull moment.

Sunny today. I'll be back later perhaps. Enjoy your day!

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Chelone, call Eldredge Lumber , they may carry the Diamond Varathane.

Kathy in th Awfice

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Jerri, that's exactly what I was thinking the kindle would be good for, traveling without the weight of books. Thank goodness you'll be sandal-ready in no time.

Mary, no set date for surgery yet, probably this spring. Can't believe how cranky I was yesterday and here you're the one with strep throat. I hope the new round of pain meds for David have begun to make a difference. It would be nice if you had some extra time off work to rebuild your strength (and get to the wool shop) ;)

Chelone, that TDC sounds like a nasty habit indeed. Little does she know, but such habits get one struck off the salon guest list, lol. What a huge amount you've accomplished this winter.

PM, I hope this latest round of doc visits is over soon with a satisfactory result. Enforced rest must be very boring indeed, poor you, but the snow photos are beautiful.

Martie, that is wonderful news about the BK having run its course. I predict high times at Cornfield Park this summer!

Julie, I thoroughly enjoyed your family history too. My inherited furniture consists of my grandmother's cedar chest, a real knee-banger at the foot of the bed where I keep scraps of fabric.

Lovely photo, V. Your transcribed conversation illustrates a cosmic truism: there's never any reward for being right! It's either ignored or forgotten.

A small percent chance of rain, and yet here it is, just after I watered pots this morning. Have moved the bikes inside the garage and will drink coffee and listen for 15 mins before heading out.

Saw a Bouvier/Dog of Flanders on a tv dog show and thought of the woolly mammoth. Not too much off the top, 'bug!

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The hummingbirds are coming! A sure sign of spring!

Here is a link that might be useful: Hummingbird Migration Map

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

A cold headachy day for me. I am wondering if I picked up something. I am drinking a hot cup of herbal tea. Maybe that will help.

Denise, I so agree with what you said,
"there's never any reward for being right!It's either ignored or forgotten. "
I have seen this happen so often.
Your experience with the hawk must have been quite scary! I never knew them to do that.
Your comment about your dad, "he is completely responsible for the situation he now finds himself in, all lifestyle issues" is exactly how I look at Nolon's emphysema and hearing problems. He did it to himself. I don't dare point that out to him, though. The eating part is not like him. He is a "forager" LOL. Or maybe more like a
"grazer". :-)
Sorry about your neck and shoulders. How well I know about that condition!
LOL..."Marian is my twin non-neat freak". I am rather neat in that I like everything to be in it's proper place, and neatly arranged.I do not like helter skelter piles of newspapers. I frequently straighten up after Nolon.

Marie, won't Phoebe be too cold if she is clipped now? She will need a sweater.

Saucy, I have prisms in the bay window. I enjoy watching the colors moving around the room.

All this grouchiness must be connected with the weather, i.e. the longing for spring.

Pm2, It really is good to see you back. I hope the blood tests come up with a good report.
I am chuckling about the snow pics. I took one the other day of our light snow, because I was amused with the little knobs all over it:

It has a nice shadow of the honey locust, and all those little knobs. I came to the conclusion it is where a blade of grass caught the snow.

Chelone, sorry about the attitude of your boss lady. A woman who used to be one of my closest friends has taken to contradicting me everytime I open my mouth. She always sets at the same table as I do, at the Golden Year's class. Yesterday, I chose to just ignore her digs. I hope your day goes better today.

Jerry, how great that you are free of the cast. I hope the walking pain soon eases. That is certainly hard to cope with.

V, very good report on the garage smell. LOL I can identify with that male mindset.
Great pic of the geese,too. As Nolon and I were going out to the car sunday evening, a flock of 12 flew over very low and loudly. They were circling around, and I am sure they landed on a neighbor's pond to the northeast of us. They are the first I have heard and seen this year. It always thrills me.

And speaking of red-tailed hawks. We saw one dinning on a road kill as we were going along the highway. It flew up as we approached, and it's talon dragged the carcass a bit farther into the road. The same thing happened yesterday when I was coming home from town. It was like dega vu (sp ?).


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Well, the weather here is beautiful, I was just out and it was 49 degrees. We have very little snow left, in fact less than Marians picture.

Pm, your snow pictures are very pretty. I especially like the snow covered chairs.

Good well wishes to all those under the weather these days.

Unlike VÂs, our garage does smell like paint these days. Rick has been busy and has it nearly all painted. I helped a little with the ceiling since his neck was sore. This has been at least a 5 year project. First he bought the sheet rock and insulation and it sat around for a couple of years, then it was installed and the project stalled again. Finally itÂs nearly done with just some trim work to do. A good thing since spring is on the way and he will not want to be indoors soon.

Plans are being made for the house repair/painting weekend at the end of the month for my parentÂs house. I doubt that we will tell them ahead of time because they wouldnÂt want us to do it, but I know that they will be incredibly relieved that we did.

Denise, 8 p.m. is a long day. My DD just started working in a hospital and will be doing 12 hour shifts, but then sheÂs young. I hope things go well with your dadÂs surgery.

Eden, the books for Kate were a nice idea. IÂm assuming some wrote personal notes in the books as well. I really dislike spending $3-4 on a card that will either be thrown or stored away.

IÂm hopelessly behind on the last post so IÂll just move on.


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Hello, hello!!! Well you'll never guess where I was the last couple days?! I went to the Philadelphia Flower Show! My sister wanted to go and wanted company and when I told her I had no moola for the trip because of Doug's job situation she offered to pay my way.... What a lovely gift! We had a great time.

I can't even begin to tell you how fantastic that show is! HUGE, AMAZING & HUGE, did I mention HUGE! I took a pile of photos so will post some pics as soon as I get them processed.

Of all things our flight left on Monday in that snow storm. Our flight was delayed five hours but we eventually got there. Sis decided she wanted to stay at the Ritz and I didn't complain one little bit although my Lands End squall parka looked a bit out of place with the minks and shearlings seen on some of the other guests of the hotel. LOL The coolest thing was we were on the 27th floor overlooking the Phily City Hall building with the huge statue of Ben Franklin on top. If we hadn't been looking at his backside we'd have been looking him in the eye...

Anyway, I'm off to look at pics and get a gallery going. I'll check in later.


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Good afternoon

Love the snow pics!!

I had a good day back at work and am having my afternoon snack of home-made yoghurt with a few walnuts on top which is a great compliment to the antibiotics I'm taking. (I'm a big believer in furnishing your gut with the good bacteria). I would love to have taken more time out but having missed so many visits with truely needy children it just felt good to be doing what I was able. Some of the kids were angry I had been gone, some nonchalent about my absense and others very happy to see me again.

David continues to sleep through the night - the drugs are like a miracle. His favourite is the Lidocain patch which he says brings the most relief. He does not want to raise any of the doses even though he can increase up to 4X what he is taking now. He is so tough at times, perhaps more than is really good for himself. When asked to rate the pain having been tobogganed down the ski hill and transported to hospital with a broken femur and no medication he gave it a 5 out of 10.

Chelone - hope the boss lady has fewer barbs today and you have a more pleasant day at work. Working in close contact with coworkers you can be very much held hostage to their moods.

GB - how miserable DD and DSIL are having to go through an extended court case. It must be so wearing on the whole family. Does Phoebe like her new "do"? We owned a Cocker spaniel growing up who was so self-conscious after returning from being clipped he would hide all around the house. Fortunately Brittany's don't need anything other than brushing and nail clipping.

V - had to laugh at your garage tale. On a similar topic.... Last night I made a double batch of meatloaf knowing I'd be back at work today and we all had somewhere to go in the evening. I try and buy organic or at least grass-fed beef so it was somewhat special. I also made Spanish rice and a spinach salad. I put half the meat loaf on a separate plate and hid it in the microwave to save for today before we all tucked in. Later I heard DH rustling in the kitchen for seconds and I asked if he'd mind saving the meatloaf, having more rice and salad instead. He came back grumpily with a huge mound of rice and was half way through when Clousseau came trotting out of the kitchen with a rather greasy looking snout and pleased look. DH had left the meatloaf unprotected on the edge of the counter and Clousseau had just had a very tasty after-dinner snack. I wasn't sure who I was most annoyed with:0(

On that note I need to figure out something to feed the clan. David and I are heading off for his guitar ensemble so it needs to be quick and easy. Meatloaf sandwichs would have been perfect.


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flowerluvr(Z5 IN)

Hi, all!
I truly woke up with good intentions this morning. I was going to clean the house and the fridge and do some laundry. Very pleasant and chatty phone calls caused a delay, then there was a little computer time, a pop-in visit....and here I am, drinking a glass of wine. It's not quite 5:30, and all I accomplished is yoga. A good day, by any standards, lol!

Deanne, I can't wait to see the pictures. Bet it was a great time.

Bug, I'll be so glad for all of you when this court business is put behind you. I think the hardest part of being a Mom is when you can't make everything better. ((Marie and family))

Jerri, congrats on the cast being off. Lol, did you have to trim with scissors before you could shave??

PM and Marian, I love the snow pictures. The shadows and the "snowballs" are lovely. I can't believe I'm saying that...I'm SO tired of winter! ;) you need a glass of my wine? It's "SkyDog". Well, ya know I HAD to try it. It's the good stuff, with a screw-off metal cap. They seem to have put the best tasting wine in the bottom of the bottle somehow. I'll NOT buy it again, but I WILL finish drinking it.

Tomorrow I'm taking DB to his last chemo treatment. I'm glad for him that he'll be through this part of the journey. Having the treatments behind him and the spring ahead of him will be a good place to be.

DH is home from doing chores, and is going to grill steaks for dinner. Some days are just TOO good :) Have a great evening, all!
PS Ice fishing season is officially over, thank goodness. DH goes every chance he gets. Today, four guys went through the ice-DH was not one of them. Fortunately, the water was only waist deep, but still....BBBBRRRR!!

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jak1(4 Ontario Can)

Does it ever fail? Nooooo...

Usually I get DGS off to school and then run around for an hour putting the house to rights. Then a little JulieJob and then something out of the ordinary - making a special meal, doing some sewing, going somewhere, whatever.

Today I woke up out of sorts (must be the weather), greasy hair, untidy house, crabby me. So I took little guy to the bus. Met my demented neighbour (not being nasty here -she is suffering from dementia) and she said she was "going somewhere for an appointment". I tried to find out where and why she was alone - we never see her without a caregiver. She indicated "somewhere over there" and away she went. I had the child and the dog, so I waited to put DGS on the bus and took the dog home. Then DH and I took the car to try to find her. Went to the local hospital, got a big lecture on contacting her family and making sure that old lady is not alone - heck, I don't even know her very well! Then to the medical centre where three of the four receptionists were helpful (let's forget number four). No luck. Last resort - call the cops. So. Naturally, I sat at home brooding about old age, amid the laundry hanging on the clothes rack to dry IN THE SOLARIUM WINDOW! Oh please! Finally at 11:30, long past usual clean up time, doorbell rings and it's the cops. Now I don't know these men, and I understand what kind of stuff they must see every day...but I was mortified by my own state (still had greasy hair and ratty clothes) and that of my house (I live in a relatively upscale neighbourhood). And missing lady has tons of money and the most beautiful house on the street. And folks who clean it. Anyway, she was finally located a few hours later, safe, wandering around. Her caregiver showed up at the house and finding her gone, and knowing her habits, was able to track her down. The police told me it was not the first incident with this lady and they were trying to have her assessed to see if she could be "forced" into assissted living. I felt like I could have used Assissted living today. *sigh*

All's well that ends well, I suppose.


