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gandle(4 NE)March 19, 2012

Followed Leone into a store called "Look Whats Cooking". turned out to be a kitchen accesories store. Well, a hour later and $203 poorer we walked out with a sack of things we just absolutely had to have. New egg piercer, cotton twine, silicon wok tools etc. etc.

She didn't warn me that there were so many things we absolutely needed. Wasn't aware of that. Was kind of a fascinating place though.

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My favorite kind of store. I can always find something I 'need'.

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I love stores like that.

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It looks like all "needs" to me. If the old tools do not work anymore, get new ones. Be it in the kitchen or the tool shed.
Get current.
" New egg piercer, cotton twine, silicon wok tools etc. etc."
Egg piercer gets dulled with use, I don't know how to sharpen it. Get a new one.
Cotton twine, that's meant for cooking, trussing birds etc..is hard to find these days, so buy it when you can find it.
As far as I'm concerned, silicon tools work well in high heat, like in a wok, or in a 450 degree oven. I've replaced a lot of my old with new and improved, and it makes cooking a lot easier.

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I love, love kitchen supplies stores. One of my favorite 'new' inventions I really wouldn't want to do without is the silicone brushes. Gone the days of trying to clean bristle brushes and picking hairs off baked goods.

It's funny. I was just thinking the other day that since I've become so crippled up, that it's saving me a lot of money since shopping is beyond a chore. Now I just order online what I actually do need. Very little impulse buying. Probably a good thing.

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Besides book stores and hardware stores, my favorite kind of store. Thanks goodness, there is only a Bed, Bath and Beyond in the near area 20 miles down the road, otherwise I would always find something which I did not know I needed. In Louisville are a couple of commercial kitchen supply stores, they are a danger to the bank account.

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There are a few of those stores around here too Anneliese but some you need a business license and resale card to get in the door. Those places are very dangerous to the ones with visions of grandeur for the parties that can be dreamed up. Too bad they tend to sell aluminum pots and pans more than stainless. I keep an eye out for stainless cookware that is fairly affordable. So many bright ideas for innovative cooking stuff, the problem is where do you put all of it so it is easy to get to and use.

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Don, do you have a TJMAXX in the area? They have quit often stainless steel pots and pans by various manufacturers at much lower prices than in speciality or department stores. It's kind of hit or miss operation if you are looking for a specific item but sooner or later it most likely shows up. It took me a while to find out that TJMAXX was not just fashion overstock store.

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Great kitchen gadget stores in Newport and Colville Washington. Stainless steel strawberry capper $1.55

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Also try marshalls if you have one nearby. They have top name brand stainless steel pots. It's a case when you see it, buy it.
Oh yes, where to put it all? I could say throw out the old pots, but then I'd have to get rid of a pot I bought in 1957, stainless steel with a copper bottom. That's not going to happen.

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jazmynsmom(Z5 Madison-ish)

Have I mentioned that I now have two jobs? I took a part time job in a kitchen gadget/knife store a few months back. I now get paid to talk to people about kitchen gadgets... and I get my goodies at cost. Yes, I really do manage to take some money home, but my I also take a lot of gadgetry home too.

My favorite recent acquisitions are the non-stick ceramic coated cookware (oven safe, great for searing, water based coating, more non-stick than teflon), and an 8" Mac knife.

I never applied for this job. I was a really good customer and it just sort of happened. I lose track of the number of times a day I see a customer looking at something and say (with sincerity) "I have that at home and I love it!"

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