Idyll #358 March Winds....And The Beet Goes On....

prairiemoon2 z6 MAMarch 9, 2008

March Winds Hummel...

Yellow Mangel Beet from Seeds of Change...

The Wind

I saw you toss the kites on high

And blow the birds about the sky;

And all around I heard you pass,

Like ladies' skirts across the grass

O wind, a-blowing all day long,

O wind, that sings so loud a song!

I saw the different things you did,

But always you yourself you hid.

I felt you push, I heard you call,

I could not see yourself at all Â

O wind, a-blowing all day long,

O wind, that sings so loud a song!

O you that are so strong and cold,

O blower, are you young or old?

Are you a beast of field and tree,

Or just a stronger child than me?

O wind, a-blowing all day long,

O wind, that sings so loud a song!

Onward March...

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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)

Ooph! I have the flu *again* or *still*?! I can't stay, but just wanted to pop in and say "hello" to all.

Wish Marian would pop in and say "Hi" too. Hope all is okay?

Beautiful dogs Woody and thanks for the update on Bug. So glad you are feeling better! :-)

Jerri - I hope I didn't miss did you talk DH into the pit bull baby? You have such a big heart to take on all these guys. The animal world is lucky to have you...well, the human world is too! :-)

Saucy I was telling my garden girlfriends all about you Friday night and about your going to bee school. They all thought it was *so* neat. Those pics are very cool....

Yours too Denisez.

Mary any is growing up so fast! She is a lovely young woman and I think she look a lot like you! I *thought* I found you too, but it was in the black & white background of pics...up at the front of the room with violin in hand? Am I wrong?

Beautiful garden pics Kathy. LOL...*we* call Linaria that too...LOL...I was just having a brain burp, but it *is* nemesia that I love. :-)

Michelle...I'm crossing my fingers that it will be *all* summer!

Aww Cynthia, that Jack is adorable. How could *anyone* not love him?

V - thanks for the info. re the Chicago Garden Show. What a shame! Though I can understand the Tribune having to back out. Times are tough. Have to admit it would take an awful lot to convince me to go to Rosemont too...that whole area is just waaay to crowded. Looking forward to enjoying peep pics when Im feeling better.

Okay, I'm going under the covers on the couch and hope when I wake up this nausea will be all gone.

Have a great day all!


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After going through the "which clocks have been reset" this morning I'm ready to go back to bed :-)

"The March Winds Doth Blow..." this morning and a flock of robins made themselves at home on our front yard yesterday. Spring in all forms is edging in! A few daffs are juuuuuust poking up and rose canes are coloring up. Happy Day!

PM2: Very long old garden story but a lot of lessons learned: Ky's Dad and I bought a converted summer lake cottage on an acre of land, complete with 50yo stone walls, in 1986. I lived and gardened and learned there for 14 years until our marriage disintegrated and I knew it was time to go. I wanted Ky to stay in that school system, but couldn't afford to live in that town myself, so Ky stayed with his dad. He had gardened with me from the time he was in a back sling until the day before I left, so tended the gardens here and there. He said it made him feel like I was still always there. Aside from not living with Kyle, I cried most about my plantings.

When I left I had tour-worthy (four in the last five years I was there) gardens with about 400 different varieties in the ground, including 32 varieties of Lavender.

Yes -- by using Microclimates one can grow anything anywhere :-)

I had also done quite a bit of trialing so had things that were unique.

Leaving those gardens was tough, but not as tough as staying would have been. I decided to only take things I couldn't replace, but in the end that would have been about 75 varieties, so I bailed on everything except some Hostas and some cuttings of trial stuff that never made it to market. That landed in my girlfriends garden. Some of them made it, most didn't.

It was during this time that I came to my own personal conclusion that plants are just plants. The goodness they bring only comes through when one is in a place where one can be happy to take care of them. When it reaches the point where one has to leave to be happy, the plants become secondary.

For the next three years I live in places where "in the ground gardening" wasn't possible, so I learned to garden in containers.

Then Rich and I bought this house that had nothing but the original, 20yo builder landscaping plants. We've taken it from there, and in the process my gardening skills became secondary to landscape planning. I'm now at the point where I can take my unassembled collection of nurseried plants and get them into a design.

Finally -- The Fun Part!!!!!

So there it goes. It's a story oft-repeated in these forums of leaving gardens and taking what you know and doing it differently and better the next time.

Off to start a few more seeds!

But not before I say: V, that $10 story is priceless!!!


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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

Kathy - come sit on my patio...:-)

(note the snow level vis a vis the fence....)

For some reason, this song is running through my head this morning:
Mon pays ce n'est pas un pays, c'est l'hiver
Mon jardin ce n'est pas un jardin, c'est la plaine...

Martie - it sounds like you had some tough years there but have a good philosophy re the garden - and Ky...

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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)

Oops...and I didn't mean to overlook you PM2...*neat* poem.

It reminds me of a poem Marian has shared here....goes something like...The Wind Doth Blow and We Shall Have Snow and Then What Will Birdie Do Then?

Maybe she'll come out and quote the whole thing....I loved that poem.

Cindy...I'm with you I love Iris retic. too! Beautiful colors and always such a cheery sight in early spring. The daffs do that for me too. I *love* tulips too, but they don't really signal spring to me so much as the little bulbs and daffodils do....

So I will quote my favorite A.A.Milne poem about daffs....all though I don't think winter is quite dead here yet!

Daffodowndilly by A.A. Milne

She wore her yellow sun bonnet,
She wore her greenest gown;
She turned to the south wind
And curtsied up and down.

She turned to the sunglight
And shook her yellow head.
And whispered to her neighbour:
"Winter is dead"

Daffodils by William Wordsworth

WANDER'D lonely as a cloud
That floats on high o'er vales and hills,
When all at once I saw a crowd,
A host, of golden daffodils;

Beside the lake, beneath the trees,
Fluttering and dancing in the breeze.

Continuous as the stars that shine
And twinkle on the Milky Way,
They stretch'd in never-ending line
Along the margin of a bay:

Ten thousand saw I at a glance,
Tossing their heads in sprightly dance.
The waves beside them danced; but they
Out-did the sparkling waves in glee:

A poet could not but be gay,
In such a jocund company:
I gazed -- and gazed -- but little thought
What wealth the show to me had brought:

For oft, when on my couch I lie
In vacant or in pensive mood,
They flash upon that inward eye
Which is the bliss of solitude;

And then my heart with pleasure fills,
And dances with the daffodils.

Okay time to go lay down...

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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)

Sorry Mary...I meant *Annie*, not *any*? What is wrong with my mind? Oh well, I'll blame it on the flu...

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Ei!!! How cool is what you did even with the flu! My take on daffs has taken a turn ... :-)

Just spent a delightful hour researching Mary's seeds, and she put some gems in there. I NEED a rock garden. It's now definitive, and there's a place. Thank you, again!!

An "I have no experience with this ..." question:

When installing a separated stone path into a lawn, do you HAVE to saw the grass to the size of the stone and set it in with some drainage rocks underneath?? Or, do you just throw it on top of the grass and smother it and it takes cared of itself?? It's obvious which one is work preferable, but I also want it to look good in upcoming years LOL.

Windy as heck out there but the bright sun should keep me warm enough for a walk.

Looking forward to seeing Deanne. You've had quite the past few days ..


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greenfreak(Z7 NY)

Loving the Daff photos! I found more in the lawn yesterday, I've never had them before.

Just a quick check in before I hit the shower after a few hours outside. Wanted to show my handiwork today!

I've had wooden plant stands that I purchased from Crate and Barrel about five or six years ago, but they have always been indoors. When I decided I would put them out on the deck this summer, I remembered I had to oil them first.

What I thought would be an hour's worth of work turned into two. But I love the results:

I wish I had thought to take "before" pictures but I did miss a major spot, so now you can tell the difference here, how dingy they were:

I like them so much, I'm afraid of what the sun, wind and rain will do to them!

While I was out there, the brazen Chickadees went about their business, being one of very few that will visit the feeder while I'm present. The Downy Woodpecker also made a few appearances.

I was able to get within 3 feet of the feeder and the Dees kept coming. A little more of that and I'll try to stand with the feeder in my hand, see if they'll still visit.

This one has eyes bigger than his stomach:

Goin to hit the showers... be back soon. :)

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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Had an unexpected outing this afternoon to see "The Other Boleyn Girl" with a couple of girlfriends. Good movie, now I must tackle the book.

And when I got home, I heard the sandhill cranes calling when I got out of the car! I'm sure they're wondering right now why they came back to the frozen wasteland.

DH has finally risen from the couch and isnow finding fault with all I did over the last couple of days, so I must go defend my honor (or have my head whacked off).

Anne B., I mean V.

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Almost 5pm Pacific Daylight Time , 70 degrees , and the sighting of aphids today was further confirmation that spring has arrived. The aphids have been eradicated via the slap method. One of my personal favorites.

I too am impressed with Eileens ability to type and post photos while nauseous. I enjoyed the daffodil pics and accompanying poems over my lunch today. It was a pleasant break from cleaning the RV parking area (almost as bad as the garage).

Woody, I fear that I do not have appropriate attire to sit on your patio, lol !

Martie , I have had this garden for about 15 years. Ive potted up a few things to take with me, but many things will stay behind with neighbors and friends. One can only take so much. Does your ex still live on the property you left behind ?

Tricia, those are very cool plant stands. I like the tiered design. Im sure you will be diligent about posting photos of the display !

Cynthia, what an attractive fellow your houseguest Jack is. Im partial to black and white dogs.

At the garden center today I managed to find snapdragons-only two colors though so I bought a 6-pak of each. Even more interesting were the 2 flats of 4in Coleus ! They were kind of mundane else I would have bought a couple. They had begonias and impatiens out too. They do cover their tables at night , but frost denial is rampant. I put all my begonias back outside although cozied up next to the house and under the eaves.

Hi to all..Kathy in Napa

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Our satellite man has made a Sunday house call and rescued us. He put it this way: "You saved me from a Pilates session with the girl friend."

I have scanned a bit but there's no way I can respond to all those posts...Let me say I wish everyone good health and SPRING.

Here are some photos to show you what things look like at the farm:

This from the dining room window...

I'll try to be back soon, but puppy is keeping me quite busy: very rascally and nippy and we are trying to put an end to it. I am anyway. DH has different "techniques" and is driving me crazy. (Just like with raising the kids,..) Tomorrow Phoebe gets shots at 9am.

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Jerri_OKC(z7 Ok)

Hi all, love the daffs and other photos, especially Phoebe! I spend the day with a friend transporting 11 puppies half way across the state. Got Tank settled in.
He is a 1YR male non-neutered Pit mix. Sweet as can be but I have a 'healthy respect' for him. I'm trying to decide how much is required and how much is due to the horror stories. :(
Off to say Hi to my furkids and DH!

Goodnight all.


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In a way, it's nice to watch the sun rise again. Today the sky is lemon yellow near the horizon. Even the sky has a Spring color!!

So good to have you back, Marie. And Phoebe, too!! Gotta love a guy with a sense of humor....LOL Will P. lose the fuzzy look as she gets older? An alive stuffed animal :-)

Will Tank be having his requisite surgery while in your domain, Jerri?? Any one year old not-neutered male dog would cause caution in my mind.

No, Kathy, Ky's dad sold the house exactly one month after Ky graduated from high school because his new wife didn't want to be in the "wilderness." I snuck onto the property on the day before their closing to try and get cuttings but got caught by a RE agent who literally sniffed at the idea that plants would have any value to anyone. So .... Ky reports that the only semi-intact garden is the sundial herb garden but that they've put old kitchen furniture in the middle of it to make a BBQ pit. Also says that some of the deciduous stuff has survived, but that one of the main perennial beds is now a swingset area. Oh, well, at least a child is enjoying the sunshine!!

With the hope that this is a very busy work week -- even advertising has been hit by the downturn -- I'll see everyone later!


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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

Good morning..!

How nice to see Phoebe! Never mind about Gardenbug. ;-) Phoebe reminds me of a Scotty dog at the moment. lol Wow, what a ton of snow you have there and must have had some wind to get those drifts. We are snow free at the moment, not a drop on the ground. Hope it stays that way, we have had more than enough for the year, I am ready to start digging! lol sorry to see you have the flu. Very difficult to miss it this year. I understand there are four different strains out there and only one is covered by the flu vaccine. In our neck of the woods, we had a report of a 6 yr old boy who died from the flu last week and they are saying there are double the number of cases this year. They expect it to be around until the end of April. So I am keeping up my vigilance. I hope you feel better soon! Thanks for all the daffodil photos and the poems. Very pretty!!

Tricia...Very pretty plant stands! I wonder if you have an overhang outdoors that they can sit under that might protect them from the weather a little? Can't wait to see how they look covered with plants.

Woody...I love your patio and tree photo! You have a nice backyard. I am looking forward to seeing the spring/summer photos. Wow, is that a recent photo...did you just get more snow too?

Martie...gee, so sorry to hear of the struggle you've been through. What is more wrenching then divorce, for all concerned. I am glad it is well behind you all and you are ready to start planting your new garden. I am sure it is a new adventure and hope you wring every drop of enjoyment out of your gardening this spring. :-) How great that Kyle will be helping you with it. Will he be home from school for the summer? What year is he in again? Does he enjoy the gardens?

I just saw your morning post...gosh that must be tough to swallow that the new owners didn't appreciate the garden, after all that hard work! I have heard that same sad tale a number of times and it certainly motivates me to take as much as I can if we ever move. Oh well..starting over can be so much fun and always something new to find and add. Nice also to have new memories attached to the garden that have nothing to do with the past. :-)

For your path...are you talking about placing stepping stones in the grass? I have placed some by cutting around them and removing the grass beneath them to place them. If you just place them on the top of the grass, I have a feeling they will be above grade level and people might trip on them? of snaps and begonias soon..? :-) Are you showing your house soon? How is the spring real estate market there, so far?