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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

I'm not sure if I should post this here or not... We're in a bit of shock at the moment as we found out today that I have another, different type, of brain tumor - that makes three...! The new one is a common one for people with my condition and we won't know what to do about it until we see how fast it grows in the next 6 months or until it starts causing obvious problems. I also need to be checked for possible thyroid problems which may or may not be related.

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Jerri_OKC(z7 Ok)

Woody, I'm so sorry. So many here are better at saying things than I am, but please know you are in my thoughts and prayers.


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Of course you should share this with friends! So much we must face in this life. It is just so unfair....UGH. I guess between course work, doctor appointments and doggie guests, there is also the garden and the Indian food to keep our minds busy! Hugs to you both...I mean you three. (sorry Misty!)

PS: Phoebe is REALLY shaved. Looks almost like one of Cynthia's babies except for the tail!

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

((((((Woody[Susan]))))))My prayers are with you, too.

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flowerluvr(Z5 IN)

Of course, you should post it here-we share it all! ((((Susan))))

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(((((((((Woody)))))))) I am so sorry to hear that. How hard it must be when you are dealing with so much already. I hope that amidst the devastation of this latest news you can still find things in life that are good and bring joy. If anyone can, it will be you, with the help and support of your loving DH (and Misty). Please know there are many here who care deeply about you. Many thoughts going your way.


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Woody, I want to hear as much as you want to tell, no more, no less. Big hugs to you and Randy. This wait-and-see stuff is so nerve-wracking, and you've had way more than your share.

Brenda, that's great news on the last chemo treatment for your DB tomorrow.

(Julie, what a day!)

(Michelle, I've been thinking of Rick's neck when mine gets twitchy lately. Do massages help for him? Marty worked on my neck for a long while last week. Good work on the garage!)

What a surprise that Clousseau prefers grass-fed beef meatloaf, the little gourmand! DH must have been chapped!

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Hugs, Woody. The waiting is surely the hardest part. How much longer do you have in your class?

Julie, that is quite the day. I'm glad at least one other Idyller can be found unkempt at some moment in time....I imagine you all so put together all the time :)

GB, quick! knit a sweater for our Phoebles....she won't baulk at pink :)

Mary, Clousseau has good taste for sure. I'm looking into grass fed beef CSA's in our area! I'm excited about the prospect (and what I've eaten so far).

I'm heading off to bed early to finish off Eat Pray Love. I really liked this book. I'm going to be sad when I finish it, I just know it. I wish I could skip Italy, stop quick in India, and head right on over to Bali....

Good night Idyll friends :)


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Woody, I'm so sorry to hear your news. You know we're all here to help however we can. My thoughts are with you.

Julie, I had a day just like yours. I just could not seem to get motivated to do anything. I did order tickets to take Bella to see a theatre production of Charlotte's Web in May. That was the extent of my accomplishments today though.

My dad's coming down for the weekend. My mom's birthday is Friday so my sisters and I will go out with him to Red Lobster, her favorite restaurant, for lunch on Friday.

Bella's birthday party is Sunday, postponed because of the shower. I'm attempting a Hello Kitty cake. We'll see how that goes. Cake decorating isn't one of my stronger talents. Someone asked what I got her for her birthday, Michelle maybe. I got her a game for her Leapster, a couple of outfits and a doll bed for her Bitty Baby.

Brenda, good news that db is through the chemo. That takes so much out of a person. He should start to feel stronger now.

Marie, so sorry to hear about the court case. What in the world is wrong with that woman? I'm sure dd and sil would just love a little peace. Hope things are resolved and that happens for them soon!

Michelle, you must be sick of painting? I know I am but we're planning on starting on the basement as soon as I get all of the plants out of there. It never ends does it? What will dd be doing working at the hospital?

Mary, I enjoyed hearing your tale. What can I say? Men! (and dogs). Glad the meds are working for David! Just a warning, now that you're feeling a little better don't do too much or you could relapse! Rest!

Deanne, can't wait to see the pictures. I'm glad to hear you were able to get away and have some fun.

I think I'll go to bed and hope to wake up tomorrow with energy to get something accomplished.


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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Susan, I'm so sorry to hear your news. You've been through so much, and I'm never quite sure why some people seem to be dealt more than their fair share of trials. Denise said it so well about how much to share - absolutely just as much as you are comfortable with. You've added much to this group through your presence.

Julie, what a day! Glad you followed up on the demented neighbor, though. You just never know.

Brenda, rule #1 when buying wine is to avoid the cutesy names! They've usually put more thought into the marketing than the wine making.

Today was one of those days that was just there and now it's done. Tomorrow will be a bright and shiny new day.


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Between V's husband and Mary's husband, one could make a generalization about men. Not to mention the ice fishermen Brenda knows! Yet, there is DSIL's ex, so one could make a case about women too.

After a talk with DD tonight I am feeling much better....and they are too. Things will never go away, but are looking better for them. A lot of life is how you choose to respond to things. (Just like Marian and the lady at the Golden Years group.) Of course one expects the worst sometimes. But I do hope that there's a reward for being right in this case!!! Peace would be a great reward Eden!

I need to get a photo of Phoebe. I've warned DH not to laugh at her and hurt her feelings. She weighs 71 pounds now!

Friday is my next appointment with the naturopath. I think that will go well even though the weight isn't being shed very rapidly...darn it! On the brighter side, my blood pressure, taken at the pharmacy today, was remarkably good (for me) 125/67. Must be the treadmill! This weekend's French Club's topic is chocolates from around the world. I really think I'd do better not going. That topic might just kill me!

I've received the five photos we ordered for my wall. Now to consider framing them. I might wait until I can include baby too. Or not...


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Hugs for our good friend Woody. ! I wish you strength and the support of caring competent doctors , and we are always here for you !

I have the tracking number for my cool new camera and will follow its progress across the nation. I didnt pay for speedy shipping so it will probably be early next week before I get it. DS bought a new tripod and gave me his old one. You guys are going to be beleaguered with closeup rose photos later this spring ! I also am going to visit the Ruth Bancroft Garden in April , with both camera and tripod. Posted a link below-awesome cactus/succulent collection. Talk about Agaves !

PM , your photos were so nice (snow and all) you should post more of your own ! I loved the daffs coming up and the snowy chairs were lovely (though thankfully unseen in my backyard, lol !) I hope youre feeling ok. So many health challenges lately on the Idylls.

Jerri, it must be nice to start down a road that will return you to normalcy(footwise). At least your confinement was a winter deal, how awful would it be to be laid up in spring ? Hope you are diligent in performing any physical therapy required, you may be pressed into cocktail waitress service by the Bloody Mary Bar organizers !

Chelone, maybe boss-lady should be invited to a brief two-hour window at aforementioned BM bar- I could have a Boss to Boss heart to heart and bestow upon her pearls of wisdom.

Sorry to say Eden, we have hummers all year, though the population reduces in winter. Ill celebrate spring with therestayas though I already have it happening here.

Marian, we better see a pic of the prisms in the bay window- this might be another trend just like the marbles !

You are patient Michelle ! I would have been constantly agitated about the progress of your garage project-and may have even descended into nag-dom , something I rarely do. I salute your DD with the 12 hour shifts-Im getting really exhausted with these 10 and 11 hour days that Ive been pulling the last year. I m planning a 4 day weekend in March and another in April.

Deanne, cant wait to see your photos ! Im confident you will have taken a bum shot of Benjamin. How nice of your sis to treat you ! Is she a plant person ?

Mary, I cant even remember the last time I had meatloaf! That is an ultimate comfort food ! No harm to have it once a year-I dont eat much meat anymore but when I do I get the good stuff. I figure if I only buy beef 4 times a year I can afford high quality.

So Brenda does DH have one of those ice-fishing shacks with the recliner , HDTV and a couple of cases of beer ???

Time to scare up some grubbest to all

Kathy in Napa

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I'm having problems sleeping and thought I'd check the Idylls. Woody, I'm sorry to read such devasting news. You know we all care so much and want to be supportive. My thoughts are with you and DH.


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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

More trouble sleeping over here on the East Coast...what a shock to hear your news Woody. As if you haven't had enough of that particular problem. Well, you did so well after the last one was treated, maybe once the shock wears off, you may be able to do more research and come up with some encouraging information? I hope so. I'm just so glad that spring is almost here and you will be able to get out and get in the garden again for some much needed 'therapy'. Very sorry, Woody.

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Woody, I don't even know what to say right now. I'm certain you're reeling and the necessity of the wait must make the whole thing even worse for both of you. I echo others in their bestowed wisdom, share just as much as you wish to and remain safe and secure in the knowledge that your many far-flung friends have you in their thoughts. I am truly sorry you've received this news. (I recommend beating the dog when you're overwhelmed by conflicting feelings).

Wow, Michelle great news on the paint-scented garage. Rick sounds like the kind of guy who doesn't like to race out and do anything half-cocked, huh? ;) I have one of those, too.

I don'think I could deal with boss lady at IUVI, you guys. Right now I can't get far enough away fast enough, lol, the thought of her following me here would probably induce me to keep on driving north. Seriously, she is a very nice person, one I genuinely like and respect but lately everything that comes out of her mouth is sharp, sarcastic, and makes you feel as though you're a PITA for asking a question because you should know the answer. No one is capable of doing anything the way she "envisioned" it, though she's made no effort to write down any of the criteria. Guess I need to brush up on my mind reading, huh? P'raps today will be more fun, bright and shiney new day, huh V.? :)

Julie, having had care of my very own demented LOL (little old lady) I daily counted my lucky stars that she wasn't a wanderer. She was content to go outdoors, stroll the yard under heavy feline escort and then settle in a chair to observe the birds, whatever. When I was a teen there were a couple of confused village residents and I learned early on how to deal with them and steer them home, alerting others that they'd "been on the move". It's not too hard to be helpful if you are alert and pleasant, and it really makes a difference in their lives. Yesterday's adventure will teach you to clean yourself up, won't it?? ;)

I think the year of "firsts" is the hardest part of losing someone you love, Eden. But the "firsts" are usually vastly overblown in importance. It's really just another day and allowing yourself the quiet time to reflect on the loss turns it from something you can easily dread to something that brings warm memories. Order something she loved, enjoy it, and toast her warmth, compassion, and all the worthwhile things she bestowed on you over the years. It will be fine. (will survey birthday loot later on).

I laughed aloud over Clousseau purloining the sirloin... I love meatloaf. The helpmeet makes meatloaf burgers (they cook really fast) and I just love them. What did you decide to have that was "quick and easy" in light of the theft?

