1st day of summer

anneliese_32(6)March 20, 2012

Woke up to 69 degr.at 5:00 AM. We are supposed to hit 86 today. Somebody mislaid spring.

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I don't have it! It was here in December/January, but now it's damp and chilly, had snow and a freeze Sunday. Had to buy more firewood.

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I think it is trying to get into my place, but it has trouble getting thru the wind, hail, rain and cold.

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jazmynsmom(Z5 Madison-ish)

Steve was in DC today and reported the cherry trees are in blossom. I looked out back and noticed open flowers on mine too! Our cherries are not supposed to bloom in unison with DC's. I worry about our tree fruits this year. Even though it's been in the 80s for a while (!!!!), there's no way we're done with our hard frosts in March.

We sort of skipped winter altogether this year. It's kind of unsettling, to be honest.

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How do I know it's spring?

It isn't the blooming Cherry, Redbud, Bradford Pear trees.
Not the Azalea blossoms or the ankle deep green grass in my yard.

When I walk outside and my once silver car has turned pea
green, it's SPRING. A HOT SPRING at that.

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Oh yeah Janis. Just love that covered in green. We're not there yet. I was looking at the forsythia yesterday and thinking they'll probably bloom in another couple weeks. It bloomed today. Wham!

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meldy_nva(z6b VA)

Spring has more or less sprung around here; even the weatherforecasters are saying this is May weather. 3 weeks ago, they were saying it was April-like. The seasons seem to be on fast-forward.

The daffies, whose 9-weeklong seqence normally starts around March 10th (5th on warm years) are nearly finished~they began in February; only the old-fashioned pheasent's eye daffs (usually bloom mid- to late-May) have yet to open. The forsythia, magnolias, and hyacinths are almost over. Strangely enough some plants are not into this sort of crazed earliness: the azaleas have buds barely showing and the tulips haven't poked up buds; my bane the maple has barely shown color much less spread its sneeze-pollen (usually a February misery); oaks, birch, butternuts barely show color. The fruit trees are either in full bloom or starting to drop the petals. I didn't note when the pear opened blossom but it seems to have condensed bloom-time into a matter of several days instead of the usual three weeks; is this due to the lack of cold-hours or as a response to the lack of frosty nights? Our last coldish night was in mid-February. 32* preceded by a week of 40"s and followed since with nightly lows in the 50's.

The spring rains are doing their summer evasion, going north or south or east or west, but leaving my locale dry, dry, dry.

DH tilled the gardens, but refuses to plant ~ he swears there will be frost sometime in the next month. I doubt it. My unreliable crystal ball is mumbling that June will be like August, but drier; and July/August will be heat-drenched drought with a good chance of tropical storms.

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We had a wonderful, sunny 70 degrees today and we decided to ride our bikes for the first time this year. DH cleaned them and pumped up the tires, voke up the "cat-eye", that's the gizmo that measures what we do on the bikes, it was in a sleep mode. We reset and went on our way and had a great time. Lol, we take spring one day at the time these days.

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Spring is here for some ducks.
It rained really hard early this morning. When daylight came, we saw three mallard (sp) ducks on our neighbor's lawn. Two males and a female.
After living here some 38 years, that's a first for us.
It was easy to see what the ducks had in mind. The bay is about three miles away, but I guess they could not wait. LOL.

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More rain.
We need it, looks like the next three or four days...
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