Journal 21 March 2014

rob333March 21, 2014

Spring has sprung! There are daffodils and hyacinth, pansies and crocus. Tulip leaves are showing, but no buds yet. The trees are in bloom, both tulip magnolia and fruit trees. Ah. Tonight it's to be in the 70s?! and we're grilling out. I'll probably take the hardtop off of the car so I can drive around with the top down. One more year and Cari will be an antique car. Can you believe she's still running? :)

I have been in a class for the past three months that is totally work-based. It's an overview of all of our processes. With the whys, hows, and whos. I love it. It ends next week and has an exam on Thursday. The bigger point is, for this program, they connect you with a mentor that you meet with every week for three months, and mine has put an evil idea in my head... a Master's in Jurisprudence that has a healthcare focus (I have been in healthcare my whole career, right now is a teaching hospital). I have been taking the work-based program in order to figure out what proprietary systems I would need in order to step up to the next level in Administration. I've always been a Manager until coming to where I work and I am ready to manage again. But this Master's program is a totally different direction. More debt. Only two years and it is online through Loyola's law school. It would combined my education and my life experience. A big step away from where I am? and the debt, have me second guessing, but really, my biggest demon is my self doubt. I tried telling it to shut up, but it's not working so far. I have calls into someone who is highly regarded at work who can show me ways it can all work (she's doing something similar) and to my law professor. Makes me queasy!

The LF is still somewhat little, but not for much longer. I believe this is his last summer that he'll be shorter than I am. He's really doing well (like he takes high school level courses even though he's in middle school, but also, as in, he's healthy and happy), and has applied to a special program through our local ivy league school that is offered one time only! to 8th graders for a program that focuses on science and math and takes them through high school. They graduate with university level courses and contacts that can take them through university. It's a big deal and we're waiting to hear if he's going to get an interview. They say, by the end of next week. Cross your fingers! I just cannot believe he'll be old enough to drive a car (learner's permit) in only 7 months. Mind boggling!

My sister decided to finally divorce her husband after 20 years of marriage right before Christmas. It was very scary for a couple of months, but pretty good now. Mom and Dad are still aging. Mom just had an another spinal fusion surgery, but has already healed and is finally back at work.

Here is a link that might be useful: Loyola's program

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Robb, thank you so very much for sharing your journal with us. You are an inspiration and an excellent example for what a strong, confident, woman and mother should be. As to your self-doubts about your next 'step up', everybody has them when starting something new and challenging, but if anyone could handle it, it's you! You go, girl! :-)

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You are too kind!

One of them has answered and now I have to actually meet and talk. Uh oh.

Some days, I'd like to hold that demon down and finally kick all the stuffing out of it. And then do that for all my fellow human beings. We all have those, so true.

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Hi Rob, thanks for the journal.
Glad to see that you are looking forward.
I have no doubt that you can do whatever you set out to do.
I think you have proven that.
I'm putting on my old hat as a job counselor here,
Before you take on a new study, take a look at the job outlook for your possible study. How many jobs will be available in your field, and how many jobs will be available in your town.
Good Luck.

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That is exactly what I am meeting with her about. She knows the intimate workings of every division and department... is an administrator... and will graduate law school this year. Why? Where does she see this working out or making a difference? She is already at the top of her game, so it really shocked me to hear she was in law school.

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You have proven that you can do anything you set your mind to. For me, the only consideration would be the future job market, but I have three family members who ended up in other jobs than their masters and in one case doctorate. All are successful.

Your LF will ace his interview, he is like his mom. Thanks for your journal and the updates. All the best for your mom and the whole family.

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I'm so glad y'all have faith! But I failed my exam. Oh well. At least it wasn't a board exam or the bar! This is far far far less important. I'll retake it.


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Hang in there, Robb. Practice makes perfect!

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I'm glad you decided to retake the test. Get this to a successful conclusion, and move on.
Good luck.

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Now that you know what is expected, you will have no problems the next time around. Tests, after you have not taken any for a while, can be somewhat unsettling.

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Nope, I knew what to expect. Simply put, it's an incredibly difficult certification. That is, I wasn't unsettled, just TOO much information to have to know. In real life, we may know a process needs to be done in a certain way, but then most of us look up and double-check every last detail before completing it.

This test, you have to know every last detail of every last detail. In your head. It's that hard.


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'This test, you have to know every last detail of every last detail. In your head. It's that hard. '
A lot of times, it comes down to reading the fine print.

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I just wish I could look at the source materials during the test.


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When will the test be given, again? Will you have time to study some more--and worry, too!--or just trust that you've 'stored' the needed information in your brain? Whatever happens, we're thinking of you and hoping for good things. :>)

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I once had an "open book" final test in college, all the " source material" was there. It was no easier than any other test, because first, I had to read the entire book just to know where to find the topic, then I could fine tune my answer. That was many, many years ago.

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I can take it again wheneer I wish. But you're right west, having the source wouldn't help! It's a four inch thick, packed with paper notebook. Something like several hundred pages?

Thanks for your good vibes!


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