Kathy, you nailed it, lots of health issues in our Idyll group. Brenda, it's got to be a relief that the final round of DB's chemo is at hand. We have a friend who's going through it now and it's no fun. Let's hope he is able to perk up and enjoy the coming spring. I never fully understood the concept of ice fishing, but it's really popular in New England, too. I have visions of girlie calendars plastering the inside of the bobhouses that pepper the lakes. And there is always one or two good stories about some tool whose truck goes through the ice because they ventured out on it too early or too late in the season. One guy's truck went in early on and then he borrowed the town's front end loader to pull it out... AYUH, that went into the drink, too. What a dope, wonder what he's doing for work these days... hope the fishin' is good. :)

Kathy, I've not been able to find the water based Varathane anywhere. I think it's going to be ZAR and rather a lot of it. My chore for this afternoon is to lightly scuff the floor (300+ grit) and then float on the high gloss before finishing it with a toned down satin finish. I can barely control my enthusiasm... NOT. Maybe I should invite my boss to help me and tell me how to do it properly, huh? :)

OK, I know I've missed someofyas but I have to get rollin' here. I would very much like to see Phoebles in a pink sweater (great visual, BTW) and some of Deanne's flower show shots.

Ta ta!

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chloehoover(z6b VA)

Good morning, all - my what a lot of news -- Woody -- so many good thoughts for you already and everyone says it so well here -- the best of thoughts to you and wishin we were all closer to help out when need be -- you are an amazing model of fortitude in face of life's challenges - but feel free to whine,rant, whatever whenever...

Im so glad you had fun at the Flower Show, Deanne -- Im truly jealous -- it looks like it has to be fantabulous this year -- the only thing I hate are the crowds - so if you stayed a few days you likely managed to go in and out again at some leisurely times I hope. That's a wonderful winter doldrums present your sister shared w/ you -- and at the Ritz -- wow!! I am sure you could pretend to be a plantswoman in your jacket -- none of them were likely sporting furs, LOL.... Cant wait to see your photos -- I love the marketplace area too; I usually buy one neat thing; but I imagine you did window shopping this year -- which is okay too; as your garden is already choc full of wonderful ornaments.

Loved the Clousseau story -- reminded me of my childhood and our St. Bernard who helped himself to half a bakesale cake one morning as we were getting ready to take the cake to the sale....

I think ice fishing is the male excuse in winter for more hunting/gathering and bonding with the "buds" ....

'bug -- Im glad your DD and her spouse can be optimistic re the ex and the situation -- that's really the most healthy thing to do with it -- otherwise all the drama would eat their lives up -- and it's likely not to change so they have to learn to let go as best they can - my DB has an ex that has made it her career to stir up trouble and use the children as weapons - it's very sad for all....

well, gotta get the show on the road here; the trial started yesterday and so I've got other things to clean off my desk now -- Im really anxious for the 60s weather this weekend we're supposed to have, and trying to figure what things I could bail out on that I've got scheduled (stock club, etc.) -- but not likely - maybe I can grab at least 2 hours to do some trimming and cutting down at least.

-- Hi to all.


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Good morning all,

A lovely sunny day here but what the heck is this with 13 degrees F in March???? Way too cold! The good news is that Doug has managed to fix the hot tub. It turned out to be three different problems, first some relay board got fried because the heater was bad and because the heater was bad it ruined the circuit breaker. Crossing my fingers that nothing else breaks any time soon. Jeesh!

Woody, so terribly sorry to hear your news. It seems youve had more than your share of health issues. Hugs to you and family.

Chelone, you left your Hannaford bag here. Ill return it the next time I see you.

Kathy, great news about the new camera! Cant wait to see pics from it

Bug, great news about the blood pressure! Thats fantastic.

Jerri! Woohoo! Great news about getting the cast off. You must be so relieved.

Julie, hope today is a better day.

Mary oh dear! Clousseau is a very well fed dog!

Cindy, yes indeed it was only a very small amount of window shopping this year and we didn't even spend twenty minutes in the marketplace. First of all the moola problem and second of all we flew in and no room to bring stuff home. Good thing. LOL

OK Ive got to get back to editing these photos. Ive still about three hundred or so to go through. Here is the first gallery.

Have a great day all

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

OMG Deanne, that's just cruel! Wisteria!

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Well to comfort myself at this time of year I have a few indoor plants that have survived for me over time...and some new additions too.

Here's a Phalaeonopsis orchid I gave myself a few days ago.

And this is a Clivia that a friend gave me many years ago and that seems to tolerate our chilly front entryway.

And last, but certainly not least are the before and after shots of Ms Phoebe. No, I'm not one for playing dress up with my dog, so no pink coat. She seems fine outdoors without. If it were a problem for her, THEN of course I would.
She snuck into this picture somehow!

Here she is anxious about lots of bird and squirrel activity outside.

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chloehoover(z6b VA)

Gardenbug -- are u sure you did not bring home the wrong dog? O my..... she needs some Cynthia couture so she doesnt freeze!

Deanne -- me o my.... glorious peek at the show -- I await the other 250 or so shots - w/ your lenses and professional 'tude, these are magnificent.... sometimes flying is a good thing -- it does prevent overspending!

enjoying my lunch breezing thru fantasies of italian gardens.

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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

An email newsletter reminded me of a funny story that I don't think I shared before. Those of you who came to IU3 got to visit Kimball & Bean, a garden antiques store. They are regular exhibitors at the NYBG garden antiques show, and last year when Beau Kimball arrived for set up, the director of the NYBG offered to give him a private tour via golf cart. As they were tooling around the garden, Beau's cell phone rings. It's a new member of his local garden club, who has been asked to call the members who are behind on their dues renewal to see if they want to continue their membership. She very politely asks if Beau is interested in gardening. He was kind enough not to mention exactly what he was doing at that moment in time!

And he did renew his membership - it was something that had been missed on their part.

Just wanted to quickly share that before I forgot. It's 60 degrees here and very windy. But I can still see snowbanks outof my window.


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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

Thanks for the kind thoughts/good wishes - all much needed at the moment :-) It was pretty inevitable that something like this would happen, as meningiomas are probably the most common type of brain tumor and the particular genetic abnormality that gives me NF2 makes me more prone to them - as does the fact that I had radiation treatment! But knowing it's likely to happen doesn't prevent being shocked when it actually does! Most of this type of tumors are benign - as are most NF2 tumors (the other tumors I have), but anything in the brain can cause substantial damage just from pressure as they grow and this one is in a place that is likely to cause problems with my legs, among other things. 'Wait and see' - the story of my life these past 10+ years or so....

Mary - I loved the Clousseau story! And it reminded me that Zoe, the rottweiler, had run out of cookies - so I baked her a batch this morning and dropped it off when we took Misty for her after-lunch walkies.

gb - Phoebe looks very swelte there :-) It won't be long before we give Misty her first spring haircut. I leave her coat at least 1/2" long for the first cut. We got a proper electric dog-clippers a couple of years ago (instead of using my horse clippers that I used at first!) The clippers came with guide combs of various sizes which makes it really easy to cut her coat to the right length for the season. It's also easy to do spot de-matting by clipping out the knot rather than using the scissors. (We just took a big knot out from behind one ear on Sunday.) Because she gets clipped regularly, she's not bothered at all by the clippers but isn't keen on the scissors. I'm doing a better job this year of keeping her combed, but she really doesn't like being combed. gb - maybe you should consider getting clippers for Phoebe so you can do spot-deknotting when needed - or do you have clippers now?

V - even Randy laughed at the gas on the ground story!

Jerri - how's the foot doing? I remember when I broke my left leg years ago and spent 5 months in various casts and a leg brace that walking was quite painful at first after I got out of the last cast. I think you lose all the muscle and fat on the sole of your foot, because I remember it feeling like I was walking directly on the bones for the first few weeks!

PM - Cindy is right - there's been way too much illness in Idyll households lakely. I hope whatever problems you've been having are temporary ones and that you are doing well. (I've been too inward focussed lately and I'm sure I've neglected to send my good wishes to others who need them too.)

Deanne - it looks like you had a nice brush with spring in Philly :-) I assume the last picture is your sister? A definite family resemblance....

Time to go immerse myself in choosing specific plants for my 'client's' garden for the course... That's the last stage of the course along with the detailed plan drawing that shows the individual plants.

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jak1(4 Ontario Can)

Oh Woody, such difficult news! Of course this is where you should post - we are your friends, and part of our job description (I used to be a compensation analyst, sorry) is to share the burden and lighten the load wherever we can.

Jerri's news is good - good-bye cast, that is! I hope your recovery is quick now that you can sort of use your foot again!

And Typhoid Mary - I laughed at that one! I have done battle with strep and it is no fun - the up side is that the meds work. Speaking of meds and casts - how is David doing? Is it possible to cast a femur? (I don't think so...)

And PM 2 - you are under the weather too. I'm not surprised, with the crummy weather we seem to be having. Weather Watch here now - snow, rain, and freezing drizzle overnight. This better be the end of it!!!

Chelone I hated having difficult bosses - even ones I respected. And I was a lousy boss - I was soooooo nice - everybody got away with everything. Anyway, I am sure that there was some contempt(sp?) for my "management" style at that time. Fortunately I hated being a manager and didn't stay long in that job. Can I still come to VI????? I have cleaned myself up today *LOL* And I will try a Bloody Mary in preparation!!!

All this talk of meatloaf caused me to thaw a bunch of ground beef today so we will have a "comfort food" dinner. Jaxie cannot reach the counter tops - a benefit I didn't envision when I chose a smaller breed.

BTW - yes Kathy (I think that's who it was) my old woodstove is the smallest top loading Godin. I loved it then and I still do. We could only burn limb wood in it, which made fuel easy to come by, and cheap too. The ceramic tiles we installed were the same beige colour.

Cindy, we always have an incident or two with respect to ice-fishing. Did you hear the story about the large number of ice-fishers who floated away on Lake Ontario a few weeks ago? It was something like a hundred men. Two fell off the ice floe and one drowned - an almost annual tragedy here. Just last week four snowmobiles fell through the ice on the lake where our lodge is, and one drowned. They drove into open water at ten o'clock at night. Didn't see the warning signs. Duh! It was ten o'clock!!! Drives me nuts. Off the box now, sorry for the rant.

Deanne, I am so jealous of your visit to the Philadelphia Flower Show! I hear it is one of the best, if not THE best, in North America! Makes me almost wish I had gone to Canada Blooms again this year (that is where I met Marie for the first time!!). Maybe CB hasn't happened yet this March, I don't know. But I'm not going anyway... Although wisteria is not supposed to be hardy up here, there is a small house in this town which is absolutely covered. I call it Wisteria cottage, and everyone here who gardens knows exactly which house I am referring to. I will try to approach the owners this Spring to take a photo. I am sure it won't be as nice as your work (no talent and a teensy little outdated camera) but just the same - it is a rare opportunity here.

Love the clivia Marie! I have one too - it is doing nothing. I have had wonderful blooms in the past though - just not in this house. I think they like it cooler. I sold an absolutely huge pot of it at my garage sale last Spring for ten bucks - then I saw tiny ones in the grocery store for eighteen! No wonder my buyer was thrilled. And that one was budded up too. (Mine, not the store's). Have you seen any other colours? Someoneone I know has promised me a yellow one....

A small boy is hovering looking for my input into something called Bakugans. Gotta run!



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I cant complain about another 50 ° day.