Jerri...very normal to have some reservations about a pitbull mix. How long will you have him? Our son got a dog from the kennel last year and he was a pitbull mix. I was very worried about that fact, but when he brought him home for a visit, I wasn't worried any more. Very mild mannered dog, part lab, and didn't have the bull dog jaw, which was a relief.

I just got notice that my computer has shipped...3 more days. :-)


If the winds of fortune are temporarily blowing against you, remember that you can harness them and make them carry you toward your definite purpose, through the use of your imagination.
--Napolean Hill

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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

I just noticed that 'Anne of the Thousand Days' is on at 5:30pm on the Retro Channel. It is the 1969 version with Richard Burton and Genevieve Bujold...

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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

Hi gb! It looks like you got a bit more snow than we did. Randy estimates that we got a total of about 16" since Friday afternoon. A former neighbour who now lives up your way copied us on the poem she just sent to relatives back in Germany. I'm not sure if she wrote the poem or found it somewhere but it's an amusing description of the weekend's conditions. (Temperatures were milder - but good windchills at times...) We're supposed to get mild temperatures in the next few days here so the 'frozen to the ground' part is likely to be more a case of float away in melt-waters!

It's winter in Canada
And the gentle breezes blow
Seventy miles an hour
At twenty-five below.

Oh, how I love Canada
When the snow's up to your butt
You take a breath of winter
And your nose gets frozen shut.

Yes, the weather here is wonderful
So I guess I'll hang around
I could never leave Canada
Cause I'm frozen to the ground!!!

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Woke up to -22C (-7.6F) and promptly set out for the vet's with puppy & one kitty in tow. All is well and the sun is shining. Once we get to above zero F, I'm sure there will be flooding Woody.

Hope to drop by later folks!

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Yesterday was very blustery, the helpmeetspent the afternoon adding two/three more lengths of ductwork to tie in 3 more floor vents in the Salon. I read; finished up Catherine de Medici (finally). "The Other Boleyn Girl" is on my list of "reads", too. I also want to see the movie on the big screen; I have great interest in the sets and costuming.

Today is chilly, slight breeze, but crystal clear. We spent the morning and early afternoon burning the brush we've accumulated over the past year. And there was LOTS of it; some of it is still frozen and will remain that way for some time. Not sure we'll be able to score another burn permit this season, but we've managed to get rid of 90% of it. How many of you are allowed to burn brush?

Rex was dialled right into "helping", grabbing a stick and carrying it off where he diligently chewed it into "mulch". Polly was cruising around, too, maintaining a strict 8' from the fire. The helpmeet and I agreed that being burned at the stake has to be right up there at the pinnacle of abject cruelty. We toasted Latimer, Ridley, and Archbishop Cranmer with swigs from our water bottles. :-) .

I purchased a small pot of forced "Tete A Tete" daffodils on Saturday. They're just starting to open and they are so sweet. I will plant them outdoors when the soil can be worked, give them some food, and they'll be back in a year/two after they've had a chance to recover.

No Redwing Blackbirds yet. But they'll be here soon enough. I've noticed bouquets of pussywillows in the bank. And I did find one snowdrop in the garden next to Sanitary Ridge; I don't count the daffodils on the south side of the house, as it's protected and they're always weeks ahead of their compatriots.

Gotta go now, check on the pyre, you know!

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The weather has warmed here and thawing has begun. Am I getting my hopes up prematurely.

Oh my, bug thats a lot of snow. Phoebe seems to enjoy it though.

The American Cancer Society daffodils appeared on our desks this a.m. Not in bloom yet but they will be soon.

Chelone, we can burn brush unless its really dry and the county puts out a burning ban. You should see our brush pile though, since its so many years worth, its a mountain not a pile. Much too much to burn at this point.

Woody, my patio looks similar to yours, we have lots of thawing that needs to take place. Maybe we should all post a patio picture.

Martie, it sounds like life has been bumpy but you are in a better place now. Enjoy the garden journey.

Ive never had to give up a garden as I only did vegetable gardening before I moved here. I think it would be awfully hard.

Ei, I sure hope you are feeling better today. Thanks for the daffs and poetry.

Poor unloved Jack, Cynthia will have none of that!

V, what a heartwarming story, Im glad you did the right thing.

Catch you later


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Patio Picture:

Phoebe plowing through the snow at top speed:

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"Damn the snowbanks, full speed ahead!". How cut is little Phoebles... sporting the snow beard, lol. Welcome home, 'bug, missed you. Clearly, if Phoebe is still chewing you've not beaten her nearly enough. Within one inch of her life is clearly what will be required! I cracked up at the techie. opting to fix your satellite connection to avoid a Pilates class. I used to use work as an excuse to miss baby showers and bridal showers (loathe them!), but now I seem to have "aged out" of the rotation (mercifully). And even before that, my best friends KNEW I would likely be one of the missing. Call me "selfish"; works for me. ;)

I went out and stirred up the coals of the pyre, pushing larger pieces of incompletely burned wood to the centre and aerating it. I was surprised at the amount of heat still being given off, in spite of the fact that I do know that the "coals" are the real heat source of any fire (that why woodstoves surpass fireplaces in effciency by leagues).

Our terrace is completely bare of snow. BUT, it's on the south side of the house and it's protected from the prevailing winter winds. So, don't get too discouraged, Michelle, Woody, and 'bug. Here's what I do when I need spring: clear the snow off the space. Haul out a chair and side table. Get a nice bottle of wine and set up an hors d'oevres plate. Get a blanket and wrap it around yourself. Sip wine, munch tasties, and PRETEND you're in Gstaad, baby! I have never been to Gstaad, but I imagine it's beautiful and there is plenty of snow. I used the deck at the base of Mt. Cranmore's SkiMobile in N.Conway, NH successfully, too when Mum needed fresh air and it was too icey for her to walk the yard. She was pretty mad at me, too, lol. But wrapped in a "woolie", facing the sun, sipping red wine and eating pate on crackers she "got over it" and we had a good time. Une larme... I have one too many April snowstorHms in my memory bank to believe we're "done with it" yet, even here in the "banana belt" of Maine. Tending the pyre today was a fun way to TMNAW. :)

OK, so it seems every newscast has some story about how you should check your interest rate on your credit cards, right? I never do, but I pay the balance in full every month, too. So, today, I opened my bill and checked the interest rate (18%). I promptly called the CC company and the lovely woman whose clipped English was delightfully colored with a lilting Indian accent graciously lowered my rate to 13%. I expressed dismay and was summarily transferred to her supervisor who had the sing-song accent common to the southern part of the USA (lol). My rate is now well below 10%. And all I had to do was check my rate and then ASK to have it lowered. I have a greater appreciation of how so many get chewed up the machinery of revolving debt now.

I've wondered about Cindy and the fermentation in her home (that description cracked me up, but I AM sypathetic to the realities of the mess). Laughed at the image of Chloe rollilng in the mud, too.

The spectre of lameness has risen its ugly head again with repsect to the Huge One. Yep, you guessed it... the OTHER hind leg. We knew it was a distinct possibility and I know in my bones he's blown the other ACL. My disdain of canids is certainly well placed, it would seem; clearly he is ungrateful. That fool dog had better hope the maHket picks up before I schedule his "last visit". I think Cynthia should keep Jack... clearly, it's meant to be (and she's enough of sucker to do it). Dannie cannot be expected to live her life with two "gimps" now, can she? (IG=Italian Greyhound?).

Great shot of a bee swarm, Denise. And I'm thankful to Saucy for the explanation of the the behavior, how very, very cool. Also felt sad for Newt's loss, but how lucky is she to have been scooped from a crosswalk by a passerby? (what's up with kids not doing the same thing?! that alarms me!).

Hope Ei. is not too overwhelmed and Marian surfaces soon.

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As I sit here eating my dinner (Nick had a meeting and the kids ate while I chatted on the phone) the mention of Marian prompts me to wonder if she likes butter beans? I'm having Fordhook limas tonight, but I liked grandma's butter beans better :)

My bread (all 9 loaves) turned out wonderful! The roasted garlic and rosemary and the calamata olive were my favorite. The cracked black pepper and parmesan were a little on the bland side, but will be good dunked in soup :) I had to give most of it away. I think I'm done baking bread for a while. Thanks for the bread mania, Eden, LOL!

I've been entertaining getting my annual burn permit, too, Chelone. It's one of my favorite cleanups of the season because everything is a blank canvas and it's fun to dream over the fire. We try to plan a hot dog and marshmallow meal to coincide :) This is a great time to burn out your grasses, too, while the ground is still frozen....makes for a nice clean slate :) If you want to try it, cut them down to about 4-6 inches and clean up around them...use a long handled lighter to light. Be ready with a garden hose, but they usually just die out when the fuel is gone.

Mary, did you have a nice last run of the season?

Ei, I hope you feel better soon. I really enjoyed your display and, too, PM.

Woody, my deck is so bare, LOL....maybe I can take a shot with the new "lake" view in the background.

Phoebe's return! She does look like one of Mary's wool creations :) Glad you're back.

Zeus is confused by the time change, LOL....he "asks" for dinner promptly at 6:30, but tonight we all ate dinner an hour early and left the kitchen. I just looked over and he's laying in the doorway to the kitchen looking just dawned on me what's going on :)

Zeus says he hopes "TINY" is just a little lame from his springtime romp and will recover without a trip to the vet....

Jack is a fine canine specimen :)


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Yay, the return of Marie and her camera ! That Phoebe is just way too cute. How long can one stay mad at her ??? lol your patio shot bug! I will take your word that it is there somewhere. That snow is surely beautiful though(and little Ms Phoebe seems to like it) but Ill bet youre ready to see some dirt by now. I almost feel guilty. Almost.

Michelle, when I did my Trader Joe shopping yesterday they had 10-stem bunches of daffodils for 1.29. I bought 2 , and they are ever so festive. The daffs are mostly overwith here and now the tulips are blooming and Dutch iris is not far behind.

Burn permitsnow that would be an excellent solution for all the crapola in my garage and RV parking space ! I could just throw it all in a pile in the middle of the street and set it ablaze. I fear however that toxic fumes would ensue.

I have one more painting project to do where some exterior siding was replaced . Jeesh. I feel like I have a paint brush permanently attached ala Edward Scissorhands. We expect rain this week so it will be several more days before I can make that happen-at least its already primed.

PM, in answer to your question the housing market is horrible in Northern Calif, but less horrible in Napa County.Still, things are slow and average days-on-market is twice what it was in 05. This is why Im spending so much energy trying to spiff the place up. Further, my selling price will probably be 40 to 60k under what I could have gotten in 05 with the house in as-is condition.

I remember driving past the house where DH and kids and I lived in San Diego a couple of years after we moved up here. This would be the mid-80s. As I recall it was and elderly couple who bought the house and was a mess that front garden was ! I didnt feel too bad though because my new garden was ever so much nicer that that one had been.

OK, time to go read the paper .hi to all

Oh, yeah, here are some tulips from today

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GOod evening

Ei - thank you for that lovely breath of spring and two of my favorite poems! Feel better soon.

Michelle - I ordered some daffs from the American Cancer Society too and am looking forward to their arrival.

Saucy - count me in as another lima bean lover:0) I enjoy all beans and they frequently feature as either a side or main course here. One day the more gaseous males in the house will stop making jokes about them. Our current fav is a nice bowl of Edamame sprinkled with sea salt crystals - yum!

I've yet to see the movie of "The Other Boelyn Girl" though did read the book which I felt was a bit of a bodice ripper. I'd be interested in anyone elses take.

Skiing for the children was fantastic Sunday - clear blue skys and lots of white powder. However right now Kathy's tulip scene is what I'd rather be looking at.

GB - good to have you back and see Phoebe again. She does look like one of my felt creations - perhaps I can give her a try.

Martie - I'm so glad some of the seeds are of interest.

Today was exhausting with my busiest work day followed by both David and Annie's music lessons. I'm glad to be home and typing in my jammies.

Nite all


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Having a volunteer fire guy living across the cul-de-sac brings free burning to a new level. Since any one household can get only one permit a year, we combine efforts and usually end up with some blazers. Particularly love the fall leaves event.

Thanks for everyone's support re: the "new" gardens, and hope I answered your question, PM2. I'm long over what happened to the "old" ones because hey, plants are just plants :-) Remind me of that later on . LOL

Knowing that one more good snow blast is gonna happen whether I want it to or not, the cushions aren't yet on the patio and deck furniture. That said, it's a good thing they're mobile since they've been out a few days for "airing" when I got home. Rich is getting the itch, too.

Wasn't it just a few days ago that Saucy was absolutely psyched about making bread?????? Everything in moderation. LOL

Wondering about Sue and Deanne and hoping that there's some evenness in their lives at this point.

Woody's poem cracked me up, and a good work friend from Ontario thought it was "right on!!!!"

Looking forward to Mary's rendition of Phoebe ...


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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

I did a survey of the yard yesterday. Plenty of broken branches on the ground. The ground is still frozen in the shadier parts of the garden. I was very tempted to cut back the Baptisia and start on the grasses, but, I think it is a little early. Just starting to see tips of daffodil foliage coming up. No crocus yet. Which made me curious so I went back and looked at photos from March of the past two years, and I see that last year we had a snow storm on the 16th of March and then I didn't see another photo until the 18th of April showing crocus and hellebores and pulmonaria blooming. In 2006, I see daffodil foliage up about 6 inches and photos of crocus and an early tulip open on the 27th of March. Interesting.

We bought 25 pounds of safflower seed over the weekend and filled all the feeders. Two tubes of safflower, one of thistle and two squirrel proof feeders of black oil sunflower. Still pretty quiet here in the mornings, but at the pond on Sunday, I heard a few birds singing for the first time. No Robin sighting yet.

Woody...I enjoyed that poem about Very cute! :-)

Chelone...not sure what our burning regulations are. I will have to check. I was smiling thinking of you setting up a 'picnic' in the middle of the snow this morning. :-) What, no outdoor firepit for you? That would be the ticket! Thanks for the interesting story of your credit card investigation. I would not have thought they would lower rates for someone. Sorry to hear about Rex. Is there any chance it will be a less serious injury than you suspect?

