Sure doesn't feel like spring to me

gandle(4 NE)March 20, 2013

Supposed to get in the high fortys today but the rest of the week has a rather dismal forecasr with highs in the 20's and 30's and the next week doesn't sound any better. the lows are around zero. A few dumb bulbs are showing foliage probably get frozen off. We had much nicer weather in Feb. and the ground thawed enough so that we got parsnips dug. been eyeing the scorzonera and will try to get some of it out of the ground.

Had to go to the doctor this morning and get a shot in both the knee and shoulder. Doctor is trying to talk me into getting the shoulder replaced. Thats not going to happen, when I had the left knee replaced in early december I had a small heart attack in the operating room and spent the month of December in both the big regional hospital and the local one. Doc says it was just a coincidence. I had never had heart problems before so I'm very leery of any more surgery.

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Still full blown winter here even though it is the first day of spring.

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All of 17 degrees in Chicago this morning. The groundhog lied.

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Well, the sun is shinning, we got 42 degrees, in a sheltered
sunny location. If you want to stay outside, better wear a winter coat, the windchill is 23 degr.

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Our temp actually got to 50 degrees--for about ten minutes, but now is heading down. However, the wind has been blowing hard all day. Anything that isn't nailed down is very likely to go flying away. March came in like a lion and is determined to go out that way, too. We may have snow showers on Palm Sunday. That's happened, before, but warmer weather would be nice!

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Grounhog has been out twice this week.

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I'd like to see spring continue the way it started. A light rain overnight and a sunny/cloudy day, temps in the upper 60. Perfect for my seedlings and clear the air from pollens.

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It is spring here. Most things are beginning to bloom, as a result cars are coated in yellow dust.I don't have allergies but the poor people who do are having a bad time. I think it got up to 67 today.

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Wisteria is blooming and the Tabebuia trees and tulips. Lots of other stuff too. Most trees are leafing out so allergies are bothering those that suffer.

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I have been checking the months as they occur, reading entries in past journals and, except for the rain-volume, which differs very widely, weather as far as frost and warm days and cold nights, has not varied near as much as I think, of course the El Nino and La Nina years are a bit more excessive, but the long-range pattern is not all that varied. Surprised me.

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Oh the yellow dust. Not only am I allergic, but our dog was also allergic to that stuff. gabriell, count your blessings.

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I'd say that the people in NE knows how to get along with mother nature.

Here is a link that might be useful: NE die hards, no matter what.

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