Chelone, I dont envy you the varnishing task or the boss lady (have enough of that myself)

Eden, my DD is now a certified Patient Care Technician. She challenged the CNA test and was certified through that and then has been taking some classes to get to this step. Shes now talking about continuing on into nursing. Its not a career that I would have seen her in, but she seems to like it. She only did one semester of college before Kenzie was born and at that time was pretty overwhelmed by motherhood and marriage to think about college. I have no doubt though if she puts her mind to it that she will complete it. She is a very determined person, but on her terms.
Bella will love her gift, the drawer below is a fun addition. I had a doll crib when I was little and loved it. In fact I still have it in the toy room we have for the grandkids. Kenzie has several doll cradles, one my parents had made for her and one that her great-grandfather made for Laura when she was little.
Fortunately I kind of like painting. I actually didnt do much in the garage, thats been Ricks project. Is your basement finished? We painted ours a few years ago (it was pink) but ours is really just storage, plants, treadmill and my stained glass area. Just painting the cement block walls improved the feel a lot.

Deanne, how nice of your sister to treat you. I havent had time to check the pictures but Im sure they will be a treat.

Mary , its good to hear that you feeling better and that Davids pain is under control.

Poor Phoebe, she must feel naked.

Later all


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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

As I was walking through the house this morning on my way out, I thought out of the corner of my eye that I saw a deer ridiculously close to the house. I backed up and realized I was wrong -it was not A deer, it was FOUR!

You can caption this, "Mmm. Sedum 'Angelina' is rather tasty."

Or maybe it should be, "Shall we grill venison tonight?"

Here are three of the perps about to make their retreat.

Right after I took this photo, I opened the deck door and yelled, "Get off my lawn!". They fled and I was only a little late for work.

It was in the low 60's today and very pleasant, but I'm surprised how much ice remains.

Mary, I forgot to tell you how funny the meatloaf story was. Our first lab was a counter surfer, and I always thought that Sunrise was nothing more than a willing accomplice. That proved true as we have lost nothing off the counters in years.

I have book club tonight so I have to run and rustle up dinner.


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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

We had a nice day today, but it was well into the afternoon before we remembered it was our 52nd anniversaty. :-)
We worked outside. The high was 73! It was very windy, and I heard another limb break in the woods, and a tree fall, it was probably one of the hung up ones.
I raked the leaves out of two flowerbeds, and dragged off the limbs that Nolon cut from a damaged redbud and a dogwood. Then he cut down the really badly battered seedling peach, and I got most of those limbs dragged off also.
I had him cut the Ninebark all down. It was badly broken, and had a lot of dead in it also. It looks rather blank looking toward the little red barn now, but I already have plans to rectify that. There is a little volunteer dogwood beside where the ninebark was. We left it there, and I am deciding on what else to plant in that bed. I may put my potted Catalpa on the far side of the bed.
All the Birchwood is cut into firewood, and stacked outside the woodshed to cure, along with the Tuliptree wood. The peachtree wood will be added. There will be lots of oak and locust, and probably some hickory and maple to add to the pile. Nolon loves doing that job.

Oh my! Poor Phoebe! I need to send her a sweater. I have a rather heavy grey one that would look good on her. :-)

Woody, I am so glad you are sharing your diagnosis with us. You know how much I admire all that you do dispite your handicaps. You give me courage to press on.....

If we had a neighbor who could observe us working in our yard, I think they would get a kick out of our arrangement. Nolon carries a light folding chair around to each job location. He has another one that I was using yesterday, but it is heavier, and rather hard for me to move from spot to spot. So.... today while he sat and rested, I dragged brush, and when he went back to cutting, I sat in his chair. Worked out fine. :-)

Yaargh! V! Hooved rodents right up by your house. Just like here. Although I rue the day they moved in on us, I do enjoy seeing them. It won't be long until the fawns come along, and they will sample everything!

The Eastern Bluebirds were courting today. I always enjoy hearing them.

The spring peepers were really loud today.

An army of small ants moved into the house, and took up residence in the prettiest orchid's pot! It was literally full of them. I sprayed with House and Garden spray. That was not doing the job, so I sprinkled Sevin dust in the tub that the pot sets in, and around on the shelf. After awhile, I was still seeing live ants. I took the pot out of the tub, and discovered hundreds, maybe thousands, of dead ones in the tub. I took the whole thing outside, and dumped out the tub, then sprayed it and the outside of the pot whith a differant garden spray. I hope that did the job.


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Happy 52nd. Marian!

May you and Nolon always feel this cozy.

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Happy Anniversary, Marian & Nolon!

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

52 years and still playing musical chairs. Congratulations on the milestone Marian and Nolon!

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

PS: Marian, if you didn't remove the roots, that ninebark will grow back just fine! They also seed around...

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Jerri_OKC(z7 Ok)

Congratulations Marian and Nolon!

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Friday eve greetings..I am happy to report that my chickens hatched and my camera purchase will be covered by the tax return. My Swan Island Dahlia order arrived; it will be a couple of weeks or more before I can actually plant them , I usually use my compost thermometer and dont plant till the soil is 55 degrees.
I look forward to spending some quality time with Deanne at the Philly Flo Sho should I have dinner before or after ??? Or during ?

bug, nice shots of the indoor plants(I especially like the orchid) , and one hardly recognizes Ms Phoebe!

Marian. Happy Anniversary ! 52 years is quite an accomplishment in this day and age. How very nice to have 73 degrees and be able to spend time outdoors.

Thats all for me tonight- I need to cook dinner , read the paper , check the seedlings etc

Later !

Kathy in Napa

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Thanks all...

Funny you said that about the musical chairs, Marie. That was exactly what I was thinking.
I knew that the ninebark reseeds. I have been pulling it's seedlings from that bed for years, and I planned on digging one up and planting it elsewhere. But I didn't know it would resprout. It will be a hard decision whether to let it do so, or to let the dogwood grow in it's stead.
I had planted one of it's seedlings at the northwest end of the house, but it was almost all destroyed by the icestorm.
I had two clems growing in it. I have leaned a trellis up against the house for them. Another ninebark came up out below the pond a few years ago.
I am thinking about planting a catalpa to the northeast of the deck for morning shade. I have read that they are less susceptible to ice breakage than many of our trees. I have a potted one, already.

I am bushed. I am going to hit the sack early....


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Eden, I finally decided to take a gander at Bella's birthday loot and lost the post I was workin' on ... that'll learn me, won't it? The doll bed is darling, I'll bet you smiled when you purchased it and Bella will be delighted with its addition; let's face it, the proper accessories are crucial to a good round of "dolls". ;) Mum was big on making doll beds for my Ginny Dolls. She'd use cigar boxes and the old-fashioned stationary clothespins for the feet and the posters. She'd paint the whole thing in a color of her choice and then set about making the mattresses, pillows, and coverlets to coordinate nicely with them.

Looks to be a gloomy day outdoors today. Good thing because I have a rather full and dull day ahead of me. First off is the virgin mopping of the remaining blue chalk lines and then there will likely be a secondary mopping of remaining blue residue (stuff is unbelievably tenacious in its adherence to the floor). After that I'll gently scuff the floor and vacuum it thoroughly. And the the first of two coats of the clearcoat. Followed by another round of scuff/vacuum and the final topcoat. The floor will then be left to lie fallow for a few days before I'm able to return Cynthia's loveseat and the armchair to the Salon. Not very fulfilling but necessary, nonetheless.

While everything is drying I'll try to crack off a JulieJob/two. The returnables have migrated out of the pantry and are threatening to overwhelm the house, so that will be a good thing to take care of. I've contemplated a thorough cleaning of the boiler room (my clothes dryer), too. It would be nice to make it a more pleasant place to hang wet clothing over night and I think I could do it with not too much effort. And I have the bathroom looming overhead, as well. I mentioned it last night and predictably it received a tepid reception. Just once it would be nice to have something creative greeted with, "hey, I like that idea. I'm concerned about the amount of time involved but if you put together the plan we can do it". It's unlikely that will ever happen, so it appears I'm once more "on my own". ;)

How often do you have to strip Phoebe, 'bug? We used to have Chris clipped every 6 mos.. She was a beautiful Springer; we were told repeatedly by several breeders that she was "top shelf". And in a full Springer clip she was breathtaking, but we used to tell the groomer to make her "look like a German Shorthair Pointer". Jackassing around with combing and brushing was NOT part of the plan for us (neither was a very stupid Springer, but she needed a home after her Daddy died). We use a shedding blade on Rex to get rid of the undercoat and that's as involved as I want to get with canine grooming, thank you very much. :) I sure hope the court thing resolves itself satisfactorily and does so soon. There is something so very wrong about injecting all that additional stress into an already tough time. The whole things smacks of selfishness and an inability to look at the greater good for a little boy who has, in fact, lost his little brother! It's all very, very sad and your description of turning fire engine red is apt indeed. Hang tough!

Well, I know I've overlooked several important topics, but it's time to get this show on the road and get working on the floor. Later!

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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

A few bluebirds of happiness for Marian and Nolon:

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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

Happy Anniversary Marian!! Fifty two years is a very long time and how many couples can claim such a feat? [g] Starting on Year Fifty Three, wow.

This is a painting by Delacroix called 'Mariage a la Mairie'
that I hope you may enjoy. And links to what was happening in the year you were married, below, that you might find entertaining.

I appreciate all your greetings and comments to me, and just not up to typing responses. Just popping in when I can for right now. Dreary out there, here too. This weekend we turn the clocks ahead...yippee!


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Good morning

Happy Anniversary to Marian and Nolon!!

V - when yours photos came up I thought for a moment T had returned. Do the dogs go crazy when they see the deer?

There was actually a little addenda to the tale of the meatloaf. Before the major heist I was busy cooking and making a phonne call and Clousseau took advantage of my back being turned to grab the can of crushed tomatoes from the counter. In doing so the opened contents transcribed a perfect arc before landing on every surface available, splattering floor, walls, counters, my desk and himself with globs of red pulp. The result looked like a scene from Sweeny Todd. I had to call the chidlren in to witness and they were delighted with the mayhem. Given that that was my day recovering from Strep and that everything had to be washed top to bottom you can see why I agree with Chelone when it comes to canines.

Here is the perpetrator luxuriating in the warmth of a mulch pile last spring.


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Congratulations to Marian and NOlan! That's a long time to be married. Happy Anniversary!

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Good Morning!
Susan, I love your pic for our Anniversary. It goes along with the fact that 'our' bluebirds are courting. :-)

Pm2, your pic is very nice, too, but I am afraid we were not married in 1938! It was 1957. Not much going on, on that date in History.

Mary, I would have gone ballistic if that had happened to me. What a mess! I hope the kids helped with the cleaning, espacially since they found it so humorous.

When I got up this morning I felt as though I had been through the mill! Maybe I was in bed too long? I even looked terrible, but I tested my face and could still smile, so know I hadn't had a stroke. :-)
Then I looked out my bedroom window and saw that Trubby and Tommy had a stray cat cornered. I went out to run it off, and that prompted Trubby to jump it. It was reluctant to leave , so I went out again and threw rocks towards it. It headed up the driveway, and I hope it is gone. Trubby and Toomy both came in, but Trubby is back out looking for it.
I am hoping Trubby is not getting a repeat of his illness, that almost done him in twice. He has barfed up his food three days in a row. Have any of you a home remedy for barfy cats? He keeps nibbling on grass when he is outside.

No fire needed in our heating stove for 2 days now. It was 59 outside when I got up, and still is. 70s are in the forecast again, for today. Thank goodness the wind has died down.

I hope to get back out to the cleanup work.