Saucy...I can't even remember how long it is since I baked bread. [g] Someone gave us a bread machine a long time ago and it just sits on the lazy susan taking up space.

Are you in rural Mass, Saucy? Your description of burning along with a marshmallow/hot dog meal sounds like so much fun and reminds me of when I was a kid and the annual burning was pretty common. Not the marshmallow/hot dogs though. That is Not something I see here in urban/suburbia.

Kathy....not really up on what the market is doing here, but I know one of our neighbors took their house off the market due to no interest last year and I see they have a sign up again this week. Your tulip photo is really attractive! Is that a birch tree I see? Love your evergreen shrubs and the walkway looks so inviting. I love the way you paved the bricks in that direction.

Beans...String beans with tiny amount of butter and parmesean cheese..yum! Lima and lentil are the only beans I skip. :-)

Snow predicted for hoo!


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chloehoover(z6b VA)

Still fermenting (and fomenting) here.....I think I'll be lucky if things are settled by August.... here's hoping!

How fun is that Phoebe? Wow - as Chelone says, how mad can one stay at a pup like that? That's why I love dawgs.... they are always good for laughs, no matter how mad you get or "down" you get.... they make the sun shine thru and put a smile on your face.

Kathy - those are lovely photos of your front yard, I just love that brick walk. Sounds like things are working along; I chuckled with the image of you having become Edward Brushhands...

I've enjoyed all these poetic offerings -- and as usual, Ei, you amaze us even when feeling under the weather -- poems and imagery.

I confess I bought some pansies AND violas before my mtg on Sunday -- they're now hiding in my car trunk away from the cold nite we had..... I hope to be able to fetch them out tonite and put somewhere in a bit of protection as we seem to still be getting cold, cold nites -- these plants are probably not too weather-hardened but I could not resist. I even splurged on a bowl of the violas because they came in a color they had nowhere else in the nursery -- I'll try to get a photo when I can. Am I in a hurry for spring or what?

I hate getting up in the dark, but it brightens my mood at nite to leave the ofc & know I've got another hour of light to get home and let Chloe enjoy the light on her walk as well. She managed to resist some of the mud - only a couple feet got chocolate boots. But she is definitely not a prissy dog -- she'll roll in the best (or worst) of stuff w/ the first chance.

But seeing all these real visions of more snow are making me grateful for the mud and only rain we got here - it is predicted to do it again come Saturday; boo, not likely to garden - I may need a diversion by then to do a movie or shopping and get me out of the house.

O, man, Chelone - I sure hope Rex is faking it..... or should we think like Pollyanna and say we're glad he waited until close to Spring to become infirm? I hope it's not what you think and he recovers okay.

Well, a lot on the plate at the ofc, so I best go -- there are quite a few retirements happening in the support staff world here -- Im taking one friend to lunch today -- but it's making me think more and more about how to make that happen earlier than later... 10 years which is what I had been projecting is looking like a long, long time now.... Guess Im just "jealous" of these early retirements!

So, what has been decided re the next IU? Are there talks going on behind the scenes? Is it Greater New York this year or where? Another thing I'd like to put in my "looking forward to" frame of mind.


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Hi Everyone

The sun is shining here today, and it makes me feel so good. We had 18 inches of snow over the weekend, and have a 7 foot snowdrift on each side of the driveway. It was kind of fun to be snowbound though. I made chili, wild rice and chicken soup along with shrimp gumbo for Skip. I did make bread too, but nothing as yummy sounding as Saucy's.And I might have cheated because I used the bread maker:) The kids called and asked us to come and pick them up in the Jeep since they had cabin fever, so we had a nice visit with them. I have been babysitting Charlie for an hour on Mon and Fri while Mom and Dad are coordinating work schedules. She works two four hour shifts a week. He is not too impressed with being left alone with me, and as soon as daddy shows up, he smiles from ear to ear. He will at least take a bottle though. It is amazing how his personality shows already.

Deanne, I noticed that you said you were filling orders. Did I miss something (actually I know I missed a lot of things). If you are selling plants, let me know:)

Cindy I know what you mean about retirement. I read something on Yahoo the other day that said I should have $225,000 saved up for my medical bills after retirement. I'm not reading any more of that type of article:) or doing health searches for symptoms on the net either, I feel no good can come of it.

Mary, I just loved and am very impressed with your felting. Those little animals are adorable.

Ei, nice daffodil pics, and I loved your poems too. You always have such a sweet take on everything.

Kathy, I don't know if I told you congratulations on your new grandson or not. I know you will have a lot of fun with the little guy. They are amazing to watch. I also loved your pathway with the tulips on it. Good luck on selling your house. It only takes one buyer. There are a lot people looking right now, I do know that, and it is a great time to buy, too. I saw a house go last week that had only been on the market for 1 month.

Saucy, I love your bread fest:) One of my favorite things to eat. Also, looks like you had a fabulous trip. That is my dream someday, to go to the Caribbean.

Bug, Phoebe is adorable. Good pick.

Chelone, hope Rex is getting better. My Max has trouble with his legs, especially in the cold weather, but he loves going outside. When he comes back in the muscles in one leg quiver. I think he has arthritis too. Good for you getting your interest rates lowered.

I really enjoyed seeing the gang at Deanne's. Everyone looks really good. Glad you could get together.

Martie, I enjoyed reading about your garden.

Greenfreak, love your plant stands. You will have a lot of fun filling them up this summer.

PM2, I noticed that there are a lot of period movies out new this year. I just watched the one about Queen Elizabeth I with Kate Blanchett, and last night I watched Tristan and Isolde. I love the clothing.

Hi to others I didn't mention. Don't want to make this a tome. Everything is okay here, I am looking forward to spring and sun. Jen is getting close to her due date. She hasn't told us the name yet, but I am anxious to meet my first grandaughter:)

Hope you all have a great day!


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Hey there Drema! Nice to see your name when I check in :)

LOL, Martie, I go through phases....maybe next week will be 'tufa's getting close to time, you know. PM, I refuse to buy the kitchen gadgets with only one use because I know myself :) My MIL was HORRIFIED to find that I didn't own a crock pot, and for a while I thought I might get one for Christmas. What's wrong with slow cooking on the stove top?

I had a good day, but it involved answering the phone and talking/doing non-stop today! I was at the forefront of everyone's thoughts it seemed. I felt popular today :)

I am going to walk the property tomorrow when I get home from the gym. I've been around the immediate yard, but this is a good time to get right out to the water, while the ground is still frozen. As Nick says, time to survey the pride land :)

Hope you all have a nice evening. I'm headed for a hot shower and a good book :)


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Im having productivity issues after work. The weather is so nice that I just cant help but head outside to wander about and putter when in fact I should be cleaning bathrooms and such. Predicted rain never showed up. Garage is still a mess.

Nice to see Drema dropping by-thanks for the encouraging words. I must say there have been lots of lookers at the house across the street, and I imagine that most folks that are even bothering to look must be potentially qualified. One can hope.

Ok, so where in the world is Marian ?? Seems like ages since she posted. Yoo-hoo Marian ?

And Deanne ? Though I seem to recall a litany of events she had lined up

PM, you obviously keep good records from year to year. I have done so but not as consistently as I would like. Our spring season seems to revolve around rain or lack there-of. March has been pretty dry so far , and it can be miserably wet some years.

Since we had many chill hours this winter, the fruit trees and their fruitless ilk are really spectacular right now. The Bradford Pears (which are planted extensively as both street trees and landscape trees ) are particularly floriferous. The problem is I absolutely despise the scent of these blossoms. Always have. When I go out to my back garden mid-day the fragrance just is wafting everywhere because there are so many of them in my neighborhood (fire-blight notwithstanding) So does anyone else find their fragrance repugnant or is it just me ??

Cindy, love the vision of hiding pansies in the trunk for their protection. I regret to say that pansies are fall planted here and it can descend to the high teens without issues for them. We had 20s mostly this winter as lows and the few I had were unfazed.

I dont have a crock pot either Saucy !

Thats all for me best to everyone and hope the MIAs come out to play soon !

Kathy in Napa

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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Where did Monday go? I had way to much fun drinking wine and talking politics with a couple of friends last night. We are fomenting a green revolution at (hold your hats) our church!

Speaking of said church, I don't think I ever updated our roof problems. Mostly because there isn't much new; alternatives are still being investigated and evaluated. For the time being, we are limited to gathering in the gym. Someone broke many rules and smuggled some of the banners out of the sanctuary, so at least it looks a little more church-like. But everything has to be set up and taken down every Sunday since it is the only usable large space, so there is a lot of make-do going on.

DS went to a wedding this past weekend, and since his fiancee works at a tux shop and the wedding was for a coworker, he got a comp tux for the night. He cleans up well:

In fact, I think he looks a little like Tom Cruise in this photo.

The "grand dog" had a nasty little accident this morning and received 13 stitches in a nasty gash above her shoulder. She had sneaked out of sight behind a shed when she let out a yelp and reappeared, so they're not sure if she tangled with a raccoon or an object, but she looks rather sad for the time being. She'll have a rather subdued visit here at the end of the week.

My late night last night is catching up with me, so I'll wave hello to everyone and send a shout out to Marian, Deanne and all the others who are MIA. Glad to see that Phoebe, I mean bug, is back!


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Oh paleeeez V, he looks a zillion times better than TC. EEEEEW, TC gives me the CREEPS! She's a gardener too, right?

Today Phoebe went for a few drives with me...and met several strangers. One owns a feral cat, and that was interesting...
Then she had to stay by herself in the car while I dropped off shirts for cleaning. When I returned, she was seated in the driver's seat.
Then while DH was at the post office I took her for a walk around the Municipal Offices. She met her first person of colour, a guy I know, then a border collie, and more folks. I'm glad she's socializing pretty well. Still has not met little people. I think it is time to take her for a walk when the Mennonite kids are leaving school one afternoon soon. The problem may be the horse and buggies though.
Tonight she made me smile as she wanted to stay out just a bit longer please, to jump up and catch snowflakes in the evening lights.

Off to zzzz land. Ms Phoebe needs to be mad-dashed to the out of doors immediately upon waking in the morn.

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So good to hear from Drema and read of delighted, proud parents to "hunks" and dogs :-)

I'm with you, Kathy. I had all intents of cleaning up some stuff last night and just found myself wandering .... Smell the Roses.

Speaking of, if Mary ever needs a mini bouquet I'll be glad to send some cuttings

And a lousy picture of some wonderful color. Most of these will be in containers later on.

Happy Day, all!


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Kathy, thanks so much for the lovely spring photo. Its dreary here today so it definitely is a mood brightener.

Spring has been in the air this week so far. Last night I rode home with the heater off and the sunroof open. Lots of thawing took place, but lots more has to happen if Kenzie will get to enjoy hunting Easter eggs in the grandmas garden this year.

The daffs on my desk are now open. They are certainly cheery.

bug, at least your patio is nice white snow, we are at the stage of yukky, blackish stuff. I did snap a shot last night but didnt get around to posting it.

Martie, isnt it nice to have indoor blooms? My cyclamen from Valentines is still pumping out new blooms.

Back to work


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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Whooey!!! Eight days without a computer, and just when I am almost weened, ( LOL ), it is home again...with a new modem!
I have rapidly skimmed over all that has transpired since I was off line...but haven't assimulated enough to do any responding.
The funny thing was after my post giving you all the raspberries that it croaked! I suspect some may have thought I was serious???

No major news here in the meantime, except a 6 inch snow that went off in a couple of days.
Also an Amaryllis that will open it's blooms in a day or so, and another flowerstalk just emerging.My walking iris has opened 5 blooms, and 3 more today. One of my 'new-last-year moth orchids has 4 open blooms and 2 more to go.

We had our 51st anniversary the 5th. No observation....:-(

I did notice that several of you are concerned by my absence. Thank you very kindly ! We are as usual...probably no better , and no worse.

We both went to our respective docs for a checkup today. No major new problems found. My Dr prescribed that new Fibromyalgia med for me. ( Yesterday my legs were really giving me fits.)

Signs of spring are all around. We saw a flock of low-flying geese as we went into town. Lots of daffodils and creeping phlox in bloom in town. The temp is in the 70s today. Strange how warm that seems!

Monday I went shopping for a roll-top computer desk. It is to be delivered next week. The problem is finding where to put it! The places that I want it are too back to the same old location...behind Nolon's chair! I don't know what we will do with the very heavy library table that I am using. We are too feeble to move it! Looks like we will have to enlist the help of a young strong cousin.


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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Whooey!!! Eight days without a computer, and just when I am almost weened, ( LOL ), it is home again...with a new modem!
I have rapidly skimmed over all that has transpired since I was off line...but haven't assimulated enough to do any responding.
The funny thing was after my post giving you all the raspberries that it croaked! I suspect some may have thought I was serious???

No major news here in the meantime, except a 6 inch snow that went off in a couple of days.
Also an Amaryllis that will open it's blooms in a day or so, and another flowerstalk just emerging.My walking iris has opened 5 blooms, and 3 more today. One of my 'new-last-year moth orchids has 4 open blooms and 2 more to go.

We had our 51st anniversary the 5th. No observation....:-(

I did notice that several of you are concerned by my absence. Thank you very kindly ! We are as usual...probably no better , and no worse.

We both went to our respective docs for a checkup today. No major new problems found. My Dr prescribed that new Fibromyalgia med for me. ( Yesterday my legs were really giving me fits.)

Signs of spring are all around. We saw a flock of low-flying geese as we went into town. Lots of daffodils and creeping phlox in bloom in town. The temp is in the 70s today. Strange how warm that seems!

Monday I went shopping for a roll-top computer desk. It is to be delivered next week. The problem is finding where to put it! The places that I want it are too back to the same old location...behind Nolon's chair! I don't know what we will do with the very heavy library table that I am using. We are too feeble to move it! Looks like we will have to enlist the help of a young strong cousin.


