How do you define........

agnespuffinMarch 23, 2012

What do you think of when someone says they are looking for an area with "fun and exciting nightlife".....

I know than forums are not a good slice of humanity, but I really can't think of anything but sitting in a bar, getting drunk and being around similar people. Is this "fun"

What do you.....or did you do....for "fun and excitment" at night?

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Oh gosh..........this is such a subjective question because 'night life' may simply mean an option of something to do in the evening but sit in a motel room. If you think about it, Disney World could translate into exciting nightlife.

I don't venture forth much in the evening when at home or when I am visiting my kin. My idea of a great holiday would be to be in a cabin in the boonies......but most people who travel would like something to do after supper other than going to their room and crashing in front of crappy television.

It could be local live entertainment, museums, boat rides, concerts in a park with fireworks, square dancing, lectures, wiener roasts, a luau or gambling, the races, a rodeo, or bars. It is just going to depend on what the person who asks the question is looking for.

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I seems the best person to ask is a cab driver, especially a cabbie that has the airport connection. He/she has brobably heard that question many, many times and probably knows all the "fun" spots in town.

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I used to Salsa and Swing dance. I love live music, art, comedy, theater and good food. "Good" for me, is ethnic, flavorful and creative combinations that I may not think of on my own. Our latest favorite is a little Vietnamese place, I love their green beans tempura with spicy dipping sauce.

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A long time ago it was getting together with friends in a small pub and solving every riddle of the universe or go dancing. The last 30 yers I lived where even in the summertime the sidewalk gets rolled up around 8 PM.

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Around here we pull up the street around 5 pm, so we are no help with someone who want's fun and excitement or a night life.

Then we have the net.See the link below.

Here is a link that might be useful: Fun and exitements?

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The cycles of introvert and extrovert night life are apparent in age groups and how much spending money is available. Right now the money is low for most and night life suffers.

There used to be a place here in the '80s in Orange county that had entertainers that doubled as waiters and waitresses that would take turns singing and dancing to the tune of the five piece band. They did everything from opera to musicals to country and rock and roll and did it very well. The place was immensely popular and holds some fun memories for us and friends.

Alas it is gone now and the college crowd has taken over in our area. Our town has so many bars that it has become known as "party town". We seldom go down town at all and never on weekend nights. Too many crazy things for our liking.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

I would think that that would mean a town with active live theater groups, a city orchestra, chorus, ballet, different dance troupes, live poetry readings, story teller groups, different small stage performances, restaurants and clubs within walking distance of each other, etc. Mine is a small city of less than 200,000 and we have that and much more. Oh, PLUS lots of bars where you can sit around and get drunk, lol.

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