Oh, I got a phone call from my sister yesterday. She hadn't remembered it was our anniversary until I mentioned it. Nice coincidence. While we were 73 degrees it was in the 30s and snowing in Boise.

These are amongst the blooming outside:

And these are amongst the blooms inside:


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Happy Anniversary Marian and Nolan :)

I love your daffodils and amarylis! Your green thumb with plants going indoors and out reminds me of my grandma. She had an unrecognizable poinsetta at one time - unrecognizable because it was now shrub sized :)

I did not inherit this gene :)

I logged in this morning to ask if any of you have tried those mushroom kits you see in magazines? Jake and I want to try one on a couple of felled trees, but I'd like to know I can expect success :)

We're talking about adding another hive, too :) Jake has been a big help, shoveling out the entrance when needed. He's the one who was too scared to come up close last year because he had a close encounter with some wasps at camp. I think a healthy dose of fear would make you a better bee keeper - because you'll be less likely to try something stupid :)

Woody, I had some good dog clippers at one time to shave our (awful) cocker. I thought it was a pretty fun task - and the dog never complained :) One tip I learned from cats: never try to cut the mat out with the scissors close to the skin - I would snip into the mat repeatedly and then work it lose from that point. Of course cats tend to help out in the grooming process a little more than dogs do, don't they?

Clousseau looks like a mighty happy chap!


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Mary, that story is just priceless. I'll be chuckling about that one for a long while. :) he is a good-lookin' rig, must be the meatloaf, lol.

The virgin mop was not much fun. There is no water in the bahn and that means schlepping back and forth to our domicile to rinse and refill the bucket. I have been up and down the stairs minimally 8 times this morning. Who needs a stinkin' gym membership, it's all for free here at Frontierland. It's presently drying and I'm going to outfit the sheetrock sander with 300+ grit paper now. :)

I like the sound of planting mushrooms in the backyard, Saucy. I don't know anything about them and it will be fun to see what others contribute. When do you expect your bees to be up and interested in flying around, sometimes in April?

I guess just let Trubby bulk up on grass, Marian. We usually just let the cats take care of that sort of thing on their own, you'll know it starts getting more serious. The daffodils remind me of the little clump of Jack Snipe out near Sanitary Ridge. They are my favorites.

On to the next JulieJob!

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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

LOL Marian...well, you can see that not only can't I type lately, but I can't add/subtract either. I remember calculating 50 from 90 and taking off two more. Where I came up with 90 is a mystery. Well...I will give it another were right, not much coming up for March 5, 1957, so here is the whole year.... :-)

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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

I'm becoming quite the Now, if only I can convince a few rich people with more money than sense that my art is worth a fortune...I've certainly seen worse hanging in a few homes and galleries.

Happy Anniversary to Marian and Nolon!

Kathy, I see you've been time traveling again...have another glass of

I think we should organize an IU to the Philly flower show next year. If only they would stop having it smack in the middle of month end closing. Deanne, how were the crowds?

Woody, I'm sorry you got some bad news this week. I'm sure you'll kick this challenge in the butt like you do with all your others.

OK, back to work with me. I'm hoping to be able to get a day of skiing in on Sunday if the weather cooperates. Right now rain is in the forecast for Killington.

Spring ahead!


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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

Saucy - I tried one of those mushroom things once from a reputable mail order place in Canada. It worked - but nowhere near as abundantly as in the pictures! I think I didn't keep it moist enough (it was an indoor thing, not one for inoculation outdoor logs. Maybe an outdoor one would work better.

PM - one important event in 1957 - I was born! :-) (but not in March....)

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

LOL Sue. I recognize the ski lifts in your picture.

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PM, even if you can't comment, we love to have your presence here. I know that some are present but not posting at times, but it is nice if they post a short note or comment just to let the rest of us know they are around.

Saucy, I've never tried mushrooms, but it sounds like lots of fun especially with Jake and using the old trees. You mentioned your grandma's poinsetta that was shrub sized, was it growing outdoors? I was suprised to see below the balcony of DD's apt in FL that there was a poinsetta blooming that was probably 4' x 4'. There were alot of poinsettas planted in the ground there also.

Mary, he looks sooo innocent! When I came home yesterday, Jaden was lying in my raised bed taking in the sunshine and 50 degree temps.

Marian, congratulations on the 52 years. Nice that you have something blooming. My amaryills did nothing this year.

Woody, that tree and the stained glass bluebirds is fabulous.

I did cut some "for cynthia" branches. Hopefully, they will give me some blooms to tide me over.

We'll all be able to say we knew Sue when she was just a budding artist.

I picture that I got a kick out of, making hummus:

Have a great Friday!


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I was just placing a seed order and see this statement on the top of the website that I thought interesting:

"This is always our busiest time of the year and currently our orders are exceptionally abundant. Due to the economy, the movement to produce locally, and concerns about food safety are motivating factors for this surge. Our phone coverage and work force has been increased by a third."

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

I am back from my new doctor appointment with an amazing prescription, namely to swallow a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar a half hour before each meal. Oh my....It is cheaper than capsules, so I've tried it once already and it sure wakes you up!!! The happy news is that she is getting married in Panama in April. I hope for photos because she's a really cute gal and I'm very happy for them!

Chelone, on the court case front...well you are correct on every point. Timing of this seems to be suspect from my point of view, not only because it is kicking a family in the guts at a terrible time in their lives, but also because it comes at a time when a financial decision was made against ex, and that is something she carefully neglects to mention in her affidavit. Anyway, divorce and custody are not pretty issues that bring out the best in people. Especially controling and vindictive types.

One pleasant surprise today was the arrival of my two buddies who are outdoors pruning trees and a few clematis. Ann even trimmed all the hellebores she could reach. There's still plenty of ice and snow here, but because it is 55F, they are happy to be here and working outside. YES! They heard a robin, but so far we have not seen it. While out DH & I saw many folks picking up branches or jogging and generally breathing in fresh air with signs of optimism.

Sue, I love your artwork but can't afford it!

I must go out for a sympathy card (a relative's daughter) and also for a few other errands. I wish I could say I was headed toward a nursery though.

Ciao my friends,

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Coat number one of the clear is accomplished and I've cleaned up the tools. I've even been out on a forced march with His Hugeness. My hindquarters are likin' their present place in the chair. :)

I am reminded now of what a loathesome chore it is to apply "polyurethane" to floors. V. will appreciate the need for stong light to show where you've already been. I was not able to sand, either, it removed too much paint from the design. I'm hoping the uneven character of the Advantec is going to provide adequate "tooth" for the poly., but it doesn't matter now anyway. The die, she is cast and there is no turning back. Refuse to live in fear! I've decided to brush on the next coat, the pad was more of a pain to use, I think; I found it tricky to get even coverage. I used a sheepskin to apply the oil based polyurethane in the boudoir and it wasn't nearly as fiddly. The consistency of the oil-based stuff was more like syrup, the water-based is a lot runnier.

Kenzie looks so intent in that picture. And isn't that a hopeful note from the seed company, Michelle? There are always bound to be some winners and some losers in any economy.

Time to check on the stove and then settle down with my book for a little while. I'm tired!

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jak1(4 Ontario Can)

As I sit here at the computer, I hear a soft voice in the background from DH: "Ajax, what am I to do? I have a fish tank with tongue prints...."

*lol* The dog enjoys the tanks almsot as much as DH...

Chelone - I cracked up at the frustrated "Who needs a stinkin' gym membership? It's all free here in Fronier land."

I know the feeling and yet it struck me as just so funny!!

Congrats, Marian and Nolon! I remember a friend of my children asking how long I had been married, and my answer, 25 years (or so). Following a hushed silence came the question "To the same guy?". A sign of the times, I'm sure. You have done well. And the kind of day you described is just what I really love on anniversaries: a normal day - representative of your lives spent together, doing the things that we do on an "ordinary" day. I don't need to have a big celebration to mark the occasion: life with my DH is the life I want, every day, not just on "special" days. Not well said, but maybe you understand my feelings.

I also cracked up at the can of tomatoes arcing across the kitchen, MaRY. yOUR cLOUSEEAU IS BEAUTIFUL!


Sorry about the caps: I don't look while I'm typing and I don't know how to fix that. I am not yelling.

Not much to speak of today. The JJob was an easy one: I Kaboomed all of my stainless steel knives that are not stainless and had stains on them. Something I do, like, once a year.

Talking with DH about vacation plans. Nice thing to do when it is still dreary outside.

Off to make "make your own pizza" for dinner - dough in the bread machine, toppings by Nana, everyone does their own thing. A movie later.

Life is good!



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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

You-all are not going to believe is 83F outside! And 77 inside. I have opened the front and back doors.

After lunch I went out and commenced emptying out the middle storage space in the side of the woodshed. I have used it for years for piling gardening stuff...mostly pots and pans. We decided it would be a good place to put the small rounds of wood that I use to help get a quick, hot fire. Anyway, I had worked at it for over an hour without pausing, when Nolon came out of the house and walked up with the question," Are you making any progress" !!!!! He hadn't even looked to see that the top shelf was empty, and the middle one was almost empty! I responded, " well, if I haven't, I sure have wasted a lot of time" ! He went on about his business, and I retired to the my bedroom, with the door closed. :-(

Pm2, I appreciate your efforts, espacially since you are not feeling up to posting. I do hope you get back to your old self. We need your wisdom. I haven't taken the time to read your last link, of 1957, but will....

Saucy, one of the neighbor women attempted the growing of mushrooms in logs. Nolon cut her a couple of hundred logs , and she drilled holes in them and 'sowed' the mushrooms. She had very very little success. I think others have fared better in this area. I would suggest starting small...not like she did. I found an interesting site about growing Shitaki Mushrooms. I have posted the link below.
BTW, you can adopt me as your foster grandmother. And you are very welcome to come visit my hillbilly home. :-)

Chelone, I may have known the name of those darling dafs, but don't remember. They were potted ones that I bought in bloom, and set out at the appropriate time. They are spreading nicely. I have another variety of miniatures that have started blooming today. They are in the bed where the Ninebark is/was. A third variety is in the bed below the Bladdernut, and more in front of the house.
I will take my yard clean-up any time to what you are doing. I never was into that. I do admire you for doing it, though. Actually, all this type of work makes me hurt just thinking about it! I would rather hurt while working in the yard. :-)

Michelle, I love the intense look on Kenzie's face. She looks as though she is enjoying that job. I don't believe I have ever tasted Humus. I looked at a container if it in the groc store last week , and decided against it. I am not too fond of chickpeas.
I am glad to hear that gardening businesses are picking up in this 'depressing' time. Our son is getting into the growing of food items more this year, also. I sure wish he lived closer to us.

Marie, I rather like Cider Vinegar, but I guess it can take your breath away, if by the tablespoonful. How fortunate you are to have gardening buddies who come and helf you with your yard work.
We have seen robins off and on all winter. I saw a flock of them last tuesday on my way to town.

I got most of the small debris cleaned up from back of the house today. Next I need to work on the side yard to the southeast of the house. If we do not get more downed debris, by mowing time I will be all set to go. :-)

I wish I could post the sound of the peepers. They are really loud, all around us, and on the way to town whenever we pass a pond. Later on it will be the tree frogs.