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How nice to hear from Drema! another baby? (we're doomed, Sue). How long do you think it will be before Charlie figures out that he can get anything he wants by smiling for you... ?? I am regularly freaked out by the amount of money the "experts" recommend you have salted away before trading in your pumps for slippers. We're in better shape than many of our friends but worry could be a constant companion if I wasn't so busy working. ;)

V., I have forgotten to tell you how much I enjoyed your use of the $10 windfall. It really, REALLY warmed the cockels of my heart; sometimes, it takes so little to make a difference. I think your kid cleans up fine, too (while I find TC's smile enchanting, too many other aspects taHnish the luster quickly). I had forgotten the issues with the church's roof, but now vaguely recall them. It doesn't matter, really. The important thing about churches is the congregation's common belief and sense of community. That's why Ridley, Latimer, Cranmer, and countless other victims over the centuries have not been obliterated.

I followed your recommendation and we saw, "The Other Boleyn Girl" yesterday afternoon. I thought the costuming and sets were wonderful; liked that they included things like sprigs of fragrant herbs on the floors, which are historically accurate. I think the film captured the pagentry that surrounded the King's court very effectively. I was also impressed that they used a sword at Anne's execution (the headsman was French and was delayed by nearly 2 days). I KNOW the movie is based on a novel and liberties must be taken to accomodate film. But having read far too much 16th. century history I was disturbed by the gross inaccuracies. ESP. the focus on the most salacious charge levelled at Anne and her brother George... incest. Mary was the elder sister; she went to France with Henry VIII's sister, Mary (later Lady Suffolk). She gained a reputation as, "a very great and infamous whore" (from the papal nuncio to the French court); Francis I boasted he had "ridden her" and referred to her as his "hackney". She returned to England and was indeed Henry VIII's mistress, but he never acknowledged her son as his own. It is important to understand that Henry freely acknowledged another illegitimate son, Henry Fitzroy, so if Mary Boleyn's son had been his it would have been likely he'd have acknowledged him; esp. in light of the necessity of a MALE heir. I understand the "bodice ripper" comment, perfectly, Mary! The REAL story is much more compelling. But the film IS fun, and well worth a view.

We don't have a crockpot. We have a breadmaker that now lives in the attic. My attempts at bread could be used for pavers.

I cracked right up at your discription of neighborhood fires, Cindy. We try to "make a day of it", too. If you turn something potentially dreary and stinky into something of an adventure... it becomes less odious. We got take-out sandwiches because they seemed a lot easier than hotdogs (shorter drive for the "ingredients"). Now that I think of it, we could've roasted Peeps, Saucy.

Kathy, that walkway is so pretty! I love brick, anyway. I confess that we're already succumbing to the misuse of the garage. But it's NOT ME doing it. I have definite packrat tendancies, but the helpmeet is worse... he's in DENIAL. :) I've taken your advice to heart, though. (Little does he know... hehehe).

Wondering about Eden, Deanne... , but am mightily relieved to see Marian resurface (just have to go back and actually READ what you wrote, not just see your name).

OK, gonna hit send... NOW. (lol, you can't use "b--tard son", you have to use illegitimate sone).

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks) dorky computer posted that twice !!!!!!

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The sun is shining and the snow is melting! I have to say even though I'm a morning person, I'd rather get up when it's dark and get the extra hour of light that we're now getting in the evening. I've been so much more productive this week than I have for the last month, spring MUST be coming!

Kathy, what a pretty picture of your walkway and tulips! And it all looks so neat and tidy! My wishes for a fast sale are with you! So does Mr. B have a 'proper' name yet?

Good to see Marie, Pheobe and Marian back! So tell me what is it you do with your time when there's no computer to spend it on?

Saucy, your bread additions sound great! I haven't tried out the oatmeal bread recipe for us yet but I do want to try out the pecan caramel rolls made with the basic recipe this weekend. I think I'm on my 5th or 6th batch of the dough now. I've gotten used to having it available to bake up fresh almost daily.

Michelle, The weather has never cooperated for an outdoor Easter egg hunt for Bella and I'm not holding out any hope for this year again.

Marian, Happy Anniversary to you and Nolon!

V, great picture of your son and is that his fiancee? Hope dh is feeling better.

Chelone, oh no, not Rex's other leg now. We used to be able to burn where I grew up but not here. We do have yard waste pickup from April 1 to Nov 30 though, 10 bag limit per week. I have less and less packrat tendencies the older I get.

Hi Drema, Charlie sounds very sweet. Nothing compares to those toothless baby smiles.

Crockpots...I use mine often. I feel like I don't have to watch is as closely as the stove and have quite a few recipes that have become favorites over the years. It's also great in the summer because it doesn't heat up the house. I don't mind specialized small appliances IF they're something I'll use. One of my pet peeves though is major appliances with too many bells and whistles that I know I'll never use. My motto on those is to keep it basic and simple. Less parts to breakdown and have to be repaired too!

I know I've missed commenting on a lot but I didn't want to get any further behind than I already am. I have Bella here today and she's needed about 10 things while I've been composing this post, lol. So........gotta run!


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Jerri_OKC(z7 Ok)

Marian, welcome back!
Rex, stretch out that leg buddy. Your Mom's about had it! ;)
Tank the Pittie is a sweetheart in the body of a 'tank'!
He is going to a rescue in Minn. in two weeks. He'll be passing through Iowa Michelle. I'll tell him to yowl 'Hi' to you. He's a talker. It's just too funny.
Actually he needs a transport leg and a place to stay the night around Des Moines. Hint Hint ;)
Someone asked about the Corgie transport. I didn't have his details except that he was from a kill shelter in Mo. and was going to a Corgie rescue in N.M. Sometimes it's that simple and sometimes it's an underground railroad and best not to know. Very sad.
Tank had poor 'owners' who kept leaving the gate open. He would get out and get picked up by animal control. After a couple of times they 'didn't have the money' to bail him out and left him in the kill shelter. Some people are just beyond words.
This particular shelter shot the animals in the head until a year or two ago. Now almost all the critters are adopted out thanks to ONE lady. Amazing! The ones that aren't are put down by a Vet.

No time this week to even get my new PC set up. Amaxing what one more furby can do to a household. Geez...


P.S. Go Pheobe go!

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Katie catching sunbeams with her bodyguards.

She needs 'em, she's been regressing the past few weeks. Happy, but can't spin and getting wobbly again. MRI series #3 next week, and I set up an appt with a sports medicine group to see if they have any angles that might avoid more surgery. I find myself taking pictures of her just in case, and I thought this one was sweet. (Everyone else has muzzles on cause they were running.)

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Jerri_OKC(z7 Ok)

In case anyone is interested on transports here is a sample run sheet. I apologize in advance to Michelle, this is not a brazen attempt to get Tank to Minn.! LOL
These runs happen all over the country and a lot of times will involve long haul truckers, etc.
It's really amazing how the internet has changed the world in such a short time. :)

(I'll probably be taking leg 1 and maybe leg 2!)


Saturday, March 22, 2008

This transport will be monitored.
15 minutes has been added to each leg to allow for bathroom break and transfer time.

Leg 1
Oklahoma City, OK Perry, Ok
1 hr 2 min 65 miles
9:00 am to 10:05 am

Leg 2
Perry , OK - Wichita, Ks
1 hr 36 mins 102 miles
10:20 am to 11:55 am

Leg 3
Wichita, KS Emporia, KS
1 hr 28 min 89.81 miles
12:05 pm to 1:35 pm

Leg 4
Emporia, KS Ottawa, KS
56 min 56.00 miles
1:50 pm to 2:50 pm

Leg 5
Ottawa, KS Kansas City, KS
59 min 53.27 miles
3:05 pm to 4:05 pm

Leg 6
Kansas City, MO - Bethany, MO
1 hour, 41 minutes 105 miles
4:20 pm to 6:00 pm

Leg 7
Bethany , MO Des Moines,IA
1 hour, 36 minutes 104.96 miles
6:15 pm to 7:50 pm

Over night in /near Des Moines, IA   

Sunday, March 22nd, 2008

Leg 8
Des Moines , IA ~ Grinell , IA (I-80)
50 minutes 54 miles
9:00 am to 10:00 am

Leg 9
Grinell, IA ~ Iowa City, IA
1 hour, 10 minutes 67 miles
10:25 am to 11:35 am

Leg 10
Iowa City, IA ~ Dubuque , IA (IA-1 and I-151)
1 hour, 39 minutes 84.19 miles
11:50 am to 1:30 pm

Leg 11
Dubuque, IA ~ Dodgeville, WI
49 minutes 48 miles
1:45 pm to 2:35 pm

Leg 12
Dodgeville, WI ~ Madison, WI
53 minutes 47 miles
2:50 pm to 3:45 pm


Name: TANK
Breed: American Pitbull Terrier
Sex: Male
Age: 11 mos old
Size/weight: Approx 50 pounds
Neutered: YES
Vaccinations: UTD
Traveling with: Collar, leash, ID tag, vet paperwork, Health Certificate, supply of food for travel
Personality/demeanor: No reported behavior issues, very friendly, will kiss you every chance he gets, no reported aggression issues. Super sweet
He is a solid 50# dog, all muscle, so hold on to the leash tightly when you are outside the vehicle.
Behavior with other dogs: Likes other dogs!!
Crate: No crate provided- please provide if desired

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Jerri_OKC(z7 Ok)

Katie, way to go with the body guards! Get well soon.


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

HI to everyone,

Im busy, busy, busy here (as usual) and cant imagine what demented person thought I should be caring for hundreds and hundreds of plants in the house. Arrrrgggghhh. It is now taking way too many hours to keep them all happy and watered and potted up etc. etc. and its so bad I walked right by a gorgeous and I mean GORGEOUS Cymbidium orchid at Sams for cheap yesterday because I couldnt face watering one more plant. ROTFLOL at myself!

Anyway, I need some help with a plant ID Please, I had this neato little orange flowered trailer, its the plant on the right in this pic, from last year and Im trying to find out what it is. I cant find the tag for the life of me and I really need to know what it is. I think Saucy had one last year too and I emailed her but in case she doesnt remember maybe one of you plant gurus here would be able to ID it for me????

Ive loved all the pics everyone. Please keep them coming.

Later all

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Some kind of Diascia, Deanne. I did a search on 'orange Diascia' and found Proven Winners has one called Flying Colors - orange.

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Cynthia, how come they have to wear muzzles when running? Are they aggressive toward each other when "under way"? I know they wear muzzles racing, but how come?

Also: are male racing dogs intact? I know that's the custom in horse racing because few are willing to geld potential male winners. Information, please.

Jerri, our canine next door neighbor is an American Staffordshire Terrier. He's neutered (total wuss), completely untrained, and Rex loves him. He is like a runaway locomotive when he "comes over to play". Bothers me hugely that his owner has done nothing to TRAIN him, though he clearly spent much time socializing him... he wears a "shock collar". I count my blessings! One look at that dog's jaws and there is NO mistaking what he was bred to do. He's a total TANK... about 20-24" (?) at the shoulder and weighs in at 80 lbs.. Rex is 28" at the shoulder and between 92-98 lbs., depending on lethargy. They frolic and romp together with all sorts of growling, but no physical agression.

NO male dog should be left intact unless he's of superior breeding quality. As with cats, intact males are responsible for more unwanted kittens than are the females!

We have begun negotiations with respect to the (potentially) ruptured ACL. I would prefer to move on this ASAP if my vote for "gassing" is over-ridden. We may well be "stimulating" the veterinary economy shortly. I'd rather stimulate the trigger of the .22 ...

An anniversary wish for Marian since Nolon fogot (sometimes they do that and so do we!)...

It's probably my favorite Iris. Doesn't have a fragrance, it's really "old-fashioned", but it's rock solid hardy and it took me a few years to really appreciate the subtle beauty of the blossoms. And so it is with marriage, methinks. For you, my friend. :)

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Wednesday and the corner is turned towards the weekend. I did a chore today after work !
It involved DSs shower and a bottle of CLR and a scrub brush. For the record, I despise sliding shower doors. Give me a shower curtain any day-no yukky door tracks full of unidentifiable debris.

My realtor will be over tomorrow after work and well formulate our plan of attack after she eyeballs all the improvements. Maybe Ill finally be able to schedule a trip up to see Mr Baby and spend a couple of days perusing the environs in Corvallis.

So Marian, you were another of us with computer issues-glad to have you back and look forward to some pics of spring in your world whenever that might be ! Youll be all set to go in your spiffy new workstationare you getting a chair too ? I was very happy when I got myself an office type chair for my computer desk. Way easier on the back etc---When you sit in a nice ergonomic chair at work it was hard to come home to the junky old chair I was using here.

LOL Deanne, you are too funny with your ever expanding collection Im envisioning you rushing about , watering can in hand with a harried look on your face , still in your jammies and slippers because you just dont have time to change..the babies need water ! Your very own Little Shop of Horrors I agree with CynthiaDiascia..

Cynthia, what a cute pic of Ms. Katie and her protectors. Im so sorry to hear that she is regressing and I hope you can find some answers for her. The important thing is that she is happy, right ? Why do they wear muzzles for running ?

So Jeri, how interesting your transport postHow is it decided how long each leg will be , and where the transit points are?

Eden, Mr B does in fact have a name, Aiden . At least I think thats it ! DD said she hadnt signed anything yet so it was still subject to revision. It doesnt really flow for me so Ill have to come up with a suitable nickname as I typically do with everyone in the family. They are all used to my maverick ways.. Now thats a great point about using the crockpot in summer when its too hot to turn on the oven. I had never really thought of that angle ! Its kind of a moot point for me now though, since I eat very little meat anymore, and tend to eat veggies and salads and BBQ fare in summer.

