Plants under Lights

deanneart(z5Southern NH)March 16, 2008

Hi all,

I went around and about last evening and grabbed a bunch of photos of some of the plants under the lights. They really are looking pretty nice right now and the sad fact is that when I start hardening them off theyÂll look a bit tired for a while. IÂm thinking IÂm going to take a bunch more cuttings of the coleus just before I put them out as most of that tender growth wonÂt make it intact.

This is coleus ÂEl Brighto and Pelargonium ÂMrs PollockÂ

Hibiscus ÂHaight AshburyÂ, Begonia ÂFany Moser and Coleus ÂBling-BlingÂ

Perilla ÂMagillaÂ, Coleus ÂMariposaÂ, ÂBronze Pagoda and ÂCalypsoÂ, Abutilon savitzii

Lots to look at in this pic, an Abutilon ÂBella HybridÂ, Acalypha wilkesiena ÂRaggedy AnnÂ, Lavandula ÂGoodwin Creek (Thanks Martie, can you see the flowers! What a star!) Euphorbia ÂDiamond Frost and the two geraniums in the BG are cuttings from Michelle.

A selection of coleus, ÂKingswood TorchÂ, ÂGloryÂ, ÂFireworksÂ, ÂCrimson RufflesÂ, ÂDianeÂs GoldÂ

And more Coleus, ÂCalypsoÂ, ÂInky fingersÂ, ÂSmallwoodÂs DriveÂ, ÂSedonaÂ, ÂLemon MeringueÂ

Euphorbia ÂDiamond Frost Euphorbia (donÂt know cultivar of this one it was a cutting) Coleus ÂMariposaÂ, Abutilon ÂBella HybridÂ, Alternanthera ÂRed TreadsÂ

And one of some of the lights, that Abutilon in the foreground is about three feet tall as is that coleus standard behind it.

Hope you enjoyed the plant tour!


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Deanne's very own, "Little Shop of Horrors".

Feed me, Seymour! FEED ME!

You are a very sick woman...

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Jerri_OKC(z7 Ok)

Amazing! You have your own nursery! ;)

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Bowing from the waist with outstretched arms ...... :-)


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The horticultural equivalent of an artist grinding her pigments and preparing her palette. I can't wait to see this years works of art. Fantastic!!


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Deanne, you are amazing! Having my own group of plants under lights I know how much work it is keeping them looking so awesome.

Did you happen to see my question on the last thread about powdery mildew on coleus?

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

And dispite all that beauty already on hand...I am sure more will be added this spring! Fantastic! Only if I had a greenhouse could I do that.
BTW, do you still have orchids , or did the scale get them all ?


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Deanne, just beautiful! You truly are the supreme plant mama. I threw out a bunch of my pitiful looking plants the other day. I just have zero time to fiddle with them. Thanks for sharing yours! I'm so jealous! Mine have suffered since Bella was born but this year was the worst!


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Deanne, I just looked again (and will continue to do so over and over) and wanted to comment that I can't believe the true color and amount of blooms everything has. It must be the type of lights you're using? Usually my coleus especially, fade out by now and all look the same until I get them back out into the sunshine again. Yours are just unbelievable! Great job!


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Enjoyed the show Deanne. You are very dedicated. So you deserve to have them all. They are gorgeous.


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I must say that everything looks so clean, healthy, perky and groomed to a t ! Fabu-fabu !

Kathy in Napa

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chloehoover(z6b VA)

I think only gardeners can appreciate how much behind the scenes devotion, attention,care and obssession are reflected in these plants! Amazing, Deanne -- I guess it's just too bad you have to do them in the basement so you have to go "visit" the beauty. But when it's snow outside, it must give you a kick.

Incredible, incredible -- wish you could have a greenhouse!


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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)

Wow! Amazing Deanne! You are such a wonderful nurturer.
I can certainly understand why Drema was so excited thinking you would be selling plants. I would imagine the whole Idyll group would be lining up for purchases...I know I would. Everything looks *so* healthy and beautiful!

I love the look of your Abutilon savitzii. In fact, I just ordered one a few weeks ago. How do you like it? Is it hard to keep? Mine should be coming in a couple of weeks and then I'll grow it on until it's time to move it outside.

Anyway, I sure enjoyed all the color this a.m. :-)

Thanks Deanne!


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

I just am in awe of your energy and devotion. Meanwhile, I battle bugs, fading colour, etc....Time too is an issue now with the puppy around. The nurseries will welcome me with open arms this spring...if it ever arrives!

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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

I can only second what everyone else has already said..know how much work it is to keep everything growing and healthy. Wow! My poor motley crew of houseplants are just barely getting watered! I can only imagine what a headstart you are going to have when they can all get outside. Deanne you are just DANG-EROUS!! LOL Some setup you have there too!


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Thanks so much everyone. It's really fun to be able to share these with people who 'get it' and know what it takes to nurture these plants indoors.

Eileen, the Abutilon savitzii is actually a two year old plant now and is a very slow grower but I believe the plant is worth it for the beauty of its variegation.

Eden, I use the full spectrum lights and run them 16 hours a day. The plants love it.

Glad you've enjoyed the photos!

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OH MY!!!!

Deanne, if I drive over in my car, will you load up the trunk with some of those beauties? (You are fully aware that this won't happen except in my mind, but it is a very fun day-dream for me LOL).

Hope you are doing well.


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Deanne, it is amazing your garden looks as good inside as it does outside. Maybe we should start a thread showing how everyone's indoor plants look? My biggest goal was to keep them alive till summer, and a motley crew they are down there. I think if my plants could visit yours, they would make a big complaint, and want to be adopted:)
I have some Brugmansia that I didn't trim back. Do you think I should? They didn't bloom very well last year, and I thought maybe I let them get too big, or leggy? I could take a pic for analysis, but I would be too embarrassed.

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