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I"ve been over at Jen's organizing all of the baby stuff most of the day. How can one teeny tiny person need so much stuff? I'll get some pictures of the nursery for you all to see when we get everything done. We're working on it again one day next week. We all got together and had lunch with my dad today too. He's doing ok, still really missing my mom but I expect that will be the case for quite awhile. They were married for 53 years, married Oct 1955.

Which brings me to wishing Marian and Nolon a Happy 52nd! I liked your description of how you both spent the day together.

Marie, Brad does the apple cider vinegar thing too. Braggs Organic Raw Unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar. He mixes it into a bottle of water before he drinks it.

Michelle, cute picture of Miss Kenzie!

Deanne, I've looked at some of the flower show pics and love what I've seen so far. I'm hoping to get back to the viewing the rest tonight. I just wanted to say thanks for taking the time to put them up for us. I know it's time consuming. I'm really enjoying them and have already gotten a couple of ideas from them.

Chelone, you're in the home stretch now on the floor. I say embrace the imperfections. Afterall it is a floor and will acquire more patina with time. I happen to like that look but know not everyone does.

PM, do pop in and out when you can and don't worry about posting anything other than letting us know how you're doing if that's all you're up to. I'm interested in looking at your 1957 link as that's the year I was born.

I have more to say, don't I always, but I have to feed the child so until next time.......


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Well, I have to report on the floor again, you guys. Scroll on by if you've already rolled your eyes ;). I loved chemistry and the whole "science" of paints fascinates me. There are a litany of new rules regulating the manufacture of paints and it's really put the sqeeze on those of us who actually prefer oil-based paints, so the whole latex scene is new territory for me. I'm accustomed to the levels of gloss available for oil paints and polyurethanes and have been very disappointed with what is supposed to pass for "high gloss" in the latex offerings. It's nothing even close to a slick, high gloss in alkyd paints.

I selected a satin finish water-based "polyurethane" for the floor, assuming the sheen would be similar to the oil-based stuff. WRONG. It's really very shiney and I was very surrised when I went out a little while ago to make sure the temperature was lowered in the space. It's now glossier than it was when I finished the painting and that's precisely the opposite of what I've experienced with alkyd deck paint and oil-based poly.. Go figure. (I even checked the cans to make sure I hadn't dragged home a semi-gloss gallon by accident.) And it smells sour!

I can easily identify the "holidays" in the finished surface and have tagged them with painter's tape. I'll hit them first thing in the morning and then continue the second coat. It's interesting that the gloss really plays up the uneven surface of the Advantec; it reminds me of the textured surface they now put on appliances. It looks sort of cool and sparkley.

I laughed aloud at Nolon's comment about your JulieJob, Marian. Sounds like something my boss would say... lol. Good thing you have your very own clubhouse to retire to when you can't take it any more.

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Hello there Idylls, and a welcome Friday it is too. The good news is there is no rain in the forecast for this weekend, and the bad news is there is no rain in the forecast for this weekend. We still are in drought alert stage. Im going to thin and transplant some of my seedlings this weekend , and sow more, although I have not received my T&M order yet.
A brief WALAT tonight revealed Dicentra pushing up, Clematis forming buds, and continued lily activity. My DS bought a new tripod yesterday and gave me his old one- even though I dont have my cool new camera yet (UPS tracking advised me that it left Hodgekins Ill at 2.09 am today, its closer to V than me !) but I may try to get some more emerging spring photos with the old one this weekend.

Mary, the pic of Clousseau reclining languidly on the compost is priceless- I have nicknamed one of my cats (Doobie) Compost Kitty for his enjoyment of same. It seems wherever I lay it down he is sleeping on it- and of course he brings it inside too !

Sue, though it would not be a stretch to assume I was doing wine related time traveling, my intent was to wish all a Friday Eve as in New Years Eve, Christmas Eve etc, lol. It would be pretty disappointing to come home from the awfice thinking it was Friday and then learn it was in fact Thursday instead.

Michelle, Kenzie sure seems to grow-up quickly ! I always feel a it of a chill when I see her in her summer garb , Im sitting here in fleece and long-johns !

So bug, what task does the vinegar perform ? Hoping all the drama for DD and family dissipates at some point.

Julie, when I saw all those caps I thought maybe you were posting from the wine deck having had one too many , lol. Im going to KABOOM the upstairs shower tommorow. My JJ for the weekend.

All for me tonight, I am going to watch "Walk Tall the Dewy Cox Story " tonight and retire early, hoping for 8 hours ; a full nights sleep has been in short supply lately.
Waving to all

Kathy in Napa

P.S. Fine Gardening , Plant Combinations, Deannes mailbox garden, check it out

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

I'm back from the movies. We almost NEVER go to movies, but tonight we saw a romantic comedy, Last Chance Harvey. Not a GREAT, but I do enjoy Dustin Hoffman and Emma Thompson. There are laugh out loud moments as well as shed a tear ones too.

I am hoping that more snow vanishes tomorrow and that I can prune some more clematis. We shall see. Time to hit the sack. I've overdone the treadmill thing I think!

Kathy, here's a blurb about cider vinegar, dosages, brands, etc....

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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

I thought I had enough brain cells left to make a coherent post, but then I read Kathy's post and was trying to figure out where she had seen a lot of hats ("caps") in Julie's post. I think perhaps I need some sleep as well.

Tomorrow afternoon DH and I are going to a soap-making workshop. I'm never done anything "crafty" with DH, so this will be interesting. Wednesday we're going to a very intriguing workshop on farmland preservation. And strictly as a precautionary measure, the resume is out of the starting gate, spinning out of the turn...

C'est la vie, says V.

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Hello you idylls!!

I've been searching for an hour to find what happened to David-MARY! I'm just so sad he was hurt and how bad it was. Poor little guy-though he sounds like a strong willed young man-that will help. And Mary how emotional to read of when things were at the worst-your words could almost make me feel your exhaustion from worry. How long do they expect his recovery to take? Hugs to you and David(gingerly though so as not to cause any ouches).

Woody-I caught the news as I was scrolling around. I'm so sorry you've gotten that bad news. I'll certainly keep you in my thoughts.

Deanne-Hi girl! Just wanted you to know you got a "Way cooool!!" from AJ-he's our raptor expert and he was awed by being able to see the crisp details of the Cooper. I say it's Way Cool too!

There's nothing like having cocktails under the table-(I guess that was a thread or so back)everyone should try it once!
SUE you gorgeous chick. I love your new hair style! ALL of you beauties under the table look fabulous-it's nice to see you all.

Chelone- who knew a woman who would pose amongst,beside and beneath most anything she finds would choose such a beautiful wall color.(that made no sense) I love that hue so much I already have it in my living room. I'm such a smart arse. I've had the same color for 13 yrs and I still can't come up with another shade I like better-it's very cheerful.

PM-did you sense I was thinking of you last week? I was wondering if you're planting peas this year? I will on St. Patty's day. I also want to start some cherry tomatoes indoors.

Eden-big hugs! I hope you are doing well-I got a glimpse of Bella and Michelle's Kenzie too-they are growing up too fast! I remember when they were so tiny-sigh.; )

Saucy- Hi! About a month ago I watched The Secret Life of Bees-GREAT movie and naturally the bee huts made me think of you. i hope your kids are doing great.

V-so when's the wedding? Why do I smell gasoline? Do you smell anything?

Hi to Cynthia-what great projects are you up to-probably seedlings?

I really need to go, Chris rented the movie Australia-he's sucking up to me because I was irritated with him

I will do my best to return...I'm kind of kind of like spring-I always comes back-eventually. : )


Hi Marian! Hugs to 'Bug, and the the rest I didn't mention yet.

Now Chris is cleaning the bathroom sink...this could be fun. men.

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Babs ! Howdy gal, from out here on the left coast...don't be such a stranger --IU6 is calling to you -how do you feel about Bloody Marys?

Kathy in Napa

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Hey! Hey! How great to 'see' Babs ! Now you will have to come back to see how many are happy to see you here. :-)
How was the "Australia" movie? I always like movies about that country.

Our March winds returned about a half an hour after I posted yesterday morning. And it is still blowing.... Not a good time to be under hangy down limbs!

Our low is 58F right now. It is to be mid 70s today. Its 'only' 20 or more degrees above average. Ha.

Julie, your 'CAPS" post was the same time as my post, and I missed seeing it.
Actually, we had not even thought about it being our 52nd. But even if we had, we would have done no differant.
As for our marriage, it is not paradise, but it is what we got, and we are sticking with it. :-)
Hmmm, I need to Kaboom my non-stainless stainless steel knives. I am presuming that is the name of a product?

Eden, I suspect your dad will always miss your mom. I'm glad he is doing okay.

Chelone, fortunately, you do not live with your boss lady. I've lived with such remarks daily for many a year. And with contradictions of most of what I say. Yesterday I layed down to recoup. :-)

Kathy, I am so sorry about your drought. We have severe storms in our forecast for tonight and tomorrow. The rain is welcome, the 'severe' is not!

Hope all are looking forward to a nice weekend.


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Good sunny morning to all!

I simply cannot believe that its 50 degrees out and sunny at 8:30 in the AM. Woohoo! Maybe Doug and I can do some cleanup outside. Rahjii is having a ball running around like a nutcase outside.

Hey Babs! Great to see you. Dont be a stranger! Chris was washing the bathroom sink?! He must really have been in the doghouse. LOL

So V. what kind of soap are you going to make? What made DH decide to learn soapmaking???

Kathy, sounds like spring is well under way there. Im looking forward to seeing your pics. When does the new camera get to the West Coast??

Chelone Im sure the floor is going to be great.

OK Im going to get dressed and get outside and enjoy this day..Waving hello to one and all

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

It's a dull morning and 32F. Out the window we have already seen squirrels and mink. Yesterday we saw a muskrat and last night we saw a huge fat raccoon. The mink have been running along the creek banks and I suspect are searching for muskrats. I hope Phoebe does not attempt to catch one. That could be quite nasty.

Well Babs! I'm glad to be part of the welcome committee here! We need an update on the boys, as well as on what craftiness you have been up to. What is going on with the sale of the house these days? Have you moved into your Mom's place? Garden plans?

I'm in the middle of changing and washing later guys!

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

I think you all will get a kick out of Nolon's 'carriage' that he concocted to haul his woodcutting equipment:

And with the entire load:

Here is just one of the 10-12 piles of limbs that I have dragged from the yard:

This morning Nolon is taking a hiatus from the cutting in order to build a cutting rack for the long limbs. He has one already, but it is up at the sawmill, and his pickup is disabled, so he cannot bring the rack home. He is running out of material to build things from, so is robbing the old chicken house of the roosts for this creation. :-)

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What a delight to be sitting here with the window cracked open! Yesterday was our first day during March over freezing, and to say that we're all a bit weery of winter would be a huge understatement.

((Woody/Susan)) Did some googling and am entirely convinced that no one human should have to go through what you're going through. My thought for you is "It's almost Spring, celebrate the promise of the Season whenever you can!!" Thoughts are with Randy, too, of course.

Love, love, love Jen's/Kate's shower decor and am pirating the idea for a shower at work. We take turns throwing "life event" parties and the pics couldn't have come at a better time.

Marian and Nolon, the consummate definition of Agape if I've ever seen it. Also being a 1957 birthee (lots of us here!!) with the realization of how long that really is, I'm not surprised that you collectively come up with the best way to get every task done without even talking about it. Congratulations! Hope you can at least get to the One Stop for celebration.