Chelone, one of my criteria when I am home searching in Oregon will be to find a neighborhood where people actually park their cars in the garage instead of their driveways or the street. Very few people in my current neighborhood use their garages to park their cars-instead they use the street or the driveway. To me it kind of impinges on the ambience of the scene. I think its kind of petty of me in a way, but theres no way I would go out and buy a brand new BMW or Lexus etc etc and then leave it parked outside all night because my garage is full of crapola ! At least I make sure there is always room in the garage for my car.

Im going to go do the dishes now and ponder dinner

Later everyone !

Kathy in Napa

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Well thank you Chelone! He did know it was our 51st but I'm afraid it has become 'just another day' for some time now, between both of us. But even in our more romantic days we seldom did anything special. Tim wished us a happy anniversary by e-mail...and that was the extent of it. That is okay with me.
Sorry that your DH has been sick, and that Wrecks has another problem. I can just 'see' him making mulch out of the sticks...:-)
LOL..."the pyre". We have a lot of piles of stuff that need burned.

Ei, that is a nice poem, but I cannot take credit for mentioning it. It had to be someone else.I really am enjoying your poem interspersed with daffodil pics. Great job...well done! I'm sorry you are smitten with a virus again.

Martie, that is so sad about your divorce, your son, and your garden. I hope life is much better now.

Marie, I love your pics....both of the pooch, and of the snow.

Jerri, did you get much snow? If you said so, I missed it. How about the tornados? Any close to you?

Woody, your poem is a hoot! I love it! LOL on your patio picture....

Pm2, I like your opening poem too.

Saucy, I do like butter beans, but I buy the canned ones, the Bush's brand. I like the large ones best.

Ahhhh, Kathy, it will be awhile before tulips bloom here, and I will have to be content with enjoying other people's. The varmints devour mine. I had gorgeous big ones BV !

V, good looking DS ! Sorry about your dog. I wish I knew what injured him. That could be a scary situation.

Eden, I have spent a lot of time working jigsaw puzzles! Done some reading, and even did a little (very little) cleaning in my bedroom. I discovered more of the mice hoards of cat food! Some in seldom used drawers, some on an old unused purse that hung on the back of my bedroom door, and some in shoes!!! No telling where more is.....
The majority of my house has been badly neglected over the years. :-(


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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

The corner is definitely turned. I had to do a presentation on behalf of our sister company this morning and I was a teeny bit nervous but it went very well. This was playing in the big kids' sandbox, if you will, which was why I was slightly edgy. It's a whole different ball game when they start asking about 50,000 of a variety...

Jerri, I went from Dodgeville to Madison this past summer, but it involved a side trip to the ER for my DD (wasp sting reaction) and it took me a lot more than 53 minutes! Sorry, your itinerary brought back some memories.

Marian, glad to see you back. Marian, glad to see you back. (just a little "razzing" on the double post!)

fading fast, so I'm calling it a night. Deanne, I agree with Cynthia on the Diascia.


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I just can't get over those dream-whippy snowscapes such as the one Phoebe frolics in. It's been getting up to 80 here, and I managed to get most everything mulched today while the soil is still relatively moist from the last rains a few weeks back. Rain barrels are now empty, sigh. Possibility of rain on Sunday, then realistically not much more until next winter. I'd help out with more photos to ease the spring-deprivation but don't plant lots of spring stuff, daffs, annuals and such. But the soil disappears daily as the plants leaf out, and a new cistus planted last fall has buds on it which is incredibly exciting. I'm thinking white with a maroon blotch but lost the tag. Love your stinkin' hellebores, Kathy -- can't pass up an opportunity to type that!

Duncan's birthday was Sunday. I guess it had been a while since I baked a proper layer cake since my fairly ordinary attempt was greeted with awe, lol. For his present he asked that we all go to the Griffith Park Observatory. LA native and I'd never been and neither had Marty. What an incredible place. Even saw a Tesla coil in action! which can be seen in this shaky movie I found online. Had to shut my eyes during some of the planetarium show as we were whisked off to visit Ptolemy in Alexandria a little more swiftly than my inner ear allows. Lots of the hillsides around the Griffith Park still show signs of the fires last fall.

I vote for alonsoa in Deanne's photo. (Type in alonsoa in their search box) Can't wait to see those pots again, Deanne. Hang in there!

Off for a brief road trip for a few days so will be offline. Got my E-tickets printed for the SF garden show, which is a great option. Good to see everyone's computer issues straightening out. Fascinating cooperative efforts on the "underground railroad." Sorry to hear some of the critters aren't up to 100 percent. Funny how I've heard no comments on Eric Bana as Henry VIII in the new Boleyn movie, casting of whom was an obvious ploy to increase the bodice-ripping factor...

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Morning all,

Denise!!! You are brilliant! It definitely was the Alonsoa meridionalis! Thank you profusely. I knew it wasnt something Id ever grown before. Looks a bit like the Diascia but that wasnt it. Thanks to everyone for your input. I do appreciate it.

Kathy, I ROTFLOL as you got it in one! There are days when Im still in my jammies roaming about the house with a watering can at noon time! I cant see my face but Id guess there is a harried expression on it! Too funny! At least I can laugh about it. Its totally ridiculous. The next step will be to get all this stuff hardened off and Im not looking forward to that either. Im notorious for trying to do it too quickly and then losing stuff.

V. great news on that presentation.

Jerri, wow, I cant believe the amount of work you do for rescue! Thats an amazing undertaking.

Marian and Nolon happy anniversary!

Chelone, so sorry about Rex.. Weve just been in a dilemma with our kitties teeth. They quoted that it could cost up to $2,000 to clean both of the cats teeth if there had to be extractions. Well, I love my cats but that is crazy. I dont spend that much money on my mouth in a year and I just spent $800.00 on Luke last year. Doug and I are investigating other vets and options for feline dental care. There are people who cant afford to send their children to the dentists and that is an insane amount to spend to have a cats teeth cleaned. There has to be another option.

OK Im out of time here. Have to get to the gym.

Later all

PS I think it was Drema who asked, Im filling orders for painting pattern packets and books, not plants!!!!

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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

Wow...lots of posts from the missing and the non! I only have a few minutes. My new computer arrived and I have a lot of work to do to get it up and running and all my old files transferred over, etc.

Hello to Marian...glad to know it was only computer problems and not health. :-)
Happy Anniversary Marian! No celebration?!! Not even a cupcake with a candle? Fifty one years is a LONG time!! I am sorry, in computer limbo, I can't get at my flower photos...but how about some Northern Lights? [g] nice to see you again! How exciting that you are expecting your first granddaughter! Congratulations! Yes, I do enjoy period movies and find English history particularly fascinating for some reason. I have seen Kate Blanchett as Queen Elizabeth..strong performance. Hadn' t heard of Tristan and Isolde but I will look for it.

Kathy....I have started to keep 'better' records, but not as consistent as I would like either. Actually, it was just viewing my photos which of course are dated, that allowed me to have an idea of when the crocus had been coming up the past two years. Sort of cheating...wouldn't you say? Anything that easy feels like cheating, anyway. [g] No Bradford Pears here.

V...your boy is handsome! He reminds me of someone but it hasn't come to me yet.

Gardenbug...Sounds like you are having a wonderful time with your new companion. Very jealous! :-)

Martie...nice photos! Very cute minature rose!

Have a crockpot, bread maker, small food one uses any of them. [g] We used to use the blender, but now we use one of those hand held 'thing a ma jigs'. Works great and we use that every day to make smoothies.

Cynthia...loved your photo of the gang! I am looking at the jackets and the muzzles and thinking of you getting them all ready to go out and smiling. :-)

Eden, I saw this photo yesterday and thought of you...aren't these the same type of chair that you renovated?

Have to run....waving.. :-)

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chloehoover(z6b VA)

It is nice to see so many "faces" today, Ha. I know I'll forget about 3/4s of what I meant to say while reading and nodding!.

Katy, love Mr. B's name, Aidan -- I hope that sticks. I concur re shower stalls & tracks - yech.... being a mold freak now, I confess I am staring at everything like that that has "hidden" properties and wonder what's lurking or ready to burst forth... And I also feel the same re garages -- in my townhome development, residents most often dont use their stinking garages and park in the visitor spots -- of course, we always have a dearth of parking spaces for visitors consequently -- they have even been known to park in another resident's reserved spot (like mine!) -- people have very odd quirks.

Denise - o my -- 80 already there? Holy wow..... just goes to show how far apart we all are, aint it cool? GB's wonder powerpuff shots... and you'll be treating us to hot & spicy soon.

Glad someone also inquired re the muzzles -- I was sure I had missed the reason from some other posting -- I love the Katy shot in her Red Riding Hood look... Im sorry she's not feeling so up to part; hopefully it's a wee bit steps back and she'll perk up more when it gets a bit warmer and she's outside a bit more?

Speaking of incredible prices -- aka vet bills and reality checks -- has anyone investigated or purchased long-term care insurance? Wow, I had a salesman come the other evening to my home to give me some ideas of different plans -- it's daunting re the premiums, but when I remember the traumas we went thru w/ my mother (which memory has haunted and preyed on me), I consider it might be the best gift I could give to my DD (& me) -- no worries. While I'd love to simply crump overnight in my sleep, it appears most of us dont get that opportunity... but boy, they make you pay for "peace of mind" -- I as usual am dithering about getting the best plan w/ the most appropriate options. -- I know, gruesome subject, but it seems now is the time to buy - Before one has any real pre-existing conditions... I could easily re-do a number of rooms in the house though at the prices they are talking.

PM2 -- you come up with the most whimiscal photos! I love that w/ the red retro chairs.

Drema - how great to hear from you -- and to hear about GB #2 on its way -- and a girl to keep Charlie company. You will have your hands full being a grandma! Hope you enjoy the time you get with them.

Okay, off to run around for the day.


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No time to post at the moment, but PM2's cool chair picture reminded me of this picture. This was from IU3. Each chair is a different color.

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Shoooie! My new med almost zonked me out! The first one that I took yesterday about 1PM knocked the pain. The second one taken around 10PM did more than that.....I over slept this morning, and am going around like I'm in a daze.... If I recover soon enough, I will do some more yard work.

V, I guess I missed something....what sort of company are you talking about that has 50,000 varieties of something????

Denise, how do you get those links embeded in your post? I couldn't watch the movie 'cause I don't have the 'Flash' viewer and am afraid to download it on my disfunctional computer. :-(

Thanks Deanne...the occurance is no 'happier' than any other day at this stage. :-) I do not envy you for all the plants and their care. I have too many myself, but small potatos compared to yours. I have a few rooted plants that need potted. They are in water.
My word! What an outrageous fee for cat tooth care! Highway robbery!

Thanks for the thoughts and Northern Lights pic. Pretty. Nope, not even a cupcake w/candle.

Re: kitchen gadgets...I was given a bread maker (ex-DIL) some years ago, but traded it for something that I would use.I have a crockpot that I have only used once in the 5 years or more that I've had it. My over 30 blender has been idle for years. My mixer is a hand held one that I've had for more than 50 years, and it is still in use. My Black and Decker Handy Chopper is equally as old, and used frequently. ( They don't make things to last like that anymore! ) A well-used Westbend Cooker (that I got in a box of stuff at an auction last year) still works fine, although it looks pretty rough. It has a 1978 date on the bottom! I have gone through many coffee makers ( none of them last long! ), my current one is a Black and Decker. I am on my 3rd Toaster Oven. It is a Procter Silex. My new Microwave is a GE. So is my Roaster Oven. I think that is 'it' except for major appliances....:-)

Kathy, I have never known an Aiden, but it is not a bad choice.I could get used to that. ( One of our friends has a GS named Hayden [or Heyden]. Sounds the same...) sorry about your "fermenting" problem ( I have moldy cat food hiden all over the house. :-( ) Maybe that is contributing to our illnesses ??? Also sorry about the rude parkers. Such behavior seems to be the 'thing' now-a-days. ( But it probably always has been.)
So far none of my relatives ( except a maternal aunt) have ever had to contend with long term care. Neither have any of Nolon's. So I am not familiar with that. We do not have any such policies.

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

I am having problems posting!! I reviewed my post and added Pm2's name to the line about The Northern lights pic, and put my name at the bottom....but it would not 'submit'!!! It kept going to the box that tells you to type in your member name, etc. !!!
What's up???


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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

Just a quick post to give Maid Marian a Bridal Veil for her anniversary :-)

On the issue of kitchen appliances, our essential ones include a Kitchen Aid stand mixer (as well as a hand held mixer of course), a waffle iron (actually - two - a stove-top one and an electric one which was a recent purchase to replace the aging stove-top one...) , an electric griddle, a Cuisinart, and a crockpot - all of them are well used!

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

To my astonishment, this just opened yesterday! I've had it for about 5 years. For you Marian and Nolon!

No Cuisinart, no crockpot....a hand held egg beater, which mystifies the younger generation. :) We have a new waffle maker, compliments of DD & DSIL. Also, both cars fit in the garage and are kept there too, along with the riding mower.

We too have an anniversary coming up, in May. I bet DH doesn't even know it. No big deal here.

Bought myself tulips today. That is a sign of spring when the grocery store begins stocking them! Also bought toys for the small folk. They don't need a thing, but I'm a Nana and just have to do it. Right Eden? DGS will be 9 in April. He's been a naughty monster lately. It's really so hard having two parents in different homes with different philosophies. He's been lying, bullying in the playground, talking in class....all the rotten stuff. Hard to know how much is HIM, how much being a third grader, how much related to his unique and complex heart and hearing problems. I guess I just have to worry even when the kid isn't my own!


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

To my astonishment, this just opened yesterday! I've had it for about 5 years. For you Marian and Nolon!

No Cuisinart, no crockpot....a hand held egg beater, which mystifies the younger generation. :) We have a new waffle maker, compliments of DD & DSIL. Also, both cars fit in the garage and are kept there too, along with the riding mower.

We too have an anniversary coming up, in May. I bet DH doesn't even know it. No big deal here.

