gandle(4 NE)March 16, 2014

Not sure what the rest of the menu will be but we are looking at an enormous pan of fresh spinach. He brought in 4 scorzonera too so guess I better come up with a plan.

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Nothing better than fresh spinach. I had to look up scorzonera, because I had never heard of it. How do you cook it?

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Something wrong with that picture, you have fresh spinach and here not even the dandelions show anything green.
I personally would need only a potato with the spinach and scorzonera (Schwarzwurzel - blackroot in German).

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Thank you, Anneliese, I was just going to look up scorzonera and you told me.
We get a huge bag of assorted greens each week in our CSA bag, chopped and cooked in olive oil, a bit of nutmeg, salt and pepper - yum - we cook spinach the same way, a little Meyer lemon juice is very good, too.
The scorzonera likely can be done like any root vegetable: roasted

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I like salsify steamed with butter, it has it's own special flavor.

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Spinach is one of my favorite vegetables, raw or cooked.

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On the menu tomorrow are barbequed spareribs (in a slow cooker) and twice backed potatoes. Now I'm dreaming of a large plate of spinach as a side dish. But I have to go out and buy the spinach, you lucky duck, to have it delivered to the door.

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