Deanne -- Don't think I have had a chance: (Doug). Glad he's able to find fill-ins here and there, as much to keep busy as for the $$. The Philly photos will be revisited often.

When Sue starts wearing a beret I'll be worried ;-)

Have been following the Alberta goings on, Marie, and wish I could get the ex into a room for five minutes and talk to her about what all this could do to the relationship she has with Skyler in the long run. ENOUGH!! (caps on purpose) Glad you like the new grandbaby names DD's chosen.

Kenzie all of a sudden doesn't look like a little girl anymore, Michelle! Fingers crossed for your garage...

Julie - I need to borrow TCS since my young neighbor across the street all of a sudden doesn't want carrots in the garden because they "aren't a cool veggie." Where the heck to they come up with things like this???? The round carrots got his interest, though, because they're different. He needs carrot lessons from an expert :0

Mary -- So Glad David is feeling a bit better and that the pain management folks were able to help. With a complete understanding of the 1-10 pain system, that he felt a 5 coming down the hill can ONLY mean he was numb, I think. Good that he's laughing and making music. Isn't there a major recital coming up?

I've been keeping up with all the happenings and Eden's countdown to Spring needs to be continued on the next thread, methinks!!

Not much new here other than the State Appropriations Committee, for the very first time, is sending a delegation to my brother's hospital to see what they do there. The notice to the hospital announcing the visit specifically cited my testimony as "getting the attention of members" and for that I am very grateful.

Heading outside for WALATing (WAHOO!!!!!) and to assess any major winter damage to shrubs. Okay, it's just an excuse to soak up some all-natural Vit D! LOL


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Mornin Idylls ! I went out to retrive the newspaper and spent some quality time with the snails who had taken up residence within the foliage of my dayliles. Alas , they are no more-shells of their former selves.

Marian, Nolon has clearly taken re-purposed to a new level ! That is really rather clever I must say ..might be worthy of a post on Julies Using whatcha you got" thread, lol !

Have read with interest bugs link on the wonders of apple cider vinegar-particularly the promise of a rosy glow if you suffer from a pale countenance .

Time to do a couple Julie Jobsback later..

Kathy in Napa

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Kathy! Is left coast kind of like left field? LOL: )
I'll have mine with a twist of lime,dash of tabasco and a celery stalk please. As you can tell I hate bloody marys; ) I was tempted long ago about IU6 but I still can't give a definite yet. Maine has always been a place we've wanted to investigate. If I came I'd bring my tent.

Marian I liked 'Australia' though it wasn't spectacular. It had less substance than I think it could have but then it would have been an even longer movie. I'm kind of disappointed that Nicole Kidman looks like she's had some work done on her face-I really think she would be someone that ages gracefully-she's only 41! I was really distracted by trying to figure out what she did to herself, lol.
BTW Happy Anniversary!!

Deanne not only did he do the sink but he unloaded/reloaded the dishwasher and did three loads of laundry.(!!!) We were disagreeing about how we're supposed to make time for household tasks and activities when every Sat. we are using over half the day tending to his mom who isn't as incapable as she lets on and actually does get out of the house with friends(she lays guilt trips on Chris). Really our main reason to go there is her loneliness and do her laundry. She has her cousin staying over this weekend which is a perfect opportunity for us to do our home tending stuff. I have Ryan's first communion gathering to prep for(as in finish mudding the bathroom walls,etc.)and more immediately Ryan's Bday is next weekend so I have to do a massive declutter and bday prep.(and that's the nutshell version lol) Chris will go do her laundry today but I'm insisting that the boys stay home and help clean their fingerprints off the white door mouldings and windows and do a general spring cleaning with me.
Oh I'm so sorry Doug is out of employment!

GB-on the home sale front,we are holding off for the immediate time being.It's really bad timing. Houses in our hood are just not doing anything so I'd rather not have my house on the market for years. My mom is holding her own & her health is great right now so we can hold off(she just turned 78). Honestly if I knew I could sell quickly this would be the perfect time to buy for both my mom and us. At least right now our house is still worth more than we paid for it-many houses are not! it's just sad.

The track season is upon us. This time Ryan will also partcipate. Andrew had gravitated to cross country but the coach thinks he could be fairly competitive for track and field since he's decreased his times considerably-so he's going to give it another try. *I* am looking forward to being able to walk the track three times a week and burn off the blubber I've accumulated over winter: )

I'm very proud of Ryan who has settled down quite a bit and is pulling all A's at school-sometimes I do worry that he gets a little OCD over the grades he gets! He's still not so much a lover of reading on his own but he is more open to reading to me. He got a new erector set for Christmas and as we watch him create and perfect I can see he's got an engineer's mind. I enjoy watching him grow.
AJ is already looking into high schools(he finishes the 8th grade next yr) and be still my heart, he wants to study LATIN for his foreign language : ) He's still as artistic as ever. He has to do a grid repeat pattern for an art project and while most kids did simple geometric designs he's done an intricate organic design that looks like koi kissing but instead of making a transfer sheet(like a carbon copy paper to duplicate the image)he's doing all the 'koi' free hand. I can't wait to see how it is finished. He's just finished To Kill A Mockingbird in reading class and I really enjoy talking to him about the social themes of it and getting his perspective. [I'm bragging too much-sorry]

Chris is great-when I let him out of his dog house; )lol
It took a while but he's finally feeling confident about being a professor and his students love him(they don't know he flings his socks and leaves the toilet seat up)

I'm back as the health aide at school and enjoying the sick and not so sick 'I-just-want-to-get-out-of-class' kids.
At the moment I'm helping our k-garten teacher build cardboard cottages with thatched roofs and a faux soup kettle for the 'Stone Soup' opera she's directing-it's going to be so cute!
I've been doing all the PTU stuff too so that's really why I don't get here hardly at all. : (
I don't mean to sound like a lush but it cracks me up that our executive PTU board meetings take place at a local restaurant that makes really nice margaritas...yet we still get things accomplished-they are a very fun group.

Cynthia's going to have a coronary when she sees how long this post is. Pop an aspirin Cynthia; )[assuming she will even read this far down lol]

I better stop procrastinating(PRATTing)and round up my cleaning assistants.

Have a great day!


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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

So happy to see Blabs and to catch up with her family!

Deanne, we're making goats' milk soap, and the class includes hands-on with the goats. :) I'm not sure why DH decided he wanted to do this with me. I think it will be interesting.


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Great to catch up with you Babs and good to hear things are going so well for your family. You can never brag too much about your kids/grandkids in Idylland I don't think. I figure if others aren't interested in that part they can just skip on by :) I don't think many do though. I know I don't. I love hearing about the Idyll kids growing up.

V, the soap making sounds "interesting". LOL. Have fun with it!

Martie, such a nice post from you catching up with everyone. Enjoy the first stroll of the season through your garden!

Marian, I enjoyed seeing Nolon intovatively designed cart. You guys have gotten alot of work done.

Time to put Bella down for a nap and start working on the birthday cake.


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flowerluvr(Z5 IN)

Happy Anniversary to Marian and Nolan!! Sounds like the two of you were working like a well-oiled machine, musical chairs and all :) What a handy way to recycle an old mower-very clever!

Mary-SO sorry about the tomato incident, but you have such a wonderful way of telling it!

Michelle-that's such a nice picture of Kenzie. She always looks so intent on what she's doing. Interesting statement from the seed company. I've wondered if maybe more people with put out veggie gardens with the economy being what it is.

Chelone, I really feel for you with the polyurethane on the floors. Been there, done that...yeesh!

Had to laugh a little about the boys helping to clean their fingerprints off the moldings. BOTH of my kids are good about keeping their paws off the molding, and using doorknobs and cabinet handles becuase they've been in on those cleaning projects. DH is another story altogether. Wow, AJ is looking toward high school...where DOES time go!?

Julie, we don't have a fish tank, but there are two windows I can always count on to have dog marks. If Gus thinks there's something in a three mile radius, he gets up in the window and does a weird, "Hmmph" thing through his nose :(

Not much going on here at the farm. DB is through his chemo. The insurance company will only pay for a PET scan every 60 days since he's done doing treatments. I'm not sure I understand that logic, seems like when you're not getting treatment would be the time to keep a close eye on things. He's looking forward to spending time in his gardens.

I need to get at some Julie Jobs. Time to get the house in order for the coming farming season, I just can't seem to get started at it. Housework + Me = Oil + Water :)
Later, all!
PS. V- Oh, I KNEW better than to buy SkyDog wine, lol...just couldn't resist the dog in the cape, lol! I took my punishment and will never do it again ;)

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Brenda, SkyDog has to be better than apple cider vinegar!

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Hey Babs!! Great to hear from you!! Glad you and teh boys are doing well. Thanks for asking about David. The broken femur will soon be weight bearing (2 weeks) but the real bear has been the nerve damage and resulting pain in the leg and foot (Oops, two bears in one sentance). David has drop foot (no response to trying to lift his toes) which could take up to a year to recover. I don't know what that will mean in terms of activity - I have a long list of questions for the surgeon at our next visit. In the meanwhile we are remaining positive, doing all the physical therapy exercises diligently and keeping fingers crossed it is sooner rather than later. There other long term concerns but none we can do anything about right now so we are focussing on things we can control and improve.

David is enjoying being back at school and there sounds as if there are some high jinks going on in the wheelchair travels between classrooms. He has a pass to leave class 5 minutes early, plus a key to the elevator, and being able to choose his companion has made him extremely popular. Given all he has had to give up I'm glad he is having some boyish fun again though I've made him promise nothing dangerous.

Today David played bass in his Saturday orchestra for the first time since his accident. He really had fun, especially as his stand partner is one of the basses for the RPO. We all went out for Indian food after and although David was exhausted by the time we got home, it was in a good way.

Hope you don't mind me bragging a little but Annie recieved a letter yesterday saying she had made the High School Honor roll the last two marking quarters. It's hard to explain just how special this is as she has overcome so much to get to this point. Although bright and creative, school work has not always come easily to her. Annie's brain was just wired differently. In fact in elementary school she needed a lot of extra support and various therapies just to keep up with grade level work. Middle school was hard but she kept plugging away, despite often getting grades in the low C range. It's hard to stay motivated when you don't have the satisfaction of good grades to show for your effot. But now Annie has A's in all the core subjects, works completely independently and is flying. We couldn't be more pround.

V - I'll look forward to hearing about you and your DH's adventures in soap making. I've dabbled a little with glycerin based soaps but would love to make some others. My DH would run a mile rather than join me.

Martie - it will be interesting to hear what the committee come up with at your brother's hospital. You asked about David's recitals - he has two orchestra concerts coming up in the next fortnight.

Marian - I love creative ingenuity like that!! Your brush piles must represent a lot of work.

I'm off to purchase a couple of placemats as I've seen a really cool pattern for turning them into purses and it looks just the sort of thing I'd enjoy doing.


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flowerluvr(Z5 IN)

Lol, the newlyweds seem happy!

Yeah, 'Bug, it WAS better than apple cider vinegar. I have a cousin who swears by a shot of vinegar every day for cholesterol and pretty much anything else that ails you.