Bought myself tulips today. That is a sign of spring when the grocery store begins stocking them! Also bought toys for the small folk. They don't need a thing, but I'm a Nana and just have to do it. Right Eden? DGS will be 9 in April. He's been a naughty monster lately. It's really so hard having two parents in different homes with different philosophies. He's been lying, bullying in the playground, talking in class....all the rotten stuff. Hard to know how much is HIM, how much being a third grader, how much related to his unique and complex heart and hearing problems. I guess I just have to worry even when the kid isn't my own!


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Sorry, I seem to be stuttering.

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I ordered my bees tonight. They'll be southern bees from Georgia :)

Happy Anniversary Marian. 15, 51....aren't they all the same? I can't believe I've been married 15 and can't imagine 51.

I'm too tired....they talked more tonight than last week...


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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Good Morning all....
This stupid computer is acting weirder and wierder every day. If it survives I will be surprised, and after paying 60+ dollars to have it fixed! Yaargh !( and over $35 the first time! )
Since other options have failed, I will call the telephone company and ask for a check of our phone lines.

Woody, I love the falls pic. I can almost hear the roar...:-) Thank you.

Marie,thank you too. your Amarylis is lovely ( both pics,lol.) Mine that is fixing to open may be the same variety.The first bloom should be open today.

Saucy, 15 years can seem like 51. :-( You either adjust to the annoyances or just try to block them out. Having good health certainly would help.....
A neighbor up the road has bee hives on his place. I think they belong to someone else. The honey is sold locally. A man had hives on my dad's farm. The most vivid memory that I have of them is when I was attacked, while I was walking in the pasture, and ran like mad swatting at my hair. I ran right through the irrigation ditches full of water!! ( I was a teen.) I didn't get stung.

Great pic, Michelle. Who is that in the middle?

I did some more cleaning up in flowerbeds yesterday afternoon, then thunderstorms moved in, along with some small hail. It is very foggy this morning, with more storms in the forecast.

This was March 7th:

These were yesterday:

Lots more daffodils will soon be open, and Hyacinths are showing buds.

I did some caging of susceptible beds and plants protect them from deer and rabbits. The deer had already pruned the red azalea on the bedroom end of the house....yargh! They have taken a liking to vinca and creeping phlox, and browsed all of them down to the ground. Normally the phlox would be starting to bloom by now. I am sure they will regrow. I think I would be really amazed if I knew what all they have destroyed in our yard!


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We melted a lot of our snow this week. Some of my gardens are completely bare, but those north of the house are under drifts yet. Unfortunately there is rain/snow in the forecast for the first part of next week. We got into the high 50s yesterday, so I took a long walk after work.

Marian, what a pretty shot of color this morning. As for the person in the middle on the picture, that would be me. Its a little hard to tell. From the left, Mary, Sue, Michelle, Ei and Drema for anyone else wondering. Sorry to hear about all the deer damage. I perused our yard yesterday and found lots of shrubs that were drastically pruned. Our culprits are rabbits as they left a little gift behind.

V, the picture reminds of Northwind Perennial Farm where it was taken. It was a really awesome place with lots of display gardens. Have you seen the latest issue of Midwest Living? They have an article of all these country nurseries in the Madison WI area. Northwind was mentioned. We are going to be in Madison at the end of April. I hope to scope out at least one.

Deanne, do you have powdery mildew problems on coleus. I have a couple of varieties that it has appeared on. How do you treat it? I absolutely love the combination in your container.

Kathy, I like Aiden and actually know another little guy with the name. We always park in our garage with the door down. Otherwise, you never know what critters would get in there.

Denise, 80 seems unreal to me at this point. Enjoy it!

bug, how do you store your amaryllis bulb and get it to rebloom? Mine is long finished blooming, but the foliage hasnt died back.

As for small appliances, I regularly use a food processer, smoothie maker, steamer and my Kitchenaid stand mixer. I rarely use the bread maker, crockpot, coffeemaker, wafflemaker or toaster.

This a.m. my DD called, in the background I hear Kenzie tell her that she "needs" to tell grandma something. She gets on the tells me that she sees birds. I asked her what kind there were, and she said "chickadees" whether that was correct or not ;o)

Eden, Im the eternal optimist and I think the garden egg hunt will be a go :o)

Jerri, we are located about 4 hours from Des Moines.

Sorry to hear about all the pet woes. Fingers are crossed for simple & inexpensive solutions to all.

Its Friday! Wheres Sue?


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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)


Love those spring progress pictures, Marian. Keep them coming! Happy anniversary to your and Nolon.

The news this week is I finally scored a good deal on a round trip direct flight to Orlando. So I'm going to go from March 27th to April 1st and hopefully get off my respective parent's sh** lists. Two nights with mommie dearest and three with dad. I took Mary's reading advice and bought Water for Elephants to read during the flight.

Pictures of the newly decorated dining room will coming soon. I did find what appears to be the right paint color and some curtain rods I like. The plan is to work on it this weekend. Maybe I'll shop for a new chandelier as well. Tom still hasn't found a house he likes so stuff isn't moving out anytime soon. Keep your fingers crossed.

Love this new time change. I'm back to walking outside after work whenever possible. Nice day right now but supposed to go to crap later. Some decent weekend gardening weather would be welcome.

OK, enjoy!


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I meant to include a link to Northwind Perennial Farms website. Check out the different sections for some lovely country garden shots.

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

TG....??? Sue??? Color? (green for St Pat's?)

Michelle, the Amaryllis leaves never seem to die back for me. I've stored them in a cupboard for months and they still remain green. This just was one of those times when it worked. I have about 6-8 others that did NOT bloom. Maybe I should fertilize them.

Very foggy out, but but I think that means it will warm up. There may be some sun later on. We'll see.

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Good for you snagging the tickets Sue. I see you went for pink. ;) Looking forward to the new dining room decors... Tom will never find a home as perfect as the one he's in now. That takes an eye and tons of work. But he is very capable of renovation work.

Love the Northwind Perennial Farms site Michelle. Such lovely soothing music too.

I think the sun's rays are starting to poke through, so I'm off to run errands.

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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

Forgot...check out the link below. Has anyone in the Buffalo area heard or been to this? Mary, Marie, Woody?

If it's all it appears to be it looks like it might make a good destination for a mini idyllunion weekend.


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

I have heard of it (good things) but never attended. Sounds fun! My summer plans are still a I can't offer anything yet at my end. Maybe later.

July 26-7 can be really hot in Buffalo!

Buffalo is a 2 hour (plus...) drive from my home. I no longer know places to stay.

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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

Sue - I've not heard of the Buffalo Garden Walk and wouldn't go - mainly because I don't travel to the US now. If I got sick down there, it would be too expensive! The garden tours I'm planning to go on this year are the local one here and probably the RBG Auxiliary one in Mississauga. To see the details on that one, scroll down to near the bottom of the page that it linked below. I'm curious to see Liz Primeau's garden. I'm not sure of the details/cost of the Mississauga tour yet - hopefully that will be in an upcoming RBG magazine. The other tour that is listed there is on the Bruce Peninsula . That's where we went a couple of summers ago on a short vacation. It's a beautiful area. There is an on-going garden tour all summer - you can get a list on the Internet of the gardens that are open, with times and dates open, and then just go visit on those days. I assume the RBG tour probably includes some that are not usually open. Patrick Lima's is open regularly - I was somewhat disappointed in it. Beautiful plant compositions but the garden didn't seem connected to anything (i.e. the house); it just seems to exist as a bunch of beautiful, large flower beds.

Marian - I hope there's as much color lurking in my garden once the current glaciers of snow melt off! I doubt it though... The nice, fat wisteria buds that were evident in late January seem to have disappeared so I suspect this will be another year with no spring flush of Chinese Wisteria flowers :-(

gb - my amaryllis bulbs wimped out this year and have not produced flowers. (pout...)

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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

Good evening... :-)

Thank God it's Friday is right! I can't tell you how much my brain resembles mush at the moment. Three days of a crash course on every aspect of what I don't know about computers and didn't want to ask. Up too early and to bed too late. Dinner and TV and I'm not looking at the computer until tomorrow. I am making progress. Chipping away at it.

Wish I could catch up...but I am sure I will later...

One photo and I am off...


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Another heaved sigh of relief for Friday. Not that the week was particularly rough, just too much "snippyness" that was not necessary. Whatever... . It's not that I'm unsympathetic, I am just too practical to think that venting your frustration on your drones is going to have anything other than a deleterious effect on morale in general. You know? ;)

Looking forward to dining room decor shots, will be a nice diversion. Also thinking that visits to parents are finite, however trying they may be. Hope the accomodations straighten themselves out soon; it has to be a grind.

We have one mistreated Amaryllis that has sent up one budded stalk (as a form or surrender, we suspect). Interestingly, there are secondary bulbs on two of the three potted bulbs. Clearly, this year I have to pay attention to the "after care" instructions!

Great shots of spring, Marian. It's gonna be a some time for me... the rain forecast has been revised to 4-7" of snow. Whatever!

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Something comforting about Saucy ordering her bees. Southern bees at that. Feels like the world is in order, recession or no recession. NPR is getting on my nerves with their analysis. I say yep, we are in ecomonic nosedive, now move on so we can get it over with. There is never an announcement when we're out. Economics isn't that complicated. We cycle in and out.

In the photo I posted earlier, Katie is wearing one of Dannie's nighties so it's a bit roomy. Would have been cuter in a pink fleece but the laundress seems to be off duty and we were out of clean Katie-wear. Warm enough that the others are roaming nekked around the house. It's odd to see them without pjs on and sign that winter has passed here!

Oh, to answer the muzzle question. They're mouthy and excitable when running and unlike other dogs, have no deep coat to protect their thin skin. Dannie walked by a rosebush last winter and ripped her side open. Many stitches required. She also smiles every time I put her muzzie on because she knows she gets to run.

Deanne, yes 1K for a cat dental seems high unless they're getting implants and gold crowns. Did you get an itemization of the quote? It may be all 'just in case'. Would think less than 400 each with bloodwork would be about right. When you're done, would you consider moving the boys to a dental diet or given them raw chickie necks every night for snacks? My guys have never had cleanings that way and we draw a crowd when they go to vet for exams. Even 19 yo George has perfect teeth. If it makes you feel any better I spent 15 on Katie last year, never mind Monty, and we're ramping up again. My excuse is that I have no grandchildren and my joke is I've spent more on her than she ever earned when she was racing. Works for me. I never thought I'd admit that, but she's young and she's my responsibility and I worked for everything I have, so there :)

Cindy, will you be checking with your investment couselor or financial advisor before you go the long term care insurance route? The premiums will just increase as you age. Maybe check AARP for advise too. I'm sure you'll do the research before making decision.

Yep, I'm loving DST. Raked out and chopped a couple of gardens down. Finding growth under those dry leaves! Did walks with the ambulatory dogs and then let Katie wobble to the corner and back. We ran into the neighbor kids so she was one happy girl and didn't complain when we turned around after she spent 15 minutes getting pets from them.

I need food. Later,


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Jerri_OKC(z7 Ok)

Oh gosh. I'm not about to discuss how much we spend on animals every year. We have no kids and we do a lot of volunteer work/donating so I don't feel bad. Still not telling though! LOL

Thanks for the chickie neck trick. I better get our kitties on dental food and try and find necks. :P

Still at work but I'm HEADING HOME. TGIF is right!


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Thanks for the explanation of muzzles, Cynthia. Now, please answer my question about whether or not males are intact when they race. As for "peachskin", have you considered chainmail or maybe Kevlar for their coats? ;)

Absolutely agree about the coverage of the recession! NPR has a lot of company on that count, lol. Funny thing is, I knew we were on the way a YEAR AGO, where the hell were they?!. I could tell by the number of people who called me to REPAIR clothing or restyle it. I hadn't replaced a zipper in a pair of jeans for years and then, BINGO! I had 2-3 in the space of a month. Ditto replacement jacket zippers... but I did 4-6 in the months leading up to winter and after the cold weather settled in. At work, we are doing more "rehabs." on canvas that people would have simply replaced 2 yrs. ago. Everyone talks about the recession, but no one really spends much time on stories about how to DEAL with it, how to minimize your expenses, etc.. Funny, huh?

I, too, worry about LTC insurance, haven't "pulled the trigger" because I'm too freaked out by the information available (too much, too little, not finely tuned enough for my taste, etc.). I keep hoping "assisted suicide"/"right to die" will be acknowledged in the not-too-distant future. Doesn't have to be for everyone, I'd just like to see it appear on the "menu" of options available to me. WITHOUT the lectures and sermons, thank you. The whole subject really, really frightens me... .

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Jerri_OKC(z7 Ok)

Chelone, ditto on the frightened bit. We have no kids and hardly any family. It's very scary.


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A heavy chore weekend looms ahead for me; my RE agent came over last night , walked through and pronounced the house ready to show. This means a weekend of cleaning. I started tonight by washing 3 windows . more to follow , as they all need attention. So, bathrooms, floors , shampoo what carpets I have left, shuffle the rest of the packed up boxes out to the garage , and Ill be ready for my close-up.

This is the first year since 1999 that I have not attended the SF Flower Show- and the very year that our Denise decides to go disappointing I must say.

Saucy, will you be growing anything specifically on your property to support the bees ? Or is there agriculture around you for them to visit?

Marian, what a contrast in your pics just a week apart ! Today when I was out doing the tulip walk I noticed that I have buds on the SweetpeasIm sure they werent there a few days ago. Thats too bad that you spent $$ on fixing your computer and continue to have problems. Did you notice though that GardenWeb out up a message yesterday that they were having some issues ? Maybe its them and not you.

Cynthia and Deanne, I spent 700 bucks on my dogs teeth, but that was for 30 extractions , and cleaning the 7 or 8 teeth that were left. I surely felt like an unfit mother at that point ! If I ever get another dog I will definitely reassess the way I feed them.

My BILs just bought LTC insurance but I dont know what they are paying for it. It probably makes sense for them since they are a same-sex couple and have no children they are pretty much on their own .

