Now, I have heard everything!

agnespuffinMarch 17, 2011

Today is the Big St Patrick's Day Parade.....and Party!

If you want to drink and stagger around with about 300,000 other people, this was the place to be.

The parade was on TV with the usual ads.....all except one. Someone was offering a free App (whatever that is) for your whatever you may have.

It was for a free.....

Are you ready for this?...

Bathroom locator.

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When you are on diuretics that may be important. I just don't do apps except on iGoogle and FF.

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Don, Explain to me...exactly what is an app? I hate to know that modern things have passed me by.

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aggie,that word is just short for application. You download it,then an icon appears on whatever it is you have..IPhone,IPad or whatever. You just click on it and then a site pops up. Some of them I can't figure out. For instance,on my IPad,if I wanted to,I could have downloaded and "app" for the New York Times" but why would I go to the trouble? All I did was go to the Times sight and put my own icon on the screen. Some of that "app" stuff is silly..some of it isn't. If I were in a crowd and needed a bathroom neat to haul out an IPhone ( which I don't have) and find one in a mini second. How are you doing?

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And all of it in and on that teensy, tiny little pocket size thingie.

Waaayy back yonder, my mother's office (Federal Government) got real fancy and got their first computer. It took up a whole room and all it did was take over for an old out-dated bookkeeping machine. It did roll out the figures and reports faster, but that was about all. I think it was harder to find mistakes too.

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They have a app for everything now, this morning on the radio they were talking about the latest app. the confession app for Catholics. Not exactly sure how it works, it was issued by the Church at 2$ a download.

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I read about that: it's a guide to confession: not an actual electronic confessional.

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I'd go for a free app for a bathroom guide. But my issue about free apps is that at some point things change and the app needs to be updated. That may involve signing up for membership and charges for the updates.
It's like if you sign up for or have a (gps) global positioning system in your car.It is a satellite-based navigation system but it needs upgrading continually.
Lol, so who is keeping tabs on the bathroom situation?

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