Mary, it's great to hear about Annie! Good for her-the hard work pays of with some recognition :)

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Upon reviewing my weather info, I must note that a few Idylls had warmer temps to day notably Marian , Cindy, maybe Cynthia, Sue..etc .. However , a beautiful day here none the less, with that brightness that only happens in spring, everything so green and succulent. Later Ill make the rounds of all the clocks and spring them forward.
I thinned the seedlings today , and transplanted some of them into 3 inch pots. One of my books warned against waiting to long to transplant Amaranthus the seedlings do seem very delicate . I left some in the cell pack just in case. I still await my Celosia spicata seeds.

Babs, bragging about the offspring is a well established Idyll civil right ! Were just glad to have you around . If you do attend IU6 with the tent, we will expect a hospitality suite many of us can fit in there ?

Deanne, UPS tells me that I will receive my camera on Tuesday. Ive taken a couple of on-line tutorials on SLRs and look forward to learning how to use it properly. Thanks for the bluebird over yonder by the way! Last week when I was driving home form wok I saw what appeared to be 2 blue birds in the front yard of a house a few blocks away from mine. We dont see them much around here so I thought maybe they were jays and I just mistook them . A couple of days later I saw them again so I pulled over they were in fact BBs . A rare sight around here.

Happy for the WALAT opportunity at C. Pahk, the Salon project continues , hoping PM is feeling ok , and thinking we need a post from Denise..

Later friends, ravioli with pesto tonight

Kathy in Napa

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Oh yeah, almost forgot about this piece of frivolity from yesterday.. a live viewing of a vignette from our Deannes mailbox garden, note cheap white wine and a piece of paper with the tracking number for my cool new camera !

Photo appears in FG's Plant Combinations a special issue -not the regular mag.We knew her when ! Enjoy !

Kathy in Napa

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Huge Julie job here today. We spent quite a bit of the day in the basement cleaning and pitching. There are several boxes for the thrift store. It looks 100% better.

DH has started the apple cider vinegar lately. He has a vinegar home remedy book and according to that it cures what ails you. Hes trying to get me to try it, says its good for hot flashes. He came down with a cold today so I made him a pot of homemade chicken soup. Between that and the vinegar, he should be over it in no time.

Mary, I can certainly understand how proud you are of Annie. Jeremy was that way but it took until college for him to come into his own. Glad to hear that David is able to participate in normal activities.

Brenda, the newlyweds look extremely happy. I hope your DB has a wonderful gardening season.

Babs, how wonderful to hear from and have such a newsy update.

Martie, I ordered red carrots this year.

In the garden I do see a few things poking up, sedum and the fern leaf peonies. The robins have been here for several weeks.

Kathy, a glass of wine and garden magazine are a great combination.

Country Gardens magazine was in the mailbox, so I think Ill retire with that.

Good night


I found this book in the basement and the last two pages struck me.

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Rex and I have circumnavigated the Compound already and I'm about set for a refill on the coffee. It really smells like spring out there. It's warm and there is the only the trickle of melt water to break the quiet. I've hauled out the muck shoes. I've just turned the clocks ahead. I don't understand what the big deal is about something as arbitrary as "daylight savings" (this is a standing joke with the fishermen, too).

What fun to hear from Blabs. Always fun to hear from a long quiet voice. Life takes us down different paths periodically and it's always fun to get a shot of new news here in Idyll land. It's hard to believe AJ is getting ready to move into high school. Latin? sounds pretty cool, when you need someone to speak to a dead Centurian you'll be all set, won't you? ;) Does AJ presently study a foreign language? I had to chuckle about the divying up of household chores, too. Lately, I've been the standard bearer in that department and when I've "cracked the whip" the reaction has been predictably sluggish. I am yoked in matrimony to the king of fingerprints and his debris trail can be overwhelming at times. Stick to your guns, Nurse Ratchett.

Interesting read about Annie's struggles, it certainly underscores the importance of mastery of basic skills for future success and also the necessity of parental involvement to see that mastery is achieved. It must be terribly frustrating for a teacher to be faced with a challenged student who get little support and encouragement on the home front, so I can only imagine what a lovely surprise it must have been for Annie's teachers to see a nuturing support system in place for her. And I'm quite certain her own self-confidence shines like a beacon as a result of all that hard work. Thing like that brighten my day.

The arts... oh boy, where to start? I will never understand why they are the first things to be cut from a curriculum (personally think getting rid of some "administrators" would be more prudent). I believe everyone has a streak of creativity and fostering it brings out the best in people. And yet we put so little value on it. We cut it in curricula, we squelch it in the workplace, and assign it low priority. I recall how devastated I was in a new school when I was told the limited spaces in the art program were "for kids with real talent" (no one looked at my Jr. High portfolio, however). And there was no music for those of us who didn't play an instrument, either. The arts foster creative thinking that spills over into the "core curriculum". I laud those parents who foster a love for the arts in their kids. Good for you!

Marian, Nolon's supply wagon cracked me right up. That is SO much like the helpmeet, BIL, and my late FIL. And it's one of the reasons I'm having such trouble getting culled items out to the kerb for trash day... seems everything to be tossed out could find life in another form, lol. I am very impressed by the scope of the yard clean up that's been keeping you and Nolon busy these past weeks. One of the things I found so satisfying last fall was how some carefully directed effort made such a big difference in how things appeared. And how I felt about taking on a task that seemed so huge and daunting at the time. Little bit by little bit... . Seems to me, though, that what Nolon really needs is a RECLINER on wheels (maybe motorized?) so he can flip it back and watch you work from a supine position. :)

It's going to be probably a solid month before I hear Peepers around here, they usually pipe up just about the time the last of the ice melts in the pond, though often I hear them earlier in warmer parts of town. I love them, they are for me (along with Redwing Black birds) the real harbinger of spring.

And nice to hear news from Martie, too. I'm glad things are looking up at Cornfield Park. I think of Rich whenever news of the housing downturn and its effect on construction makes the news. We received a mailing from a rather high end builder the other day. The focus of it was on remodelling and historically sympathetic renovation, with the "no job is too small" inclusion prominently displayed. Made me wonder about how that jackass electrician who jerked us around is faring these days... . I will be interested to hear what the outcome of the SAC's visit to the hospital is; you have been such a tireless advocate for your brother and all those who struggle with mental illness. It speaks to a deep understanding of how important it is to tend to their special needs, esp. in times of financial crisis. It's a lonely fight, I'm sure, and you should rightfully be proud of your commitment to their welfare and the welfare of the larger society. I smiled at round carrots... when the little weirdos decide they don't "like" the regular kind it's time to outfox 'em and throw 'em a round one, ain't it? :)

Brenda, great shot of the newlyweds. But looking at SIL I kept thinking he reminded me of someone famous and funny... I struggled with it all evening and then it came to me. ANDY KAUFMAN! I grant you, Andy was one strange dude, but he was pretty funny. As long as SIL doesn't take up big time wrestling he'll be just fine, lol.

OK, gotta get movin' to make up for the "lost" hour. Goal today is to remove the blue painter's tape from the mopboard out in the Salon. Talkatcha later!

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Breakfast has been cooked and eaten, and it is still dark out! :-(

Of course it would be light if it was not so cloudy. The predicted possible severe weather has not arrived, yet.

It is in the 60s both inside and out. I brought in firewood yesterday, but have not needed it.


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

DD recently learned that her South African friend Melissa has a birthday 2 days apart from her's. Then they learned that her husband Martin has a birthday 10 days apart from DSIL's! And so last night they all went out for an Indian food celebration together, minus little Noah and super little Chade. Martin is 40 and DSIL will be 42 next week. Because DD is "from away", I am particularly happy that this couple clicks with both of them, that it is because of her that they bonded. Melissa teaches Yoga and Martin is a sculptor who works as a welder during the daytime hours. Not sure why I shared that...

Here at the farm the weather is gloomy, but we expect it to reach about 45F later on. The wildlife is amazing though we did see the start of roadkill yesterday, a great big possum. :( The creek is gushing madly and spilling its banks a bit, likely higher as the day progresses. Still lots of snow patches about and the winter's worth of dog messes needs attention. It's dangerous to walk out there with all those 'land mines'!

I had to laugh a bit about Bab's talk of Latin. My sister adored Latin and had no social life at all because she preferred to sit in a corner reading Cicero or something of that genre. She and Dad spoke Latin at the dinner table... and it always annoyed me back then. I began Latin in high school, but stopped after the first semester. My best friend was in the class and we just talked and giggled the entire time... More recently, I teased my gardener friend, an aged hippy, who was kicked out of high school and went on to cooking school instead, that his high school teachers would croak if they could hear him today spouting Latin: Thalictrum roquebrunianum, Calamagrostis brachytricha, etc.... Our kids were immersed in French and Russian, so I feel any foreign language is terrific for the mind. DH would have preferred they learn Spanish as he feels it is more useful. I think Mandarin is fascinating, but I didn't stick with it.

No idea what today will offer. Knitting would be fun. I also began a huge Julie Job of reorganizing recipes. I bought two more 3 ring binders and made a tiny dent in that task yesterday. Part of an ongoing job of trying to see some kitchen counter surface once more.

Andy Kaufman? Well I disagree. The hair is all wrong....


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Good Morning, I for one am so happy to see Daylight Saving Time. I like that extra hour of daylight in the evenings and am always sad to see it go in autumn. We've had rain, rain, rain here. Hope it makes all of the sprouts start sprouting. I'm ready for some green! Today's Bella's birthday party so I have lots to do. I'll post a picture of the Hello Kitty cake later if it's not too hideous,lol. I need Babs here to help me decorate it!


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Arbitrarily resetting clocks makes absolutely no sense to me. My schedule has always afforded me as much daylight as I've needed. I wake up well before the sun comes up, regardless of the time of year. I am outdoors regularly with respect to my work and interests, esp. in the more temperate months. The helpmeet works largely outdoors, too and he loves it. I don't really use the "saved" daylight differently either. It just means that for some months I'm in bed before it's dark out. Funny how something as seemingly simple as "available" daylight affects two people so differently.

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Extra daylight helps my outlook on life. Less therapy needed! It is arbitrary and seems silly to me in many ways, but if it saves energy, as in heating school and office buildings, that can only be good. Notice I said "if".

I'm eager to see photos of Bella's special day!

Here I see tips of hellebores and expect blooms quite soon!

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Before I go out and construct a fence around the front flowerbed to deter the varmints that are eating the flowers, I want to put in my two cents worth on daylight hours. There is no way mankind can add daylight hours. We will get what is betwen sunrize and sunset regardless of what the clocks say. I understand 9-5 workers liking more hours of sunlight in the evening...but the amount of daylight remains the same. Only the clocks have been changed. As for saving on energy, if you have to have your lights on earlier and longer in the morning, how can it be saving energy?
Just my two cents worth.


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Mr Google puts it this way Marian: It's good if you're a tennis player!
Adding daylight to afternoons benefits retailing, sports, and other activities that exploit sunlight after working hours, but causes problems for farming, entertainment and other occupations tied to the sun. Traffic fatalities are reduced when there is extra afternoon daylight; its effect on health and crime is less clear. Although an early goal of DST was to reduce evening usage of incandescent lighting, formerly a primary use of electricity, modern heating and cooling usage patterns greatly differ, and research about how DST currently affects energy use is limited and often contradictory.

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