Tonight is my last episode of the Beatles Anthology , with a glass or 2 of red wine . We are having a blustery cool evening , with intermittent showers predicted. Im going to spend a half hour at Michelles Northwinds link and then its veg-out for me.

Hello to all,

Kathy in Napa

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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

A quick hello so no one wonders where I went. A long week at work, and now all the kids are home. I skimmed very quickly, but Michelle I did see that Midwest Living article. Monches Farm is towards Milwaukee, but it's a fun destination and a beautiful drive if you are up for it.

Mystic the wonder dog is up to something - gotta run!


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Happy Saturday. Am I really the first one up????

Marian: My parents celebrated 51 this year and asked for their gift that Nothing be done. They just wanted to spend some time "being quiet." I get it :-) They will allow us to have a dinner when they hit 75 years

LTC is not something I'd consider at this point. A reverse mortgage, that's a different story.

If anyone really needs the media to let them know we're in a recession, they can come to my house for a day and get a healthy dose of reality. Other Idyllers have felt it for years, too, with layoffs and plant closings. Rich saw it coming about two years ago in the housing market. His clue was when homeowners called and wanted to put their $60K of equity into what amounted to a falling down shack with encouragement of lenders.

I know it's not as simple as one aspect, but geez, how about we all be smart all along the way?

Thanks for the pics! Today is downright dreary and motivation level is zippo. Was going to start taking down roses' mulch, but no cooperation from the sky. It knows better than me LOL

Does anyone think that paid animal caretakers take advantage of pet owner's devotion? After watching my sister spend $2K on a 13 year old cat, I knew i was in the wrong career :-)

I'd be getting edgy at this point, Sue, and give you all credit for your patience.

Saucy, in my reasonable opinion one cannot have bees without having lavender. We'll get you set up. What's the difference between southern and northern bees?

Sounds like it's "everyone sit down and hammer out a plan" for Skyler, 'bug.

The charm broke yesterday and while I was out of the house, Rich and Ky had it out over where Ky would live for his last semester. There's some emotional as well as financial issues involved. Havoc reportedly ensued, and I'm staying firmly out of the middle other than to say:

"Could you both respect me enough to ask what I think since I'm the one footing the financials at this point and hey, he is my son so give me the same majority vote as you had when it was your daughter's education involved ..." And for Kyle: "You made a decision to live at home without talking to me, first, thus missing the housing deposit deadline and not having another option. This may not be the best plan" ARGH!!!!!!

Anyone for a greenhouse trip today? LOL

Martie, determined to have this be a good day no matter what! Where's the chocolate?????

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Martie, I don't envy you being in the middle of an argument between the two men in your life :) I'm passing a Ghiradelli chocolate square to you now.....

Who ordered snow? How did I make it through the week and not know this was coming? I am not happy about this...

Wow, I thought my cat's 700 dollar salivary gland surgery was expensive :) I always joke that she's the Six million dollar man's pet: the Seven Hundred Dollar cat....with the bionic salivary glands. That's why she feels compelled to meow for food all day!

Nick and I tried to dip our toes into the residential market and decided the water was too cold :) We're a bit worried ourselves, though no signs of slowdown for the commercial market....yet.

About the bees. There are lots of produce farms in my area. The plan is to set them up where the old "orchard" was on this property, which still has fruit trees (they're too tall to harvest) and they'll work any garden in the area, too.

I listened to a lecture where the speaker claims there are no more wild or ferral bees. Anything found in the wild are the result of bees that left a hive like what I'll have. I have to find out if this is true (or just some old timers feeling...) If it's true, that is sad to me.

LOL, Martie, we grow lots of lavendar at my neighbors as she uses it in soaps and other things that she makes, as well as floral arrangements. I have never tried it in my own garden, I guess I feel like my soil is too rich. I do have plans for an alpine style garden that a short growing lavendar might fit into :)

I'm all over the place this morning. I am still thinking of what I need to get done in the office.....might have to do a few things.

Have fun cleaning, Kathy! It's gonna be a smash! I'm really bummed that you and Denise aren't meeting, though! Denise, get your yellow gloves and just show up to Kathy's after the show :)


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I've been up for hours, but have been firmly engaged in a variety of piddly chores, perfect for a snowy morning. It was raining when I awoke, but now it's snow, the real winter kind. And it's really pretty. It will be gone in no time and I know there are daffodils poking out of the ground beneath the maple leaves.

Poor Skyler. He certainly has a tough row to hoe. Parental units can only do so much and it must be extremely difficult and frustrating when not everyone is "on the same page". Playground bullies generally get what's comin' to 'em, though. Some kid is going to erupt and pound the hell out of him, and he deserves it! Playground justice can be swift and is generally brutal. (Recalling the time I went over the school bus seat and pushed my long time tormenter up against the window, making sure her head bounced off it sharply. That was the end of it.)

It was on this day that my father entered the hospital for the last time. Beware the Ides of March...

An area yacht yard burned last night. They lost the office and a shed that held a number of boats, including a big one, 40'! Several other yards in the lakes region have sustained losses due to roof collapses.

Go Kathy! I don't love washing windows, but they certainly look nice when they're done. We do it twice yearly, spring and fall. The windows in the Salon are all "tilt wash", makes it a lot easier. I am certain you must be looking for the finish line about now. Bonne chance, mon amie! I have to say, I'm surprised you are not going to rendez-vous with Denise, though!

I would like to know more about chicken necks, Cynthia... can you shed some light on it?

I think it's time to face the dishes... or not.

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Marty, Since you have lavender, perhaps you should be ordering bees? You can 'bee' Saucy's protegee.

BTW, 13 is relatively young for a kitty since they live to be 20+. (Elderly for a dog though.) Rather than question the motives of vets who provide treatment, or the intelligence of those who make the decision to treat their pets, I'm more suspicious of owners who use euthanasia as a replacement for medical treatment in young animals. Would anyone question the motives of someone selling your sister a 2K television? Or selling me a 15K motorcycle or costmetic(sic) surgery, or a bathroom remodel, or expensive vacation? I don't see medical care for animals as the result of insipient 'devotion.' That implies the pet owner is an idiot without any analytical skills. When in fact, the decisions are the result of research and doing what's best for the animal, instead of flagrant spending on inanimate objects, which for some reason is acceptable. The easy decision is 'put him to sleep so he won't suffer', while the real motivation may be not wanting to spend the money and considering life as disposable. Stepping off of my soapbox now.

I think Chelone's zipper customers may be a new economic indicator she should share with the Fed Reserve. Perhaps button up jeans are the answer.

Kathy, I'm right there cleaning with you. It is Saturday after all. I have an uncountable number of windows in my house and french doors galore (house is not as fancy as it sounds just full of light!), and they are never all clean at once. I do one room at a time and it feels good. Your house prep is exhausting to me. I hope you can find a house to buy that is in as good shape as your current one will be soon.

Saucy, you can buy raw chicken necks in the oriental market. Give kitty one after dinner a few times a week and it will help remove any tarter and keep them clean. For dogs, give a turkey neck or beef neck once a week. RAW, never cooked.

'K, I'm going to do my Kathy job now and wash the kitchen floor, vacuum the rest of the downstairs and then play in the gardens. So sorry for those still with snow. We are going to have a reasonable spring here, I can just feel it!


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No snow here, thank goodness! Just wanted to add my thoughts on spending for pets. I have a hard time understanding a society that thinks nothing of spending 75K on a car or 750K on a house but doesn't think a living being that gives them such unconditional love and adds so much to their quality of life is worth a few hundred or thousand.

We've been in a recession here in MI for a couple of years now. We're used to it:)


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Cynthia, just read your post and I see you said the same thing but in a much more eloquent way. I'm saving yours to read to someone next time they act like I'm crazy for spending on my pets!


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LOL, I know where to find the chicken necks :) Chelone needs 'em, though :)


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Hi everyone

Sue - I've always thought the Buffalo Garden tour would be great to do with some other avid gardeners (especially the Idylls) - its one hour from Rochester. However, this year there are many things up in the air for us.

This week my world turned upside down processing the idea that DH might take another job which would mean us moving to a location closer to Denise than Deanne. To think of uprooting the children from school and friends, leaving our home and garden, my job and everything we love here is completely overwhelming for me. I hate to think of the irony of my sister Ruth and I finally being driving distance from each other, for us then to move a thousand miles away and that much further from England. However, it could be a fantastic job for DH and would mean us being able to live together far more of the time versus the never ending travel which is beginning to take a toll on DH.

It is very early stages and I shouldn't really breathe a word but I needed to talk to someone and thought you guys would understand. I'm trying to keep positive but suddenly every thing I do (starting seeds, choosing Annie's High School classes, signing up for summer camp, plans for next year at work) feels meaningless. In short, I'm in a funk.

Off to try and distract myself - do you think eating some Cadburys Creme eggs would help? How many do I need?


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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Another foggy morning..... I shall attempt to type a legible, logical post....My new med helps the pain, but also dulls the brain!!!
We went to the local fire dept's benefit breakfast this morning. Saw folks that we hadn't seen in years.

Re: the LTC thoughts...I have absolutely no qualms about my passing from this life, but my problem is the disabilities and pain that prevent me from doing what I need to do. If I had no responsibilities...espacially toward a declining husband, I would not be too concerned about my condition. I have been very aware of the inevitable for many years. I have seen so many of my friends, aquaintances, and relatives pass on, and many of them younger than I am now. I haven't had many friends or relatives who required long term care. Chelone, I am with you on the right to die thing. I think it is very wrong to prolong the death of the dying! I sort of go along with the old Indian idea of going off by yourself and awaiting the end . I am not too sure about really depends on the circumstances. I am not sure that it is a no no. ( Some of my brethren would probably disown me for saying that. )

Michelle....sorry that I didn't recognize you! I guess I thought you were the one taking the pic???? Are you sure those are rabbit pellets by your nibbled plants? Deer drop pellets also. How high up are they browsed?

Pm2, I love your pic of the mule deer in the sagebrush. Right up my alley! I have such pics saved in my document pictures.

Woody, don't you have spring bulbs under your snow? But then, you are lots farther north than I. I do hope things are looking up for you.

My first Amaryllis bloom has opened, but it is too dark indoors to take a good pic. It is solid red/orange? so not like Marie's. Maybe the other one...
Last year I only got one bloom stalk from my pan full of bulbs. I will fertilize them again and set them out in a more sunnier position this year.

Re: mega bucks for pet care...My Vet expenses have only been for flea meds, neutering,spaying, and rabies shots. We do not spend big bucks on ourselves either, due to limited income. It is all a matter of perspective. I would not willing want my cats to suffer pain, any more than I want us to, but I may not recognize their having pain...

I have seen the ups and downs in the economy and had some extremely lean years, but have always survived without too much damage....:-) I no longer worry about it.

No Kathy, it is not just problems with GW. It is with all aspects of my computer's behavior. :-(

LOL Martie, with Nolon 81and1/2 years old I'm sure we will never reach 75! We may not even reach 60. If we, do we will probably not be mentally capable of recognizing it!!!
Sorry about the tiff between your DH and DS.

Saucy...there is very definitely wild bees still in the wild. We see the little black ones every year. There are lots of other pollinating insects in our plants every year also.

Marie, I don't know the answer to Skyler's behavior, having never had to cope with such. I do hope it is ironed out to everyones' best.

Oooo, Chelone! That is terrible about the yacht yard burning. At least there were no human injuries.

I guess I should get out and erect more fencing around flowerbeds....


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Check in for the cleaning lady here, and glad to see the espirit des corps of like minded Idyllers cleaning along with me ! Im having a coffee break having almost finished the kitchen windows. Of course Its supposed to rain today, and the outside of the windows are far worse having been exposed to the droplets and falling debris when the paint dudes were pressure washing.

Mary ! So sorry for you to have to think about such upheaval in your life er, would you by any chance need a house in Napa ??? Garden is already installed.. ;-) Seriously , I dont want to make light of your plight ---I hope you and your family can come to a decision that all can live with. Reducing the travel for your DH surely is a strong plus. The few times a year that I travel was always hard on my family when they were young. If you decide you must be off to a new place, I suspect the close bonds and strength of the family you have made will see you through it, and as you always seem to do , youll find a way to make it fun and exciting

Ok, back to the scullery

Kathy in Napa

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I believe Cabbury Creme eggs are called for, Mary. As to quantity, I think you'd best let your tummy be the judge of that. You must feel as though you've been hit from a bolt out the blue. :(

Do you think I can find my stencil brushes anywhere in this house? and what's worse is that I know full right well that as soon as buy some new ones the old ones will "turnip". :/

Perhaps I'll return to my book, instead.

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Jerri_OKC(z7 Ok)

Hmm, I think Cadbury eggs come in 3 packs don't they? ;)
My thoughts are with all who are in the midst of major change now. It's so stressful. I imagine there are more out there than we know.

I'm going to a talk this afternoon given by one of the instructors of my meditation group. It's about death, change, what matters and what doesn't. This lady lost her brother about 6 months ago. Completely unexpected and I believe hs was a little younger than she. From what I've seen of her this could be a very good afternoon.
It's just beautiful here today.

Marian, I hope you didn't get hit by the storm that blew through last night. We were on the fringe of it that goodness. I'm not ready for tornado season yet!

Gotta run. The best to you all. Have a good weekend!


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Jerri_OKC(z7 Ok)

Can I blame the spelling errors on server problems!? :(
Sorry folks.

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Morning all,

Well we have a dreary slushy day out here and Ive not done much of anything yet. Ive got to do my watering rounds soon as there are a few plants that are in need of daily watering or a potting up and Im trying to avoid the potting up as I dont want them to get any larger than they already are. Hmmm dilemmas..

RE the Pet Dental thing..

