My tale of woe for Sat., 3/3/12

mawheelMarch 4, 2012

Yesterday, I went to WM for my weekly "fix"; I almost always put my car keys in the pocket of my slacks or jacket. For some reason, I thought I'd play it safe and put them in my purse. I got the cloth shopping bags from the back seat, shut the door and headed into the store.

I got only as far as putting bananas in the shopping cart, when I realized--I didn't have my purse! I immediately knew where it was--locked in the car with the keys safely tucked inside. Bummer! I thought of walking home--about a mile--but realized that would be foolish and unsafe. There are no sidewalks, and I'd have to walk along a county roadway across the bridge over the interstate.

I went to Customer Service, told my sad tale and asked if I could use their phone. The young clerk took pity on me and got an outside line. DH answered; he couldn't come and get me, b/c we've gone to one vehicle. Fortunately, DD, who is living with us for awhile, was home. She came to my rescue, bringing me DH's keys. (I had a 2nd set w/me, but they, too, were locked in my purse in the car.) Anyway, I got my purse and keys, went back into the store to finish my shopping and made it safely home.

What bugs me most of all is the thought that everybody does stupid things now and then, but when one is almost 80, people often think that those stupid things are caused by one's age--which "ain't necessarily so"! Oh well, think I'll try to find one of those metal boxes which hold a key and can be put under a tire rim. Are they made anymore?

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I feel for you, I did stupid stuff all my life, being absent minded or considered to stressed, busy or whatever, and now "she's losing it?" seems to be the question and the stupid I do is not nearly as dumb as things I did in the past.

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We accumulate increasing amounts of knowledge and memories to sort through so naturally the Rolodex takes longer to get to were we want. It is a small imposition for interested people.

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Well, I was no where near 80 when I left the car running, the key in it, and locked the doors....1-1/2 hours later, its still running, and no one's getting into without I admit to someone what I had done. Called hubby, and neither of us ever forgot it.

I have eaten whole humble pies way way before age 80.

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I also do the keys in the pocket thing, but sometimes I forget and I've left they keys in the car, in my purse etc... The one thing I always keep in my pocket no matter what, is the "clicker" to my car. That thing opens and closes every door and the trunk. I'm looking for a very small clicker that can also function for the front door, porch light and garage.

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gandle(4 NE)

Do dumb things, never. I was eating yogurt from the container when all of a sudden I didn't have the yogurt , could not remember where I had put it. I had gone to answer the phone. Two days later Leone asked me why there was a half eaten carton of yogurt in the linen closet. I have no idea why I put it there.

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I locked my purse in the car with keys in purse. I had to call a mobile locksmith who opened the door in a blink of the eye.He charged $40.That was about sixteen years ago and I was not near 80.

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When it was still kids, house and job I misplaced more things then I do now. I locked myself out of every house and apartment we ever lived in and am adept at climbing in windows, upstairs and downstairs.
Love the birthday card I got from my youngest: Is this the Birthday when you start asking yourself life's big questions? Like "Why did I come into this room? I knew a minute ago..or where did I put my coffee cup?"
Both questions apply at least once a day.

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Thanks, GP friends, for making me feel not quite so dumb!

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I did that exact thing at church not 6 months ago. It's not your age. I had mom's keys, my keys, and I was getting money out of both of our purses. I made extra certain to keep mom's keys in my hands, but mine ended up in my trunk. sheesh. If they'd ended up in mom's I could've gotten into her car with her keys and then gotten them out. At least I didn't lock her keys in my trunk along with mine. Oy! that would've been really awful.

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Walking into a room and not knowing why is called destinasia.My friend made that one up on the spur of the moment when I did that at work years ago. I love that word.

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Common problem hence the material for these jokes.

Here is a link that might be useful: Old people jokes

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meldy_nva(z6b VA)

Destinasia... such an apt word!

I've locked my keys in the car twice (that I remember). The first time (I was in my 30's), DD was with me. She NEVER forgot, and whenever with me would ask if I had the keys before closing her door. Forty years later and she still asks. The second time, (in my 50's) I was in the parking garage at work and just tipped the door to not-closed-but-almost so another car could park beside me. The other driver helpfully pushed the door all the way closed on his way past. Sigh. My new car with the window half-way down: I discovered you could reach in and push the lock button to open but it wouldn't unlock the door ("smart car" required driver's weight on seat to fulfill command) and no one was skinny enough to wriggle through the window to reach keys. I had the choice of paying $95 to dealer to come open, or take a cab and 1 hour unpaid leave to go home and get the duplicate ($80). Ouch.

See link for an inexpensive key-hide, but keep in mind that most thieves know the hiding places. OTOH, there are lockable hides available which would make it just a bit more difficult to steal. Googl for 'auto key dies' and ''auto key safes'.

Here is a link that might be useful: hide-a-key

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lindac(Iowa Z 5/4)

There was the time when I was maybe 27....left the keys in the car and the car running....with the gas tank nearing empty....and dh not home. Cops helped me out.
And the time I got into the wrong car and yelled at the kids in the back seat....until I realized my key didn't fit the lock.
My daughter at about 24 years once went to de ice a frozen car...set the tea kettle to boiling, so she could toss hot water on the locks, locked the car keys and the house keys in the apartment....and the water on the stove.
Luckily the super was compassionate.
Age has nothing to do with it....sheer stupidity!!!

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I've locked my keys in different cars over the years more times than I can count. Usually, right smack in the middle of this little small town so everyone could give each other that "she's losing it" look behind my back. However, the doozie one was in my OWN driveway. Stopped at the mailbox at the end of my long drive. Got out and accidentally slammed the door shut with the car running..... Now this particular Pontiac had a little door hatch in the trunk opening into the back seat. So all my neighbors on this road are driving past as I'm climbed up in the trunk with my derriere up in the air and a broom in my hand sticking thru that little door to trip the back door lock. Not a speedy endeavor either. Thank the Lord we're so rural and most of neighbors are electronically challenged or I might now be a youtube star. :)

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ejmoore, Sitting here grinning at your story and the pictures it brings to mind. A utube viral for sure. I do give you great credit for knowing your car well enough to get the job done. Good for you and I'm sure, good for your wallet.

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Wanna talk embarrassing 'keys in car' situations? Two of us were transporting a prisoner in an unmarked vehicle. When we got to the facility, we made the intake fine and returned to the cruiser to find the officer driving had locked his keys inside the car. He's monkeying around outside trying to get in and one of the tower guards shouted "hey buddy, if you need some help, there are maybe a couple hundred guys in here who could have that open in less than thirty seconds". They were still laughing as we pulled away.

I also found out the hard way that some keys will open other other people's cars. Came out of a restaurant and unlocked a car and slipped my key into the ignition and looked up to see some doo dad hanging from the rear-view mirror. It hit me then that it wasn't my car, but another one the same model, the same vintage and the same paint job. Oh God, I am looking at the expanse of windows across the restaurant and wondering if someone is sitting at a table eating, and thinking someone is trying to steal their car? I finally found my own car nearby in the lot. I didn't know that could happen, but find it a little disturbing.

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