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rob333March 14, 2011

LF and I went for a walk on the Greenway that is right beside a railroad track. First, we felt the wind pick up (welcome in the heat!), then we heard the clacking of the wheels, when I realized I had a prime spot for waving, high up, close to the road, and in a clearing. Sure enough, I waved at him, the engineer waved at me and tooted that train whistle! Fun! I clapped and whooped for a good ten minutes.

Here is a link that might be useful: I was .25 from here, deadliest US passenger wreck

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How neat! I would have joined you in waving and clapping--and pulling my hand for the whistle to be tooted, again! There's not much I like more than to hear a train whistle, especially in the night, even if it awakens me.

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---Now if he tooted out 'Shave and a Haircut' at you and LF, you guys had an engineer who reeeeally loves his job!!!

So glad you two had a chance to feel the excitement as that huge behemoth rumbled by your waving spot! There's nothing quite like it! I hope LF will always want to wave, even when he's all grown up!

My grandson and I still watch train videos on youtube,
(he knows almost every single railroad line in the U.S. and Canada by heart!) and we also watch logging trucks at work, loggers felling trees, all kinds of garbage trucks at work (our fav is a series taken in Naples, FL!), airplanes taking off and landing, (he now knows how to set up for take-off and for landing---even in a crosswind!) and vehicles spinning out on icy roads. Weird duo, but we sure are having great FUN!
Of course, we still prowl the area trying spot a CSX or a Norfolk Southern chugging through---they all know my DGS and have probably figured out who his Grandma is by now!!!

Didn't mean to go on like this, but Robin, it's great FUN to wave and hoot and holler! I hope you and LF do it every chance you get!
If you and LF want to go riding around with a GREAT driver, check out FreewayJim on youtube.
My favorite is 'Dusk into Dark in Atlanta'--- great music----'Standing by My Side', by Musetta, and the video is speeded up enough to feel like you're really zippin'!
Sorry to go so much---it's just all so much FUN!

----playing in the dirt is fun, also---we love it!

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Thanks y'all!

Saw lots of Norfolk Southern and CSX whizzing past us! Go on, it's great with me. Thanks for the tips.

Have fun waving to those you see. And playing in the dirt.


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When I was a kid living in Scandinavia the trains were the main transportation from town to town. We did not have cars at the time. Hopping on a train was almost as easy as hopping on a streetcar.I guess it would be called a commuter train at the time.

We live in Silicon Valley, CA now, about 46 miles north of SF, and we have a commuter train called Caltrain. I take the caltrain to SF a few times a year to visit SF, but it is not enough to save the train. There is a huge money battle about transportation here in the Bay Area.

Here is a link that might be useful: Caltrain

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