Is it a trend???

agnespuffinMarch 1, 2012

No one likes a visit to the doctor's office. But I get a little kick out of seeing magazines that I wouldn't see otherwise.

This time....People's Magazine...last month's issue. There were a lot of flat or almost flat bosoms. One bikini babe could have used a band aid bra. I don't think that even her nipples would have bulged. The movie and TV females showed a minimum of boob.

So, is this a trend or am I behind times? Are we getting away from the idea that in this area, Bigger is Better??

Oh, I hope so!!!

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I was hoping they were reflecting less focus on how only one type of body is deisrable? Maybe? I haven't seen these flat chested models, but I'd be more inclined to look at them than fake ones--like Pamela Anderson's. I'm sure whatever you have is great!

I just hope it isn't the younger is better "fetish" that is surfacing. The younger the better these days. UGH! That cannot help child sex trafficking problems.

Here is a link that might be useful: current talk about the trend for younger

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Yes, flat seems to be in. Let's face it, designers have it easier this way. Take a flat piece of fabric, decorate it any which way, a couple of seams and you don't have to have a lot of talent to fit it for somebody, no fitting for a bustline or hips on those skinny models and as far as we others go, the designers for the mass market just try to get something out which kinda looks like 'in'.

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A flat boobie trend. It could be and anneliese_, you're right about it is easier and takes less material to make a garment for a flat chest than a full figure.
In these economic times, fewer people have the money to get breast implants, so the fashion industry may cut costs where ever they can.
rob333, I also worry about the young girls.
Talking about boobies, fashion and utility. This is a rant.
I ride a bicycle and I when I look for up to date bicycle outfits for women, I find that the jackets made for women are about a size 1 and have no boobie room. I'm not a size 1, so I buy a man's medium jacket, that fits my size, but that does not have any boobie room. Sigh............

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