Any excuse to start a garden :o)

mjmercerMarch 24, 2011

OK, it's 29 degrees today where I live. I also live with a kitty who thinks all foliage is hers to chew and destroy. lol But these things will not deter me, no they won't! lol

I just noticed the avocado pit I stuck in a drinking glass has finally sprouted some roots. Yay! I'll transplant it to a container later today. Then I will place the container in my bathroom and shut the door so it won't end up as cat food.

This beautiful reminder of warmth and beauty to come, is gonna get me through the rest of this miserable month.

How about you? Have you been doing any pre-gardening gardening at your house? Anything growing yet?


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Yes, I have a tuberous begonia that is hanging on by a thread that I put outside every now and again for the direct sunlight it needs. When it's not too cold. Should be a beauty this summer when it finally gets to live where it wants. Not on top of my bookcase with very very little light. It's fire engine red and looks like a rose. Ah spring in a basket.

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As a matter of fact i just came in from the garage and noticed a violet blooming by the door. I couldnt stop staring at it..waaaaaaay too soon for wild violets but i appreciate the effort.

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We had 10 more inches of snow yesterday and the day before. Minneapolis area also received 10 to 12 inches and they can't handle more moisture, lots of flooding about to happen in that area. I love these seed catalogs, they keep me sane this time of year!

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natal(Louisiana 8b)

Been in that mode for a couple months now. Unfortunately, it seems our spring may quickly morph into summer. A/C is already on some days. Way too early!

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Yes, a garden is a garden, or a flower is a flower. A plant is a plant. It is somebody's garden. We had a flowering begonia on our windowsill that had about 6" of sun, the plant did flower and we were so happy to have it because it was the only plant we had at the time.

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Spring is here in East Texas.Tyler is well known for roses but azaleas as well. They are in bloom and the town is beautiful! My own street is just covered in azaleas of all colors and size blooms. Wish all of you could see. My technical skills are lacking so I can't post a picture.

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I've got a bunch of tomato and basil seeds started in the basement. It smells great every time I rub up against them.

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The grass is green and all the spring trees are showing flowers or foliage.
I saw several butterflies last week.
The hummingbirds are passing through.
My little dogwood tree is in full bloom and the azaleas are
ready to pop.

However into each life a little or lot of rain must
fall and we have had ours for the last few days.
It is colder now than in the past 2 months, but it will
heat up any day now.

I love spring1111111

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The daffodils have been blooming for a while, sometimes they were laying flat on the ground because of the snow and heavy rains, when I could, I'd go out and rescue some of them and have them join me on the breakfast bar.
There were crocuses, and now the muscari are appearing in the tall grass. Lilac and crab-apples are about to join the spring-ambiance

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The Ancient Weeping Cherry is still blooming---the expected snow tonight and tomorrow may make them finally let go. She's such a brave girl at heart, and still holds her arms as through she were performing an arabesque from her younger days.
Now in her dotage, she still commands respect from all living creatures within the garden proper. Folks who pay a visit have their eyes drawn to her again and again.

I sit under her patient limbs and make note of suckers as though they were unwanted hairs; they will be removed carefully.
I take another sip of coffee and the cats gather round.

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Hoping to get an early start to spring, I did an experiment and planted seeds for Heirloom Cornflowers, Blue Boy, on 10/9/2010, in my brand new 3x4 raised bed. I think every seed sprouted and I'm looking forward to some pretty flowers.

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Kathy, your post was poetry; I enjoyed it very much.

I wonder if my daffodils are planted too deep? They finally have buds, but none have opened, yet. Hope our overnight temp of 27 degrees didn't ruin them. I've heard that if flowers are still in bud, they usually survive. Hope that's correct.

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My track record with daffodils is not very good this year. I bought and planted 10 bulbs. A varmint stole one of my bulbs,only two of the 9 bulbs put out flowers, but the flowers were flattened by the rain. Not a good year.

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I am moving to my home after 2 months.So i am here to know about the Some tips and suggestion which help me to start a garden.My desire is to make my garden graceful and unique so please give me ideas and suggestion to start and decorate garden.....

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mwheel, thank you---you touch me----I swear, every word is true---that tree really is a dynamic force in the garden.

As she ages, I've tried to hold onto the basic shape my old garden friend, Ron, brought out of her overgrown mop maybe eight or nine years ago.
The two main limbs are aging and I've tried to let new forms develop for the time when major reconstruction will have to happen.
I dearly, dearly love and respect that old tree.
When I'm griping and hurting, all I have to do is look down the walkway where she stands.
She's taught me a lot.

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