I already feed my kitties a diet for teeth care and have been careful about that since Luke started having problems a few years ago. Last year when they had to remove one of his canine teeth and did a thorough cleaning at that time I was told he should be fine for a couple years. This year when he went in for his exam and shots the new vet said that he MIGHT have another resorptive lesion on one of his remaining molars but they couldnt tell until he was anesthetized. His teeth really did not need cleaning but she wanted to CHECK to make sure. ~~ Rahjii does NOT have any gingivitis or gum problems but is beginning to show some tartar buildup so he should have his teeth cleaned in the next six months to a year so he doesnt develop gum disease. I was planning on getting that done but then was told (after I spent the $260.00 for blood work) that they would not anesthetize him unless he had a complete cardio screening, to the tune of $400 to $500 dollars because he has a heart murmur. I spent that much money for a complete screening and a visit to the feline cardiologist when he was a kitten. I was told at that time that the slight murmur was NOT a problem and NEVER would be a problem. When I told the vet that she said, You already had a cardio screening? meaning that she hadnt even checked his records. Then she said, Well you really SHOULD have that done again. I asked her why and it was one of those, well just because. ~~ I do not like that she hadnt checked his records before making a pronouncement that I had to do the whole expensive cardio exam again in order to have his teeth cleaned. Im not happy with this practice anymore. Last year when I brought the kitties in for their checkups and they took them back to draw them for blood work they cut their claws then charged me for something I DID NOT want done. They didnt ask me if I wanted their claws clipped they just did it and then charged me for it. I was pretty steamed. Anyway, I do take good care of my pets but Im not satisfied with the amount of $$$$ this practice wants to charge me to have their teeth cleaned. Im researching some feline dentists in this area and will get their recommendations.

Kathy, Ill bet your house gets snapped up in an instant as soon as you start showing it with the amount of work youve done.

Mary, I cant imagine how distressing it must be for you to be contemplating moving! Im upset just thinking about you moving further away. So sorry, what a bummer. We are so lucky that Dougs and my jobs allowed us to stay put the entire time Heather was in school. I cant imagine moving during the High School years especially. Hugs! (Cadbury eggs are definitely called for)

Saucy, the whole Bee thing is WAY cool!

So whos got seeds started and what are you growing? I checked my dahlias and cannas the other day and they are all in really good shape. I did add some lights to get the dormant fuchsias on their way to waking up for the season. Ill have to grab some pics of the indoor beauties for you guys this weekend sometime.

Martie, sorry about the fireworks in your environment. That must be really distressing. Id have been hard put to stay out of it. Hope all works out ok.

Later all,

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Deanne, I hope it didn't sound like I was talking about you and your pets. I wasn't at all! I know how much you love your boys and how well you take care of them. And yes, yes, yes to some pictures!!!

And Marian, I agree that it depends on individual circumstances too.

I feel so lucky to be a part of this group that all love our animals!

Mary, wow, that's some news. You have created such a wonderful life for your family there but I know you will do the same wherever you end up. My thoughts go to Annie mostly. I think at her age it would be a challenging adjustment. But then she's got a great mom to help her through.

Martie, I think Kyle and my David are the same age. It's a time when they're ready to spread their wings a little I think. That's only natural. I know our deal with David was if he moved out, we'd continue paying for school but he's paying the rent.

Kathy, I'm being lazy today and therefore won't be joining you on your cleaning binge. My windows could use a good washing after all of the wet and windy winter weather (say that 3 times) we've had.


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Deanne, I had a vet like that :) I used to leave the vet feeling either guilted into a decision or like I'd been duped.

Zeus has a good vet now who understands us both. Hope you find the same.

Mary, that is such a heart wrenching spot to be in! I hope that a decision comes soon for you and your family as that usually brings relief. I think you should just break down and make one of those gooey flourless cakes with chocolate oozing out of the center :)

I just looked out at my feeder to find that goldfinches have returned! Robins are here, too. The snow already melted (as did my mood).

Kathy, I was feeling sympathy pains for you, so I am cleaning and then I will continue my quest for doneness in the office :)

The kids are playing outside with friends and Nick is grocery shopping for a grill feast! Peaceful weekend :)

Off to clean Popcorn's cell....yes, Chelone, he is doing well....back to ruling his roost.

Cynthia, after dog hair removal, I am thinking that sweaters and coats and muzzles are preferable :)

OH, and count me in for a Buffalo trip, that garden tour looks fabulous!


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Barely managed to catch up this time: dizzy, chills, lost my breakfast. Off to bed.

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So now that all of our houses are visitor clean, how about an around-the-country trip with a last stop at 'bug's with some warm weak chicken broth? Nothing like vacuuming the heck out of everything to relieve some stress :-)

I hope, Deanne, that you find someone else. In my sister's case it was a decision made on the spur of the moment after being given a gloom and doom speech. She found out later than anywhere else would've been considerably less expensive. She also found out that the ailment didn't have to be treated that very day. This vet whom she trusted took full advantage of her emotional state.

That said, I quickly wrote a check when our "pound puppy" needed a full go-through to determine just what was making him so funky. The end result? A food allergy -- changed the food and changed the dog. Was it worth it?? Every single penny :-)

Once you get the sugar headache, Mary, it's time to stop. I'd be blown away at the prospect of moving life across the country. What do you think will be the determination?

Seeds Started: digitalis, alpine strawberries, geraniums ivy-type, heliopsis. Tomorrow there will be more.

Bees and I don't get along well in close quarters. I'm not allergic, but am very "stingable" as a doctor once put it. "Does that mean I'm super sweet???" "No, it means you emit a certain odor that bees like." Could I have been a plant in a former life???? LOL

Rich and Ky stayed in the same room long enough to hear me out and now both understand that decisions like this need to involve me.

I absolutely agree, Eden, that Ky needs to spread. Thing is, he's been gone and now wants to come back on his terms. Result in a minute....

PM2, because you asked ;-) Ky is 21 and a second semester senior in college. He has an added semester in Fall because while in England he could only take 9 credits. Thus, for his double major (History/Economics), he needs 9 more to graduate and will be finished (YAHOO) in December. He's currently taking 18 credits, 12 of which are 400 level Econ courses, and does well academically. With friends from literally all over the world, home-cooked meals at our house become incredibly interesting.

We had always said we'd fully cover four years, and will also cover the final semester's tuition. R&B was to be up to him, and his response to that was to move back home with no financial responsibility to the house. Take it from there and you land at where we were. It'll all settle out.

There is reportedly crocus budding out and a very animated little neighbor is patiently (for a whole 2 minutes) waiting for me to come look.

Off am I...


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Saturday afternoon 2 oclock beer time. I rushed outside and edged the lawn (what remains of it) before the rain started. I just had to do at least one outdoor chore today that was unrelated to windows. Its raining now but I see patches of blue here and there. Its probably 15 degrees cooler than it was last weekend. So fickle is spring !

The worst chore today so far was trying to make my elderly greenhouse window look presentable. It involved straddling the sink, vacuuming the corpses of untold numbers of insects, and discarding the screen altogether which was yukky and unsalvageable. That is the only window I never replaced in the kitchen because of the expense. If I were staying It would definitely be on the list for this year. I expect to finish the downstairs cleaning still today and will move upstairs tommorow.

So true, that when we decide to bring pets into our family we make a commitment to a living being that depends on us for everything. I never really stopped to tot up the $$s I spent every month on insulin and syringes for my little dog all the years she had diabetes. I just put it in the budget and did what I had to do. I really love my vets , they are wonderful and I have never felt that they have recommended any unnecessary procedures. Im going to really miss them when I hit the road.

buganother Idyller is struck by a malady. Hoping for the 24 hour thing for you !

Okay, I really need to stop lolly-gagging and get back to the chores at hand

Hi to all

Kathy in Napa

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I hope the new day finds 'bug on the mend! the symptoms sounded like the makin's of a pretty crummy day.

I'll have to check with the butcher about chicken necks, I can't even think of an oriental market, let alone one that is conveniently located. Hmmm. Polly has a heart murmur, Deanne. They are actually quite common in cats. I think you ought to contact Tufts University and see if your boys could go in and have their teeth cleaned by vet. students. $2 seems a bit too expensive for what is a pretty routine service. Rex's ACL surgery was less than that.

I managed to find 2 of stencil brushes yesterday (after an exhaustive search) and did a couple of color studies on piece of sheetrock painted in the Salon color. I used white Japan paint, high gloss polyurethane, and a metallic brass paint (too loose for good stencilling) to get a feel for the contrast. I like them all, but I think I'll mix up some cream paint and see about metallic options in a paint more suited to stencilling. It'll be good excuse to get some motifs blown up, buy some mylar, and play around. STILL haven't done the pickling samples for the woodwork, but neither has the helpmeet shown much interest in moving on to that phase. ;)

I have started no seeds. I have nothing but a small pot of "Tete A Tete" daffodils and 3 unhappy Amaryllis bulbs in a south window. One of the Amaryllis has sent up a stalk, a red "surrender" flag, I think. I have too much else to think about right now; not the least of which is getting the helpmeet to make a windowbox for under the 3 south windows of the Salon... (will go over like a faht in an elevator).

Thank you, Michelle, for the ID in the Idyll-union photo op.! I had 3 of the 5. It's amazing how fast the melting occurs once it gets underway. The snowpack has receded mightily here, the higher sun and stronger rays have made a good dent in it in the past 3 weeks. Yesterday's snow in the driveway was pretty much melted by the end of the afternoon. We have lots of "chickadees" here. There has been a gang of Robins that picked the holly clean of her berries, but so far no Red Wing Blackbirds.

I just watched a lovely red fox trot down our driveway. Rex went totally mental and had Foxy-Loxy been heading into the woods and not toward the road I'd have let him out. Spencer was very interested, too... from the safety of the deck railing.

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Morning all,

Well I thought we were going to have a nice day but apparently there are going to be snow flurries. Whats with that? Youve got to love/hate March. It teases and taunts us with longer warm days then throws snow at us. And so it goes. The birds know spring is in the air as most of the males are doing their territorial songs now and getting more aggressive. I also heard Red-winged Blackbirds the last couple days.

Chelone, do you have a stencil pattern picked out? And where is it going? Are you going to do the entire Salon? Thats a huge undertaking. Wow! What color of metallic paint do you need? Ive got scads of paints here and some Ill never use. ~~ Very good idea to investigate Tufts.

Kathy, I need to catch your spring cleaning fever. My house is going to need a pressure washer soon if I dont get to it. LOL

Bug, surely hope you are feeling better today!

Ok waving hi to all! Ive got to get dressed and get over to the gym. I'll be posting pics on a separate thread for those interested in my under lights plants.

Have a great day all

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I dealt with the returnables this morning. I loathe the thought of doing it, but the actual DOING isn't nearly as bad I think it will be. ;) I think my lower threshold for the accumulation of them relative to the helpmeet's factors largely into the equation... . I was gratified to note the number of shoppers entering the store with reusable grocery bags. Sadly (at least for my age group), they were either young enough to be the kids I never "squoze out" or my parents; but it's a much needed start. I returned to the car to find an older gentleman scratching Rex under his chin and behind his ears. He told me he couldn't resist the "pat me, please" demeanor of that fool dog. Sunday morning (early) excursions are usually relaxed and unhurried.

Will today be the day I FINALLY take down the pediments, etc.?

I hope 'bug. is nearing the end of her 24 hrs.. And wonder if the feline nurses have been providing warm ministrations?

And I'm wondering how many Cadbury Creme eggs were required?

As for the Salon, Deanne (you may regret asking, lol)... I have not made a final decision on the exact stencil(s), but they will likely be selected from classical Greek/Neo-Grec motifs. I have a particular fondness for the Federal (USA), Regency (Great Britain), Empire (France) period. I like the strong use of color, the detail in the woodwork, the furniture, and the use of draperies. I have been drawn to the "Gustavian", distinctly Scandinavian, twist on the era for some time now. I plan to "pickle" the woodwork and then clear coat it and have deliberately selected clear pastels for the palette. I will probably end up painting the floor, too.

I particularly like the use of stencils to highlight the strong horizontals in any room; esp. the mopboards, the dado, the ceiling/"crown" areas. There will be no dado in the space, no crown moulding and I would like to visually "weight" the room toward the floor. I want to direct attention down, away from the surgical aspect of the overall lighting. Another reason for painting the floor. I have toyed with the notion of spot stencilling the walls, using an invisible "harlequin" grid (diamonds that are longer than they are fat) and very subtle color scheme or "tone on tone" (using varying gloss factors to define the stencilled motif) to give the room a bit of zip, but in a quiet way. Clearly, I need to focus on the woodwork and the chimney/hearth/stove installation before I make a final decision. I want to play with a "creamier" color and also see if I can locate a metallic that can be applied more sheerly than the one I played with yesterday.

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I was doing quite well on the egg front until I plugged in our home's appraisal value into one of those real estate finders. Our current house is modest by many standards, built in the 60's, but never the less has 5 bedrooms, close to an acre, in-ground pool, on a quiet tree lined street with a High School listed in News Week as one of the nations top 10 schools. The only property that came up in our possible new location was a mobile home in a trailer park. Eeeeekkkk! Pass the Cadburys.


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Cadburys duly shoved in your direction. That seems to be worth at least 2, in my humble estimation. Sit tight, and don't let your kettle boil over, willya?

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

I should not be using my eyes when dizzy...but I needed some content to my day!

Stencils: Only worked with them once, in my back room where laundry, plants, dog etc are housed. The cupboards are stencilled with herbs. I too am quite fond of Scandinavian decor. I'll be interested in Chelone's follow up photos. (hahaha, whenever those show up!)

I hope all proceeds well with your kitties Deanne. Our vet is not cheap, but then the place is quite nearby...and they are THERE. I sometimes think that if you have a purebred pet that you are charged extra. Yet, I have cats that were dumped here and I sure wish they'd give me a break on those. Anyone with a barn is prone to this dilemma.

And Mary, oooooooooooh Mary! It's going to be a long flight to work each day for YOU if you move. I hope something reasonable and fair works out. No matter what, you'll make the best of things. (Don't you sometimes hate being the one to cope well with change though?)

Back to horizontal.

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